Field Guide to Historical Sites
Tarrant County, Texas


Bobby Pearce kindly offered to share with our Tarrant County TXGenWeb Site, the following book he has compiled about the Historical sites in Tarrant County. I am pleased and grateful for his generousity and hard work. He has published this information in book form, along with several other interesting books that he offers for sale. There are references to a map which is not online at this time.

May 13, 1996

The purpose of this guide is to give researchers a tool to take in to the field that replaces many of the books and maps necessary to their work. I make no claims of authorship as this guide is merely a compilation of information from various sources, and is by its very nature, incomplete. This guide is very much a "work in progress", and your input is necessary for it to ever be completed. Please forward your corrections, additions or suggestions to me to aid in the improvement of this guide.

There is a list of various books and maps that can flesh out the brief outline of this guide furnished at the back of the guide and I encourage the reader to spend some time in the various libraries and museums of Tarrant county. A visit to the Tarrant County Historical Commission will give the reader a sense of the importance and the necessity of documenting and preserving our heritage. I also recommend that some time be spent in the Genealogy section of the library as the records there contain more than just dry statistics.

Please keep me informed of your work as this guide is designed to help you and can only be as effective as your feedback.

Bobby Pearce
1918 Reever
Arlington, TX 76010


ALLEN/WILLIAM VALENTINE SEVERE ALLEN FAMILY CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 21E. Dates to the 1880s and has an open air tabernacle on the site.

ALLEN CEMETERY: Located on the Alexander Allen survey inside the Bedford city limits, on the west side of McLain Road between Harwood Road and Cummings Road. In the 1940s cultivation destroyed all traces of the cemetery and the property is now part of a housing development.

ALLEN SPRINGS: Located in White Settlement at Las Vegas Trail and Farmers Branch. The 1857 cabin still stands near the Historical Marker.

ANDERSON SURVEY CHURCH OR SCHOOL: Located on the Anderson survey at N7 on the 1895 map. No other information known.

ANTIOCH SCHOOL: Two plus miles east north east of the Sycamore School on the E. Teague survey, I13 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 105E/F?

ARKANSAW LANE SCHOOL: Located between the P. Caldwell and J. Langley surveys at P10 on the 1895 map.

ARLINGTON: See Johnson Station and Mary Le Bone Springs. P. O. established in 1865. Town was formed when the Texas & Pacific Railroad built north of Johnson's Station and the Rev. Hayter moved his church to the railroad. Originally called Hayter or Hayterville, the town was renamed Arlington for Robert E. Lee's home in Virginia. Rev. Hayter laid out the city in a half-mile by half-mile survey with one hundred yard long blocks centered on Main and Center Streets.

ARWINE CEMETERY: Dates to 1879. Mapsco 53V. Daniel and Julia Arwine settled on a farm near the intersection of Brown Trail and Pipeline Road in 1865 and later donated the six acres for a school, church, and cemetery. The school was the first in the Hurst area.

ARWINE SCHOOL: Located on the Hust survey at M7 on the 1895 map.

ASH CREEK CEMETERY: Located at 300 South Stewart St., Mapsco 29F. Dates to 1874 and still in use today. Adjoins the Ash Creek Baptist Church and sits just inside Parker county.

ATHOL: Changed name to Keller when the T&P RR came to town. Resulted in the demise of the town of Double Springs located several miles to the east. J2 on the 1895 map.

AVONDALE: Established in 1880's on the Fort Worth & Denver R. R. and tri-county line, seven miles west of Haslet. A population of eighteen was listed in 1903. No report in 1940. Mapsco 4U. Highway 81 was built in 1920, but bypassed the town one mile to the west and the town failed. E1 on the 1895 map.

AYRES CEMETERY: Located near the Ramada Inn parking lot at Mapsco 78A/B near I-30 and Beach St.

AZLE: First settled around 1845. Named for Dr. Azle Steward who arrived about 1858. Developed in the 1870s around Joe Fowler's Store. The first gin was built in 1881 and the town began to build up between the store and the gin. Called O'Bar between Sept. 5, 1881 until Nov. 3, 1883. A4 on the 1895 map.

BALL STREET CEMETERY: It has been reported that a small cemetery was located on the south side of Ball Street about one-fourth of a mile south of College Street in Grapevine. There were five or six graves, but the headstones were destroyed by the 1920s. Mapsco 27Q.

BARRON FIELD: A World War I training airfield at Everman. Established in 1917 and closed in 1921. Land reverted to farming.

BEAR CREEK: Located on the T. C. Haupf survey at A13/14 on the 1895 map.

BEAR CREEK CEMETERY: The cemetery is just within the western boundary of the DFW Airport, on Minter's Chapel Road in Euless.

BEAVER SP? SCHOOL: Located on the C. Miller survey at B14 on the 1895 map. Possibly Mapsco 100T/U.

BEDFORD: The first settlers arrived in the Bedford area in the 1850's. W. W. Bobo arrived from Bedford County, Tennessee in 1870 and a P. O. was established in his home on February 26, 1877. P. O. closed in December 31, 1909 and reopened again on June 1, 1950.


BENBROOK: First called Marinda until the 1870s. The T&P R. R. came in 1876 and the name was changed to Benbrook. D11 on the 1895 map.

BENBROOK CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 87L at 812 Mercedes St.. Dates to 1885. When Lake Benbrook was built (1950), the graves from Hunter, Day, January, and Mustang Cemeteries were moved to Benbrook Cemetery. In 1955, the graves from Howard Cemetery were moved here.

BENBROOK FIELD: One of three sites for World War I Training Airfields in Tarrant county. Now under the waters of Lake Benbrook.

BEN NOLAN COLLEGE: Located at Mapsco 123U. L15 on the 1895 map.

BERACHAH HOME & CEMETERY: A home for unwed mothers with adjoining cemetery. Located in the north west corner of Doug Russell Park, north side of Mitchell St. west of Cooper St. on the UTA Campus. Mapsco 82R.

BETHEL SWITCH: Located east of Sycamore School on the Gulf and Colorado RR at G13 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 104M.

BIRD'S FORT: Established in 1840 on the Military Road from Red River to Austin. Historical Marker located on S. H. 157 just south of Trinity Blvd. Bird Springs was where William Bird settled in 1841 building a blockhouse on the north east side of Calloway Lake. There was once a cemetery here with dates between 1841 and 1843. The 1936 Historical Marker is located one-half mile south of the southern end of Euless South Main Street. From FM 157, east on Calloway Cemetery Road to South Main Street, then south to the Silver Lake Gun Club which leases the property around the cresent shaped Silver Lake (Calloway Lake).

BIRDVILLE: Now Haltom City. Founded in the 1840s and county seat in 1849. Located on Big Fossil Creek in the vicinity of Mapsco 51X. School was located on the Akers survey at J7 on the 1895 map.


BISBEE: 32-36-32N 097-11-02W. Mapsco 109W. Located in NW corner of Main St. and Turner Warnell Rd. The Pool school was located here also.

BLUEBONNET CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 40E. Now called Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park.

BLUE MOUND: Located on the J. Rightley survey at G2 on the 1895 map.

BOND'S?? SCHOOL: Unable to make out the name of the school located on the south east corner of the C. M. Thoorp survey, L1 on the 1895 map.

BOSS: 32-33-20N 097-30-28W. On the south county line east of Winscott. Located south of Winscott Plover Rd. in the upper left corner of Mapsco 114X.

BOURLAND CEMETERY: Mapsco 23F. Located on Bourland Rd. on the west side between Santa Barbara Dr. and Bancroft Rd. Dates to 1886.

BOWMAN SPRINGS PARK: Mapsco 94E. Old stage stop was located here.

BRAMBLETON: Located on the Horn and Parris surveys at J11 on the 1895 map. Possibly in the vicinity of Mapsco 92Q/R.

BRANSFORD: Located on the R. R. five miles south west of Grapevine. The store and P. O. moved to Red Rock in 1888 and Red Rock was renamed Bransford. An earlier town was located near the present intersection of Grapevine Highway and Cardinal Rd. Last store closed in 1925. Mapsco 39C at the north end of Bransford Rd..


BURGER LAKE: Burger or Sand Springs, located on Meandering Road and Sandsprings Road near the hospital gate to Carswell JRB. A swimming and recreation area today. Mapsco 60L.

BUTTERMILK JUNCTION: Site of the April 3, 1886 gun battle between strikers and guards of the T & P and KATY railroads. Located near the 2200 block of South Main Street at Mapsco 77S.

CALEF STATION: Also called Hamburg Station. No other information known.

CALLOWAY CEMETERY: Mapsco 55Y. See also Bird's Fort. The Historical Marker is located on the south side of Calloway Cemetery Road east of FM 157 and south of the R. R. tracks. Dates to 1874, but was deeded in 1886. The wooden tabernacle was constructed in 1908.

CALLOWAY/SILVER LAKE: Located east of S. H. 157 and south of Trinity Blvd. at the site of Bird's Fort and Spring. Used for recreation and swimming around the turn of the century. Now private property. Located at 7O on the 1895 map a clubhouse is shown in the crescent of the lake. See Bird's Fort.

CALVARY CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 125L/Q.

CAMP BOWIE: See attached map.

CANDON: See attached map. Mapsco 55V.

CAPPS PARK: Located at Berry and College St. at Mapsco 76Z. 1919 map at H24.

CARROLL SCHOOL: In 1919, Dove School, White's Chapel School, and Sam's Schoolhouse consolidated to form the Carroll Common School District. Located at 1100 N. Carroll Ave. Mapsco 26B.

CASINO PARK & BEACH: Located on Lake Worth at S. H. 199 bridge. A large development , consisting of a dance hall, boardwalk, and concessions opened in 1927. A nightclub called the Showboat was built on the water near the east end of the Lake Worth Bridge.

CENTER POINT: On the west county line. Mapsco 15K. At the intersection of FM 1542 and S. H. 730.

CENTRE COUNTY: Located on the Tinsley survey (1895) at Mapsco 64P/T.

CENTRE POINT CHURCH: Located at M2 on the 1895 map.

CENTRE POINT SCHOOL: Located on the east side of the RR on the W. H. Hudson survey at K14 on the 1895 map. Is this the Hudson School? Mapsco 108Q.

CHAPEL/SWEET'S CHAPEL CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 7R, on the Old Denton Rd. six-tenths of a mile north of Keller-Haslet Rd.. Dates to 1856.

CHIVERS CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 26B in the north west corner of Carroll and Highland intersection.

CLEMENTS CEMETERY/PARKER MEMORIAL CEMETERY: The earliest grave is from 1862 and a total of four hundred graves exist in the 4.31 acre plot. Located on the west side of Hwy. 121 directly north of Hall-Johnson Road. Mapsco 41F.

COLD SPRINGS: Also called Terry Springs. Appear to be located near the present(1975) M-P Industries plant at 1301 Cold Springs Rd. Old picnic grounds one-quarter mile east of C/S bridge over the West Fork of the Trinity River. Located at or near present Cold Springs Park at Mapsco 63P. There were other springs in the area including some at Traders Oak Park at tenth and Samuels, some at the Samuels Avenue crossing of the Trinity River, and some at the T&P crossing of the Trinity, where Gilmore Creek enters the Trinity. From 1849 to 1876, when wells were drilled, water wagons delivered water to the city. The old city dump is in this area.

COLIER SCHOOL: Located on the J. S. Colier survey just west of the Ft. Worth and Rio Grand RR and north of Colier Branch Creek at D13 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 102L?

COLLEYVILLE: Settlement began in 1854. The first store called Colleyville was located on the south east corner of the intersection of Glade Rd. and Bransford Rd..

CONFEDERATE REUNION PARK: Located on Confederate Park Rd. four-tenths of a mile east of Silver Creek Rd.. Began in 1901 and used until 1910 or so. Ten acres of land containing a dining hall/pavillion and the Daughters Cottage, constucted for use by the Daughters of the Confederacy. Reunions, picnics and sham battles were held here. Mapsco 44P.

CROWLEY CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 118K. Dates to 1848. A school or church was located one mile west between Main W and Meadowcrest at Mapsco 118J. Three miles east on the south side of E Rendon-Crowley Rd at Mapsco 119M there was an old gin, church or school. Originally known as Deer Creek Cemetery. Location is 300 North Hampton Rd..

CROWLEY: First called Deer Creek until 1881. G15 on the 1895 map.

CRYSTAL SPRINGS: Located at Roberts Cutoff and White Settlement Road near the Trinity. The springs were in a trailer park and a swimming pool and ballroom were on the site.

CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CEMETERY: Located in Mansfield at FM 917 and Burl Ray Drive. Dates to 1868. Mapsco 124S.

DALTON'S FERRY: Established in 1842 on the Trinity River just west of the present FM 157 crossing. The first road wound around to avoid the high bluffs near the river and follows closely the north-south route of FM 157, connected by present day Center Street.

DAVENPORT FAMILY CEMETERY: Located on the Francis Throop survey in Southlake. Located on the east side of Carroll Avenue just north of Primrose Lane, the road originally curved around the cemetery. When Carroll Avenue was widened, the road was straightened and the cemetery destroyed. Mapsco 12X.

DEER CREEK: Renamed Crowley in 1881 when the RR came to town. Located north of Cahill on the county line. Bob Wills band played here. G15 on the 1895 map.

DIDO: Mapsco 16B/F. On the east shore of Eagle Mountain Lake which isolated and stunted its growth. B2 on the 1895 map.

DIDO CEMETERY: Mapsco 16D. Site used by early settlers in Wise county as well as locals. Dates to 1879, maybe 1865.

DIDO SCHOOL: Located on the McCloud survey at B2 on the 1895 map.

DOSIER SCHOOL: Located on the Reed survey at D4 on the 1895 map. Possibly associated with the Dozier Cemetery.

DOUBLE SPRINGS: The original location of Keller before the town moved two miles south west. Presently located in the Twin Springs Estates. A grist mill was once located here. Was on the 1882 list of towns.

DOVE: Located at M/N1 on the 1895 map on the Throop survey. Lonesome Dove church started in the log cabin of Charles Throop on the north side of Denton Creek on Feb. 21, 1846. Now a part of Southlake. The old log cabin (1845), is now located in Liberty Park on Main St. in Grapevine.

DOZIER/HARMON CEMETERY: Located on Boat Club Rd.. No further address known. Dates from 1865-1922.

EASTER SCHOOL: Located on the Easter survey at N2 on the 1895 map.

EASTER CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 27J. Located in the 2800 block of Southlake Blvd. on the north side of the street. Only a few large elm trees mark the spot now.

EDERVILLE: 32-45-26N 097-12-38W. Mapsco 66X. Located near the intersection of Isham and Milam streets.

ELLIS PARK: Located between Sycamore Creek and South Riverside Drive at Mapsco 91C. One source references the Old Southside Cemetery in this area. On the 1919 map at N24.

ENON: Located one mile east of Everman where the RR built about 1902-1904. The local businesses moved west to the railroad and Everman was started. Located at J14 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 107J.

ESTELLE/ESTILL: Located about six miles south east of Grapevine and now on the DFW Airport property.

EULESS: In 1867 Elisha Adam Euless built a cotton gin on the J. P. Halford survey (O5 on the 1895 map). Other businesses, including a blacksmith shop grew up around the gin. Euless extended Main St. two and one-half miles south to the RR which missed the town in 1903.

EVERMAN: Settled in 1847 by the J. J. Scott and Preston Farmer families. Until 1900, the center of activities was about one mile east of the Jr. High School at Old Enon. In the vicinity of I13 on the 1895 map.

EVERMAN CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 106L/M in the 3700 block of East Enon Ave.. Dates to 1882.

FARMER CEMETERY: Mapsco 59V. At the end of a runway at Carswell JRB.

FISH CREEK SCHOOL: Located on the north side of Fish Creek at Mapsco 110D. O13 on the 1895 map. Located in Cravens Park south east of the tennis courts near a sand lot playground.

FLORENCE SCHOOL: Located on the east edge of the Wallace survey, K6 on the 1895 map.

FORD CEMETERY: Located in Grand Prairie east of 602 Fountain Parkway, between, and at the back of two warehouses. Dates to 1858. Mapsco 70P.

FOREST HILL CEMETERY: Locaated at Mapsco 92Q at 5713 Forest Hill Drive. Dates to 1865. Press and Jane Farmer are buried here.

FORT WORTH BREWING COMPANY: Located on a large expanse of ground bounded by Ninth and Twelfth Streets and by Jones Street and the Santa Fe RR tracks. Founded in 1890 and closed by prohibition in 1918.

FOSCUE SCHOOL: Located on the W. P. Milby survey at M10 on the 1895 map. Also called the Pantego Common School and located at the north east corner of the intersection of Park Row and Bowen Streets. The school dates to 1884. There was a general store and churches in this area forming the center of Pantego.

FOSDIC LAKE: Located in Oakland Lake Park at Mapsco 78D.

FOSSIL CHURCH: Located on the Baker survey at H6 on the 1895 map. Fossil Methodist Church and Cemetery were located on the west side of North Sylvania Street, in the 4100 block, three-tenths of a mile south of Meacham Blvd.. The church was about one-fourth of a mile south of Little Fossil Creek.

FURGERSON: Located at L11 on the 1895 map.

GARDEN OF EDEN: Located at 19F on the 1945 map. Mapsco 64M.

GERTIE: Located at P15 on the 1895 map. A plowed field today south of Webb in south east corner of the county, on the south side of Broad Street. Look for a different color soil in the field after it is plowed. Mapsco 126G. St. Marys? church and a gin nearby.

GIBBINS CEMETERY: Mapsco 68U. Dates to 1877. Located along with the old homestead in the vicinity of 2000 North Davis Street, north of I-30 on the east side of the road.

GIBSON CEMETERY: Dates to 1866. Located at Mapsco 122D at the intersection of Gibson Cemetery Rd. and Newt Patterson Rd. There was a small family community called Gibson located in this area. The Historical Marker is located 500 feet south of Gibson Cemetery Road at the end of the driveway immediately west of Brandywine Farm.

GIBSON SCHOOL: Located at Mapsco 122 on the L/M line. On the 1895 map it is at 15L.

GLENHOPE: A siding on the RR between Bransford and Grapevine in the extreme north east corner of the Joseph White survey. In the vicinity of N4 on the 1895 map.

GOFORTH CEMETERY: Mapsco 113A? Located one and three-quarters miles south of Highway 377 at the Tarrant/Parker county line. Dates to 1880. Private cemetery with four graves surrounded by a wrought iron fence in a stand of oak trees in a remote area.

GOOSE LAKE: Located on the B. Samora survey at B5 on the 1895 map.

GRANTS CEMETERY: Mapsco 73H? No other information known.

GRAPEVINE: First settled in the 1850s and called Dunnville, Then Grape Vine Prairie, finally Grapevine. Oldest settlement was probably nearby in Dallas county at Grapevine Springs. O2 on the 1895 map.

GRAPEVINE CEMETERY: Served as a burial ground since 1860, but was formally dedicated as a cemetery in 1878. Mapsco 27H & 28 A.

GRAVEYARD: Located south of Little School on the H. Hawkins survey at K12 on the 1895 map. Is this the Rodgers Cemetery?

GRA(Z)?E YARD SCHOOL: Located at I15 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 120N. No other information known.

GREGORY FAMILY CEMETERY: Located about one-tenth of a mile south of Wall-Price Road and about three hundred feet west of S. H. 377, in southern Keller. Mapsco 23S.

GRIMSLEY CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 123G.

GRIST MILLS: The first mill was located a few hundred yards west of the confluence of the Clear and West Forks of the Trinity in 1856. Made of cottonwood lumber and painted white the mill was abandoned because of the erratic Trinity waterflow. Mr. Man and Mr. Feild moved their mill to the site now named for them, Mansfield. There were other mills in Fort Worth, one was located on the Clear fork near the Botanical Gardens and another near the E. M. Daggett School on the south side.

HAMBURG STATION: Also called Calef Station. No other information known.

HANDLEY: Located at K9 on the 1895 map. A railroad town formed when the T&P R. R. built through in 1876. Mapsco 80J.

HANDLEY CEMETERY: Dates to 1878, last burial in 1967. A church building once ajoined the cemetery, located at the TU Plant. Mapsco 80J.

HARRINGTON CEMETERY: Located just inside the Bedford city limits, east of the intersection of Cheek-Sparger Rd. and Cummings Rd.. Both marble markers were removed by a property owner and no trace is visible today.

HARRISON CEMETERY: Located at 8550 Meadowbrook at Mapsco 81B. Dates to 1871. Purchased in 1895 by R. A. Randol who deeded it as a cemetery.

HARRISON SCHOOL: Located on the Helms survey at N9 on the 1895 map. North east of the junction of Village and Rush Creeks.

HART SPUR: 32-48-21N 097-11-27W. Mapsco 52Z. Located south of the rr tracks and west of Precinct Line Rd..

HASLET: Mapsco 6Q. The Haslet Elementary School (1935) is located on a hill to the south east of Haslet where a school existed on this site as early as 1886. The address is 403 F. M. 156. Also in Haslet is the Little Elm Gin, located at 105 Keller-Haslet Rd.. There was an older (1890), gin on this site and the present gin dates to 1928.

HENRIETTA SCHOOL: Located on the Nice survey at H1 on the 1895 map.

HICKS: Mapsco 18R. Site of Hicks Airfield, a World War I training field established in 1917 for the Canadian Royal Flying Corps. Originally called Taliaferro Field and sold in 1921. Reopened again in 1940 for the training of Marine Corps aviators. Decommissioned again inn 1944 and used by the Pettibone Corporation for the manufacture and storage of machinery.

HITCH CEMETERY: Traveling east on S. H. 183, take Amon Carter Blvd. exit, stay on the access road, then right on Cambridge and left on Kingsport. The cemetery is located at the bottom of the hill one hundred feet east of where the pavement ends. Mapsco 56M.

HODGE STATION: Located five miles north of Fort Worth (1881). Site of the first grading for the Fort Worth & Denver City Railroad on Nov. 27, 1881. This track reached Decatur on May 1, 1882. H7 on the 1895 map.

HOOD CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 12Y near the intersection of Peytonville Rd. and Plantation. The cemetery now sits inaccessable and forgotten. When S. H. 121 was built in the 1930s, excavation for a passage under the road was made for cattle. Several graves on the north side of the road were destroyed by the machinery.

HUDSON CEMETERY: Dates to 1858. Mapsco 108T.

HURST: In 1846 John Hurst built a cabin near where Precinct Line Road crosses the Trinity River south of Hurst. The homestead was on the north west side of Hurst Lake, an old abandoned channel of the Trinity. The Leonard or Randol Mill was located about one mile south. In 1903, the Rock Island Railway constructed a line along the southern edge of of north east Tarrant county assigning the name Hurst to a train stop on the W. L. Hurst farm.

HURST SCHOOL: Built by the W.P.A. in 1938 and used until 1975 when it was sold to U. A. W. Local No. 218. Located at 100 Hurst Blvd. Mapsco 53X.

INDIAN CREEK CEMETERY: Mapsco 2V. Dates 1865-1978. Located on F. M. 1220, one and seven-tenths miles south of the intersection with F. M. 718.



ISHAM CHAPEL: Located north of Hurst Lake at L7 on the 1895 map.

JELLICO: Located in north east Tarrant county in the south east corner of the intersection of FM 1709 and FM 1938. Mapsco 24M. Founded in 1897 by Robert Emmett Wilson. First settled in 1878, general store on the north side of Randol Mill/Davis Road. P. O. est. 1898 closed 1903. Had a cotton gin, grist mill,and syrup press at its' peak. Jellico creek was used for baptisms. Community served by the Lone Elm School. L2 on the 1895 map.

JOHNSON STATION: Site of Stagecoach stop and M. T. Johnson's plantation in 1847. Located just south of the family cemetery at Cooper and Mayfield at 1100 W. Mayfield. Mapsco 96G. Located in the north west portion of the Hiram Blackwell survey south east of where Arkansas and Matlock intersect. Old Ranger camps located in the vicinity north east of the family cemetery.

JOPLING/JOPLIN SCHOOL: Located on the B. D. Kelly survey at L12 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 95J at the bend in Pleasant Ridge Road.

KATY LAKE: Now under the Town Center Mall. Mapsco 91E.

KELLER: Originally located at Double Springs two miles north east of the present city. First named Athol, but renamed Keller for the RR construction foreman in 1881. The town of Double Springs then moved to Keller. Mapsco 23J.

KENNEDALE: Site of a passenger depot and three section houses built by the Fort Worth and New Orleans Railway Company in 1886. K13 on the 1895 map.

LAKE COMO: Mapsco 75J.

LAKE ERIE: Located in Handley, but now under Lake Arlington. Site of dance pavillion and picnic grounds in the early 1900's. Mapsco 80J/N.

LAWRENCE CEMETERY: Located on Timberlake Rd. (south side, east of Boyd Rd.). Dates from 1866-1900. Isolated in a grove of trees on private land. Mapsco 15P.

LIPSCOMB CEMETERY: Located on DFW Airport just north of Big Bear Creek. The graves were moved to other area cemeteries when the airport was being built.

LITTLE SCHOOL: Located on the Little survey (1895). One plus miles south of Ferguson. L12 on the 1895 map.

LIVE OAK GROVE: Located half way between where the T&P and Frisco Road now (1906)runs, and about one and one-half miles south west of the Tarrant county courthouse. Established in 1843 and remained in business for one year. Some sources say the location was at Terrell Springs now in the Botanical Gardens, while others place it across the Trinity River at the foot of Cooper Street.

LONE ELM SCHOOL: Located at L2 on the 1895 map. Served the Jellico area in the late 1890s until the early 1900s.

LONESOME DOVE CHURCH: Founded on Feb. 21, 1846. Located at M/N1 on the 1895 map on the the Throop survey. First church in Tarrant county. Located at 2380 N. Lonesome Dove Road at Mapsco 27B. Another source places the original church at Mapsco 12U across Dove Creek from the original site of the Torian Log Cabin which was on the south east side of the Dove Road & Dove Creek intersection.

LONE STAR SCHOOL: Located on the Elliot survey at M13 on the 1895 map.

LONE STAR SCHOOL: Located on the J. Wilcox survey at B6 on the 1895 map.

LOPE-UP-N-HITCH: See Old Union. Mapsco 26Y.

LOWE SCHOOL: Located on the south bank of Lowe Creek at P16 on the 1895 map and Mapsco 126S?

LYTLE: 32-38-28N 097-19-57W. Mapsco 104H. Located between the rr tracks and Sycamore Creek west of the Thompson and Trimble st. intersection.

MANCHESTER MILLS: Located north west of Polytechnic College on the Tandy survey at J10 on the 1895 map.

MANSFIELD: Built around the mill established in 1856 by Ralph Man and Julian Feild and named for both men with the change in spelling to Field. The mill was three stories high and located at the intersection of Main and Broad Streets in downtown Mansfield. Built near a spring on Walnut Creek and using water power, the mill was later converted to steam power. The Post Office was established in 1860.

MANSFIELD CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 123V. Dates to 1868.

MARINDA: The early name, until the late 1870s, for Benbrook.

MARTIN SURVEY CEMETERY: Located on the T. K. Martin Survey near the corner of Precinct Line Road and Martin Drive in northern Hurst. All traces were gone by the 1940s. Mapsco 38V/Z?

MARY LE BON/MARROW BONE SPRINGS: Located on Tradinghouse (Johnson) Creek was the site of an 1845 Indian Trading Post. It was then a military post during the war with Mexico and in 1847 site of the plantation home of Middleton Tate Johnson. Later known as Johnson Station because the Dallas-Ft. Griffin stage made overnight stops there. The spring is located just north of Vandergriff Park on Johnson Creek in Arlington. N11 on the 1895 map.

MARY'S CREEK SCHOOL: The Chapin School dates to 1870 and was a log cabin on the Chapin survey (B/C10/11 on the 1895 map). The school moved one mile west in 1884 to a two room school on the Dunlap survey north of Mary's Creek. Mapsco 72T.

MAY: 32-51-36N 097-13-16W. Mapsco 38W. Located on the rr tracks at Watauga Rd.

MEDLIN CEMETERY: The larger and still used cemetery is located just inside Denton county within Trophy Club Estates. A smaller cemetery of the same name is located on the Hunt Ranch south of Roanoke, between Westlake and U. S. Highway 377, and is marked only by a grove of post oaks trees with marble markers scattered around. Mapsco 10H.

MILLER SCHOOL: School was located near what is now the Oak Grove Marina Park about five miles from Grapevine. Early 1900s to 1941 when consolidated with Grapevine.

MINERAL SPRING: Located on the Randal survey at M11 on the 1895 map.

MINERAL WELL HOTEL: Located on the F. Isham survey (1895). Mapsco 66U. There was a school or church located about one-quarter mile south west of the hotel. The present day Isham cemetery is located north of John White Road on Williams Street.

MINTER'S CHAPEL CEMETERY: Named for farmer and lay pastor Green W. Minter who helped organize Minter's Chapel Methodist Church about 1854. The cemetery is located on the DFW Airport complex, but the church was relocated. Cemetery contains about four hundred graves, the oldest dating to the mid-1850's.

MONTGOMERY SCHOOL: Located on the Sloan survey at A2 on the 1895 map.

MOSELLE: 32-37-45N 097-21-13W. Mapsco 104K. Located on the rr tracks between Hawkwood Trail and Crowley Rd..

MOSIER VALLEY: The area north of the Trinity River and west of S. H. 157 is known as Mosier Valley. See Mapsco 54X/Y/Z.

MOSIER VALLEY SCHOOL: Mapsco 54Y. School for Coloreds, built after the Civil War for slaves and there until 1920s.

MOSQUE POINT PARK: The shelter was constructed by the C. C. C. in 1934 on the site of an Arabian style Mosque erected for the Moslah Temple in 1918. The Mosque burnt in 1927, but the point's name had been changed from Reynold's Point to Mosque Point by then. Mapsco 45X.

MT. GILEAD CHURCH: First church organized in Tarrant county in June of 1850 by members of the Lonesome Dove church. Located at the head of Bear Creek. The church today is at 1350 Bancroft Road at Mapsco 24A.

MT. GILEAD CEMETERY: Mapsco 24A. Established in 1850. J/K2 on the 1895 map on the Daniel Barcroft survey. Located at Ottinger Rd. at Bancroft Rd.. Dates to 1854.

MUSTANG SWITCH: Located on the Ft. Worth and Rio Grande RR on the Gilliland survey at B15 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 114M?

NEW HOPE SCHOOL: Mapsco 108W. K14 on the 1895 map between Kennedale and Rendon.

NILES CITY: Laid out for packing houses and other stockyard industries. Incorporated in 1911 with a population of 650. Race Track in the area. F10 on the 1945 map. Mapsco page 62.

OAK GROVE: Settled around the Civil War and located along Oak Grove Rd., on the Hiram Little survey, Mapsco 119V. Oak Grove School located at 15I on the 1895 map. The school burned in 1903 or 1904. Mapsco 120J?

OLD CAMP GROUNDS: Used by the first military in the early 1840's and by settlers later on. Located on Sycamore Creek where it flows into the Trinity at Mapsco 77D. This area has been altered by the flood control plan and now by builders. The area west of the Don Carter Bowling Center has been graded recently.

OLD UNION: Centered around the intersection of Continental Blvd and Brumlow Rd. Had a school, Oddfellows Hall and several churches. In the southern part of the community was located Lope-Up-N-Hitch, an area just east of Big Bear Creek which gained its name by the 1890s as a place for community get togethers and picnics. Mapsco 26Q.

OLD UNION SCHOOL: Built in 1903 and sat on the spot now occupied by the house at 1023 Continental Blvd. A new school was built in 1910 at the south east corner of Continental Blvd. and Brumlow Rd..

Board's Store was later built on this spot and stood until 1978.

OLD WOOLEN MILL: Located on the Hicks survey at H11 on the 1895 map.

PANTEGO: Named for the Indian servant of Frederick Forney Foscue who settled in the area before the Civil War. The community is between Highway 80 on the north, Arkasas Lane on the south, Fielder Road on the east and Handley on the west. Mapsco 81P.

PARKER CEMETERY: Mapsco 52X. Located at 1300 block of West Hurst Blvd., entrance on Cardinal Rd. Dates to the 1850s.

PARKER MEMORIAL CEMETERY: Mapsco 41F. Dates to 1862.

PAYNE CEMETERY: Contains two graves in a large grove of oaks, lies on what is known as the "Old Nash Place", on College St. in Grapevine, near Cannon Elementary School. Mapsco 27L.

PEDEN: On west county line. Isolated by Eagle Mountain Lake. In the vicinity of Mapsco 15 B/C/D.



PLEASANT GLADE: Located in present Colleyville. School was on south edge of the G. W. Minter survey at N4 on the 1895 map. School founded in 1876.

PLEASANT RUN: School located at Mapsco 39M at the intersection of Pleasant Run Rd. and Church St at 5505 Pleasant Run Rd. M4 on the 1895 map. The present building dates to 1940 and is on the site of two earlier school buildings, 1870 and 1912.

PLOVER: 32-35-29N 097-29-07W. Located at Mapsco 114D.

POOL SCHOOL: Located on the Capt. W. A. Pool survey at L14 on the 1895 map. In the vicinity of Mapsco 108Z. See also Bisbee.

PRAIRIE CHAPEL SCHOOL: Located on the P. M. Truitt survey at G11 on the 1895 map.

PRIMROSE SWITCH: Located on the B. Thomas survey on the Ft. Worth and Rio Grand RR at D14 on the 1895 map.

PROCTOR CEMETERY: Located in the south east corner of Highway 121 and Bethany Rd.. No traces remain today.

RACE TRACK: Located at the north end of Woods St. and west of Cold Springs Rd. in the vicinity of Mapsco 63N. Auto races were held here and some old pictures exist showing the track in Niles City.

RANDOL'S MILL: Established in 1857 as Leonard's Mill on the Trinity River just west of Davis Street. Site of "Ole Hangin' tree". Located one-eigth of a mile north and one hundred yards west of Randol Mill Rd. and Preinct Line Rd.

RATCLIFF SCHOOL: Located at Mapsco 105T east of 35W. H14 on the 1895 map.

RAY-MANSHIP CEMETERY: Mapsco 66S. K8 on the 1895 map. Razed in 1984 this cemetery was located on the William Ray survey. Several of the 1880 graves were moved to Rose Hill Cemetery as development began. Located on the crest of a hill about one-eigth of a mile north west of the intersection of John T. White Road and Loop 820.

RED OAK COLLEGE: Located at G16 on the 1895 map on the Tarrant/Johnson county line.

RED ROCK: Became Bransford in 1888 taking the Post Office and the name of an older community. L4 on the 1895 map.

RED WING SCHOOL: Located on the Assambraner survey(1895), one half mile east of the south east corner of the Ramey, R. R. survey. Mapsco 79W. 1919 map at U23. J11 on the 1895 map.

RENDON: Located at 15J on the 1895 map and first recorded on the Republic of Texas Tax Roll in 1837. This land grant was Survey no. 28 at the headwaters of Caddo and Walnut Creeks.

RENDON CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 121K. Mr. W. L. Norwood sold three acres of land to citizens of the Cross Roads and Rendon neighborhoods to be used as a school house lot, graveyard, and religious activities in 1897. The first school in Rendon was located where the north end of Rendon Cemetery is now located. The school moved to its new and present location about 1911.

RILEY CEMETERY: Just inside Colleyville on the west side of the 2700 block of Brown Trail. It occupies one acre of the Jonathon Riley survey at M5 on the 1895 map.

RIVER OAKS: See attached map.

RIVERSIDE CHURCH: Located on the Underwood survey at P8 on the 1895 map.

ROARING SPRINGS: Located on Indian Creek in Roaring Park in Westover Hills. M2 on the 1945 map. Mapsco 74D?

ROCK CREEK SCHOOL: Located at D16 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 115M?

ROCK HILL SCHOOL: Located on the Wilcox survey at A/B3 on the 1895 map.

RODGERS CEMETERY: Mapsco 108B. Historical Marker is in the woods 100 feet north east of where Shady Oaks Dr. ends. Marker and entrance to the cemetery driveway are located south of 906 Little School Road. Possibly this is the graveyard shown at K12 on the 1895 map.

SAGINAW: Mapsco 33Z. As the terminal point of three railroads, Saginaw is the home to several grain elevators, and at one time, to the Globe Aircraft Corporation. The Saginaw Cemetery dates to 1899 and is located in the 100-200 block of west McLeroy Blvd.

SHADY GROVE SCHOOL: Located at L4 on the 1895 map.

SMITHFIELD CEMETERY: Located at 6700 Smithfield Rd. in the old business district of Smithfield. Dates from the 1870s. Mapsco 38T.

SMITH-FRAZIER CEMETERY: Mapsco 29M. 300 block of South Ash Ave.. First used in 1877 and still in use today. Originally for the burial of Azle's African-American community.

SNIDER CEMETERY: Located in Kennedale, one-half mile north, one-quarter mile west of the New Hope-Hudson Village Creek intersection. The cemetery is in a heavily wooded area north of the creek. Mapsco 107H/108E. Dates to 1858.

SPRING GARDEN SCHOOL: Located in Colleyville and built after the Civil War. The cemetery is located on the south side of Cheek-Sparger Rd. about one-quarter mile east of its intersection with Jackson Drive. Contains about seventy-five graves dating from 1865 to 1890. Mapsco 40U.

STAGECOACH STOP/FIRST STAGECOACH INN: Located in the 1000 block of W. Mayfield. There is a DAR marker for the Johnson Station Stage stop. Mapsco 96G.

STAGECOACH STOP/THORNTON HOUSE: Built around 1865 and located at 13187 Roanoke Rd.. Mapsco 9Z. Possibly used as a stagecoach stop.

STAGECOACH STOP/TANNAHILL HOMESTEAD: Built in 1874, house was the first stagecoach stop west of Fort Worth. Located at 825 Silver Creek Rd. at Mapsco 58M.

SUBLETT: Located at N13 on the 1895 map.

SUBLETT SCHOOL: Located south of Sublett on the Harris survey at N14 on the 1895 map.

SYCAMORE SCHOOL: Located on the S. A. & M. G. R. R. survey (1895). one-quarter mile east of the RR tracks. Mapsco 104F/G. G13 on the 1895 map.

TANDY LAKE: Located near Normandy Place Park on the R. J. Tandy survey. Tandy Hills Park site hunting, fishing and dancing in the 1880's. 1919 map at S17/18. Mapsco 78G?

TARRANT: Founded in 1903 on the Rock Island RR two and one-half miles south of Euless. The station was called Tarrant, but did not grow and was closed in the 1930s. Mapsco 55Z. See Candon.

TARRANT COUNTY FARM: Located at D14 on the 1945 map. Mapsco 63C. Bordered on the west by Sylvania Ave. and on the north by Premier St. and Kimbo St. on the south. Also known as the "Poor Farm" and later as the "Correction Center", it contained a small cemetery, but when the property was sold the bodies were reinterred in the Mount Olivet Cemetery. Located at H7 on the 1895 map. A school or church is shown just south of the County Poor Farm.

TARRANT COUNTY PARK: Located at T17 on the 1945 map. West of Wichita St. bordered by Alcannon, Rodeo, and Trueland Streets. Mapsco 92F.

TATE SPRINGS: Located near the intersection of Tate Springs and Little Roads.

TATE SPRINGS CEMETERY: Located in the 4000 block of Pleasant Ridge Rd. (not visible from the road). Traveling east, immediately past the Woodside intersection where Pleasant Ridge Rd. veers right, take the gravel path up the hill. The cemetery is at the top.

THOMAS CHAPEL: Located east of Johnson Station on the Ramey survey at O11 on the 1895 map.

TOMLIN CEMETERY: Mapsco 68Q. Located at the west end of Tomlin Lane, north of I-30 and west of Davis. Dates to the 1870s.

TONKAWA SPRINGS: Located on Silver Creek west of Lake Worth.

TORINDA SCHOOL: Located at D11 on the 1895 map just south east of Benbrook.


TRADINGHOUSE CREEK: 1860's name for Johnson Creek.


TURCK'S SCHOOL: Located on the Hayman survey at P12 on the 1895 map.

TYE/OAK GROVE CEMETERY: Located at Mapsco 119R. Dates to 1874 and is the burial site for members of the Tye family and other Oak Grove families.

TYLER LAKE: Now Glenwood Park at Mapsco 77L. Lake east northeast of Rosedale and Lonney on creek running northeast to Sycamore Creek.

WAGON YARDS: In Fort Worth, some were: D. T. Copher, 605 Main; H. Dugan, 200 block on west Weatherford; Mitchell Brothers, Throckmorton and Weatherford; Wise and McDonough, Houston at Ninth; and finally, the Concho, in the 400 block of East Belknap which was in operation until 1928.

WALNUT CREEK: Site of Julian Feild's Grist mill built in 1860 is just west of S. H. 287 and south of the Southern Pacific R. R.. See Mansfield.

WALNUT CREEK CEMETERY: Mr. W. L. Raley sold the land for one dollar in 1904 for the cemetery. No other information known.

WATAUGA: 5I on the 1895 map.

WATSON CEMETERY: Established in 1846 and located at I-30 and S. H. 360 at 1024 N. Watson Rd.. Mapsco 70X.

WATSONVILLE: Probably the name for the area around present I-30 and S. H. 360 where the Watson family settled.

WAYSIDE: Located fifteen miles north-north-west of Fort Worth on FM 1220. No other information known.

WAYSTATION: Located on the Dunwoody/Lassiter place at Mapsco 117Q. The Ft. Worth to Cleburne stage line stopped here at the still standing(1975) barn. The site is located s.e. of the curve in F. M. 1187 south of Crowley. The old stage road followed F. M. 1187 west to Cleburne W. road where it turned south towards Cleburne.

WEBB: Located at P14 on the 1895 map. Mapsco 111M.

WEST FORK CHURCH: Located at P9 on the 1895 map in the north east corner of the Wilson survey.

WHEATLAND SCHOOL: Located on the R. Keys survey at A14 on the 1895 map.

WHITE'S CHAPEL ROAD: Bunker Hill, on North White's Chapel Road, where today the Southlake water tower is located, is an old campground. There were good springs located there and wagon trains of up to one hundred wagons coming from California Crossing would often camp there. The area was first settled in the 1850s by the Hogan family who lived on what is now Shady Oak Road. M2 on the 1895 map. John Lowe built a ball field on his property on the smooth glade east of White's Chapel. There was a gin on Jim Lowes' place on FM 1709 and another one where Bill Millers' store is located on South White's Chapel Road.

WHITE'S CHAPEL CEMETERY: Mapsco 25M. Located at 100 S. White's Chapel Rd.. Dates to 1871.

WHITE SETTLEMENT SCHOOL: Located on the Collett survey at D9 on the 1895 map.

WILLIAMS SPRINGS: Located on Williams Springs Road one-half mile north of the S. H. 199 and east of Lake Worth on property belonging to C. A. Buerger and Ray McCauley. Site was once a blacksmith shop, Whiskey still and summer camp.

WILLOW SPRINGS: Located on Henrietta Creek one mile north west of Haslett. 1F on the 1895 map.

WILLOW SPRINGS CHURCH: Founded in 1856 two and one-half miles south of present Smithfield. 6K on the 1895 map.

WILSON CEMETERY: Located in the wilderness area across from Lynn Creek Park near Joe Pool Lake. Go to the gate on the west side of Lake Ridge Parkway directly across from the entrance to Lynn Creek Park. Walk west five hundred yards down the abandoned road to the 90 degree bend. Proceed south another seventy-five yards, then go east into the woods another fifty yards. The cemetery is within a chain link fence in the woods. Mapsco 112L. Dates to 1872 and contains only three graves.

WINSCOTT: Located in the south west corner of the county.

WITTEN CEMETERY: Established in 1857 and located on Jackson Ct. at the 4700 block of Jackson Rd. Mapsco 41S.

WYATT'S CHAPEL: M15 on the 1895 map.

ZION: Became Smithfield in 1887. Buildings date to 1875. The St. Louis, Arkansas, & Texas RR routed its Fort Worth to Grapevine line about one-quarter mile south east of Zion. A new district built up here and was named Smithfield in honor of Eli Smith who donated land for the church and cemetery in 1875.




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Also check out the many articles in the JUNIOR HISTORIAN, especially in the 1949 era.




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