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Pioneer Fort Worth, Texas: Life, Times and
Families of South Tarrant County

by Lila Bunch Race

My great great aunt wrote this book and gathered information for many years before the 1970s for genealogy. She spent many years talking to members of these families. This was a low print book under 50 copies and was mainly given to family members. Most of the information is for families in Tarrant County. If you are related to any of these families, contact me and I will send the information that I have. Hopefully I can help someone.

C. O. Edwards born Jan 29 1851

Dr. R. B. Grammer

J. J. Jarvis born 4/30/1831

Jessie Jones, born 1837

John Slater born 11/25/1843

Farmers of Blont County TN and Second Creek NC

Dr. W. A. Duranger

Michael Hurley, born 10/12/1851

P. A. Watson, born 1810 NC

David Wiggins

Jane and Press Farmer, First Family of Ft Worth Texas

John Wiley Chapman born 8/23/1818 in North Carolina

Dr. Hiriam Stokley and Charlotte Wilmouth Grant Boils

George W. Grant

Allen Family (lots of Information)

William Minor Race born may 7 1845


R. N. Hanger, born Virginia and Hannah Eliza Swan

John Robert Horton born 10/22/1867 and family

James Brassfield Martin Family

James Thompson and family

Matilda and Clark Dickenson

T. B. Casstevens Family

John H. Hudson, born 1/5/1835 in Miss and family

John H. Caffee

James Thomas Wilson

Lee Wilson

John Marti family

Crutchfield Family

Joseph Hardgrove

George Tye Family

R. P. Levey Family

J. H. Pilkington Family

Forester Family

W. S. Lewis Family

William L. Norwood

Grey Jordan Robbins family

Preston Sheffield Family

Stephenson Family

Samuel Vaughn Family

Lemuel Burgess Family

John Thomas Gantt Family

Withers Family

Landon Carter Sisk Family

Andrew Thompson Armstrong Family

James J. Scott Family

Joel East Family

James Houston Mitchell Family

C. G. Granville Mitchell Family

Thomas Jeff Gosney Family

J. D. Squires Family

R. Keith and Lila Dean

Napoleon Bonapaerte Sikes

Walker Family

Samuel A. Godfrey Family

Albert and Grace Baker

Tom Cashion Family

John Thomasson Family

Johnson family

Thomas Frances Scarbrough Family

Jonathan Neilson Banks Family

E. M. Shannon Family

Baughman Family

Mcpherson and Christi Family

Samuel James Foust Family

Edward Green Thomas Family

R. C. Small Family

John Wesley Scott Family

Grace Helmick Brown Family

James Osgood Mann Family

Mac Flories Family

W. B. Dwiggins Family

Osborn Sales Jones Family

James Chambers Family - Includes a story about the trip to Texas, of one of the girls in the family. Written in 1908.

Elisha Chambers

John Sherman Family

John Brannon Family

O. D. Bounds Jr.

F. R. Wallace

Nash Family

Capt Nathan Pool Family








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