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1878-79 Fort Worth City Directory
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TABOR, Edward L., (Tabor & Shiels), rooms 28 Houston

TABOR & SHIELS (Edward L. Tabor and Henry Shiels) proprs Office Saloon, 28 Houston, bet Belknap and Throckmorton

TACKABERRY, Robert F., harness & saddles, s s Weatherford bet Main & Houston, res cor Jones and Weatherford

TAGGERT, Sadie, wks F. W. Ball

TALBART, John, teamster, res w s Main bet Eighth and Ninth

TANDROP, Charles, watchmaker A. Joerss, bds U. S. Hotel

TARRANT COUNTY JAIL, cor Jones and Belknap, J. M. Henderson, sheriff; B. R. Elliott, jailor; Richard A. Foster, Joseph P. Witcher, guards

TARRANT, E. O., bds Giles H. Day

TARRANT HOUSE, 0. B. Langever, propr, e s Square bet Weatherford and Belknap

TASKER, Dinah (col'd) res n s Second e of Elm

TATUM, Christopher C., clk, R. F. Tackaberry, res n s Third e of Crump

TATUM, George W., clk Max Elser, bds C. C. Tatum

TATUM, Joseph F., business manager Cameron & Co., office cor Thirteenth and Jennings; bds Turner H. Lane

TAYLOR & BARR (Wm. H. Taylor and Thomas M. Barr) wholesale and retail dry goods; e s Houston bet First and Second

TAYLOR, Betty (col'd) home Gabriel Bell

TAYLOR, Charles F., clk D. C. Bennett; bds Mrs. B. McVeigh

TAYLOR, Daniel, Agent General Stage Office; e s Main bet Fourth and Fifth and propr stage stable e s Main near Fifteenth; res n s Fifteenth bet Rusk and Calhoun

TAYLOR, Edward B., carpenter, res e s Jones s of T & P Ry

TAYLOR, Ellis (col'd), res s s Darnell bet Grove and Pecan

TAYLOR, Elvira (col'd) res s s Ninth bet Rusk and Calhoun

TAYLOR, Frances (col'd) res s s Ninth bet Rusk and Calhoun

TAYLOR, Frank, stock dealer, bds Mrs. V. M. Cummings

TAYLOR, George E., silversmith and jeweler, 8 Main bet First and Weatherford, res s s First e of Elm

TAYLOR, George W., wks Godwin, Wilkinson & Co; bds R. L. Boaz

TAYLOR, Mott, circulator Evening Journal

TAYLOR, Napoleon B., teamster, res Jennings s of Broadway

TAYLOR, William H., passenger conductor T & P Ry, res w s Main, fifth house s of Ry

TAYLOR, William H. (Taylor & Barr) bds W. Scott

TAYLOR, Rev. William Y., pastor Christian Church, res n e cor Sixth and Lamar

TEAVER, J. C., laborer, res w s Houston bet Seventh and Eighth

TELFAIX, William, cook Waverly House

TEMPLETON, John D. (Smith, Jarvis & Templeton), rooms at office

TENNESSEE, Caroline (col'd), res w s Elm bet Sixth and Seventh

TERRELL & BECKHAM, (Joseph Terrell, R. E. Beckham) furniture dealers, e s Houston bet Fifteenth and Ry

TERRELL, Edward S., res n s Belknap north end Taylor

TERRELL, Joseph C. (Terrell & Carter and Terrell & Beckham) res s w cor Sixth & Throckmorton

TERRY, Bradley (Terry & Scott) res s s Weatherford bet Jones and Calhoun

TERRY, Eliza (col'd) res Seventh e of Elm

TERRY, Isaac C., fruits and confectionery, n e cor Main and Third, and City Engineer, res w s Taylor bet Seventh and Eighth

TERRY & SCOTT (Brad, Terry and William N. Scott), proprs Missouri wagon yard, n s Weatherford bet Throckmorton and Taylor

TERRY, Stephen, res e s Pecan bet Fourth and Fifth

TEST, Edmund B., (Williams & Test); bds Jno. C. Denny

TETTERBORN, William R., clk Glucksman & Co., rooms at store

TEXAS EXPRESS CO., office s e cor Weatherford and Rusk, F. W. Cromer agent

TEXAS & PACIFIC Ry, Passenger and Freight Depot, Main s end Street Ry., J. Mett. Wells, agent

TEXAS SUN, Branch Office at Lawrence & Frost's Waverly House

THACKER, H. D., res on line T & P Ry

THE FURNITURE CO (Joseph Terrell and R. E. Beckham) e s Houston bet Fifteenth and Ry

THERON, Mrs. Mary (wid), home Charles Gay

THOMA, F., boot and shoemaker, w s Houston bet Sixth and Seventh, res same

THOMAS, Albert H., prop. Battle House, cor s s Square and Rusk; res s s cor Pecan and Third

THOMAS, Catharine (wid) home John S. Thomas

THOMAS, Fannie (wid); bds J. S. Murphy

THOMAS, George M., clk 0. T. Bassett & Co., res s s Fifteenth bet Jennings and Houston

THOMAS, Hascott (col'd), res n s Belknap bet Elm and Pecan

THOMAS, Henry (col'd) res w s Jones bet Ninth and Luella Ave

THOMAS, John, res e s Pecan bet Sixth and Seventh

THOMAS, John A., wks W. C. Lobenstein

THOMAS, John S., carpenter & builder, s e cor Elm and Bluff

THOMAS, Joshua (col'd); wks Canto & Stein

THOMAS, Miss Martha, bds Jesse T. McKinney

THOMAS, William P., groceries and provisions, s s Weatherford bet Houston and Throckmorton; bds Palace Restaurant

THOMASON, James M., atty, office 17-1/2 Houston bet First and Second; res n s Weatherford bet Calhoun and Jones

THOMPSON, Andrew (col'd), wks Cameron & Co

THOMPSON, Bettie (col'd) res n s Third w of Burnett

THOMPSON & CRAFT (Joseph Thompson & Richard Craft) brick manufacturers, yard bet Belknap and Bluff near River

THOMPSON, Harry L., barber, shop w s Houston bet Second and Third

THOMPSON, Jennie, res Rusk bet Eleventh and Twelfth

THOMPSON, John (col'd) res s s Fourth e of Elm

THOMPSON, Joseph (Thompson & Craft), res near River bet Belknap and Bluff

THOMPSON, King D., clk, bds King D. Bateman

THOMPSON, Miss Nannie, home Mrs. M. L. Trimmier

THOMPSON, Simon (col'd), porter Henry & Underwood

THOMSON, Delly (col'd) res n s Fourth e of Crump

THORNTON, John A., farmer, res Adams s w of T & P Ry

THORWALDSEN, Miss Hilda, home Mrs. Harriett E. Cetti

THROCKMORTON, James, res n s Belknap bet Taylor and Throckmorton

THURMAN, Alexander W., carpenter, res Weatherford west of Burnett

THURMAN, Hiram, clk Colter & Crozier, bds European Hotel

THYNG, B. F., commission mcht, fruits and fancy groceries, 2 First bet Main and Houston; bds El Paso Hotel

TICHENOR, David, engineer Melton & Stone, rooms at office

TIDBALL, Thomas A. (Tidball, VanZandt & Co) res n s Bluff cor Pecan

TIDBALL, VANZANDT & CO. (Thomas A. Tidball, Khleber M. VanZandt, James J. Jarvis, John P. Smith) bankers, 21 Weatherford bet Houston and Main

TIMBERLAKE, James F. (W. R. McEntire) cotton buyer, 17-1/2 Houston bet First and Second; res s e cor Taylor and Tenth

TINDER, William B., cotton and grain dealer; bds J. P. Massie

TINKER, William L., D. D. S., s e cor Main and Fourth, rooms same

TOBER, E. T., printer "Evening Journal" bds 0. H. Hall

TOLLIVER, Mollie (col'd) wks Mrs. Leah Summers

TOMLINSON, G. Stanley, clk William T. Gay, bds Mrs. V. M. Cummings

TORNQUEST, G., boot and shoemaker, s s First bet Main and Houston, rooms same

TOWER, Willian (Johnson & Tower) propr St. Louis Restaurant, n w Weatherford bet Throckmorton and Taylor, res same

TOWNSEND, James T., painter, res s w cor Sixth and Pecan

TOWNSEND, Mrs. Matilda (wid) res s w cor Sixth and Pecan

TOWNSEND, Richard W., painter, home Mrs. M. Townsend

TOWNSEND, Walter B., painter, home Mrs. M. Townsend

TRACHTER, John, wks T & P Ry, res w s Monroe bet Eighth and Tenth

TRANS-CONTINENTAL HOTEL, J. W. Peterson & Co. Proprs., n w cor Public Square

TRAVELERS HOME, 59 Jones cor Second, Wm D. Clark, propr.

TRAVIS, Mrs. Mary, res n s Belknap bet Calhoun and Rusk

TRAYLER, Mrs. Mary E. (wid) home Rev. M. D. Fly

TREBEAUX, Frank (col'd), shoemaker, res Sixteenth near e city limits

TREBEAUX, Lorenzo (col'd) porter S. P. Tucker, res Sixteenth near east city limits

TRECHTER, John, laborer, res w s Throckmorton bet Seventh and Eighth

TREZEVANT, William (col'd) res Jones bet Ninth and Luella Ave

TRIMBLE, Leonard A., groceries and provisions, 196 Houston bet Eleventh and Twelfth, res n w cor Eleventh and Burnett

TRIMBLE, Noah L., clk L. A. Trimble, bds same

TRIMMIER, Mrs.'Mary L., (wid) proprietress Mansion House, Fourth bet Main and Rusk

TRIMMIER, Thomas R., bds Mansion House

TRINASKY, Anthony, hide dresser, res Jones s of T & P Ry

TRINITY SALOON AND BILLIARD PARLOR, 17 Weatherford, cor Main, Twombly & Lyles, proprs.

TRIPPET, William W., groceries and provisions, w s Houston bet Fifth & Sixth, res n e cor Houston and Sixth

TUCKER, Brach (col'd), bds Harriet Tucker

TUCKER, Edward, carpenter, bds W. J. Allen

TUCKER, Harriet (col'd) res Eighth bet Elm and Pecan

TUCKER, Hagar (col'd) res Sixth e of Elm

TUCKER, I. B., tailor, 5 Weatherford bet Houston and Throckmorton, res same

TUCKER, Richard (col'd) laborer, res s s Fourth e of Elm

TUCKER, Seth P., groceries and provisions, tobacco and cigars, s e cor Houston and First, res n s Second e of Elm

TUCKER, William B., res e s Main, tenth house s of T & P Ry

TUNAL, Philip, barber, home Henry Vespraman

TURK, David (D. Turk & Bro) res Jefferson, Texas

TURK, D. & Bro. (David Turk and Emanuel S. Turk) dry goods, boots, shoes, etc. e s Houston bet First and Weatherford

TURK, Emanual S., rooms at store

TURK, Leopold S., with D. Turk & Bro., bds Trans-Continental Hotel

TURNER, Albert (col'd), (Pratt & Turner) res w s Second e of Elm

TURNER, Miss Amanda L., home George S. Burchell

TURNER, Edward P., telegraph operator T & P Ry home S. P. Turner

TURNER, Mrs. Emma (wid) home William T. Gay

TURNER, John W., stock dealer, bds J. J. Byrne

TURNER, Joseph K. (Turner & Simmons) bds J. W. Simmons

TURNER, J. T., hide and wool buyer, office R. T. Smith & Co.

TURNER, Polly (col'd) home Albert Turner

TURNER, Richard, carpenter, res Fifteenth, bet Pecan and Elm

TURNER, Samuel B., res n s First e of Elm

TURNER & SIMMONS (Joseph K. Turner and Joseph W. Simmons) groceries and provisions, w s Houston bet Sixth and Seventh

TURNER, William G. (Fakes & Co), res n s Fifth west of Burnett

TURNER, W. H., owner sheep ranch, bds Mansion House

TURNER, W. H. Jr., with W. H. Turner Sr., bds Mansion House

TWOMBLY, Frank L. (Twombly & Lyles) res s s Weatherford w of Burnett

TWOMBLY & JONES (Royall T. Twombly and M. E. Jones), real estate agents, No 7 Main bet First and Weatherford

TWOMBLY & LYLES (Frank L. Twombly and John M. Lyles), props. Trinity Saloon and Billiard Parlor, 17 Weatherford cor Main

TWOMBLY, Royall T. (Twombly & Jones) bds F. L. Twombly

TYTUS, Miss Nellie, wks J. B. Askew


UMBENHOUR, Ulysses J., carpenter, res w s Jones bet Seventh and Eighth

UNDERWOOD, Charles L., bds J. Needham

UNDERWOOD, Herbert E. (Henry & Underwood) bds El Paso Hotel

UNDERWOOD, Miss Jennie, bds James Needham

UNFRIED, Maggie, wks Jacob Samuels

UNFRIED, Peter, grocer, w s Main bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth, res same

U. S. HOTEL, Mrs. Rosina Stely, proprietress, e s Houston bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth

UTTZ, Andrew, bakery and confectionery, n s Weatherford, bet Throckmorton and Houston, res same


VALE, William, gas fitter, res cor Calhoun and Tenth

VANDALL, Charles, clk, bds Rev. R. Logan

VANDERBILT, Edward M., carpenter, res n w cor Jones and Weatherford

VANDORF, Charles, watchmaker, bds U. S. Hotel

VAN EATON, William, trader, bds Lawrence Steel

VAN WELY?, Lucas, carpenter and foreman T & P Ry shops

VANZANDT, Mrs. Fanny C. (wid) home E. J. Beall

VANZANDT, Isaac L., res s s Weatherford bet Grove and Pecan

VANZANDT, Khleber M. (Tidball, VanZandt & Co), res Weatherford road west of River

VASTINE, B. K., bricklayer, bds Jacob Arner

VASTINE, John L., stonemason, bds James B. Askins

VAUGHN, Thomas A., waterman, res near River bet Belknap Bluff

VEIT, Emil (Haas & Veit) rooms at store

VENABLE, George C., (Bivins & Venable) rooms at store

VESPRAMAN, Henry, carpenter, res e s St. Louis Ave s of Broadway

VICKERS, George, res n s fourth bet Elm and Crump

VINCENT, Robert (Smith & Vincent), res w s Throckmorton bet First and Weatherford

VINT, David R., blacksmith Silas Carnahan

VIRGINIA HOUSE, J. B. Askew, prop., n w cor Fifteenth and Calhoun


WADE, B. O., clk T. W. Powell, rooms at store

WAGGOMAN, Miss Fannie, home John M. Lyles

WAGNER, Francis H., Jr., printer "Fort Worth Democrat," rooms at office

WAGSTAFF, John F. (Mitchell & Wagstaff), rooms at saloon, bds Illinois House

WAIDE, William Edwin, clk Evans & Martin, res s e cor Weatherford and Calhoun

WAKELIN, John (Robbins & Wakelin), res Second Street

WALDEN, Mrs. Clara, teacher, Arnold-Walden Institute, w end Fourth

WALDON, Fayette (col'd) res Fifteenth near e city limits

WALDON, Kate (col'd), res Calhoun bet Twelfth and Thirteenth

WALKER, Beverly B., prop. Dillon House, n w cor Third and Taylor

WALKER, George, carriage trimmer Thomas Kelk, bds W. J. Kelk

WALKER, Henry T., wks and bds D. M. Williams

WALKER, Hiram, feed store, s s Weatherford bet Taylor and Throckmorton

WALKER, Isaac, clk Evans & Martin, bds Dillon House

WALKER, Levi M., wagon maker, res e end Weatherford

WALKER, Lucy (wid), home James Throckmorton

WALKER, Thomas, carpenter, boards Mansion House

WALKER, William M., res s s Fourth east of Elm

WALKER, William J., propr Planters wagon yard, w s Lamar bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth, res same

WALL, Benjamin S., res n s Nichols, near e city limits

WALL, Denison D., messenger City National Bank; bds B. S. Wall

WALLACE, Lewis, laborer, res Bluff west of Burnett

WALLERICH, N., dentist, office w s Houston bet First and Weatherford; bds cor Rusk and Third

WALTERS, William propr Apollo Garden Saloon, w s Houston bet Fifth and Sixth, res same

WALTHER, Robert H., bakery and groceries s s Weatherford bet Throckmorton and Taylor, res same

WALTMAN, F. Pad., collector and salesman Ellis & Huffman, bds Walter A. Huffman

WALTON & HOLMES (Russ F. Walton and Arthur P. Holmes), proprs and publishers "Fort Worth Evening Journal," s s First bet Houston and Main

WALTON, Russ F. (Walton & Holmes) res s s Second e of Elm

WALTON, William (col'd), waiter El Paso Hotel

WAMSLEY & SCHORN BROS. (Thomas B. Wamsley, Louis Schorn, Sr., Louis Schorn, Jr.) proprs Novelty Flouring Mills, n s Bluff bet Jones and Grove

WAMSLEY, Thomas B. (Wamsley & Schorn Bros), res s w cor Bluff and Elm WANGMAN, Harry, wks J. T. Leer, rooms same

WANT, G. H., confectioner, 5 Houston bet First and Weatherford, res s s Third bet Calhoun and Rusk

WARD, Mrs. Charlotte, bds Mrs. E. Bennett

WARD, Miss Emma, res cor Ninth and Rusk

WARD, George C., Deputy County Clerk; bds Bate House

WARD, Mrs. Mary, hairdresser, res n w cor Fifth and Calhoun

WARD, Matthew, laborer, res Calhoun bet Twelfth and Thirteenth

WARD, W. A., stock dealer, bds Mrs. V. M. Cummings

WARE, James (col'd), driver express, res s s Fourth e of Crump

WARE, Robert J., res n s Bluff bet Pecan and Elm

WARREN, Mahlon H., harnessmaker, bds James I. Peters

WASHINGTON, Catherine (col'd) home James Poston

WASHINGTON, Emily (col'd), chambermaid Waverly House

WASHINGTON, M., bds Mrs. B. McVeigh

WASSON, Griffin, wks Kelk Bros., bds W. J. Kelk

WATERMAN, Joel, res e s Main bet Eleventh and Twelfth

WATERS, Holny, bartender, bds F. Lantery

WATKINS, James, soda water manufacturer, factory and residence n e cor Crump and Third

WATTS & BROWN (George A. Watts and John T. Brown) attys, office e s Main bet First and Weatherford

WATTS, George A. (Watts & Brown) res s e cor Second and Burnett

WAVERLY HOUSE, Charles L. Frost, Prop., w s Main cor Fifteenth

WEAKELIN, John, printer, res n s Second near east city limits

WEATHERLY, John A., res w s Jones south of T & P Ry

WEATHERLY, Rush J., home Frank 0. Engstrum

WEAVER, Philip A., bill clk, J. H. Brown

WEAVER, Reuben, groceries and provisions, n e cor Weatherford and Throckmorton, res s s Belknap west of Burnett

WEAVER, Reuben B., clks and bds R. Weaver

WEAVER, W. T., teacher private school, s e Second west of Burnett, home Reuben Weaver

WEBB, Rev. Harvey, pastor St. Pauls Methodist Episcopal Church, res e s Main bet Ninth and Tenth

WEBB, John (col'd) res cor First and Rusk

WEBB, John S., land agent, res s e cor Eleventh and Lamar

WEBB, William R., clk, res e s Jones bet Ninth and Luella Ave

WEBSTER, Susan (col'd), res s s First east of Elm

WEEKS, William, bds Mansion House

WEIMAR, Rudolph, tailor, dyer and cleaner, 110 Houston bet Sixth and Seventh, res same

WEIR, George W., Deputy Sheriff, bds B. R. Elliott

WEISS, Frank, res cor Fifteenth and Jones

WELCH, D., teamster Cowen & Buchanan, res e s Jennings bet Eleventh and Twelfth

WELLBORN, Harrison G., stationary engineer, res s e cor Second and Crump

WELLS, Ebenezer M., clk W. H. Baldridge & Co., rooms at store

WELLS, Henry (col'd), barber, res e s Houston bet Eleventh and Twelfth

WELLS, Joseph B., merchant tailor, w s Main bet First and Weatherford, rooms at store

WELLS, J. Matt, ticket and freight agent T & P Ry depot s end Main; res w s Main, seventh house s of Ry

WELLS, Robert W., clk T & P Ry, res n s Fourth e of Crump

WENAR, D., dry goods, etc., 26 Houston bet First and Second; res same

WENAR, Joseph, clk D. Wenar, home same

WESTON, Mrs. R. A. (wid), lodging house, w s Main bet First and Weatherford, res same

WETMORE, Miss Augusta E., home J. F. Ellis

WETMORE, Miss Hulda A., home J. F. Ellis

WHATLEY, Francis M., prop. Planters House, e s Main bet Tenth and Eleventh

WHEELER, Alonzo D. (Crawford & Wheeler) res s e cor Grove and Fourth

WHEELER, George E., prop. Eureka Restautant, e s Houston bet First and Second, res same

WHITE, Daniel (col'd), waiter El Paso Hotel

WHITE, Daniel, engineer T & P Ry, bds E. A. Burton

WHITE, Miss Emma, home William H. Baldridge

WHITE, Frank (col'd) res s of T & P Ry bet Jennings & St. Louis Ave.

WHITE, George (col'd) waiter Trans-Continental Hotel

WHITE, Herbert (col'd), laborer, res St. Louis bet Broadway and T & P Ry

WHITE, James, miller, J. Kirkpatrick, bds same

WHITE, Johann (col'd) res s s Sixth near Elm

WHITE, John, express wagon, res n s Third east of Crump

WHITE, John, res s s Third bet Elm and Pecan

WHITE, Richard, laborer, res Grove first house south of Ry

WHITE, William, wks T. R. Howard, rooms at office

WHITLOW, Dalney H., blacksmith, res w s St. Louis south of Broadway

WHITT, John, night watchman, bds Ridgeway House

WIDLAKE, John E., laborer, bds James B. Askins

WIGGINS, W. H., bds Dillon House

WILBURN, Harry H., engineer, Heath, Myers & Buckley

WILDER, N. A. C., news, res w s Cherry bet Eleventh and Twelfth

WILKES, John T., livery stable e s Main bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth, rooms same

WILKES, Richard, wks J. T. Wilkes, rooms same

WILKINS, J. T., teamster Cowen and Buckan

WILKINSON, Jeremiah (col'd), bds Anna Sharpe

WILKINS, Henry (col'd) wks W. R. Gause livery stable

WILKINS, John W., carpenter, res bet Jennings and Hemphill s of T & P Ry

WILKINSON, William W. (Godwin, Wilkinson & Co.) res s s Third bet Lamar and Burnett

WILLE, Charles, salesman Robinson Bros. & Co., bds United States Hotel

WILLIAM, Jordan (col'd), porter Robinson Bros. & Co.

WILLIAMS, Miss Allie, res cor Eighth and Calhoun

WILLIAMS, Andrew J. (D. M. Williams & Co), bds D. M. Williams

WILLIAMS BROS & BARNES (George P. Williams, J. W. Williams, R. H. Barnes), wholesale and retail grocers, s s square bet Main & Rusk

WILLIAMS, Daniel M. (D. M. Williams & Co.), res s w cor Main and Eleventh

WILLIAMS, D. M. & Co. (D. M. Williams, A. J. Williams), watchmakers and jewelers, 25 Houston, factory s w Main and Eleventh

WILLIAMS, E., Pressman Fort Worth Standard; bds Mrs. E. S. Blackstone

WILLIAMS, Elijah H. (Williams & Test) bds John C. Denny

WILLIAMS, Fillmore, engineer, bds Joseph H. Williams

WILLIAMS, George P. (Williams Bros. & Barnes), res s s Second e of Elm

WILLIAMS, James, drayman, res e end of Belknap

WILLIAMS, James M., res s s Weatherford bet Pecan and Elm

WILLIAMS, J. D., carpenter, bds Central House

WILLIAMS, Jefferson D., wks and bds D. M. Williams

WILLIAMS, J. G., clk T & P Ry

WILLIAMS, John G., clk res e s Main, first house s of Ry

WILLIAMS, John W. (Williams Bros. & Barnes) rooms cor Rusk and Weatherford

WILLIAMS, Joseph H., carpenter, res n s Second bet Taylor and Throckmorton

WILLIAMS, Joseph L., book-keeper M. L. Fleishel & Co., res n s Fourth bet Pecan and Elm

WILLIAMS, Mrs. Lida (wid) home J. T. McKinney

WILLIAMS, Millard F., engineer Howser, Standley & Ewing, res cor Throckmorton and Second

WILLIAMS, Mrs. N. E., (wid), home Thomas James

WILLIAMS, Oderich (col'd) cook Clark House

WILLIAMS, Scott (col'd) waiter Waverly House

WILLIAMS & TEST (Elijah H. Williams, Edmund B. Test) lumber yard office and yard Jennings bet Eighth and Tenth

WILLIAMS, W. M. C., saddletree maker, res Belknap w Burnett

WILLINGHAM, Augustus (Willingham Bros) res w s Taylor bet Fourth and Fifth

WILLINGHAM BROS. (A. & J. A. Willingham) farm and mill machinery, n w cor Houston and Fourth

WILLINGHAM, J. A. (Willingham Bros) bds Dillon House

WILLIS, Belle (col'd), res Twelfth bet Rusk and Calhoun

WILLIS, Mattie (wid), res Belknap w of River

WILLS, William, boot and shoemaker, w s Main bet First and Weatherford, res Belknap bet Calhoun and Jones

WILSON, A. H., watchmaker, J. F. Keller, rooms at store

WILSON, Benjamin F., res s s Weatherford bet Houston and Throckmorton

WILSON, Christopher C., res n s Nichols e of Elm

WILSON, Miss Cora, res cor Ninth and Rusk

WILSON, Mrs. Fannie (wid) home Benjamin F. Wilson

WILSON, Mrs. Frances S., prop. Palace Restaurant, s s Weatherford bet Houston and Main

WILSON, Ishmel C., res bet First and Second near e city limits

WILSON, J. A., clk Massie & Tettos, res Denton Rd outside city limits

WILSON, James (col'd), wks W. C. Lobenstein, bds Mary Steel

WILSON, J. B., cattle dealer, bds Trans-Continental Hotel

WILSON, J. C., carpenter, bds Frank Lantery

WILSON, Josiah F., teamster, res n e cor Elm and Sixth

WILSON, Noah H. (H. E. Dorsey & Co) res n w cor Houston and Ninth

WILSON, William H., horse trader, res e s Main, fourth house s of T & P Ry

WILSON, William P., res Henderson s w of T & P Ry

WILTSHIRE, Miss Eliza, home John A. Weatherly

WIMS, John A. (Wims & Johnson), res s w cor Belknap and Calhoun

WIMS & JOHNSON (John A. Wims, Tobe Johnson), livery, sale and feed stable, n s Square opp Court House

WINSLOW, Damon A., atty, res s s Third bet Jones and Grove

WINSLOW, Ed. D., manager, rent and collection agency, 5 Main, bet First and Weatherford

WINLETS, Daniel, wks J. T. Wilkes, rooms same

WISE & JACKSON (John F. Wise and Thomas Jackson) carpenters and builders, n s Belknap bet Rusk and Calhoun

WISE, John F. (Wise & Jackson), bds John C. McArthur

WISKERMAN, Henry, waiter Battle House, bds same

WISNER, Peter, laborer, bds Michael Kelly

WITCHER, Joseph P., guard County Jail bds B. R. Elliott

WITHERSPOON & BLACK (John Witherspoon, Robert E. Black) proprs Traders Wagon Yard, s e cor Houston and Seventh

WITHERSPOON, John, rooms at office

WITTEN, Thomas, Manager Pacific Saloon and Billiard Parlor, 19 Weatherford, bds J. R. French

WITTMER, John, laborer, res n of Nichols on bank of River

WITWER & BUCK (J. S. Witwer, H. D. Buck), plows and agents Studebaker wagon

WITWER, J. S., (Witwer & Buck); res Dallas, Tex.

WOLCOTT & BLANDIN (Myron W. Wolcott, William F. Blandin) proprs City Flouring Mills, 37 & 39 Bluff bet Rusk and Main

WOLCOTT, Myron W. (Wolcott & Blandin) res n s Bluff bet Main and Rusk

WOLF, William, wks T & P Ry, bds U. S. Hotel

WOMACK, Adam C., painter, res Burnett bet Fifth and Sixth

WOOD, John T., laborer, res n e cor Weatherford and Taylor

WOOD, Mrs. S. A. (wid) boarding house, res w s Houston bet Seventh and Eighth

WOOD, Z. F., teamster, res n s Fourth e of Crump

WOODS, Henry (col'd), bds Mahala Brown

WOODS, Henry M., wks J. N. Diehl, bds same

WOODS, James P., County Clerk, Office Court House; res s e cor Third & Calhoun

WOODWARD, J. F., propr. European Hotel, n e cor Third and Houston

WOODY, Abraham N., policeman, res n s Second w of Burnett

WRIGHT, Albert J., res w s Throckmorton bet Third and Fourth

WRIGHT, Charles, laundry, bet Belknap and Bluff w of River; res same

WRIGHT, Charlotte (col'd), res Fourteenth near e city limits

WRIGHT, Miss Ellie, res s s Weatherford near River

WRIGHT, John, stonemason, bds W. J. Walker

WRIGHT, Louisa L. (wid), res s e cor Third and Throckmorton


(no entries)


YAGER, John, laborer, res s s Weatherford w of Burnett

YANKEE, Samuel A., res n s First e of Elm

YEAGER, Charles, baker Andrew Uttz, bds same

YEDINGER, Martin, bartender Tivoli Garden

YOUNG, Alpheus, agent M. L. Fleishel & Co, office and yard Monroe Bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth, res n e cor Thirteenth and Taylor

YOUNG, Clarence E., painter, res Adams s w of T & P ry

YOUNG, George, with W. Z. Manchester, res s w cor Main and Eighth

YOUNG, John T., bookkeeper W. L. Pencil & Co., res s w cor Third and Grove

YOUNG, Joseph, traveling salesman, J. H. Brown, res n e Belknap n end Lamar

YOUNG, Luther B., carpenter J. L. Bondurant, bds John A. Boudurant

YOUNG, Mollie (col'd) res e s Main bet Sixth and Seventh

YOUNGER, Edwin M., bds D. F. Norvell

YOUNGS, William C., stock dealer, res n s Third bet Jones and Grove


ZACHER, Christina, wks J. W. Brown

ZEIGLER, Henry C. C., barber shop s s First bet Main and Houston, res same

ZIMMERMAN & LEE (Milton Zimmerman, Alonzo Lee) bakery and confectionery e s Square bet Weatherford and Belknap

ZIMMERMAN, Milton, rooms at store

ZINN, John F., salesman Terrell & Beckham, bds Mrs. McVeigh

ZUHLKE, A., saloon, n w cor Houston and Eighth, res w s Main bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth

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