The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

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J. R. Gafford b. March 23, 1873 Pontotoc, Miss enl 1862 Sulphur Springs, Tex; Co K 18th Tex Inf Regt; moved with father 1849 Hopkins Tex; mar. Julia Lyster 1866 and moved to Comanche Co where d. Feb. 1911 and is bur. there. SCH 1908.
T. Y. Gallaspy b. May 18, 1844 Mobile, Ala; enl April 1861 Mansfield, La. Pelligan Rifles, 2nd La Inf Regt; at Seven Days at Richmond; Seven Pines, 2nd Manassas, Gettysburg; Captured May 1864; POW until April 1865 when exch and taken to Richmond; was in hospital when Gen. Lee surrendered.; d. Feb. 13, 1915, bur. Mount Olivet.
John C. Gambrell b. Dec. 19, 1843 Greene Co. A; enl 1861 Itwanba Co Miss; Co C 17th Miss Inf Regt; to Tarrant Co 1869; d. Fort Worth Jan. 1, 1874 of typhoid. Bur. Pioneers Rest. NOTE; This is the only POST DEATH membership in the Camp records. His name was presented by his daughter, Susie Gambrell Randle; recommended by C. C. Cummings and Mrs. John C. Gambrell, his widow. Her first husband was Samuel D. Gambrell, brother of John C.
R. M. Gano b. Bourbon Co. Ky. June 18, 1830; enl 1861 Tarrant Co. Tex; was capt of a local group which he organized - Grapevine Mtd Riflemen, 20th Brig TM. Then asked by Gen. Albert Sidney Johnson to raise troops and trport to him at Bowling Green, Ky. Was Lt. Col. of Gano's Battn which merged into 7th Ky Cav in 1862. Before the war, he served Tarrant County in the State Legislature; moved to Dallas after the War before camps were organized. D. March 27, 1913 Dallas; memorial read at Camp meeting April 1913.
R. H. Gardiner b. St. Landry Parish, La. Enl 1861 Co D, Miles Legion; later Murrey's Heavy Art at Mobile, Ala. Captured Blakely, [Ga.?} 1900 Roster.
F. M. Gardner b. Lauderdale Co. Miss 1839; enl 1861 Williamson Co. Tex. 17th Tex. Regt; wounded April 1864 and sent home. Drew pension from State of Texas; C. C. Cummings wrote and signed for him as he was paralysed.
William H. Garrett b. Tenn; enl 1862 Murfreesboro, Tenn, Co A, 24th Tenn Inf Regt; battrles in Georgia campaign with Hood and J. E. Johnson. SCH 1908.
C. L. Garrison Tomebstone inscription White's chapel Cem. Reads Co. K. 2nd Mo. SM Cav. No dates.
J. F. Garrison Tombstone instription White's Chapel Cem. "Co K, 7th Mo Inf." No dates.
John E. Gaskell b. Oct. 13, 1844 Ala; enl 1862 Vicksburg, Miss; Co M 17th La Regt; during first years of war helped father instruct companies in drilling (father made stump speeches organizing volunteer companies). Was in Gen. Thomas's La. Brig. During last part of war; came to Fort Worth 1895; very active in Camp and in 1906 was director of music and literary dept; in 1910 held same office in Tex. Div. 1925 Thanksgiving Dinner list says b. 1846. SCH 1910; death reported camp minutes Nov. 2, 1930. Several articles about him Fort Worth Star Telegram 1915.
George W. Geer Charter Member - Enl Co A 3rd Tex Regt. Pre-1905 obit list shows a Geo. W. Geer bur. Oakwood Cem. D. 1893.
Thomas F. George b. Nov. 27, 1843 near Huntsville, Ala; enl 1862 Lincoln Co Tenn; Co I 32nd Inf Regt; never wounded. Promoted to Orderly Sgt after Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge; one of three men not wounded in his company.
William Gerholt b. Baton Rouge La., where enl 1861 Co B 1st La Cav Regt; prisoner July 1863 and paroled 1865; d. Soldier's Home, New Orleans, La. July 21, 1904.
J. Gernsbacker Name on loose sheet ca 1922; the Gernsbacker brothers contributed much to the Camp financially - mostly through Julia Jackson Chapter UDC.
J. W. Gervin b. Maysville, Co. Enl Co D 22nd Miss Regt [no date] wounded in head on picket line at Jackson. "Had not joined camp sooner because had been railroading - now out of work - no home."
Joel Holmes Gibson b. March 8, 1846, Troup Co Ga; enl 1862 Lagrange Ga; After Sherman's march to the sea was on Private Duty, then joined 22nd Ga Inf Battn.
T. L. Gibson Records at Oakwood Cemetery show Thos. L. Gibson Sr. 1847 - 1917.
T. B. Giese? Enl Sweets Miss Cav Battn; b. July 24, 1844; d. March 7, 1912; bur. Oakwood.
G. W. Gill b. Lawrence Co. Ala; enl 1864 Enterprise Miss; was in charge of cattle to take to Ga; got sick enroute, returned to camp and was disch; enl & disch 3 times because of health - had crippled hand and blind in right eye. Joined camp 1902.
W. M. Gill b. Ala; enl 1861 Tupelo, Miss Co H 2nd Miss Inf Regt; wounded at Gettysburg and disabled for further service.
John E. Gillespie b. 1844 New Orleans, La; Enl 1861 Waco Tex Co G, 6th Tex Cav Regt; d. 1935 in Confederate Home in Austin; bur. Oakwood Cem.
William W. Gilley b. Coosey Co Ala; enl Dallas Co Tex 1861 Co A 6th Tex Cav Regt; surrendered April 1865 Jonesborough, NC; d. Jan. 10, 1908; bur. Oakwood Cem.
Thomas G. Gilmore b. Shelby Co. Tenn. Enl 1861 Jackson Fort, Ark. Co C 8th Inf Regt, Ark; 1900 Roster.
H. P. Gilreath b. Ga; enl 1862 Cartersville, Ga; Co I, 1st Ga Cav Regt; believed to have died before 1911; Oakwood Cem. Records: d. 1903.
John N. Givens b. S. C., enl 1861 Satartia, Miss; Co B, 46th Miss Regt; d. July 14, 1907, Glen Rose, Tex. where bur.
C. V. Glenn b. March 17, 1839 Gilmer Co. Ga; enl 1861 McMinville, Tenn Co F 16th Tenn Inf Regt; elected Capt. and promoted to Col. Commanding 7th Ga Regt. Camp minutes dated March 8, 1903, welcome him as new member. SCH 1920; death reported in minutes dated May 29, 1932.
John M. Glenn b. June 1837, N. C. Enl 1861 Lebanon, Va Co E 1st & 4th Consolidated Regt; Green's Brigade; captured Vicksburg; POW Ship's Island; d. 1911; bur. Oakwood.
P. Harper Goodloe b. Ca 1840; enl 1861 Ellis Co Tex Co E 12th Tex Cav Regt,. Parson's Brig; when he applied for pension address was Tarrant County; however seems to have lived a great deal of time in Ellis Co; one P. H. Goodloe bur. Oakwood Cem; no dates. According to cem. recs. d. 1920.
Duke Goodman b. Dec. 29, 1842 Mobile, Ala; enl 1861 Richmond, Va; Co A La. Guard Art; Stonewall Jackson's corps; in Shenandoah Valley campaign, Winchester, Wilderness, Richmond, Gettysburg, Appomattox. "I am still a Rebel, have never surrendered, taken the oath nor was whipped but simply wore myself out whipping the Yankees." d. Jan. 25, 1905; bur. Oklahoma.
Silas Goodrich b. Carroll Co Ohio; enl Pine Bluff Ark Co C 3rd Tex Cav Regt; on pre-1905 obit list. 1900 Roster.
Moses Goodfellow b. Jan 1820 Meigs Co Ohio; enl 1861 Gano's Guards; d. Oct. 18, 1897; bur. Bear Creek Cem near Euless.
A. G. Goff Enl Pvt Co I, Gordon's Mo Regt; Shelby's Brig; attended Reunion Ex-Confed. Dallas 1884.
A. S. Gorman b. Campbell Co. Ga; enl 1861 Talledga, Ala., Co E, 10th Ala Regt; surrendered at Appomattox; d. 1917/18. SCH 1908.
W. J. Gracy Shown on loose sheet roster after 1922; no data.
Spencer Graham b. Dec. 14, 1849, Benton Co. Ark; enl 1862 Pvt Co G 18th Tex Cav Regt; Nelson's Brig; captures twice; d. March 6, 1906; bur. Grapevine, Tarrant Co.
N. J. Granberry Enl Co A., Alexander's Regt, Tarrant Co. Lived Lebanon, Tarrant Counthy 1884.
James A. Grant b. March 4, 1846 Todd Co. Ky; enl April 1862 Fort Worth Pvt Co F, Capt J. C. Terrell's Co.
M. M. Grantham b. Habersham Co. Ga; enl Cherokee Co Ga; Capt of Co B 43rd Ga Regt, Barton's Brig; Battles: Perryville, Missionary Ridge, Chattonooga, Vicksburg.
W. R. Grantham b. Dec. 11, 1839 Wilcox Co. Ala enl Meridian, Miss 1862 Sgt Co F, 46th Miss Regt; bur. Oakwood.
F. F. Graves earliest record made, pre-1905, says bur. Oakwood Cem. Their records state bur. Nov. 1889.
George W. Graves d. 1884 bur. Oakwood.
N. H. Graves b. Jacksonville, Ill; enl 1861 McKinney, Tex, Co H, 6th Tex Cav Regt; disbanded at close of war.
R. N. Graves b. Jacksonville, Ill; enl 1861 McKinney, Tex. Co H 6th Tex Cavt Regt
J. S. Gray d. 1904 bur. New Orleans, La. Earlier record says bur. Handley; Their records show James S. Gray 1828 - 1902. John S. Gray on Pension Index.
William T. Gray Charter Member - b. July 24, 1843 N. C., enl 1861 Lenoir Co N. C.; Co E, 3rd NC Cav Regt; captured and POW when Lincoln was assassinated. D. Feb. 23, 1913 Fort Worth. Bur. Pioneers Rest.
John A. Green Co. B. 3rd and &th Va. Cav. Regt; d. Dec. 27, 1908.
John Greenin/Gressin? 2nd Tex. Rangers. 1900 Roster.
Samuel Percival Greene Charter Member - b. Dec. 21, 1842 Williamsburg Dist SC; enl 1861 Atlanta Ga Co G, 11th Ga Regt; disch Dec 1861 was ill; re-enl 1862 39th Ga Regt; captured and paroled; returned to Army of Tenn; promoted to Capt of 39th Regt; d. June 9, 1904. Bur Pioneers Rest.
S. Borman b. Campbell Co. Ga; enl 1861 Talledga, Ala Co E 10th Ala Regt; d. 1917/18; SCH 1908.
W. J. Gracy Name on loose sheet roster after 1922 with no data.
Spencer Graham b. Dec. 14, 1840 Benton Co Ark enl 1862 Co G, 18th Tex Cav Regt; captured OIW Camp Douglass, Chicago and exch. City Point, Va; again captured July 1864 and parolled Drury's Bluff, then furloughed. D. March 6, 1906; bur. Grapevine. Tarrant Co.
N. I. Granberry liv. Lebanon, Tarrant Co. 1884; was member Co A, Alexander's Regt.
James A. Grant b. March 4, 1846, Todd Co. Ky. Enl April 1862 Fort Worth Co F Capt. Joseph C. Terrell's Co.
J. W. Greer b. 1840 S. C., enl 1861 S. C. Co I 4th SC Vol Regt; disch after 12 mos and re-enl 1862 20th SC Inf Regt;
J. C. Griffin Colonel. bur Catholic Cem. [name not given] Pre-1905 list gives S. B. Green. Bur Catholic Cem.
John Griffin b. 1837 Alleville, SC; serv CSA [unit not given] moved from Kaufman Co. To Arlington 1887.
J. R. Griffin b. Henderson Co. Tenn. Enl Red River Co Tex Co H 29th Tex Cav Regt. 1900 Roster.
Thomas Griffin 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem. Records give death date as 1899.
John E. Grimes b. Ala; enl 1864 Selma Ala Co I 62md Ala Vol Inf Regt; admitted to Confederate Home Austin 1900 because of rheumatism; d. Ca 1916/17 and bur. There.
J. I. Griswell/Greswell Charter Member - b. Tenn; enl 1861 Tenn Co I 13th Tenn Inf Regt; 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem recs show John I. Griswell, 5-26-1842 - 7-31-1926.
James R. Groves b. Charleston, Va., enl there 1st time in Henry's Regt; captured Roanoke Island, paroled and exchanged; re-enl co G 8th Va Cav Regt; d. June 1912; bur. Oakwood. SCH 1910.
P. A. Groves b. Rappahannock, Va. Ca 1814; enl 1862 Charleston, W. Va., Loring's Div., Army Northern Va; 1st in WM Dept; then detailed to make salt at King's Salt Works for Confed. Gov. Was there at surrender. "Oldest member of camp." d. June 1901; bur. Oakwood Cem.
John Gruso No unit date. 1900 Roster.
G. N. Guess b. 1841 Dade Co. Ga; enl 1861 Dade Co Pvt Co A, 2nd Tenn Regt
M. T. Gullege b. March 29, 1848; bur. Smithfield Cem.
James Guinn Cpl Co A, 3rd N Mtd Inf, no dates. Bur Kennedale, Tex.

Troy Hackler

b. Jan. 15, 1846 Va; moved to Mo 1840; enl Ark 1862 Trans Miss. Dept. under Gen. Price. In about 37 engagements. Wounded in left foot at Ashley Sta. Ark. To Texas at close of war.
W. H. Hass b Wilson Co. Tenn; enl 1861 Rocky Springs, Tex Co G 12th Tex Cav Regt; Parson's Brigade. In a number of battles in La. Disch 1865. Signed 1900 Roster. Awarded SCH 1921.
J. W. Hackney b. Wilkes Co. Ga., enl 1861 Washington Ga Co A, Cobb's Art Battn; serv first under Johnston then Lee from June 1861 until April 9, 1865. 1900 Roster. Pension Index. d. 1917 (acc. To cem marker) . Bur. Oakwood Cem.
Hagood Bur. Mt. Olivet Cem. [not on published cemetery records]
John Haire liv. Baker Co Ga.; enl May 1864 Co A 29th Ga Battn; paroled Albany [Ga?] May 1865. SCH 1922; d. after Jan. 19 of that year when presented SCH; bur. Whites Chapel Cem. No dates.
R. N. Halbert b. 1836 Rutherford Co, NC; enl Bexar Co Tex; Pvt Co I, 11th Tex Regt; Morrison's Brig.
R[ichard] Haley Lived Cleburne, Johnson Co. Tex; enl Oct 1861; Co G 12th Tex Cav, Parson's Brigade; was 1st Lt. when disch May 1865;. Name does not appear on extant rosters of REL Camp #158; he may have been a member of Pat Cleburne Camp #88 in Cleburne. Data taken from SCH record when he received it at Fort Worth Jan. 19, 1927, apparently then member of the Cleburne Camp..
C. G. Hall d. April 30 1915.
W. H. Hall Serv Curry's Tenn. Artil. 1900 Roster. Bur. Oakwood Cem. Their records show dates: : 1932-1905
E. T. Hall (Dr.) b. May 5, 1840 Ala.; enl 1861 17th La Inf Regt; Lovell's Div and serv through the war; paroled at Mansfield in 1865 after Lee's surrender. Wounded at Vicksburg. Formerly member of A. P. Hill Camp, Burleson, Tex; liv in Fort Worth; d. June 16, 1911 and bur. Mt. Olivet.
Royal Columbus Hall Charter Member - b. 23 July 1832 Cocke Co. Tenn; d. 11 Jan. 1905; m. Oct. 14, 1855 Lovena Angeline Ikerd (1838-1927); Pvt Co E 16th Tenn Regt, Vaughn's Brigade. Attended 1884 Reunion in Dallas.
William David Hall b. Oct. 4, 1838 Todd Co. Ky.; enl Fort Worth, Tex Co K 14th Tex Cav Regt; Ector's Brig; d. Fort Worth Feb. 28, 1905; bur Pioneers Rest Cem., m. Mary E. (1847-1894).
W. L. Hall b. Jackson Co. Mo. Enl. April 1864 Ark. Co K 2nd Mo, Shanks' Regt, Shelby's Brigade; Serv till close of war; many battles; command never surrendered but disbanded May 1865. 1900 roster.
R. L. Hamilton [name appears on loose sheet roster ca 1922]
Samuel Baker Hamilton b. 27 Nov 1837 Ky; d. 1892.
J. J. Hammond b. April 10, 1830 Jefferson, Tenn; enl June 1861 Jackson, Ark; Co C 8th Ark Inf Regt serv 4 yrs & 14 days; Wounded at Chattanooga 1863 (first battle) and participated many other battles; captured Jonesboro, Ark and POW 19 days until exch. Acted as commissary in Gavan's Brig. until close of war; disch April 26, 1865, surr. Jonesboro NC with Johnston. D. Dec. 5, 1906.
J. L. Hancock b. Aug 1825 Tuscaloosa, Ala. Enl 1862 Jefferson, Tex Co A 19th Tex Regt QM Dept with Capt Smith. No battles but performed duties as ordered and stayed with train. Listed as having d. Dallas in 1904 but later reported as d. Montague Co. Tex. Sept. 15, 1907. [Was new member of Camp in 1903]
R. C. Hancock d. April 20, 1916, bur. Greenwood Cem.
A. C. Handley [pre-1905 obits] Bur East Oakwood Cem. Cem records show an A. T. Handley d. March 4, 1881. [consumption]
James Madison Handley b. Nov. 15, 1836 Ga. [town of Handley named for him] enl as Major Co H, 46th Ala Inf Regt; d. March 25, 1906; first bur. Old Handley Cem; re-interred Aug. 3, 1930 for burial in Rose Hill near west entrance on East Lancaster, Fort Worth. A new marker was dedicated March 25, 1976 on anniversary of his death. However, no record of membership in REL Camp.
A. Haney Washington Artillery. 1900 Roster.
John Hanna Capt. D. March 5, 1884; bur Pioneers Rest.
J. M. Haralson b. Dec. 20, 1837, Lincoln Co. Tenn; enl 1862 Pvt Co D, 41st Tenn Regt; Buckner's Brig, Army of Tennessee.
J. H. Harbin Name on loose sheet in roster ca 1922
F. A. Harbinson b. 1845 Ala [could be A. B. Harbison on Pens. Ind] enl Jan 1864 Pollard, Ala Pvt Co D, 7th Ala Regt. Forrest's Cav, Army of Tenn.
John J. Hard b. 1836 New Jersey; enl 1862 Parker Co. Tex. Co B, Griffin's Battn; battles Sabine Pass, Galveston; went to Houston after Lee's surrender; Pension Index #18409.
Enoch Harding/Hardin b. Feb. 20, 1843, Calloway Co. Ky. Enl Co H 3rd Ky Inf Regt, Gen. Joseph H. Johnston; later trans. to Cav. under Gen. Forrest; Battles at Paducah, Franklin, etc. Captured enroute to Miss to join CSA 1862; POW until March 1863; exch at City Point, Va. After surr. attended Ky. Univ. at Lexington and grad. 1871. Mov to Tarrant Co. Texas 1872 near Mansfield where taught school. Elected T. C. Tax Assessor 1893. Died Jan. 4, 1913 at his home near Fort Worth; surv by widow and sev ch; memorial read at camp meeting after his death.
J. R. Harding/Hardin b. Hardin Co. Ky.; enl there Sept. 1864 Co Bm, Hughes? Battn; in skirmishes but no regular battles. 1900 Roster.
Noah Harding D. April 19, 1914. Bur East Oakwood Cem.
John Hardisty B. Ky. June 22, 1840; enl Winsborough La., in 1st and 2nd battles Manassas; Harper's Ferry, Gettysburg, etc. Assigned to special detail before Appomattox; m. Mary E. (1848-1889), Birdsville Cem. records have marker with birth date but no death date.
Hammett Hardy (Sr) b. Aug. 21, 1838, Bedford Co. Va; enl 1st Independence, Texas 1861 5th Tex Inf; disch & re-enl Shreveport, La. 1862; Pvt Co I 21st Tex Cav Regt; Parson's Brig; d. Dec. 1911; bur. San Marcos, Tex. Was member of Camp one year.
William S. Hardy enl Co I, 4th Mo S M Cav; Pioneers Rest Cem. Records show b/d dates Nov. 12, 1842 - May 15, 1911.
R. M. Harkey b. Jan. 1835 Mecklenburg, N. C. Enl Gilmer, Tex. Capt Co E, 14th Tex Cav Regt; Ector's Brig; battles in Tenn, Ky and Ga.
J. F. Harlow Camp minutes dated June 18, 1833, refer to him as "the late F. J. Harlow."
S. T. Harman Co E, Parson's Tex Brig; 1900 Roster. Grapevine Cem,. Records show: Stephen T. Harman - 8-31-1845 - Sept. 12, 1915
Alex Harney [Harvey?] b. Belfast, Ire; enl 1861 Greenwood, La., Sand's Artillery; many battles; POW at Point Lookout MD when Gen. Lee surr.
H. J. Harper B. Lincoln Co. Tenn. Enl Tullahoma, Tenn Co E, Newman's Regt; disch Dec 1864 due to sickness. 1900 Roster.
A. T. [J?] Harris Enl 1862 Pvt Co A 41st Tenn Cav Regt; parolled 1865. In 1926 liv Cleburne, Johnson Co. Tex, when presented SCH. Not shown on any other roster.
Absalom S. Harris b. Jan 1847 LaGrange, Ga. Where enl 1861 Co K, 13th Ga Inf Regt; Gordon's Brig; Seven Days Battle before Richmond, Va, to Sharpsburg and wounded in 5 places; captured, POW Harper's Ferry; parolled; disch by Special Act of Confed. Congress at request of his mother [was only 14 when enlisted] Later re-enl Co A 4th Ga Inf Regt and serv until surr; d. Nov. 14, 1906; bur. Oakwood Cem.
Abraham Harris b. Oct. 21, 1825 Leicestershire, Eng; enl 1861 Johnson Sta. Tarrant Co. Tex. Co F 14th Tex Cav Regt Ector's Brig; commissioned by Gov. Ed Clark Col. Of Tarr. Co. Militia Feb. 1861; but resigned next month and enl as Pvt Capt. Stephen Ragan's Co F, 14th Tex Cav. When organized. elected 1st Lt., then Lt. Col. Surr. Meridian Miss June 1865. Was with Arnold when Fort Worth established; disch as Sgt. Maj. Jan. 22, 1852. Large roster states "Name erased from roster by his own request" Feb. 3, 1903; d. March 28, 1915, bur. Pioneers Rest Cem. Had been very active worker in both UCV and UDC.
D. S. Harris Bur. Mount Olivet. Pens. Ind. #18661.
G. J. Harris Co. K. 3d Tex. Cav. Regt. 1900 Roster.
Genl [?] L. Harris Enl June 1861 Pvt 12th Ky; disch 1865..
W. G. Harris Enl Co A, Shelby's Mo Regt; d. 1896; bur Oakwood Cem.
Wm. M. Harrison b. April 26, 1891 Bourbon Co. Ky., reared Howard Co. Mo; enl Clarksville, Tex [?] Capt QM Dept for 18 mos. D. Sept. 16, 1894 Eureka Springs, Ark. Bur. West Oakwood Cem.
J. M. Hartsfield b. July 23, 1845; d. July 30, 1934; enl 1862 Panola, Miss Co H 17th Miss Vol Inf Regt; wounded May 1863 Chancellorsville and saw no more active service. Was Camp Commander 1913; b. Oakwood Cem. Recd SCH 1929. Article in Confederate Veteran Magazine, March 1913, states he enl at Winchester, Va., which was prob where his unit became part of CSA.
A. C. Harwell b. Aug. 10, 1834 Giles Co Tenn; enl 1861 Lawrenceburg, Tenn Co G 48th Tenn Inf Regt; Cleburne's Brig; served this command 2 yrs; after Chickamauga, trans. To Forrect's Cav. Where serv until close of war. Surr. May 1865 Gainesville, Ala. Numerous engagements from Shiloh to Franklin, Tenn.
H. H. Harwell b. Jan. 1843 Monroe Co Ark; enl 1862 Fayette Co Tenn Pvt Co E 51st Tenn Regt; after 2 battles was sent home because under age 18; in 3 mos. re-enl Co. B. 12th Tenn. under Gen. Forrest and with him until surrender at Gainesville, Ala.
J. J. Hatchett d, Feb. 7, 1891, age 57; bur. Oakwood Cem.
Sam A. Hatcher b,. June 1845 Mo; Pvt Co I, Alexander's Regt; was living Ft Worth 1884; d. 1907.
Sam Hatcher b. July 11, 1845 Hannibal, Mo. Enl 1862 McKinney, Tex; 3rd Sgt Co G 34th Tex Cav Regt; Polignac's Brig; d. 1917 Amarillo, Tex. bur. Oakwood; wife Emma M. (1859-1889).
W. M. Hawkins b. June 8, 1842 Greenville, SC; enl 1861 Anniston Ala; Pvt Co C 4th Ala Inf Regt; serv until close of war.
George W. Hayden b. Jan. 9, 1839 Stewart Co. Ga; enl 1861 Marengo Co Ala; Asst Surgeon 40th Ala Regt; Forney's Brig, Army of Tenn; serv in medical and surgical depts several hospitals various locations in the South. D. June 10, 1912 Fort Worth, Tex. Bur. Oakwood Cem.
Sanford M. Haynie b Oct 1834 S. C., enl 1862 Prattville, Ala Co A 56th Ala, Ferguson's Brig; prior to that was in 1st Co Ala Partisan Rangers; many battles and skirmishes. Surr. Greensborogh, NC. Was one of Pres. Davis's escorts from Greensboro to Washington, Ga. Parolled May 4, 1865; d. Nov. 5, 1918; bur. Handley Cem.
Robert L. Hays b. 1845 Lincoln Co. Tenn; enl May 1862 Camden, Ark Co C, Cabell's Brig; member Gen. Cabell's bodyguard and in all battles fought on Price's raid to Mo. Except Jefferson City until Cabell captured at Kansas City.
Richard Hayworth, Capt. Mtd Rifle Co. Col. Sims Regt; TST; enl 1861 Tarr. Co. for 12 mo. Served 55 days. Also serv Co A 9th Tex Cav Regt.
William Hayworth enl 1862 Fort Worth in what became 15th Tex Cav Regt.
W. S. Head Enl Co K, Regt [?] Munford, Va; 1900 Roster. Bur. Oakwood Cem. Their records show Wm. S. 10-15-1839 - 4-26-1919
M. G. Hearne b. Oct. 1844 Norristown, Ark. Enl. Russellville, Ark Co F 1st Battn Ark Cav Regt; serv east of Miss. River from May 1862 - July 1863; numerous battles; captured; parolled July 1863 and exch in Oct. Awarded SCH 1910.
J. R. Heaslett enl Co A, 17th Tenn Regt, Johnson's Brig; was liv Grapevine, Tex. 1884.
Thomas Jefferson Heath b. March 6, 1834; Pvt Co 16? Hatchfield's Rgt; awarded SCH 1908. D. April 1910; bur. Johnson Station Cem, Arlington, Tex.
A, T. Hebert 3rd La. Regt. 1900 roster.
J. H. Hedges Washington Artillery Regt. 1900 Roster.
T. P. Hedrick b. Claiborne Co. Miss; enl 1861 New Orleans La. Co H, 3rd La Inf Regt, Hebert's Brig; prom. to Capt. in charge of Co. A. 1st Mo. Cav. Surr. Marshall, Tex; stayed in Texas. SCH June 1910.
W. P. Helm d. July 24, 1910 Fort Worth, Tex.
J. A. Henderson b. 1846 Shelby Co. Tex. Enl 1864 Dallas Tex. Gano's Regt.
Joe M. Henderson b. 1840; d. 1903; bur. Birdville Cem. Death reported in camp minutes Sept. 6, 1903. Wife Mary J. 1838-1854
J. W. Henderson 1900 Roster.
R. L. Herndon b. Dec. 18, 1845 Murfreesboro, Tenn; enl 1863 Shreveport La., pvt & musician in independent Co that consolidated with Co D, Harrison's Mo. Inf Regt; surr. at Red River, June 1865. Transferred from Pat Cleburne Camp #222 UCV June 1904. On 1925 Thanksgiving Dinner list; also on Confederate Home list later. Received SCH 192l.
W. J. Herndon b. Murfreesboro, Tenn. Enl 1862 Carrolton Miss Co C, 2nd Tenn Cav Regt; surr. Gainesville, Ala; par. May 1865. Came to Texas 1886. Trans. From Winnie Davis Camp UCV, Waxahachie, Tex. A Wm. Herndon still on roster ca 1922. One Herndon at camp meeting in 1930.[not identified]
Marcus D. Herring No data but d. Dec. 1897. Memorial for him written by J. C. Terrell, Thos. Bratton and C. Evans.
J. N. Herring 1900 roster. On Confederate Home Index and Pension Index.
R. F. Herring Co G, Walker's Regt. 1900 Roster. d. Sept. 1894. Bur. Oakwood.
O. C. Herrenkind b. Chicago, Ill; enl Jefferson, Tex Co D 19th Inf Regt; battles mostly in Miss, Ark and Texas; later detached and on special duty; detailed as pattern maker at Hash's foundry west of Jefferson, Tex. until close of war. 1900 Roster.
J. B. Herron Charter Member - Co E, Cox Brig.
R. D. Heston Co. I, Crescent Tex. Regt. D. 1903?
Levi Hickey b. ca 1845 Ky; enl 1862 Ky [age 17] Co C, 5th Ky Cav Regt; Morgan's Raiders; captured 5 days before Morgan was; POW at Chicago & other places; paroled Richmond, Va. July 18, 1865. In 1915 was Major General on staff of Gen. Bennett H. Young, Commander-in-Chief of Confederate Veterans. Transferred from Dick Dowling Camp, Houston, Tex. Dec. 1914.
C. H. Higbee b. Nov. 16, 1837 Lexington, Ky. Enl Independence, Mo. After war spent 5 years in Canada; liv Ky and Tex before finally settling in Texas. UDC application of widow, Mrs. Mary B. Higbee, Nov. 1901 gives this record: "enl Apr 1861 Mo. Holloway's Regt; rapid promotion to Col. due to great loss of men, including Col. Holloway; d. July 13, 1891." Camp burial record states he was bur. Oakwood, blk 23 lot 4; this scratched out with notation that he was removed to Lexington, Ky.
John W. Higgins b. Feb. 5, 1841 Kingston, Roane Co. Tenn; enl 1861 Dade Co. Ga; Pvt to 2nd Sgt Co B, 6th Ga Regt; Colquitt's Brig. Captured at Richmond 1864; POW until June 27, 1865. Battles: Seven Pines, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Fort Sumpter and others. D. Feb. 24, 1924; bur. White's Chapel. Received SCH 1908.
J. H. Hightower, b. April 16, 1847, Montgomery Co Ill; enl 1863 Tarrant Co Tex; corp Co A Lenard's Cav Co; when 18 yrs joined regular service Capt. J. C. Terrell's Co of Cav; was on furlough in Tarr. Co. at time of surr. Smithfield Cem. Records: 4-16-1847 - 8-20-1923
Dan Hightower d. Jan. 3, 1917. Bur. Oakwood Cem. Their records show:" D. H. H. 1848-1917."
G. Hill 3rd Ga. Regt. 1900 Roster.
James Hill Listed as Arkansas Ex-Confederate at 1884 Reunion in Dallas. Was then living in Fort Worth..
W. H. Hill Co E, 16th Mo Regt. 1900 Roster.
W. C. Hilliard D. 1904 bur East Oakwood Confederate Plot.
G. W. Himes b. 1847 Tenn. Liv Bedford, Tex. 1884; enl Tenn Co A, 37th Inf; d. 1923, bur. Calloway Cem. Euless Tarr. Co.
J. A. Himes Pvt Co A 48th Tenn Inf Regt; one A. J. Himes bur. Calloway Cem. With dates 2-14-1847 - 8-11-1926.
John James Hirshfield Pioneers Rest Cem. records give name as "Iser John Germann, b. 11-14-1829"; enl 1862 Fort Worth Tex. Co K, Waller's Battn; was Capt & QM on staff. His dau. Flora Hirshfield Parker gives ff information on UDC application in 1923: "Capt. J. C. Terrell, recently deceased, is a citizen of Fort Worth since 1857. In the spring of 1862 raised a company for Confederate Service here which became Co K, Waller's Battn of Tex Troops - an independent company - my father was chosen Quartermaster to gather supplies for the command and acted [as such] until the end of the war." d. August 16, 1877, bur. Pioneers Rest Cem.
F. M. Hoffman b. Sept 1842 Sabine Pass, La. Enl 1861 Hempstead, Tex Co A 18th Tex Cav Granbury's Brig; was first in State Service Ellis Co. Aug. 28, 1861,Co F, 4th Tex Cav; trans to CSA at Hempstead, Ark; trans to 18th Tex Cav. Co. A.; POW in Ark; exch and back in battle; POW Atlanta, Ga. Never exch but got home in May 1865. 1900 Roster; awarded SCH 1908; on Confederate Home list and Penn. Index.
J. M. Hoffman Mosby's Ranger's. 1900 Roster.
J. Y. Hogsett b. July 22, 1943 Anderson Co. Tenn; to Tex age 16; enl 1861 San Antonio, Tex, Co K, 5th Tex Vol Cav Regt; Sibley's Brig; battles in New Mexico, Val Verde; POW and in hosp Santa Fe March 1862; exch 1863 and served in La 1863-64; battles Teche Bayou, Donaldsonville, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill and Yellow Bayou. Disbanded May 1865. Returned to Tenn. where studied law; to Tex. 1872; d. Sept. 12, 1909. Bur. Oakwood.
G. N. Holden decd before 1905; bur. Pioneers Rest.
A. J. Holland b. Jan. 24, 1844, Tishomingo, Miss; enl 1861 Searcy, Ark Pvt Co E, McGee's Regt; trans. from Camp Winkler UCV, Corsicana, Tex. [evidently August 1908].
George B. Holland b. Aug. 4, 1935; enl. 1862 Co K 7th Tex Cav Regt; Sibley's Brig; active member of Camp and Capt. Co. B. Confederate Grays. SCH 1908. D. Feb. 9, 1921, bur. Mt. Olivet Cem. [was candidate for County Treasurer 1918]
Henry Clay Holloway b. 1838 near Edgefield, SC; came to Texas 1858 and enl 1862 Fort Worth, Tex; Capt Peak's Tarrant Co. Rifles; was County Commissioner 1892-94, Name is not on 1900 roster. Pioneers Rest Cem. - records gives death date April 30, 1905; obit May 1, 1905.
Jasper N. Holt b. Oct. 11, 1839 Bedford Co. Tenn; enl 1862 Co D 23rd Tenn Regt; after battle of Chickamauga tranf to Lee's Army of Va. Captured April 1865 near Appomattox. Wife, Sallie, is bur. Johnson Station Cem.
L. E. Holt Jr. 2nd Lt. Gilmore Guards Mtd Inf Tarr Co. 20th Brig TM; enl 1861 Cold Springs near West Fork of Trinity River. [this Co. became Co B, 1st Regt. M. T. Johnson's]
Lodwick Holt Enl 1862 Pvt. 1st Regt. T. C. Col. M. T. Johnson Commanding,. [Co became Co F 14th Tex Cav Regt]
W. L. Holt enl Fort Worth 1862 [age 18] for 12 mo. Johnson's Brig. CSA.
W. R. Hooper b. Greensboro, Ala; enl 1861 Co I 5th Ala Inf Regt, Rhodes Brig; battles Seven Pines, Seven Days before Richmond, etc. Par. Greensboro SC with Gen. Joe Johnston at close of war. 1900 roster.
N. B. Hoskins b. Aug. 10, 1838 Howard Co Mo; enl 1862 Chestnut Ridge Franklin Co. Tenn; Co D, 23rd Tenn Inf Regt, Brown's Brig; at Chickamauga, Resaca, Marietta, Jonesboro, 2nd Murfreesboro under Hood and Forrest. POW Nashville when Gen. Lee surrendered. Listed as new member of camp May 1907; but since he was on 1900 Roster must have returned. Camp burial record gives death date of 12-22-1908; bur. East Oakwood, with marker and date Jan. 14, 1909. (Latter datewas obviously date of meeting when death was reported.)
S. B. Hoskins b. Bedford Co. Tenn; enl June 1861 Camp Anderson, Tenn Co A 24th Tenn Inf Regt; Cleburne's Brig; captrd, POW Camp Douglas, Ill,. until close of war. Took oath June 15, 1865 and went home. Was Color Corp and in all battles participated in by his command. D. Dec. 22, 1923 bur. Oakwood. SCH (date not given).
C. S. Houghton b. Ala; enl 1862 Marshall Co. Tenn Co H 41st Tenn Regt, Strahl's Div; in all campaigns in Ga; wounded at Franklin, Tenn; went home where remained until close of war. 1900 Roster.
L. F. Houghton b. 1848 Nashville, Tenn. Enl 1864 Marshall Co. Tenn Co I, Carter's Scouts, Joe Wheeler's Div; many battles. Surr. Gainesville, Ala. May 1865.
J. L. House enl 1861 Pvt Co D, 43rd Regt Ga; mustered out June 1, 1865. Was living Fort Worth when received SCH Oct. 11, 1921. On no other record.
P. M. House b. 1833; enl 1861 Pvt Co K, 7th Tex Cav Regt; Tom Green's Brig. Served till disbanded in 1865. Joined Camp 1909.
John J. Howard b. Oct. 1847, Winston Co. Miss; enl 1864 Bienville, La Co H 9th La Inf Regt; at Wilderness, Spotsylvania and all others in which regt engaged up to surr. April 9, 1865. D. April 5, 1912; bur. Oakwood.
C. V. Horn Name on loose sheet roster ca 1922
John Horn Same as above. Oakwood Cem. Rec. Show "J. J. Horn, d. 1893."
E. C. Hornsby Bur. West Oakwood Cem.
Charles Hosfeldt Bur. Greenwood Cem.
Howell M. Hudson b. Jan. 8, 1844 Shelby Co. Tex; to Tarrant Co 1860; enl 1862 in Tarr. Co. 15th Tex. Cav. Regt; under Col. Geo. H. Sweet; Trans-Miss Dept. Served till close of war.
P. A. Hudgins In 1884 liv Grapevine, Tex. Enl Co A, 3rd Ky Regt, Gano's original squadron; Grapevine Cem. record shows "A. P. Hudgins 1832-1896."
Aaron W. Huffman b. Monroe, Va; enl 1861 Logan Co. Va (now West Va); Co A, 45th Mtd Inf Battn, Smith's Brig; many battles; par June 1, 1865. Charleston, W. V.; 1900 Roster. d. March 6, 1904; bur. West Oakwood.
F. M. Huffman Co. A. 18th Tenn Regt. 1900 Roster [see Hoffman, F. M.]
G. G. Hughes Co A, 35th Miss Regt. 1900 Roster.
George W. Hughes b. Ill; family came to Tex and settled in Dallas Co. Nov. 1847; enl 1862 Dallas, Tex; Co K 19th Tex Cav Regt, Parson's Brig; Trans-Miss. Never seriously wounded or captured; never surrendered; serv till close of war. D. April 1909; bur. Oakwood Cem.
Henry G. Hughes b. Hickman Co Ky; enl 1861 Helena, Ark Co A 2nd Art Regt; captured at Shiloh; POW Camp Douglas, Ill, exchanged Vicksburg; wounded twice; captured again & at Camp Douglas until Gen. Joseph E. Johnston surr. Released through friendship of a Dr. Jack of Helena, Ark and went home to Hancock Co. Ky. On 1900 obit list so deceased before that date.
J. P. Hughes. No unit data. 1900 Roster.
J. W. Hughes enl Co C, 10th Mo Cav Regt; Marmaduke's Brig. Was liv Fort Worth 1884.
T. T. Hughes d. Dec. 9, 1905? - bur. Oakwood Cem; not on Camp roster but on Pension Index. Records are confusing
F. J. Hunt b Ark; enl 1861 Miss Co D, 11th Miss Regt; Joe Davis's Brig; at Seven Days, Richmond, Wilderness, Gettysburg, etc.
J. L. Hunter b. Tenn; stated he joined CSA in Tenn but since was a saddle and harness maker, was assigned to that work as it considered more necessary than a soldier; to Tex after war to Fort Worth 1914 where liv Polytechnic.
C. W. Hurley Wheat's La. Battn. 1900 Roster.
W. B. Hurley b. Dec. 12, 1839 Barry Co Mo; enl 1861 Tex Co E McCord's Cav Regt; this regt served on frontier guarding against Indian and Mexican raids. Never surr but disbanded May 25, 1865 and went home.
J. G. Hurman 14th Tex. Cav. Regt. 1900 Roster.
C. L. Hurst 63rd Tenn Regt. 1900 Roster. Grapevine Cem. Records show "Hurst, Calloway, Co. A, 63rd Tenn Inf UCV" - no dates; d. After 1900.
W. L. Hurst b. June 1834 Claiborne Co Tenn; enl 1862 Co H 61st Tenn Regt Army of Tenn; in several battles; d. June 27, 1922; bur. Bedford, Tex. Cem.
C. C. Hustead Charter Member - Enl Co C, 6th Tex. Cav. Regt. Attended Ex-Con Reunion Dallas 1884; bur Smithfield Cem: dates: " Jan. 2, 1842 - Aug. 30, 1919."
Isaac Lafayette Hutcheson b. May 15, 1826 Chattanooga, Tenn; enl 1862 Tenn Rucker's Legion; health failed and was disch before fight at Chattanooga; captured once; forced to take Oath of Allegiance; returned home. Moved to Arlington, Tex. 1870 - d. ca 1905.
J. A. Hutrchinson/Hutchison b. Randolph Co. Mo enl 1861 Macon Co Mo, Co C, 5th Mo Regt, John B. Clark's Brig; battles in Mo. Kansas and Ark.
James B. Hutchison b. Aug. 4, 1841 near Troy, Pike Co. Ala; enl 1861 Pvt Co F, 15th Ala Inf Regt; Trimble's Brig; changed to Longstreet's Corps; captured at Gettysburg 1863 and POW Ft. Delaware at close of war; released by federal auth. In all battles fought by Jackson in Valley Campaigns of Fredericksburg, Wilderness, etc. 1900 Roster.
Cornelius M. Hutton b. Nov. 26, 1835 Green Co Ala; enl 1861 Mobile Ala; Chaplain of 36th Ala Regt; Holtzclaw's Brig; captured while waiting on wounded at Horner's Gap; POW at Nashville; parolled and invited to serve as chaplain at hosp. Released after 3 mos; went to Washington under parole where met celebrated Belle Boyd; brought back to Richmond and released. Rev. C. M. Hutton d. Oct. 27, 1922, bur. Greenwood Cem.

Peter James Ingle enl 1862 Erath Co. Tex. Pvt Co B, Major Erath's 2nd Div Frontier Service. Hon disch June 1865. SCH 1923. Memorial read March 15, 1931..
John J. Ingram b. May 31, 1837 Todd Co. Ky; d. Nov. 19, 1901 Fort Worth. Bur. Thompson Cem. on Old White Settlement Rd. Dates from stone.
Dr. J. L. Isaacs b. Tuscaloosa Co. Ala enl Saline Co Ark 11th Ark Inf Regt; helped organize andwas elected 2nd Lt; also selected as staff surgeon and served sev locations in hospitals and on trains. Died Feb. 21, 1917.
R. L. Isom b. Ala; enl 1861 Columbia Co. Ark Co B, 3rd Ark Regt, Churchill's Brig; disch after Wilson Creek fight; re-enl 1862; captured New Madrid, Mo and POW 5 months at Springfield, Ill; exch at Vicksburg; wounded Keller's Lane, La. and in hosp; captured again near Natchez, Miss and POW Indianapolis, Ind until end of war.
Francis M. Ivey b. Aug. 1830 Union Co. SC; enl 1861 Guntown, Miss Co E, 2nd Miss Regt; Bee's Brig; several battles; after Bull Run was detailed to Medical Dept. and trans. To Miss. Dept. where remained until end of war. Admitted to Confederate Home, Austin, Jan. 4, 1907 because of "old age" and died Jan. 29, 1907. Death was reported in minutes of Annual meeting & Reunion of Tex. Div UCV 1907.


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