The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

Compiled by Barbara Knox

The Camp was established in August 1890 in Fort Worth, and group met regularly on Sunday afternoons at the Tarrant County Courthouse. This information was abstracted from the original Descriptive Lists, with additional material added if available. Each veteran joining the camp completed a form showing his name, age date of enlistment and unit in which he served. Unfortunately, many felt that no one would be interested in their war service, and information given, in some cases, was extremely sparse. Those veterans signing the 1900 Roster gave only their names and the unit in which served. This information has been supplemented with other cited sources. The Camp was officially disbanded in 1934. SCH indicates member received the Southern Cross of Honor. All cemeteries mentioned are located in Fort Worth unless otherwise indicated. Additions/corrections will be appreciated.



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