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Tarrant County, Texas Marriage Records
Volumes I, II and III
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This book is in three volumes, there are likewise three indexes. If you can provide an aproximate date of the record requested, it might save Rob from having to search all these publications.

Volume I covers 1876 through 1885
Volume II covers 1885 through 1892
Volume III covers 1892 through 1901
Marriage records published in Footprints 1901-1906

NOTE: Marriage records from 1907 to present have yet to be published for Tarrant County.

Volumes I and II were compiled by Weldon Hudson.  Volume III was compiled by Helen McKelvy Markgraf and published in 1992 by the Fort Worth Genealogical Society. Copies of Volume III may be ordered from the society. Records from 1901 through 1906 were abstracted by Rita Martin and Roy Combrink.

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