The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

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Thomas S. Ables b. Fayette, Tenn. enl. 1861 before Tenn. seceeded; at Gettysburg and other battles; captured, escaped and surrendered at end of War. Resident Confederate Home, Austin, Tex. when d.
Henry L. Abston b. 6 Jan 1845 Sumner Co. Tenn; enl. Tenn 1861 Co D, Douglas' Battn, Morgan's Div; captured Ohio [escaped]; orderly for Beauregard during retreat from Franklin; captured again in Ga; prisoner at Chattanooga when Lee surrendered; d. 25 May 1914; bur. Oakwood Cem.
J. S. Acken/Acklin 1900 Roster. Co. G. 19th Ark. Regt.
Collin Adams b. Sumner Co. Tenn; enl. 1862 Camp Hindman, Ark, Plunkett's Co, 1st Ark Regt; discharged 1862 due to hemorrhage of lungs. SCH. d. 30 June 1910; bur. East Oakwood.
J. M. Adams b. 1831 Scott Co. Ky; enl. 1861 Madison Co. Miss; Capt Co G, 18th Miss Regt., Barksdale's Brigade; McLain's Div. Army of Northery Va; with Lee at Manassas, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Richmond and Appomatox. Moved to Fort Worth 1881 where d. 04 Oct 1909; bur. East Oakwood.
J. W. Adams b. 18 March 1844 Garrard Co. Ky.; enl. 1863 Woodberry, Tenn. Co. E, 3rd Ky. Cav., Morgan's Div., Wheeler's Corps, Army of Tenn; captured & escaped; d. 22 June 1916 at home in Fort Worth; bur. West Oakwood. [Oakwood Cem. Rec. show Capt. Jack Adams, who d. 1891 - different man]
L. C. Adams. [shown as "Bunk" on Muster Roll] b. 10 March 1849 La., enl. April 1861, Fort Worth, Tex; Co D 9th Tex. Inf Regt Van Dorn's Corps, Army of Tenn; battles at Atlanta, Franklin, Corinth, Iuka, Nashville, Thompson's Station among others. Lived Confederate Home, Austin, Tex. Pens. #70211. [he was a brother to Frank Adams with whom he lived]
William A. Adams Shown on 1902 Camp burial records as Dr.; bur. West Oakwood Cem.
William Francis [Frank] Adams Shown on burial records prior 1905. He died March 1881; bur. Pioneers Rest Cem.; married Mary Jo Richardson (1837-1884 who is bur. West Oakwood Cem.)
W. F. Adkinson b. Maury Co. Tenn. enl. 1861 Cherokee, Tenn, Co. F. 48th Tenn Inf., Stewart's Corps, Army of Tenn; with Gen. Forrest at surrender. Received SCH 1908.
J. F. Agee b. 29 Sept. 1843, Smith Co. Tenn.; enl. 1861, Co C, 44th Tenn Regt; Shiloh, Murfreesboro; wounded chickamauga; at Drury's Bluff when leg broken by gunshot; disabled until end of War. Moved Tex 1871. Pens. #21139.
Thomas Henry Alexander b. 18 Aug 1845, Miss; first enl. as father's sub 1863 and again for himself 1864 Sardis, Miss. 18th Miss. Cav. Regt. under Gen. Forrest Lived in Fort Worth, but not shown on Camp roster.
E. L. Alford b. 26 Sept 1830 Wilson Co. Tenn; d. 10 Nov. 1900; [obituary FW Register, 11 Nov 1900]; enl. Crump's Battn, Army of Tenn; Name given as E. L. on Pen. Index; bur. Pioneers Rest. Capt. Ed Alford brought his bride, Fransesca Bellati to Fort Worth at the beginning of CW and returned to army; "Aunt Fannie" was 101 years old when she died 1936]
James P. Alford b. 18 Nov. 1820, Wilson Co. Tenn., enl. 1863 Fort Worth, Tex. QM Carmichael's Cav. Battn, name first on 1862 roll of Dr. Peak's Tarrant Co. Rifles; d. 3 July 1904; bur. Pioneers Rest.
A. H. Allen enl. Nov 1861; Pvt Terrell's Battn. Artillery [information on application for SCH 1921]
Ben Allen b. San Felipe, Tex; where enl. 1862 Dunn's Co. I, Bates 13th Tex. Cav. Regt; served on Tex border until close of War. George H. Allen b. 1841 Moscow, Tenn. enl. Aug 1861 Bastrop, Tex. Co D. 8th Tex Cav Regt; Wheeler's Corps, Army of Tenn; d. 19 Jan 1924.
George H. Allen b. 1841 Moscow, Tenn.; enl. 1861 Bastrop, Tex. Co. D. 8th Tex. Cav. Regt; served in Terry'sexas Rangers until May 1865; d. Jan. 19, 1924.
J. C. Allen 1900 Roster. Co. C. 43rd Miss. Regt.
Peter Allen b. Ireland; enl. Co E 1st Ala Inf Regt; d. 21 Nov 1908 Confederate Home, Austin, Tex, where admitted March 1894 because of rheumatism [information from roster of men living Conf Home]
R. P. Allen b. 1844 DeKalb Co. Tenn.; enl. 1861 Tarrant Co. Tex; Co. A 34th Tex Cav Regt first commanded by Col. Alexander. Joined Camp Feb. 1906. Pension #31028. V. S. Allen, b. 25 Sept. 1840; d. 3 June 1915; bur. Mount Olivet. Pension # 29774.
U. [V?] Allen b. Sept. 25, 1840; d. June 3, 1915. Bur. Mt. Olivet. One V. S. Allen shown on Pension Index.
T. B. Allen enl. Capt. W. G. Welsh's Co., Gano's Guards; lived in Fort Worth when attend Confederate reunion Dallas, 1884.
William Terry Allen
Charter Member - b. 12 Dec 1842, Todd Co. Ky.; enl. 1862 Fort Worth, Tex. Co. F, under Capt. J. C. Terrell. Family records give death date as 05 April 1893. bur. Thompson's Cem., west Tarrant Co.
W. C. Allen b. April 1843, Bedford Co. Tenn.; enl. 1861 Tullahoma, Tenn. Co B 1st Tenn Regt. Johnston's Corps, Army of N. Va.; many battles, wounded, captured, imprisoned Fort Delaware nearly 2 years; furloughed to Richmond; recaptured; in jail Greenville, Tenn., and released April 1865.
William M. Allison b. 1834; enl. 1861 for 12 mos. Capt. Wm. Quales' Co Mtd. Rifles; trans. Co. E 18th Tex Cav Regt and killed July 1864 [He lived in Grapevine, Tarrant County before 1860]
John Gustuf Anderson b. 24 Jan 1844; d. 29 Jan 1906; bur. Oakwood.
Thomas B. Anderson b. ca 1839 McNairy Co. Tenn; where enl. 1861; Co C, McRay's 31st Tenn Regt; scout for Gen. Forrest; honorable discharge 1862/ Lived Jack Co. Tex. was was member of Camp.
H. A. Andrews b. 18 Feb 1837 Jefferson Co. Tenn., enl. 1862 Co. G, Engineers Corps, Elmore's Special Service. J. C. Andrews, b. Petersburg, Tenn.? enl. Nov. 1861, Co. E. 41st Tenn. Regt. Gregg's Brig., captured twice; in Rock Island Prison 15 mos. until end of war.
J. C. Andrews b. Petersburg, Tenn; enl. 1861 Co. E, 41st Tenn. Regt.; captured twice; in Rock Island Prison until end of War.
J. D. Andrews 3rd Ky. Regt. signed 1900 Roster; d. April 1891, age 71; bur. East Oakwood.
J. O. Andrews b. N. C., en. 1861 Tenn; Co. A 1st Tenn Cav Regt; Bragg's Corps, Armyu of Tenn; Signed 1900 Roster] J. D. Andrews, b. 1820; d. 1891; bur. East Oakwood.
J. P. Andrews b. N. C., enl. 1861 Tenn, Co. A, 1st Tenn. Cav. Regt, Bragg's Corps, Army of Tenn. W. H. Andrews. d. before 1903; bur. Pioneers Rest; m. Sally Johnson. Stones have only "Father" and "Mother."
W. H. Andrews b. N. C. enl. 1861 Co. A, 1st Tenn. Cav Regt; Bragg's Corps, Army of Tenn.
Dr. John C. Anglin b. 1821 Warren Co. Tenn.; enl. 1861 Fort Bend Co. Tex. Terry's Regt, Johnston's Corps, Army of Tenn.; d. 20 Dec 1902, bur. West Oakwood. Southern Cross of Honor presented to widow 1910.
J. W. Anniston Name on loose sheet paper giving names of Camp members some time after 1922. His name had line through it; could indicate either deceased or no longer member.
J. W. Anthony Name on undated roster before 1935.
B. J. Armstrong b. 1845 Aberdeen, Miss where enl. 1861, Co C 41st Miss Inf Regt; d. 1917/18. Joseph W. Armstrong, b. 15 Jan 1845; enl. 1862 Ga; Co A, 2nd Ga State Troops; granted sick leave and furlough from hospital Jonesboro, Ga; unable to rejoin regt,. because of Union troops advancing to Atlanta so joined Maj. Graham's Battn of Cav. and was with it until after surrender.
Joseph W. Armstrong b. Jan. 15, 1845; enl. 1862 Co A, 2nd Ga State Troops; with regt until ca 3 months before surrender; Granted sick leave and furloughed from hispital to Jonesboro, Ga. Could not rejoin company because of Yankees advancing to Atlanta so joined Maj. Graham's cav and with it until after surrender.
Ramsey G. Armstrong b. 04 Oct 1842 Wilcox Co. Ala; enl. 1862 Jasper Co. Tex. Co. #, 1st Tex. Legion Cav. Promoted to chaplain 9th Tex Cav during last part of War; with Hood in Miss., Tenn. and Atlanta, when it was captured. Came to Fort Worth as poastor First Methodist church; served as Camp Chaplain and still active in Camp Aug. 1930.
William Louis Armstrong b. 28 Sept 1845, Jackson Co. Ala; enl. 1863, Jackson, Miss., Co I, 55th Ala Inf Regt; with Johnson and Hood during Ga. campaign; battles, New Hope Church, Kennesaw Mountain, Franklin and Nashville, Tenn. Captured at Nashville and PW when Lee surrendered. Joined Camp February 1906. d. 09 Feb 1924. Awarded Southern Cross of Honor 1908.
R. W. Archer d. 10 April 1917; recd SCH 1912; bur. Mount Olivet.
John Arnold Co. A. 3rd Ark. Battn.
Price Arnold b. 21 Sept 1832 Howard Co. Mo.; enl. 1862 Co K, 1st Mo. Inf Regt; battles Elkhorn, Iuka and Corinthaaaa, Vicksburg. Returned home to Howard Co. Mo. after surrender; to Tarrant Co. 1878; lived near Benbrook until 1909 when mov to Fort Worth.
Benjamin Arp d. before 1903; bur. Pioneers Rest.
Jeremish W. Asberry [Asbury] b. 30 March 1812; d. 13 Feb. 1883, bur. Pioneers Rest. G. W. Ash, enl. 1861, Tarrant Co. Tex.
G. W. Ash b. Oct. 1, 1846; d. 1902; enl. 1861 Grapevine, Tex. Co. A. Alexander's 34th Tex. Cav. Regt; he and wife Margaret bur. Oakwood Cem.
H. S. P. Ashby b. Chariton Co. Mo., where enl. Co B, 3rd Mo Regt, Shelby's Brig., Price's Corps. With Quantrell. d. 10 May 1923. William Henry Askew, b. 1835 Greensboro, Ga.; d. before 1903, enl. Cp O 8th Ga Inf Regt, Hood's Brig., Longstreet's Div., Army Northern Va.; wounded [lost thumb] and captured Gettysburg, paroled and discharged. bur. Pioneers Rest.
Leonard Harrison Atwell b. 1840, Louisville, Ky., enl. 1861 Memphis, Tenn Co H. 9th Ky Regt. Captured Atlanda and exchanged 1864; d. 25 Sept 1916, bur. Greenwood.
Peter B. Atwood b. 1856 South Carolina; enl. 1862 Siska, Miss. Co E, 26th Miss Regtp A. P. Hill's Corps. Was in hospital Danville when Lee surrendered; d. 24 May 1916, bur. Pioneers Rest. Pen. # 09787.
M. F. Aubrey b. Scott Co. Ky.; enl. Oct 1862 Stamping Ground, Ky. Co B, 5th Ky Cav. Regt; captured with Morgan 1863. G. W. Austin, b. 22 Oct 1843, Dickson Co. Tenn., enl. 1861 Cumberland Ford, Ky., Pvt Co K 11th Tenn Inf Regt; Chickamauga, Missionery Ridge. With Gen. Johnston in Ga. Tenn. and North Carolina.
C. V. Austin b. Oct. 22, 1843; enl. 1861 Cumberland Ford, Ky. Co. K, 11th Tenn Inf Regt; at Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge. (A. C. W. Austin d. 1891 bur. Oakwood.)
Hezekiah Austin b. 1843 Ala; enl. 1862 Dade Co. Ga, Co. D. 39th Ga Inf Regt. [Lived at Grapevine, Tarrant Co. Tex.]
J. Rhodes Austin b. 1846 Dade Co. Ga. where enl. 1864, Pvt Co G, 34d Ga Inf Regt, Bragg's Army. Lived Grapevine, Tex. Hezekiah Austin, b. 1843, Dade Co. Ga., enl. 1862 Co D, 39th Ga Inf Regt. Lived at Grapevine, Texas, brother to Hezekiah Austin.
W. R. Austin enl. 3rd Conf. Cav. bur. White's Chapel Cem.; with dated 17 Dec 1846 - 20 Oct 1930. Pen. #37673.
James H. Ayres b. 1832; niece stated her grandfather had served QM Dept under Capt. Julian Feild in Texas.; d. 1885 bur. private cemetery.
Price Arnold enl. 1862 Springfield Mo. Co K, 1st Mo Inf Regt, part of Gen. Sterling Price's command; batties Elkhorn, Iuka, Corinth, Vicksburg. Moved Tarrant Co. 1878 where lived near Benbrook until 1909 when moved Fort Worth.


Charles H. Bailey d. 1917/18
J. K. Baines [see Banes] d. 1923
Charles W. Baker b Crawford Co. Tenn. ca 1833; enl. Co H, Morgan's Battn, Parson's Brigade.
Jonathan Baker bur. Pioneers Rest.
James A. Ball b. 1834 d. 6 June 1918, Vernon, Tex; enl. May 1861 Lincoln Co. Mo. Co C, 2d Mo Regt Parson's Brigade; d. ca May 1918
Thomas T. Ball b. Giles Co. Tenn. enl. Hinds Co. Miss. Co. H., 38th Ala. Inf Regt. Arny of Tenn; captured, paroled; to Texas 1874 then to Kansas and back to Texas 1886; d. March 11, 1915 Confederate Home, Austin, Tex. where bur.
B. J. Ballentine 4th Mo. Cav. Regt. Signed roll at Oct. 1890 meeting but not schown as Charter Member; d. before 1905.
G. E. (Rev.) Ballew d. 1916. bur. Greenwood Cem.
J. K. Banes b. Sumpter Co. Ala., enl. 1864 Co. G., 5th Ala. Regt; captured at Winchester Sept. 1864. Oakwood Cem. records show J. H. Banes d. 1902.
Gustavus Henry Barb b. Aug. 28, 1843, Madison Co. Ala; d. Oct. 25, 1929. enl. Sept. 1862 White Co. Ark. Pvt. Co. C., 1st Ark. Cav. Regt. Received SCH 1925.
J. C. Bardin Came to Arlington from Tupelo, Miss 1888; Arlington Cem Records: "John C. Bardin, Feb. 11, 1848 - April 6, 1924"
G. W. Barnett b. June 0, 1841 Montgomery, Ala. where enl 1861 Co E, 1st Ala Cav Regt; at Shiloh (where wounded), Chickamauga, Kennesaw Mtn (wounded again); d. April 5, 1907; bur. Oakwood.
J. W. Barnett b. Ill.; enl Lockhart, Tex, Co. B. 26th Tex Cav Regt.
William Barr Charter Member - b. Winchester, Va. Jan. 15, 1846; enl 1862 Rickingham Co. Va; Co. A, 5th Va Inf Regt; wounded hear altimore; captured Sept. 1864, exch. March 1865. Commander of R. E. Lee Camp at least three times; SCH 1920; celebrated 87th birthday Jan. 1933; Capt. of Confederate Grays; d. Dec. 1, 1935.
Claude Wills Barradall? b. 1845; d. 1884 bur. Oakwood Cem.
R. A. Barrow b. Aug. 6, 1841 Stokes Co. N. C., enl 1861 Winston Salem N. C., Co. D. 21st N. C. Regt; all battles of Army of Northern Va; was captured shortly before Lee surrendered.
Reuben Baskin b. Nov. 18, 1825, Ga; enl 1862 Verdeman, Miss. Co. A. 1st Miss Cav Regt; d. June 22, 1906; bur. Azle, Tarrant Co. Tex.
K. D. Bateman Charter Member - Co. F. 19th Tex. Regt; died before 1905.
James? Bates Surname only given on undated list of deceased veterans. Pension Ind. shows James Bates #51495; Oakwood Cem. James M. Bates d. 1898 and James A. Bates d. 1884.
George Battle bur. Mt. Olivet. George G. Battle, b. Mobile, Ala. Nov. 23, 1846 d. Fort Worth Aug. 6, 1912 [cem. inscription]
Luther H. Baugh b. April 18, 1848, enl 1863 age 15 Co G, 61st Va Regt; was prominent member of Camp in its latter yers, and elected Texas Division Commander 1939. In Confederate Home, Austin, where d. Dec. 8, 1940
J. M. Beal b. Giles Co. Tenn; enl 1861 Camp Trousdale, Tenn. Co B, 3rd Tenn Regt; captured and escaped; one J. W. Beal d. Mar 15, 1901; bur. Pioneers Rest Cem.
Robert Beal enl 1862 Fort Worth, Gano's Regt, later 15th Tex. Cav. Regt.
D. T. Beall enl 1861 Miss Co C, 26th Inf Miss Regt.
Elias James Beall (M. C.) b. Feb. 5, 1834 Macon, Ga., enl 1862 Little Rock, Ark; Major 15th Tex Cav Regtpl commissioned Chief Surgeon by Sect. of War; came to Fort Worth 1870 from Marshall, Tex.; m. Frances C. Van Zandt; d. Oct. 24, 1914, bur. Oakwood Cem.
Thomas Jeremiah Beall enl 1861 7th Tex Inf Regt; later with Hood's Brigade; living in Fort Worth 1884; d. 1921.
The following 6 men were brothers who lived in the Grapevine area of Tarrant County
Frederick A. Beall b. 1823 Carnesville, Ga. enl 1861 Tarrant Co. Tex; 20th Brig. TST.
Beall, Milton Alexander b. Oct. 3, 1842 Holman Co. Miss., d. Oct. 29, 1898 Denton Co. Tex, bur lived in Tarrant Co. until after 1880 census.
M. H. Beall b. Aug. 7, 1834, Holmes Co. Miss; d. Los Angeles, Cal Feb. 12, 1906 [could be M. D. Beall]
Otho D. Beall b. 1836, Holmes Co. Miss.
Walter Beall b. 1828 Carnesville, Ga.
William Beall b. 1825 Carnesville, Ga.
A. Beard d. March 1890; bur. Oakwood Cem.
S. D. Beasley b. Dec. 17, 1844 Pontotoc, Miss; enl 1862 Co C, 17th Miss Inf Regt.
Frederic Shesser Beat b. Nov. 1 1841 near Bern, Switzerland; enl 1862 Co K. Tex Vol Cav;; wounded - sent home 1863 but served until end of war; d. Jan. 2, 1884; bur. Howard Cem., Edwards Ranch, sw Tarrant Co., later re-interred Benbrook.
E. P. Beauchamp b. Ga; enl Webster Co. Ga., Co F, Benning's Brigade.
Leroy Beavers enl Co D. 9th Regt. TC.
George W. Beavers b. 1845 Tenn; enl Tarrant Co. under Sam Evans; d. Feb. 14, 1917
R. E. Beckham Charter Member - b. April 13, 1844 Calloway Co. Ky. where enl 1861; Co F 1st Ky Cav Regt; captured 1862 exchanged Vicksburg Dec. 1862. d. June 9, 1910. Bur Oakwood Cem./
William M. Bell enl 1861 8th Tex Vol Regt; SCH October 1916.
J. T. Bennett No data.
Joseph Lafayette Bentley b. Gallatin, Tenn.; enl Talledga, Ala 1861 Co D 30th Ala Inf Regt; wounded June 1864; d. March 22, 1909; bur. Oakwood.
J. L. Benton Decd before 1900; bur. Glenwood [location not given]
J. M. Benton b. Cass Co. Ga; enl April 1861, Chattanooga, Tenn. Co I, 19th Tenn Inf Regt; initials given as J. M. D. on obit section 1900 Roster; d. 1900 or before.
J. N.Benton Charter Member - Co I, 6th Ala Regt.
T. J. Benton enl 1862 Mobile, Ala. Was under age. Two J,. T. Bentons bur. Oakwood Cem. on same lot - different death dates.
John A. Bergen? Co A, 30th Ala Inf Regt; signed roster at organizational meeting but not listed as Charter Member.
Morris Benney b. New York City; enl 1862 Shelbyville, Tenn Co. A. 23rd Tenn Inf Regt. d. 1911, bur. Mt. Olivet Cem.
W. P. Biggers b. 1845; d. 1893; bur. Oakwood Cem.
P. B. Binyon b. Feb. 1847; d. Oct. 1893. Bur Oakwood Cem.
James H. Binyon d. age 72 Dec. 1916/17; enl Palestine, Tex. 1862 Crump's 15th Battn. Bur. Oakwood Cem.
J. F. Bird enl 1861 Gano's Mtd Rifleman, Tarrant Co. Tex.
Horace Bishop Co. D. 28th Tex Regt. Signed 1900 Roster. No further data.
John S. Blackburn b. Aug. 3, 1848; d. July 28, 1908; enl Co I, 10th Mo Cav. Regt., bur. Oakwood.
B. T. Blacklock b. May 30, 1842 Ky; enl 1862 Milam Co. Tex. Co F, 8th Tex Inf Regt; d. July 12, 1910; bur. Oakwood Cem.
A. P. Blackwell Co. A. 41st Tenn. Regt.
J. T. Blake d. Feb. 13, 1917; bur. Greenwood Cem.
Bennett Pinkney Blakeley b. Laurel Co. Ky. Dec. 1836, enl. Clark Co. Ky. Co F, Logan's Co. captured with Morgan in Ohio, escaped and rejoined Morgan; d. Sept. 1, 1915, bur. Pioneers Rest Cem.
W. C. Bland b. 1846, Dallas Co. Ark. where enl 1861 Co. I, 12th Inf Regt, Trans-Miss. Dept. ?SCH 1910; Confederate Home.
D. L. Blankenship b. Lee Co. Va. enl 1862 Pound Gap, Va., Co. A. 5th Ky,. Regt. Decd before 1905.
W. A. Blankenship Co. E. 26th Tenn. Regt.
C. C. Blanks b. ca 1834 Ga., enl 1862 Ala. Co. E. 46th Ala Regt. Signed roster at organizational meeting but not shown as Charter Member. d. April 2, 1909; bur. Oakwood Cem. - Obituary and newspaper article
James M. Blanks b. 1840 Warren Co. Ten., enl 1861 McMinnville, Tenn, Co D, 16th Tenn Inf Regt; wounded at chickamauga.
William W. Blassingame enl. Jan. 26, 1864 Co E, 27th Battn Ga. Inf. SCH March 1926.
Solomon Thomas Blessing b. Jan. 27, 1840 Washington? Co. Md., enl 1861 Galveston, Tex. Lone Star Rifles; wounded several times; taken PW at Sharpsburg; d. after 1912.
L. B. Blevins enl. Co. A, 21st Ga Inf Regt; lived Keller, Tarrant Co. Tex.
Jonathan Blevins 88 years old 1905.
W. M. Blevins b. Jan. 18, 1844, DeKalb Co. Ga; where enl 1861 21st Ga Inf Regt; captured was PW at surrender; d. Sept. 1, 1908, bur. White's Chapel Cem.
E. K.? Boardman Co A. 31st Tex. Cav Regt; lived Grapevine 1884.
David Boaz, Sr. b. 1838 Hickman Co. Ky.; enl Fort Worth, Tex. 1861
Richard Boaz Charter Member - b. Dec. 4, 1942; enl 1861 Tarrant Co. Tex. Co A, 9th Tex Cav Regt; wounded battle at Davis Mill. d. June 15, 1889; bur. Birdville Cem.
William J. Boaz b. Aug. 26, 1840 Hickman Co,. Ky., enl. 1862 Fort Worth, Tex; Sgt. & Lt. Co E, 16th Tex Cav Regt. Moved Birdville, Tarrant County, 1860; d. Dec. 14, 1916, bur Oakwood Cem.
Joseph V. Bogg enl 1861 Co J. 1st Ark Battn; SCH awarded 1908 from Camp in Fort Worth, but was member UCV Camp in Decatur; may have resided in Tarrant County at some time.
E. L. Boggs enl 5th Ga Cav Regt; lived in Fort Worth but was admitted to Confederate Home in Austin Sept. 2, 1908.
John H. Boggus enl Co K., 9th Ala Regt. Signed 1900 Roster.
John H. Bolling b. 1844 Sumpter Co. Ala; enl 1861 Yazoo City, Miss. Co D, 18th Miss Inf Regt. Recd honorable disch because was under age; went home; d. Nov. 2, 1905; bur Oakwood Cem.
F. L. Bond b. June 24, 1834 Ga; enl Holly Springs, Miss. Co D, 17th Miss Inf Regt; dates in Hudson Cem. records 6-24-1834 - 4-14-1914.
Moses J. Bonner b. March 1, 1848 Franklin Co. Ala; enl 1864 Mansfield, Tex., courier Co E 12th Tex Cav Regt, Parson's Brigade; elected Texas Div. UCV Commander at Dallas, 1930; celebrated 92nd birthday March 1, 1939 and d. Aug. 25, 1939. Bur. Oakwood.
Lacy Boone b. Feb. 26, 12847 Shelbyville, Tenn., enl. 1863 in Ark. Co K, 34th Ark Regt; licensed to preach iin 1868; d. after 1912.
S. L. Boone 6th Mo. Cav. Regt. 1900 Roster.
A. J. Booty Co. F, 10th Tex Regt. 1900 Roster.
William J. Borah b. Aug 27, 1842 - d. April 20, 1919; bur Bear Creek Cem; enl 1862 Dallas Co Tex; age 19.
Jack W. Borden b. Ala; enl 1863 Okelika, Ala Co I 39th Ala Regt; hospital steward. SCH ca 1908; lived Confederate Home, Austin.
Charles Hanson Bostwick b. 1840; d. April 15, 1873; m. Adelia Orgain (1846-1933); bur Pioneers Rest Cem.
J. E. Botts b. Nov,. 18, 1846. No further information.
William Boutwell Charter Member - No unit given.
Paschall Jefferson Bowdry b. 1840 Ky. enl Albuquerque, N. M. Co. I, Shelby's Regt; wounded in Mo; left from Kaufman with remnants of Mo. Army under Gen. Shelby and went to Mexico for a time; m. Clara L. King; d. Oct. 24, 1909, bur Pioneers Rest.
Young F. Bowers b. 1834. Co F., Waul's Legion; d. 1918; bur Crowley Cem.
Charles E. Bowles b. Dec. 5, 1845; d. Feb. 1, 1889; bur. Oakwood Cem.
R. F. Bowles Co. C. 10th Con. Mo. Charler Member; d. Dec. 11, 1900.
Richard E. Bowlin enl 1862 Tarrant Co.; TST Mtd Vol.
U? Bowlin Charter Member - enl 8th Va Cav Regt
C. W. Bowman b. Ky; enl 1862 Mansfield, Tex; Co K 7th Tex Cav Regt; d. 1892 bur. Oakwood Cem.
H. E. Bowman b. March 24, 1824; d. Feb. 28, 1899; bur. Oakwood Cem. serv 28th Tenn. Regt.
J. C. Boyd b. Williamson Co. Tenn; enl 1861 Estill Springs, Tenn Co F, 17th Tenn Inf Regt; d. Feb. 21, 1904, bur Greenwood Cem.
J. M. Boyd QM Sgt., 7th N. C. Regt. 1900 Roster.
L. A. H. Boyd [Mt. Olivet Cem. Records show: Dr. A. H. Boyd, 1829 - 1916]
T. P. Boyd d. March 30, 1932, Strawn, Tex. serv Co H, 3rd Mo Cav Regt.
J. Bradberry enl 1861 Tarrant Co.; Gano's Mtd Riflemen.
John M. Bradley b. 1846 Washington Co. Va where enl 1863; Co D, 43rd Battn, Partisan Rangers, J. E. B. Stuard's Brig; SCH 1908; Bur. Birdville Cem. Marker reads "John Bradley, Confederate Soldier" [no dates]
James W. Bradner b. May 24, 1935; d. March 12, 1887 bur Pioneers Rest.
C. F. Bradshaw b. May 13, 1844; enl 1862 Alexander Co. N. C. Co G, 38th NC Regt; wounded at Wilderness; captrd near appomattox April 6, 1865; POW, listed as decd 1926.
William E. Brannan b. March 5, 1834 Franklin Co. Tenn. enl 1862 Carroll Co Ark Co B, 10th Ark Inf Regt; d. 1920.
J. C. Brannon Charter Member - enl Do D., 29th Miss and Co D, 16th La; d. June 5, 1903; bur Oakwood.
Thomas Bratton Charter Member - b. Shropshire, Eng; enl 1861 Tarrant Co Tex; C. H. Robert's Co; d. July 7, 1917
Joe Bremer b. Ireland; enl 1861 Springfield, La Co D 16th La Regt.
H. Brewster SCH June 5, 1910; No other record found.
William H. Brooker d. Aug. 1900, bur Pioneers Rest Cem. m. Emma Fitzgerald (1851-1931).
William H. Brookman d. Jan. 13, 1912. Bur. Oakwood Cem.
H. J. Brooks b. Maury Co. Tenn; enl 1862 Murfreesboro, Tenn Co C 45th Regt.
J. A. Brooks b. May 12, 1843; enl 1861 Raleigh, N. C. Co E, 26th Regt Hill's Corps; wounded; POW; captured at Petersburg just prior to surrender.
O. C. Brooks Name on burial records but no dates. This book ended with 1917 burials.
Abe Clay Brown b. Sept. 16, 1839 Clay Co. Mo., enl 1862 Ft. McCulloch, Ind. Terr. Co. A. Well's [?] Tex Regt; d. Aug. 2, 1906; bur Oakwood Cem.
Dr. A. P. Brown Charter Member - enl in La a few days before Shiloh Co E, 1st La Cav Regt; established a turpentine still in NE La; d. June 17, 1907.
E. B. Brown d. April 13, 1917; bur Greenwood Cem.
J. F. Brown Charter Member - b. East Tenn Enl Fannin Co Tex Co F, 11th Tex Cav Regt; d. June 29, 1907, bur Oakwood Cem.
J. M. Brown b. March 16, 1843; d. Aug. 13, 1931, bur. Kennedale Cem., enl Co L, 25th Ala Inf.
Richard Brown b. Nashville, Tenn where enl 1862 Co A 11th Regt., wounded & in prison Camp Douglas, Ill; lived Keller, Tex in 1912.
Samuel Abel Brown b. April 18, 1841, Haywood Co.Tenn; enl Caldwell Co Tex Co K 17th Tex Inf; liv Tarrant Co early 1900s; moved to Travis Co. and d. March 1, 1926. bur. Greenwood Cem, DelValle, Travis Co.
Sam H. Brown b. Feb. 21, 1841 Ala.; enl 1861 Ala; Co C' 7th Ala Inf Regt; d. April 25, 1911; bur. Oakwood Cem.
J. R. Bryan enl Co I, 10th Ala Inf Regt; d. 1904, bur. Oakwood Cem.
G. M. Bryant b. Nov. 1846 Red River Co Tex where enl 1864 Co A, Gould's Regt.
L. W. Bryant b. 1845 Tuscaloosa, Ala; enl 1864 Northport, Ala.
J. T. Brymer b. 1841 Cleveland, Tenn. enl Burleson Co. Tex 1861 Co H 2nd Tex Inf Regt.
Thomas N. Buchannan bur. Pioneers Rest Cem. No marker.
George F. Buckelew b. Jan. 13, 1849 Dalton, Ga; enl 1862 Shreveport, La.
W,. W. Buckner 1900 Roster.
J. W. Burgess enl 1861 Mo; d. March 9, 1901, bur Oakwood Cem.
F. M. Burke enl Co H, Ford's Tex. Cav. Reggt. SCH 1908.
Eugene Burr b. Ky., enl 1861 Springfield, Tenn; Co A 30th Tenn Regt; captrd at Fort Donalson 1861 and exch; captrd Dec. 1864, escaped and went home before surrender; d. Aug. 30, 1905 in Confederate Home, Austin.
N. C. Burrow b. May 1, 1827 Carroll Co. Tenn; enl 1862 Tenn. Bedford's Regt.
Frank M. Burrows/Burroughs b. March 28, 1840 Culpepper Co. Va. where enl 1861 Co B, 13th Inf Regt; enrolled in Camp in 1910 with rank of Major; POW at Ft. Delaware 3 mos; d. 1922.
John T. Burt b. May 1843 Holmes Co Va; enl 1861 Columbus, Miss. Co A, 44th Miss Regt; d. Oct. 8, 193l bur Oakwood.
Tom J. Burton d. 1922.
Dr. William Paxton Burts b. Washington Co. Tenn Dec. 7, 1827; enl 1862 Tarrant Co Rifles; did not go to war but provided a substitute as was needed at home; UCV considered him a veteran just as if he had been in battle; d. Sept. 5, 1895, bur Oakwood Cem. Was 1st Mayor of Fort Worth.
James H. Bussey b. Ark; enl Fort Worth Co K 7th Tex Cav Regt; d. April 1900; bur. Mary's Creek Cem.
J. B. Busby enl 1863 Co D 9th Tenn Regt; SCH 1921.
[no first name] Bushong 14th Tex Cav Regt. Records of Grapevine Cem. "G. E. Bushong, 3-15-1836 - 12-3-1905."
Cyrus A. Butts b. Lincoln Co. Tenn. Oct. 7, 1836; enl 1861 Clarkson, Mo. Co H 1st Mo Regt; m. Nancy H. Mead 1855; d. April 14, 1904, bur. Oakwood Cem.
T? J. Byars b. Tex; enl San Antonio, Tex Co C, 2nd Tex Regt, Sibley's Brigade; Oakwood Cem. records show " T. J. Byars 1844 - 1922"
George C. Byars enl 1861 Capt Rhodes Co Army Northern Va; d. 1892, bur. Oakwood Cem.

John Cain b. Ga., enl. Polk Co. Tenn. Co,. D. 3rd Tenn. Regt., Johnson's Div.; Signed 1900 Roster. One John Cain bur. Calvary Cem. 2 mi. e of Mansfield -. 5-19-1846 - 11-2-1917. (lived Grapevine 1884);
R. A. Cain b. Jan. 3, 1836, Marshall Co. Miss.; enl 1861 Leake Co. Miss., Co E., 27th Miss. Inf Regt.
E. A. Caldwell d. 1895 of apoplexy, aged 63; bur. June 25, 1895, Oakwood Cem.
W. F. Callahan
Hiram Callaway
H. V. Calvin One marker in Birdville, Tex., reads "Confederate Soldier: - not shown in Birdville Cem. Records as printed. Was married to Catherine A. 1843 -1911.
D. G. Cameron Charter Member - Signed 1900 Roster. No data except was resident Confederate Home in Austin.
W. M. Cameron d. 1922. No further information.
J. T. Camp Co. C, 8th Ga. Battn; admitted to Confederate Home, Austin Nov. 1902 because of "old wounds." d. April 2, 1907 and possibly buried there.
Henry C. Campbell b. Tenn. enl. 1862 Canton Miss. Sgt. Ordnance Co. H. 9th Miss. Inf Regt; Moved to Fort Worth 1877; d. April 16, 1909; bur. Mt. Olivet.
P. J. Campbell Bond's Battn. 1900 Roster.
John James Campbell d. Nov. 11, 1924, bur. Oakwood Cem.
A. J. Candler b. Russell Co. Va; enl. 1861 Collin Co. Tex. 9th Tex Inf Regt.
D. C. Cannon Co. I. 2nd Miss. Regt. 1900 Roster.
Wm. Green Cannon b. Nov. 16, 1844, Bedford Co. Tenn. Enl. 1862 Co. A. 37th Tenn Inf Regt. Moved to Tarrant County ca 1873; d. Jan. 1, 1903; bur. Bedford Cem., Bedford, Texas. Widow Fronia (Sophronia) Haley Cannon.
Andrew Thomas Card b. June 13, 1838 - d. March 16, 1916; bur. Oakwood Cem.
Benjamin B. Carder en,. 1861 Page Co. Va., Co D., 7th Va. Cav. Regt. wounded four times; prisoner 6 months; m. Elizabeth ---- 1866 St. JKo. Mo., d. July 22, 1907, Austin, Tex. Bur. Oakwood Cem.
H. Carico
John S. Carishaw Co. D. 11th Tex. Regt. 1900 Roster.
James Carlin b. Jan. 1826, New York; enl. 1862 Alexandria, La., Co. C. Crissons; Regt; d. Jan. 1903. burial place not known.
James Carnes Not shown Camp roster but a J. D. Carnes on Pension Index and d. Dec. 31, 1926; bur. Oakwood.
Thomas S. Carrier b. Nov. 15, 1844 Sulllivan Co. Tenmn; enl. Bristol, Tenn. Co. K. 26th Tenn. Regt. Was in all battles with Tenn. Army. One Thomas S. Carrier died 1 July 1927; will prob. Sept. 1927 named wife Fannie and step daughter, Mrs. Mary E. Hollingsworth - Bk. 128 p. 586, Probate Minutes Tarrant County
J. Carroll 8th La. Inf Regt. 1900 Roster.
Ed Carroll N. OP. [New Orleans?] Guards. 1900 Roster.
B. H. Carroll b. Dec. 27, 1843, near Carrolton, Miss; 1st enl age 17 in Rangers Regt under Henry E. McCulloch; in 1862 enl. 17th Tex. Inf. Get., Co. A. Wounded at Mansfield. Was home at time of surrencer. Not shown on Camp Roster but did live in Fort Worth from ca 1912.
M. S. Carson Co. I., Mann's Tex. Cav. Regt. 1900 Roster.
J. Carson b. June 29, 1831 Pickens Co. Ala. where enl. 1861 Co. H. 11th Ala. Regt. Disch. because of "white swelling" in right leg. Feb. 1862.
T. E. Carson b. Pike Co. Ga. 1837. eml. 1861 Morgan, Ga. Co. D., 12th Ga. Regt., captured May 1862 POW Old Capitol prison Washington D. C., then to Delaware; exchanged Aug. 1862.,. captured again June 1864 and POW Camp Chase, Ohio., d. 1914, bur. Mt. Olivet Cem.
J. H. Carter b. 1847, Watumpka, Al;a., but reared Ga., enl. first in Ga. St. Troops 1893; enl. 1864 Co. D. 2nd Ga Regt., enrolled in Camp 1911.
John Carter b. Ireland; enl 1861 Vickburg, Miss. Co E., 12th Miss Regt; surrendered with Gen. Lee.
John Cartin Co. E. 1st Miss. Regt. 1900 Roster.
E. Caruthers 12th Va. Cav. Regt. 1900 Roster.
Milton S. Carwile b. SC; enl 1861 Houston Tex.,. Co. B, 3rd Ariz. Cav., d. March 1, 1901; bur. Oakwood Cem.
Rev. Harry Cassil/Cassill Co. I., 8th Mo. Regt. Was Chaplain R. E. Lee Camp during the three years he served as pastor of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Fort Worth. Minutes of October 1896 meeting recorded resolution praising him very highly as he left for Orlanda, Fla. to serve church there.
Frank Zack Castleberry 4th Ga. State Troops., b. May 12, 1845; d. Feb. 23, 1905, bur. Oakwood Cem.
J. T. Castleberry b. Feb. 27, 1848, Talbot Co. Ga., enl 1864 Atlanta, Ga., Co. E. 9th Ga. Regt. After Quoting him "....after Sherman left Atlanta we stayed in his front till the battle of Grizzleville, then were ordered back to Macon Ga., Albany by Thomasville and Honey Hill S. C. to Savanna where met sherman and confronted his back to Savannah. When Savannah evacuated ordered to Augusta Ga., where furloughed. At Columbus, Ga. when Lee surrendered. d. Jan. 16, 1927, bur. Oakwood Cem.
S. E. Castleberry
C. C. Cate
David H. Cate b. Sept. 8, 1845 St. Jo. Mo.; enl 1861 Tarrant Co. Tex. 9th Tex. Cav. Co. A. Went home day before surrender at Vicksburg. Evidently joined camp in 1908.
Andrew J. Chambers Charter Member - b. March 13, 1833 Hinds Co. Miss.; married Sarah M. Watts May 28, 1857 Parker Co. Tex; served as member 18th Texas Legislature; enl Co. C., 1st Tex. Regt.; gained rank of Colonel.: d. 1893 Corpus Christi, Tex. where had gone for health reasons.. Bur. Pioneers Rest Cem. Will named wife Sarah M., sons Mecon L., Dr. R., and A. J. Jr., dau. Eva J. Estes (widow of John Estes) Pearl and Minnie C.
Sam H. Chambers b. Oct. 2, 1837; d. Aug. 16, 1887; bur. Pioneers Rest Cem. Was wounded Chickmauga.; m. Fereba Magee, Known children: Woodson, John, Henry, James, Lemuel C., Andrew I., Sam H., William D., Emma C., Allen, Mary Peale, Emiline Donue and Sarah Watts Chambers. Said to be bur. Forest Hill Cem.
A. J. Chandler
Sam Harris Chapman b. Aug. 1, 1845 Carroll Co. Ky.; enl age 18 Dallas Co. Tex., was detailed by Capt. Julian Feild QM Commissary to help his father, John Wylie Chapman. Was still living 1930; was in Confederate Home in Austin at some time.
T. M. Chapman enl 1861 Co C 13th Miss Inf Regt; Signed 1900 Roster; Recd. SCH 1908; d. June 23, 1915. Burial site unknown
J. E. Chilcote/Chilcoat b. Oct. 26, 1839 Lincoln Co. Tenn; enl 1861 Lawrence Co Ala Coo F, 16th Ala Regt; d. April 11, 1911. Bur Longview, Tex.
R. E. Childress b. Jan. 10, 1846 Shelby Co. Tex. Enml 1864 Dallas Tex,. Donnell's Cop., 18th Tex. Cav. Regt.
John L. Chiles Enl 19th Tex. Inf Regt; admitted to Confederate Home, Austin 1907.
Olley Choate b. May 10, 1844 Polk Co. Tex. Enml. 1862 Limestone Co. Tex. Co. I. Cook's Heary Artillary; stationed Galveston. Evidently joined camp 1911
James Christian b. Dec. 29, 1844 Hawkins Co. Tenn., enl 1861 Greene Co. [Tenn?] Cop. A. 29th Tenn Inf Regt;
John S. Christian b.near Clarksville, Red River Co. Tex. Enl 1862 Gray Rock, Tex. Co. D. 11 Tex Inf Regt;
W. H. Churchman
John W. Clack b. Marshall Co. Ala.; enl 1861 Paris, Tex. Co. A. 9th Tex Inf Regt. Oakwood Cem. Records: J. Clark d. June 19, 1886
Lee Claridy Charter Member - Body guard of Gen. A. S. Johnson. No further information.
J. A. Clark B. 1830 Ala; enl 1861 smith Co. Tex Co C, 17th Tex Cav Regt; came to Fort Worth 1905; SCH 1908; d. Sept. 29, 1913 at home of dau., Mrs. H. B. Nowlin. Bur. Van Zandt Co. Tex.
J. C. Clark B. May 27, 1831 Mecklenburg Co. Va., enl 1861 Lincoln Co. Tenn. Co H, 8th Tenn Inf Regt.
John Clark Enl. Collin's Battn. 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem. Records show dates 1848-1874.
W. D. Clark b. Cherokee Nation; enl thjorpe Springs, Tex. 1900 Roster.
John P. Claunch b. March 28, 1847 Harrison Co. Texl; enl 1864 Ellis Co. Tex, age 18,. He lived in Maypearl, Ellis Co (after War) but was member R. E. L. Camp. Death reported in camp minutes May 17, 1831. Bur. Ellis Co. [location unknown]
J. T. Clements b. Dec. 1834 Jordan, N. Y. Enl. 1862 Houston, Tex. Lt. 3rd Regt. Arizona Brig; d. May 22, 1904. May be bur. Oakwood Cem.
Louis Clopner Pioneers Rest Cem. Records give name Louis H. Klopner - 1833 - 1885
Alfred Madison Coble b. Sept. 25, 1843; enl NC age 19; moved to Arlington after War; d. Feb. 11, 1921.
W. M. Cockran 2nd Miss Regt. 1900 Roster.
J. W. Cody Charter Member - Co A. 7th Tex. Regt.
John R. Coffin 1900 Roster. No data.
James Cole b. 1828, Tenn; enl 1861 Fayette Co. Tex; d. April 1917. Burial place not known.
T. S. Cole
Thomas Coleman 1900 Roster. Co D, 9th Tex Regt.
W. B. Coleman Enl 1863 Co A, Buel's Tex Cav Regt; lived in Cleburne [Johnson Co Tex] but likely member R. E. Lee Camp Recd. SCH 1926.
W. C. Coleman 1900 Roster. Serv 25th Va Cav Regt; Grapevine Cem. Records give dates: 9-1-1828 - 7-12-1910
H. L. W. Collier b. July 24, 1844; Corp. Co D, 14th Tex Inf Regt; d. Dec. 14, 1935 bur. Oakwood Cem.
G. W. Collins Was in Confederate Home. On Pension Index.
John S. Collins Co. D. 34th Tenn Inf Regt; bur. Arlington, Tex. Cem. - no dates.
Marshall R. Collins
Thomas B. Collins Co. C. 5th Tex Cav Regt; Marker Arlington, Tex. Cem. [no dates]
W. J. Collins
J. L. Colthrop 1900 Roster. No further information.
C. H. Comer b. Cherokee Co. Ala; enl 1862 Co. D., 55th Ala. Regt. One "Hamp" Comer on 1922 camp obits. Wife Elizabeth, was widow when joined UDC in 1924. Oakwood Cem. Records give death of 1922.
James Britain Conine d. after 1930. Is on Pension List. No further information.
J. B. Conkling enl Pilot Point, Tex. Co. B. 29th Tex. Cav. Regt; believed decd. Prior to 1905.
Alexander Conn Enl. 1862 Co H, 13rh Ala Inf Regt. Recd SCH [1906?]
J. S. Conn b. Sept. 22, 1846, Newton Co. Tex., enl 1862 Sabine Pass, Tex. Speight's Regt. Joined Camp 1905; SCH 1908. Bur Isham Cem. West of Arlington, Tex.
Rev. J. S. Conn Sept. 27, 1846 - Jan. 10, 1910
H. L. Connell 1900 Roster. Co. A. Speight's Tex. Regt.
H. N. Connell B. July 1, 1841 Houston, Tex; enl 1861 Sabine Pass, Tex Co A, Speight's Tex Regt; d. Aug. 30, 1905. Bur. Pioneers Rest Cem.
Harmon Cook b. Sept. 5, 1825 near Chatham, Va. Enl 1862 Co E 6th Va Cav; with Lee at surrender; d. Oct. 17, 1915. Liv in Keller, Tex. So prob. Bur. There.
Harry Cook b. Dec. 12, 1849 New Orleans, La; enl Athens, Ga. 23rd Ga Battn, Hood's Brig. Ran away age 14 to join; battles Jonesboro, Atlanta and others. Bur. Oakwood Cem. D. April 13, 1923.
G. W. Cook Co. F. 8th Tenn. Regt. Signed Roster 1900 - was present Oct,. 1890 meeting but not listed as Charter Cemter.
Henry Cooper b. Aug. 4, 1845 Spring Hill, Ark. Enl Collinsburg, La. 1863 Co A, Bird's Battn; d. Feb. 1911l bur. Greenwood Cem.
Ike Cooper b. Collinsburg, La. Where enlisted Harrison's Battn.
James D. Cooper b. Oct. 12, 1841 near Crawfordsville, Ga; enl 1862 Ala Co A. 1st Ala Inf Regt; captured Franklin; exch. Vicksburg; captured again Port Hudson; moved to Tarrant County 1876, lived 4 miles from Arlington; d. April 21, 1917, bur. Arlington Cem.
Joseph F. Cooper b. Miss; enl 1864 Brandon, Miss Co A, Bradford's Battn; captured near Rodney Miss April 1865 and in prison at Vicksburg; par. After Lee's surrender. Was living Fort Worth when received SCH 1921.
M. L. Cope Lived in Denton Co. But apparently had close connection with R. E. Lee Camp. From Fort Worth Star Telegram June 11, 1915: "Veterans to get canes made by former soldier. Canes made by M. L. Cope, Confederate veteran, who died last September at his home near Denton, will be distributed to members of R. E. Lee Camp next Sunday in compliance with a bequest in Cope's will." [He died Sept. 1914 in Denton, Texas]
Marion P. Cope
L. B. Copeland
T. Copeland 1900 Roster. 6th Tex Inf Regt.
Thomas Benton Copeland b. 1842 Cumberland Mtns, Tenn; to Texas after War; d. 1921, bur. Watson Cem.
J. C. Corben 1900 Roster. Co. #, 12th Tenn Battn
B. L. Corley b. Oct. 17, 1845; Scott Co. Miss. Enl April 1864 De Soto Parish, La. Co. I 7th Tex Cav Regt.
Alex Cown b. Ala. July 20, 1846 enl 1861 Co H. 13th Ala Regt. Gettsburg, Petersburg; captured, escaped.
Edwin R. Cox b. March 27, 1844 Hopkins Co. Ky. Enl 1863 Pvt. Co. I 10th Ky Cav Regt; captured 1863 and POW Ohio until end of war.
James Cox b. Jefferson Co. Tenn. 1840. Enl. 1861 Tenn. Co. B, Cravens' Regt.
James Crabtree b. Robinson Co. Tenn. Enl Springfield, Tenn. Co I, 14th Tenn Regt; 1900 Roster.
R. K. Craft D. 1893, bur. Oakwood Cem. Listed Camp's 1900 obituary list without a date.
Archibald Hertig Craig 1839- 1903; bur. Oakwood Cem.
W. D. L. F. Craig b. 1817 N. C., enl 1861 Panola Co. Tex. Co. F, 10th Tex Regt; became Lt. Col. 10th Texas by reason of seniority; prisoner at close of war and released after surrender; d. Jan. 1904, bur. Handley Cem. Where lived.
Rev. J. L. Crain b. Jan. 22, 1847 Carrollton, Ark., enl 1861 Hindsville Ark Co. B, Harrold's Regt; Oakwood Cem. Records give dates 1847 - 1912
Nat Cramer Charter Member - Co. A. 3rd Mo. Cav. Regt.
E. C. Creeley b. St. Louis, Mo. Enl 1861 Memphis Tenn Co G, 1st Mo Inf Regt; prisoner May 1861 and excgh Nov 1861.
William Creswell b. March 1847 Independence Co. Ark, enl 1861 Fort Worthm, Tex Co. A. 7th Tex Cav. Regt, Sibley's Brig. Wounded Donaldsville 1864. Lived Confederate Home [dates not given]
G. B. S. Crews b. Jan. 23, 1826; d. Aug. 13, 1915 bur. Pioneers Rest Cem.
W. P. Cribbs
Wm. Cronk Bur. Pioneers Rest Cem. No stone.
H. Crook 1900 Roster. 6th Va. Cav. Regt.
Thomas E. Cross B. July 29, 1838 Clinton Co. Ky. Enl Birdville, Tarrant Co. Tex. 1861 Co. E, 8th Tex Inf Regt. At battle of Mansfield right leg was broken and was sot in right thigh and hip; served as division clerk until end of war. Lived Confederate Home at some time.
W. M. Cross b. July 13, 1840 Hempstead Co. Ark. Enl 1861 Grapevile, Tex., serv. Capt. J. C. Tgerrell';s Co.; d. June 10, 1912, bur. Smithville, Tex. SCH June 1910.
Charlie Crouch Co. A. Elliot's Battn. d. 1898, bur. Oakwood Cem.
Elijah P. Crowley b. April 11, 1818; bur. Minter's chapel Cem. d. March 6, 1879.
Hiram Crowley Enl 1862 Grapevine, Tex. Alexander's 34th Tex Cav. Regt. Commanded Brig. Beginning June 1863. Killed at Battle of Yellow Bayou May 18, 1864 and bur.there.
A. L. Crutchfield 1900 Roster. 7th Ky. Regt. Oakwood Cem. Records show A. J. Crutchfield, d. 1895.
C. C. Cummings Charter Member - b. June 23, 1838 Holly Springs, Marshall Co. Miss. Enl. 1861 Holly Springs Co. B. 17th Miss. Regt. In battle with Stonewall Jackson when latter was killed; lost his right hand 1863; at Peachtree Orchard and Gettysburg; captured, exchanged Sept. 1863. d. May 17, 1917.
F. Cunningham 1900 Roster. 18th Ga. Regt.
J. L. Cunningham (Dr.) 28th Ala Regt; Not on Charter member list but signed roster at Oct. 1890 meeting.Sidney P. Cunningham, b. Bourbon Co. Ky. Oct. 9, 1836; d. April 11, 1887; bur. Oakwood Cem.
Sidney P. Cunningham
A. D. Curry Co. E. 14th Tex. Regt. 1900 Roster.
James H. Curtis b. June 8, 1842 Overton Co. Tenn. Enl 1861; captain Co l, 25th Tenn Inf Regt; d. Dec. 28, 1909; bur. Oakwood Cemetery.
C. C. Cuthbert 1900 Roster. Co. I. 2nd Miss Reft; not a Charter Member but was at organizing meeting Oct. 1890. Some names have been inadvertently omitted.


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