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Peters Colonists in Tarrant County

Contributed by Barbara Knox


The following persons were issued land certificates as Peters' Colonists in 1848 or before. Most of them were issued by Thomas William Ward, Commissioner for Peters' Colony, and a few by the Tarrant County Court. If the original colonist was deceased, certificates were patented by heirs - or they may have done so if the original certificate holder lived in another county. [Sources: Seymour Conner's Peters Colonists, Barksdale's records, and map showing the original land titles in Tarrant County].

Akers, George
Akers, John
Akers, Simon
Akers, Thomas
Allen, Jesse G.
Allen Parmelia
Allen, Rochard F.
Anderson, Andrew Watson
Bailey, John
Baker, Charles
Barcroft, Daniel
Barnard, Abraham
Barnes, Larkin
Beard, Allen
Bennett, Hamilton
Biles, James H.
Blackwell, James [heirs]
Blackwell, Joel [heirs]
Bradshaw, Washington [heirs]
Brandenburg, Henry [heirs]
Brown, Jotham
Brown, Rutha Smith
Russell, William
Carder, C. C.
Carder, Elijah S. [heirs]
Cate, Thomas
Coneley, Cornelius
Conner, Joseph W.
Conner, William D.
Coonrad, George W.
Crowley, Benjamin Franklin
Crowley, Richard
Davis, Joseph C.
Davis, Solomon
Degman, Jabez
Dunaway, Joseph
Easter. Thomas
Edwards, Lemuel J.
Elliott, Samuel
Ellis, Joshua N. [heirs]
Elliston, John W.
Elliston, Mortimer
Everard, Patrick
Fay, Jonathan B.
Finger, Lewis
Foster, Ambrose [heirs]
Freeman, John A.
Gibson, Jessee
Gibson, John A.
Gibson, James
Gilmore, Sebourn
Goodwin, John J.

Goodwin, Micajah
Gouhenant, Adolphe
Guess, John [heirs]
Hall, Littleberry G.
Hall, William W.
Harris, Andrew S.
Hayworth, Solomon
Helms, Thomas H.
Hood, Morgan [heirs]
Hood, Thomas
Horn, Mary
Howard, William C. [heirs]
Huitt, Andrew Jackson
Huitt, John [heirs]
Huitt, Solomon
Hust, John A.
Hutton, Vincent J.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Mary
Jones, William E.
Kephart, Samuel
King, Edmund M.
Knight, Gabriel B.
Knight, Obediah
Lee, A. J.
Leonard, Archibald
Little, John
Loving, Samuel P.
Lusk, John Preston [heirs]
Lynch, Horatio G.
Lynch, Josiah
Lynch, Mahaley
McDermott, Joseph B.
Mahan, Thomas
Martin, Joseph J.
Martin, Thomas [heirs]
Mask, William [heirs]
Matthews. James
Matthews, William G.
Medlin, Rachel [heirs]
Meredith, Elijah [heirs]
Miller, Charileous
Minter, Green W.
Morris, Richard
Mullican, Felix G. [heirs]
Neace, Irreneous
Newton, James R. [heirs]
Newton, Thomas D.
Norris, William
Norton, Daniel E.
O'Neal, William

Overton, Jesse
Parker, Joseph R.
Perry, Franklin S.
Popplewell, Simcoe
Ray, Robert
Rogan, George W.
Reeding, James [heirs]
Reeves, Robert O.
Roberts, James A.
Roberts, John
Robinson, Archibald
Robinson, William M.
Rogers, Elijah
Screech, Joseph [heirs]
Screech, William
Selvidge, Michael K.
Shacklett, William [heirs]
Smith, Absalom
Smith, Alfred M. [heirs]
Smith, John W.
Smith, Samuel K.
Smith, William
Stockton, Samuel C. [heirs]
Strickland, D. C. [heirs]
Suggs, Henry
Tannehill, David
Terrell, Edward S.
Thomas, John P. [heirs]
Thompson, Alexander [heirs]
Throop, Charles M.
Francis Throop [heirs]
Trimble, Allen S.
Trimble, William A.
Trimble, William C.
Tucker, Samuel
Tuggle, Henry P.
Underwood, Norman
Wales, Francis M. [heirs]
Walker, Albert Gallatin
Walker, Joel
Watson, Joab
West, Samuel [heirs]
White, Thomas
Wilburn, Edward [heirs]
Wilmeth, Mansel W.
Wilson, Gulaver
Wilson, Joseph
Wingfield, John J.
Worthington, Richard [heirs]
York, John B.
Zachary, T. G. [heirs]


Additional information from Bill Wolf

I was looking at your list of persons that were issued certificates as Peter's Colonists and I see that you had left off my great-great-grandfather, Andrew Watson Anderson. His certificate for 640 acres was no. 355 and I have obtained a copy of it from the Texas General Land Office. The certificate did say Denton County but this is in error due to the fact that they lived on Denton Creek. Actually, the property was in two non-contiguos parcels, the largest being 560 acres south of Denton Creek and immediately west of the parcel granted to Henry Suggs and his wife which is where the Grapevine Mills Mall now sits. The dam for the Grapevine Reservoir bisects, in a north-south line, the A. Anderson Survey, Abstract 26. The other parcel was 80 acres and is approximately one mile south of the first tract and is thus part of the present Dallas-Fort Worth Airport property. Andrew W. Anderson and his wife, Mary Ann (Medlin) Anderson, were part of the Missouri Colonist's group that came to the Grapevine area in November, 1845. Andrew immediately began to build a house that now stands in the Old Dallas City Park. The property was sold in 1852 to Judge James T. Morehead, although the deed was not signed until 1854. The family moved to Travis County (Oak Hill area) at that time and then to Lampasas, Texas in 1856.

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