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Abstracts From The Journal of the
Texas State Medical Association
Austin, Texas


Compiled by Barbara Knox

Vol. 1. No. 4, Oct. 1905


Dr. David S. Rump and Miss Bessie Casstevens at the home of the bride's parents in Mansfield, Aug. 15, 1905. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Casstevens and he is one of the most prominent and popular young physicians in Tarrant County. They will live in Mansfield.

Vol. 1. No. 5, Nov. 1905

The Medical Department of Fort Worth University opened on Oct. 6, 1905, with 112 enrolled - more than last year. The new four story building will be completed by Febuary 1906.

Vol. 1, No. 7, Jan. 1906.


Dr. Henry Nifong of Britton and Miss Clara Ramsey of Mansfield at Mansfield Nov. 16, 1905.

Dr, Milton Cravens and Miss Mary Carlisle at Arlington May 23, 1906.


Dr. Julian C. Fields, aged 65, at Denison of Bright's disease. [no date] He was a surgeon in the CSA and one time member of the Texas State Legislature.

Dr. J. R. Wallace, long time Tarrant County resident, May 5, 1906 at Keller.

Dr. J. G. McEachin of Plano dropped dead at the T&P Railroad station in Fort Worth July 13, 1906. He was 73, born in North Carolina, and had lived in  Texas 18 years.

Vol. 2, No. 5 Sept. 1906.


Dr. C. M. Drew of Fort Worth died from injuries received in a runaway  accident July 22, 1906.

Dr. J. T. O'Brien aged 82, Mexican War veteran, at Fort Worth July 22, 1906.


Dr. Howard Reger of Fort Worth and Miss Lena Smithey Oct 16, 1906.

Vol. 2, No. 9, Jan. 1907.

Dr. W. R. Richards died March 10, 1907 in Fort Worth.

Vol. 7 May 1911 - April 1912


Dr. Arthur Broth of Fort Worth and Miss Minnie Taylor of Cleburne May 16, 1911.

Dr. R. E. Miller of Fort Worth and Miss Maude Garrison of Rock Island,

Ill. June 27, 1911. They will live in Fort Worth.

Dr. Frank Sheddan and Miss Celia Taylor, both of Fort Worth, June 14, 1911.

Dr. K. W. Head and Miss Minnie Belle Burford of Colorado Springs Sept. 12, 1911. They are at home in Fort Worth.

Dr. W. T. Whitaker and Mrs. Carrie Griffin of Fort Worth in Houston Oct. 14th 1911.

Dr. William R. Howard and Mrs. Ella May Emery of Alto Pass, Ill. at the home of the bride's sister there Oct. 4, 1911. They will live in Fort Worth.

Dr. Henry B. Trigg of Fort Worth and Miss Nellie Roscoe Day of Rhome March 22, 1911. They will tour Europe during the year.

Dr. K. H. Beall and Miss Camilla Labatt, both of Fort Worth, April 19, 1911.

Dr. Arthur Brown of FW and Miss Minnie Taylor of Cleburne, May 16, 1911.

Dr. Frank Sheddan and Miss Celia Taylor, both of Fort Worth, June 14 1911.

Dr. J. W. Head of Fort Worth and Miss Minnie Belle Burford of Colorado Springs, Sept. 12, 1911. (in Colorado Springs).

Dr. W. T. Whitaker and Mrs. Carrie Griffin of Fort Worth Oct. 14, 1911. (in Houston).

Vol. 8 May 1912- April 1913


Dr. O. E. Veatch and Miss Helen Johnson 20 April 1913.

Dr. M. B. Badt and Miss Mabel Glenn May 8, 1913.

Dr. H. A. Logsden and Miss Willie May Conner June 2, 1913.

Dr. J. S. Bardin and Miss Worthie Putman August 7, 1913.

Dr. J. B. Shannon and Miss Bessie Cox June 12, 1912.

Dr. A. J. Mullenix and Miss Catharine Bastin June 9, 1912.

[all of Fort Worth]


Mrs. Harvey Brannon, wife of Dr. Brannon of Fort Worth June 7, 1912 after a long illness. Josephine Gilmore, only daughter of Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Gilmore of Fort Worth from diphtheria Oct. 5, 1912.

Dr. George W. Hayden of Fort Worth June 23, 1912. He was born Stewart Co. Ga 1839; graduated from Atlanta Medical College 1857; served as surgeon in Hood's Brigade, 40th Ga Regiment; marrried Miss Louise O'Hara of Butler Ala. in 1861. Dr. Hayden moved to Fort Worth from Waco in 1902. His first wife died in 1884 and he married Miss Jennie Spivey of Dallas in 1888. Survivors: wife and sons and daughters of his first marriage. He was a charter member of the Texas Medical Association.

Dr. William Rapp Howard of Fort Worth Dec. 25, 1912 unexpectedly while making calls in his buggy. He was born in Fulton Co. Ark. Sept. 13, 1848, son Isaac Howard and Esther Hampton. He graduated from St. Louis Medical College in 1873 and married Sarah Melvina Hensley Dec. 25, 1873. Dr. Howard moved to Fort Worth from Hunt County, Tex. in 1886. His wife died in 1881 and he married Mrs. Hettie Annie Wilson in 1882. She was a daughter of Elijah and Mary Farmer of Kingston, Tex. After her death in 1910, Dr. Howard married Ella May Emery in 1911. He was a Mason and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Vol. 10, 1913-1914


Dr. Robert B. Grammer, Fort Worth, March 1, 1914 of pneumonia after a long illness. He was born in Rennard Va. in 1861; moved to Gilmer, Tex. in 1877 and graduated from Louisville Medical College in 1883, moving to Fort Worth a few months later where practiced until his death. In 1886 he married Miss Leila Rogers of Mount Vernon, Tex., who, with one son, survives.

Dr. Edgar Doak Capps, suddenly Dec. 19, 1913 in Fort Worth. He was born born near Livingston, Tenn. in 1866 and came with his parents to Tarrant County ca 1878. He graduated from the Medical College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York in 1891 and married Miss Lulie Beall (daughter of Dr. E. J. Beall), in 1893. He is survived by his wife and one daughter.

Dr. Elias J. Beall, Oct. 20, 1914 at home of his son, Dr. Frank Beall, in Fort Worth. He was born Macon Ga. Feb. 15, 1834; graduated from Tulane University in 1857 and began practice in Marshall, Tex. the same year. He served in the CSA as chief surgeon in Gen. Walker's Division and moved to Fort Worth in 1870, retiring some ten years ago. He married Miss Fannie Van Zandt, (daughter of Isaac Van Zandt) in 1860. Survivors: widow, two daughters and five sons, two of whom are prominent Fort Worth physicians - Drs. K. H. and Frank C. Beall.


Dr. J. J. Richardson and Miss Margaret L. Tidwell, both of Fort Worth, Dec. 26, 1914.

The Texas State Medical Association held its annual meeting in Fort Worth in May 1915. ["Fort Worth has about 50 hotels, most either recently built or remodeled - with state wide reputations such as the Westbrook, Terminal, Metropolitan, Worth and the Seibold. Others are the Court, Grand, Majestic, Melba and Richelieu.Rates with bath are $2.50 - $3.00.....plenty of places of amusement and several surburban resorts, including two elegant country clubs, Rivercrest and Glen Garden. The best general reference library in the state is the Carnegie. The packing house industry makes the city one of the best livestock markets in the country. The Medical College and ten hospitals are worthy of visitation as is the largest electric generating plant this side of St. Louis at the foot of the Main Street Viaduct. Lake Worth, six miles  from the city, is the largest artificial body of water in Texas."

Vol. 17 May 1921-April 1922


Dr. John T. Sparkman, 58, at Alvord, Sept. 4, 1921. He moved there in 1883; married Miss Mollie A. Holleman in 1882 (she died in 1899). There were seven children, three of whom survive.

Dr. W. M. Trimble, Fort Worth, Jan. 22, 1922 from paralysis. He was born in Tarrant County June 11, 1867 and married Miss Susie Borah in 1897. Survivors: wife, five children and sister, Mrs. W. A. Arthur, San Antonio.

Dr. I. L. Van Zandt was honored by the Tarrant County Medical Society July 19, 1921 for his long and faithful service and devotion to medicine. He is 81 and has practived for 60 years. There was a large attendance including family and close friends. Dr. Van Zandt was the second son (to reach maturity) of Isaac Van Zandt and Mrs. Frances Lipscomb. His mother, left a widow in 1847, reared a family of five, and died 12 years ago, at the age of 92. His father, Isaac Van Zandt, was a member of the Congress of the Republic of Texas and Minister of the Republic to the United States. He died of yellow fever in Houston in 1847 while making a bid for Governor.

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