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There are several areas which you must find on the Fort Tours website to locate all of pages that have reference to Tarrant County sites or events. I probably have not found them all. There is also some touchy code that closes windows prematurely on some browsers. This is the reason that I have listed the different pages from their website rather than send you straight to their homepage. I wanted to make sure that you are able to visit each page that is connected to our county.

Please don't stop at visiting only the pages below. There is a wealth of interesting stories relating to historic places and events across Texas on this website. Go to the Fort Tours hompage and take the tour.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth, the Fort

Village Creek

Brief Fort History of the Fort in Fort Worth

Bird's Fort Treaty

Capt. Journey's Men Fight Indians Near Fort Worth

Chief Feathertail

Step Back Into the Early days in Fort Worth

Indians Celebrate the Fourth of July in Tarrant and Parker Counties

Indian Raid Near The Present Town of Rhome

Indians Charge the Hamilton Home

Mary's Creek Raid

13 Old Soldiers And 2 Children And Our Future

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