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1878-79 Fort Worth City Directory
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QUENTELL, Louis, bartender Merchants Exchange Saloon, bds John Hoffman

QUEREAU, Frank W., book keeper W. C. Lobenstein, res w s Main sixth house south of T & P Ry

QUINCE, James, engineer J. Kirkpatrick, bds J. S. Quince

QUINCE, James S., machinist T & P Ry shops, res Jones third house south of T & P Ry

QUINN, Andrew, fireman T & P Ry

QUINN, Michael, stone mason, bds Central House

QUIRK, M., carpenter, bds W. J. Allen


RACHELL, Dirose, stock dealer, bds Mrs. V. M. Cummings

RAFFERTY, Charles, mattress maker William M. Sommers, bds J. Rafferty

RAFFERTY, Joseph, res s w cor Fifth and Burnett

RAFFERTY, Joseph Jr., clk Hinchman & Anderson, home Joseph Rafferty, Sr.

RAGALAND, Evaline W. (wid) res opp cemetery n e part city

RAGLAN, Minnie (col'd) res s s Third east of Crump

RAMSEY, J. W., printer "Fort Worth Democrat", rooms in building

RAMSEY, William, carpenter, bds E. A. Burton

RAND, Edward, wks Kelk Bros., bds W. J. Kelk

RANDALL, Charles T., clk R. C. Patton, bds Rev. R. Logan

RANDALL, Thomas P. (W. G. Randall & Bro); res s w cor Monroe & Eleventh

RANDALL, W. G. & Bro. (William G. and Thomas P. Randall); whole & retail dealers, dry goods, e s Houston bet First and Second

RANDALL, William (col'd), res n s Darnell bet Pecan and Elm

RANDALL, William G. (W. G. Randall & Bro) res Dallas, Texas

RANKIN, John J., carpenter T & P Ry, res Rusk s of Ry

RANKIN, William L., machinist, bds F. A. S. Gorman

RANSOM, William (col'd) res s s Sixth east of Crump

RATHKY, Joseph, wks Eureka Restaurant, bds same

RAWLINGS, Archie, mattress maker, William M. Sommers

RAWLINGS, Joseph V., carpenter, res n e cor First & Lamar

RAY & BURTON,(William M. Ray, H. H. Burton), proprietors 0. K. wagon yard, n e cor Jones and Third

RAY, E. K., clk F. M. Snow, bds same

RAY, Lula, wks John A. Wims

RAY, William M. (Ray & Burton) res n s Third bet Grove and Jones

REA, Archibald (Daniels & Rea), rooms at store

RECORD, John S., blacksmith, shop cor Taylor and Weatherford, res s s First bet Lamar and Burnett

REDMON, Henry, carpenter, res St. Louis Ave s of Broadway

REED, Fannie (col'd) res Sixth east of Elm

REED, George (col'd) drayman, res n s Eighth east of Elm

REED, Howard (col'd), res Fifteenth near east city limits

REED, James D., stock raiser and dealer, res w s Main Eleventh house south of Ry

REEP, Henry carpenter, bds Peers House

REESE, Henry P., brakeman T & P Ry., bds Hiram Reese

REESE, Hiram, res w s Main third house south of Ry

REESE, Zachariah J., baggage master T & P Ry; bds Hiram Reese

REEVES, Joseph (col'd) cook Evert House

REID, Charles W., mechanic, res First west of Burnett

REINEY, Mrs. Anna, teacher private school, res Weatherford west of Burnett REINEY, Lewis, res Weatherford, west of Burnett

REMINGTON, Charles, clk, res s e cor Fifth and Elm

REMONTE, John, tailor, res n e cor Third and Crump

RESTON, Miss Emma, bds J. N. Diehl

RHOEFFER, M., cotton buyer, bds Louis Neustadter

RIAL, Williwn F., stonemason, bds James B. Askins

RICH, J. L., salesman Sanger Bros, res First

RICHARDSON, John C., stock agent, res s w cor Monroe and Fifth

RICHARDSON, William, carpenter, bds William Harris

RICKETTS, Rena J., wks William H. Colter

RICKS, Rolin (col'd) laborer, s s Fifth east of Crump

RIDDLE, Miss Martha, home James M. Maddox

RIDER, Edgar L., hide buyer Gurley & Co.

RIDGEWAY, Miss Gussie, proprietress Ridgeway Boarding House, n w First bet Taylor and Throckmorton

RIGGLE, Gilbert, laborer, home J. W. Riggle

RIGGLE, Jacob, res bet Calhoun and Main near s city limits

RIGGLE, Jefferson W., laborer, res Jones near south city limits

RINTLEMAN, A. G. (C. H. and A. G. Rintleman), bds Waverly House

RINTLEMAN, C. H. (C. H. & A. G. Rintleman) Proprietor Local Option saloon, w s Main near Depot, res Jennings Ave bet Twelfth and Thirteenth

RINTLEMAN, C. H. & A. G., agents W. J. Lamps St. Louis Beer, office at Local Option saloon, w s Main near Depot

RITCH, James L., clk, res w s Taylor bet First and Weatherford

RIVERS, W. H., city circulator Fort Worth Democrat, bds Dillon House

RIX & GORDON (William H. Rix, J. C. Gordon) proprs central wagon yard, s e cor Ninth & Houston

RIX, William H., bds Pennsylvania House

ROBBINS, A. O., (Robbins & Hall) res Weatherford, Texas

ROBBINS & HALL (A. 0. Robbins, 0. H. Hall), furniture dealers, 49 Houston bet Second and Third

ROBBINS, John M. (Robbins & Wakelin), res s s Second near east city limits

ROBBINS, Marius W., drummer, res s e cor Weatherford and Grove

ROBBINS & Wakelin (John M. Robbins, John Wakelin) house and sign painters, n s First bet Main and Houston

ROBERTS, Elisha, proprietor Central House, w s Houston bet Eleventh and Twelfth

ROBERTS, Etta, wks A. S. Nicholson

ROBERTS, John, waterhauler, res Belknap west of River

ROBERTS, Miss Mary, wks W. J. Allen

ROBERTS, Ruffin C., res n s Fourth bet Grove and Pecan

ROBERTS, Samuel E., bartender Parlor Saloon, bds Louisa Neustadter

ROBERTS, William (Mourey & Roberts) rooms at saloon

ROBERTSON, John H., carpenter, res Colorado east of Elm

ROBERTSON, Mack (col'd) laborer, res s s Seventh east of Elm

ROBINSON BROS & CO (H. G., J. H., and F. J. Robinson) wholesale and retail groceries, 72 & 74 Houston bet Fourth and Fifth

ROBINSON, Frank J., bds El Paso Hotel

ROBINSON, Henry H., bds El Paso Hotel

ROBINSON, John H., bds El Paso Hotel

ROBINSON, Jonas, laborer, res n s Weatherford near Burnett

ROBINSON, Lorena A., wks Jeremiah Marklee

ROBINSON, Miss Mary, wks John Nichols

ROBINSON, Mattie (wid) res Throckmorron north of Bluff

ROBINSON, Robert C., wks M. L. Fleishel & Co.

ROBINSON, T. C., printer, Fort Worth Standard; rooms at office

ROBINSON, Thomas M., blacksmith J. Record

ROBINSON, Volney, Propr. Palace Saloon, w s Houston, Office opposite R R Depot; res w s Main 8th house south of Ry

ROBINSON, W. S., stone mason, bds J. B. Askins

ROBY, R. P., cattle dealer, office s s Second bet Main and Houston, res Jennings Ave s of T & P Ry

ROCHFORD, John J., tailor, A. Bohn, bds Louis Neustadter

ROE, Addison J., agent, James T. Elliott, rooms at office Galveston s of Ry; bds Waverly House

ROE, George, laborer, bds J. Waterman

ROE, Theodore H., salesman, J. T. Elliott, rooms at office, Galveston south of Ry

ROGERS, Edward S., pressman Fort Worth Democrat; home Mrs. Sarah J. Rogers

ROGERS, Mrs. Gips (wid) home Nat. C. Bradford

ROGERS, Samuel S., shooting gallery, 31-1/2 Houston, boards Mansion Restaurant

ROGERS, Sarah J. (wid) res s e cor Second and Pecan

ROLAND, John, carpenter, bds Samuel Roland

ROLAND, Samuel, carpenter, res n s Third east of Crump

ROLISON, Mrs. May (wid) res s s of First east of Elm

ROLLINS, Eugene (col'd) cook, res s e Sixth east of Crump

ROMSTOCK, John, yardman, El Paso Hotel

RONEN, John W., route agent T & P Ry, res e s Grove bet Fourth and Fifth

ROONEY, James, res near cemetery, n e part of city

ROSENFELD, Isaac, hides, wool and grain, office n w cor Second and Throckmorton

ROSENFELD, Simon, clk Henry James; bds Mrs. Annie E. Moore

ROSENTHAL, Wolfe, house, sign and ornamental painter, shop s s First bet Rusk and Main

ROSS, Daniel H., Propr. Comanche Restaurant, 5 Weatherford bet Houston and Throckmorton; res same

ROSS, William A., contractor and builder, res cor Grove and Fifteenth

ROTHROCK, James, cook, F. M. Snow's Restaurant; bds same

ROUSE, Isaac W., meat market, s s Square bet Main & Rusk; res s s Second east of Elm

ROUSE, James, laborer, bds Tarrant House

ROY, Lee (col'd) res s s Seventh east of Crump

ROZELL, Robert H., bookkeeper, L. N. Brunswig, bds C. A. Daniel

RUAN, William, bds Dillon House

RUFF, Andrew, home Mrs. Mary Simpson

RUFF, Edward, home Mrs. Mary Simpson

RUFF, Miss Desdemona, home Mrs. Mary Simpson

RUFFIN, Mollie (col'd) res Fifteenth near east city limits

RUST, Miss Ada, wks George S. Burchell

RUTHERFORD, M., clk Taylor & Barr, bds Evert House

RYAN, Nathaniel, clk Daggett & Hatcher, bds L. M. Prince


SACKWITS, William A., watchmaker D. M. Williams & Co., bds Battle House

SADDLER, Edward (col'd), waiter, El Paso Hotel

SAFFROI, E., propr. Delmonico Restaurant, s w cor Main and Second, res same

SAMMONS, Samuel J., res Jones near south city limits

SAMUEL, Jacob (Kaiser & Samuel), res w s Belknap bet Taylor and Lamar

SANDALL, Mrs. Elizabeth (wid), home William T. Gay

SANDFORD, Sidney S., clk Tabor & Shiels, bds Trans-Continental Hotel

SANDIDGE, James R., book-keeper J. N. Manuel & Co., boards Dillon House

SANDIDGE, John Q., farmer and (J. N. Manuel & Co); res s of city limits, six blocks west of Jennings

SANDIDGE, Thomas R., clk J. N. Manuel & Co., bds. J. Q. Sandidge

SANGER, Alexander (Sanger Bros), res Dallas, Texas

SANGER BROS. (Isaac, Phillip, Alexander, Samuel and Lehman Sanger and Asher Mandelbaum) wholesale and retail dealers in dry goods; gent's furnishings, carpets, etc. 14 Houston, bet First and Weatherford, also Dallas, Waco and Calvert, Texas

SANGER, Isaac, res New York City

SANGER, Lehman, res Waco, Texas

SANGER, Phillip, res Dallas, Texas

SANGER, Samuel, res Waco, Texas

SANNER, William R., clk W. G. Randall & Bro., bds Mansion House

SAN WAH (chinaman), laundry, e s Main bet First and Weatherford; res same

SAUNDERS, Clay, wks Wims & Johnson, rooms same

SAUNDERS, Daniel, carpenter, res n s Eleventh bet Main and Houston

SAUNDERS, Isaac, blacksmith Davis & Hickey, res Eleventh bet Main and Houston

SAUNDERS, Joseph, clk, res n w cor Second and Jones

SAUNDERS, Mary A., bds John S. Webb

SAUNDERS, Samuel (col'd), laborer, res Fourteenth near e city limits

SAUNDERS, Webster J., "Fort Worth Standard," res bet Adams and Wheeler, s w of T & P Ry

SAWYER, E. B., res e s Main fifth house s of T & P Ry

SCHAEFER, Tony, wks W. C. Lobenstein

SCHEBLE, Adolphus E., physician and surgeon, office w s Main bet Third and Fourth; res s e cor Fifth and Taylor

SCHEMMEL, Herman, laborer, res Elm near s city limits

SCHEUBER, C. (Hochstadter & Co) bds El Paso Hotel

SCHMIDT, Jacob, shoemaker G. Johnson

SCHMITZ, Henry, baker E. Krohn, rooms at store

SCHNEIDER, Oscar C., laborer, res bet Wheeler and Lipscomb, s w of T & P Ry

SCHOBER, Charles, butcher, res n s Nichols e of Elm

SCHOOLER, William L., flouring mill and residence Grove bet Eighteenth and Nineteenth

SCHOOLER, William M., with Wm. L. Schooler

SCHOOLFIELD, Mrs. M. H. (wid), home H. N. Conner

SCHORN, Louis, Jr. (Wamsley & Schorn Bros) res Weatherford, Tex.

SCHORN, Louis, Sr., rooms R. H. Barnes

SCHWARTZ, Anna, cigars and tobacco, w s Houston bet First & Second, home W. Davidson

SCORE, Robert P., carpenter, res n s Third e of Crump

SCOTT, Clifton, laborer, res n s First e of Elm

SCOTT, DeWitt C., propr. Texas Exchange Saloon w s Houston bet 9th and 10th, res e s Houston bet 13th & 14th

SCOTT, James C., atty, 7 Main bet First & Weatherford, res s w cor Belknap and Grove

SCOTT, Miss Julia, home George Williams

SCOTT, Louisa (col'd), res Main bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth

SCOTT, Maurice, propr Cosmopolitan Hotel, w s Main bet Second and Third

SCOTT, Walter, carpenter, bds J. E. Hines

SCOTT, William, driver delivery wagon Canto & Stein

SCOTT, William N.,(Terry & Scott) res Missouri wagon yard

SCOTT, Winfield, cattle dealer, res n w cor Eleventh and Taylor

SCRIBNER, Miss Elizabeth S., music and school teacher, home A. D. Wheeler

SEAMON, Henry, wks T & P Ry., res line T & P Ry east of Grove

SEGGERSON, Christopher, teamster, bds Mrs. A. Breen

SELIGMAN, Oscar, clk Joseph Mayer, bds same

SENGART, J. C., clk, bds Peers House

SEWARD, Henry R. (0. T. Bassett & Co) bds El Paso Hotel

SEXTON, George, bds Dillon House

SEYMOUR, George, painter W. Rosenthal, res s s Nichols east of Elm

SHAKOW, William, wks Robbins & Hall, res north of Nichols east of Elm

SHANNON, James, home George B. Holland

SHANNON, Miss Lizzie, home George B. Holland

SHARPE, Anna (col'd) res n s Bluff bet Taylor and Throckmorton

SHATTUCK, Albert G., auctioneer, res s s Third bet Lamar and Burnett

SHAW, Annie (col'd) bds William Randall

SHEA, Charles, blacksmith P. H. Grady, bds same

SHED, Z., speculator, bds Evert House

SHEEHAN, Edward, clk M. J. Coffee, bds European Hotel

SHEEHAN, John P., clk M. J. Coffee, bds European Hotel

SHEFFIELD, John, teamster, res north of Nichols east of Elm

SHEPARD, Chester C., wks Gurley & Co., bds Frank Gurley

SHEPHERD, John, blacksmith, shop cor Fourth and Throckmorton, res w s Main bet Eleventh and Twelfth

SHERIDAN, Thomas B., local editor Fort Worth Standard; bds Waverly Hotel

SHIELS, Henry P. (Tabor & Shiels) prop. Eclipse Saloon, cor Weatherford & Throckmorton, res n s Weatherford bet Burnett and Lamar

SHINAUT, Reuben, peddler, res near cemetery n e city limits

SHIPLEY, Adam, cistern builder, res n s Weatherford near Main

SHLOSBERG, M., clk S. Shlosberg, rooms at store

SHLOSBERG, Samuel, drygoods, gents furnishings, boots & shoes; s w cor Main and First, res same

SHONFELD, Charles, fruits, tobacca & cigars w s Houston bet Fifth and Sixth res ne cor Fifth and Calhoun

SHONNER, George, brickmason, bds Tarrant House

SHORT, Charles, with J. C. Short

SHORT, James C., guns., ammunition & sportsmen's supplies, 33 Houston, res s w cor 2nd & Burnett

SHORT, Jefferson, with J. C. Short

SHREWDER, Samuel R., carpenter, res s s Fifth west of Cherry

SHUEL, George A., wks T & P Ry., res Grove, second house s of Ry

SHUGART, Asbury C., salesman Henry & Underwood, rooms at store

SIEBE, Alfred K., clk Taylor & Barr, bds Dillon House

SIGMOND, David H., hide buyer A. W. Littlehale & Bro., bds El Paso Hotel

SILL, Mrs. Angelina (wid) home Charles C. Cummings

SILL, Miss Sallie E., home Charles C. Cummings

SILVESTEIN, Wolf, res n s Bluff bet Houston and Rusk

SIMMONS, Henry, res St. Louis Ave bet T & P Ry and Broadway

SIMMONS & HOUCH (John W. Simmons, J. W. Houch) dealers in Singer Sewing Machins, office 9 Main bet First and Weatherford

SIMMONS, John W., rooms at store

SIMMONS, Joseph W. (Turner & Simmons) res w s Main bet Sixth and Seventh

SIMMONS, Marcus A., blacksmith Johnson & Tower, bds St. Louis Restaurant

SIMMONS, Samuel, bds Palace Restaurant

SIMON, Miss Dora, home Asher Mandlebaum

SIMON, Henry, car cleaner T & P Ry shops

SIMON, Isaac, clk Sanger Bros, rooms at store

SIMPSON, Mary (wid) res Calhoun between Eleventh and Twevelth

SIMPSON, Mrs. Sarah (wid) home Joseph L. Smith

SIMS, James W., salesman, Bateman & Bro., bds Trans-Continental Hotel

SINGLETON, George, stockdealer, bds Mrs. V. M. Cummings

SIPES, Mrs. Dorothy (wid) home John Nichols

SKETON, Lewis, laborer, res s s First e of Elm

SKILLMAN, Stewart, carpenter, bds Peers House

SKINNER, Richard, clk tax collectors office, bds Mrs. B. McVeigh

SLACK, Alfred, bds James C. Scott

SLATON, Mrs. Sarah (wid) home Ed B. Brown

SMALINSKY, J. Max, clk J. S. Brin

SMITH, Alexander P., carpenter, res e s Burnett bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth

SMITH, Benjamin K., (M. L. Fleishel & Co); res Longview, Texas

SMITH, Charles, wks J. T. Leer, rooms same

SMITH, Charles U., asst cook Waverly House

SMITH, Mrs. Denurza (wid) res Belknap near River

SMITH, Emma, bds L. Sternkorb

SMITH, Frank, saddler, res n s Fourth bet Elm and Crump

SMITH, Frank, wks J. N. Diehl, bds same

SMITH, Forney D., clk Daggett & Hatcher

SMITH, Garland, grocery and feed store, e s Square, bet Weatherford and Belknap, res same

SMITH, Henry, shoemaker, bds Fred. Foshall

SMITH, Henry N., clk J. N. Diehl, bds European Hotel

SMITH, Jacob I., mason contractor and builder, res n s Twelfth bet Jennings and Monroe

SMITH, James F., saddler Padgitt Bros., res Fourth Street

SMITH, Jarvis & Templeton (John P. Smith, J. J. Jarvis and John D. Templeton), attorneys, office s s Square, over Tidball, VanZandt & Co. Bank

SMITH, John C., carpenter, bds N. J. Allen

SMITH, John P. (Smith Jarvis & Templeton) res s s Second w of Burnett

SMITH, John W., res e s Jones bet Fourth and Fifth

SMITH, Joseph L., res s s Hemphill s of T & P Ry

SMITH, Junius W., atty, s w cor Lamar and Seventh

SMITH, Matt N., hide buyer Gurly & Co

SMITH, Michael, cattle dealer, bds Dillon House

SMITH, Newton (col'd) porter El Paso Hotal

SMITH, Robert H., home John P. Smith

SMITH, Robert T. (R. T. Smith & Co) bds European Restaurant

SMITH, R. T. & CO. (Robert T. Smith, D. A. McNamee), commission merchants and cotton yard, n w cor Weatherford and Lamar

SMITH, Sidney, laborer, res Elm near e city limits

SMITH, Thomas, laborer, res Belknap w of River

SMITH, Turner (col'd), res s s Sixth e of Crump

SMITH & VINCENT (William M. Smith, Robert Vincent), meat market, s w cor Weatherford and Throckmorton

SMITH, William M., res w s Throckmorton bet First and Weatherford

SMITH, W. R., carpenter, bds Tarrant House

SMITHERS, Frank, carpenter, res w s Houston bet Sevemth and Eighth

SMITHEY, Mrs. Ellen (wid) res n s Bluff bet Burnett and Lamar

SNADER, Fanny (col'd) res s s Seventh e of Elm

SNELL, George E., clk, res bet Jennings Ave and Hemphill s of T & P Ry

SNELL, Mrs. S. E. (wid) res Jennings bet Ry and Broadway

SNIPES, Mrs. E. U. (wid) bds C. F. Gilliam

SNOW, Francis M., furnished rooms, restaurant and saloon, s s Square bet Main and Weatherford, res same

SOBLEY, W. B., machinist, bds Peers House

SOLOMON, Alexander (col'd) waiter Dillon House

SOMMERS, William M., mattress manufactors & furniture dealer, s s Weatherford bet Lamar and Taylor, rooms same

SONNENBERG, Joseph, prop "Cheap John" auction store, dry goods, clothings, shoes, n w cor Main and First, res s w cor Fourth and Calhoun

SORLEY, James, Jr., book-keeper W. E. Kneeland, rooms Seaton building

SOUTER, Frederick, watches, clocks and jewelry, w s Houston bet First and Weatherford, res 73 Throckmorton bet Third and Fourth

SOWELL, Miss Louisa, home John Daley

SPARKS, William (col'd) wks Cattle Exchange Saloon

SPENCER, Samuel F., coal & grain dealer, warehouse T & P Ry line bet Rusk & Calhoun, bds El Paso Hotel

SPILLARS, James J., clk B. F. Thyng, bds Lafayette Restaurant

SPORE, Mrs Anna, home Frank Smith

ST. ANDRE, Adolph, cook, Michou's Restaurant

STANDLEY, John W. (Howser, Standley & Ewing) res n of Belknap w of Burnett

STANDLEY, Richard, with John W. Standley

STANDFORD, Mrs. Callie, bds Mrs. Peter Byrne

STANIFER, Andrew J., laborer, res bet Belknap and Bluff near River

STANIFER, James L., cistern bldr, home Adam Shipley

STANIFER, Mrs. Lizzie, bds Hugh Dugan

STAPLEFORD, Francis A., agent H. L. Dutton, bds Dillon House

STARR, Chester, home R. West Starr

STARR, R. West, business mgr "Fort Worth Democrat"; res St. Louis Ave s of Broadway

ST. CHARLES HOTEL, James B. Farmer, Prop. e s Rusk bet Seventh and Eighth

ST. CLAIR, John Q., (St. Clair & Martin), notary public, office w s Throckmorton bet First and Weatherford, res s w cor Jones and Third

ST. CLAIR & MARTIN (John Q. St. Clair and John E. Martin) general land agents, office w s Throckmorton bet First and Weatherford

STEAGALL, Walter F., clk W. G. Randall & Bro., bds Trans-Continental Hotel

STEARNS, Luther, res n w cor Fifth and Lamar

STEEL, Lawrence, res s w cor Burnett and Fourth

STEELE, Daniel, wks Wims & Johnson, rooms same

STEELE, William T., Deputy Sheriff, res w s Burnett bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth

STEIN, Louis H. (Canto & Stein) res near e city limits

STELY, George, manager U. S. Hotel, s w cor Houston and Fourteenth

STELY, Mrs. Rosina, proprietress U. S. Hotel, e s Houston bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth

STEPHEN, Adam, engineer T & P Ry, bds E. A. Burton

STEPHENSON, James A., water dealer, res e s Lamar bet Eleventh and Twelfth

STERLEY, Peter, carpenter, res Pecan s of T & P Ry

STERNKORB, Lewis, painter, res n of Nichols e of Elm

STEUART, John, bartender Cattle Exchange Saloon

STEWART, C. C., pressman Fort Worth Democrat, rooms in bldg

STEWART, J. A., commercial traveler, bds Mrs. J. Young

STEWART, Will F., City Editor, "Fort Worth Democrat"; bds El Paso Hotel

STILLMAN, W. O., night foreman "Fort Worth Democrat," res n s Second bet Elm and Pecan

STINSON, James (McCain & Stinson) bds J. C. McCain

STOCKETT, Henry J., harness maker E. M. Orrick, bds same

STOKER, John, teamster, s s Third bet Jones and Grove

STONE, Michael B. (Melton & Stone) res Dallas, Texas

STONES, T. A., printer Fort Worth Democrat, rooms cor Calhoun and Third

STOOPS, Benjamin, clk Kemper Bros., bds Mrs. S. A. Wood

STRASBURGER, John, auctioneer, res s e cor Elm and Nichols

STRICKFADEN, Joseph F., harness maker, E. M. Orrick, bds same

STRICKLAND, John W., res n e cor First and Pecan

STUART, Francis I., carpenter, res s s Trinity near e city limits

STUART, James, mechanic, bds James A. Ingram

SUGG, William, home James M. Bailey

SULLIVAN, Daniel, shoemaker George Becker, bds Battle House

SULLIVAN, D. G., bds U. S. Hotel

SULLIVAN, Michael, res n s Third e of Crump

SULLIVAN, Murtagh, bds Michael Sullivan

SULLIVAN, Oscar, clk Joseph Meyer, bds same

SUMMERS, Mrs. Leah, res Houston bet Third and Fourth

SURRATT, George (Ireland, Surratt & Griffin) bds A. T. Ireland

SUTHERLAND, John, plasterer, bds John C. McArthur

SUTHERLAND, Mrs. Nancy (wid) res s w cor Third and Crump

SUTHERLAND, William, cigar maker S. Davidson, res s w cor Third and Crump

SUTTON, William H., blacksmith A. Fairchild, res w s Houston bet Seventh and Eighth

SWARZENBERG, John (Swarzenberg & Lesauer) rooms at store

SWARZENBERG & LESAUER (John Swarzenberg and Adolph Lesauer) lunch stand, w s Houston bet Belknap and Weatherford

SWASEY, Charles J. (Casey & Swasey) rooms over store

SWAYNE, James W., attorney, office at Court House, rooms same

SWAYNE, John F., (Cetti, Brewer & Co), res cor Belknap and Elm

SWIFT, Mrs. E. K., dressmaker, w s Houston bet First and Weatherford, res same

SWILZER, F. P., miller and millwright, bds Peers House

SYDOW, Emil, wks E. Krohn, bds Battle House

SYKES, William, home Jacob C. McFadden

SYLVESTER, Miss Eva, milliner and hair worker, e s Main bet Fourth and Fifth, res same

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