The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

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Dr. George Jackson b. Feb. 9, 1831 Mardstone, Eng; to USA age 1; enl 1862 Richmond, Va; Medical Purveyor Dept. under command E. W. Johns; surr. May 3, 1865 to Maj. Edward Walcott. Adj. Gen. and Chief of Staff, Tex. Div UCV 1904-08 under Maj. E. M. Van Zandt; d. at his home 5 Jan. 1908, 9 am. 1900 Roster. Bur. East Oakwood.
Henry N. Jackson b. Belleville, Ill. enl 1861 Vernon Co. Mo., Mo State Troops, Hunt's Regt; Raines Brig; re-enl CSA 1862 Col. Coffee's Regt; Co E, 3rd Regt; Shelby's Brigade. Was advance guard, body guard and bugler until surr. June 13, 1985 at Shreveport, La. Died March 17, 1909. Memorial to him was read by [then] Camp Commander W. P. McLean. Bur East Oakwood.
J. A. Jackson Only record is from Ft. Worth Record, Mon. June 10, 1912; which gives list of veterans receiving SCH from Julia Jackson Chapter UDC. Is shown on Pens. Index.
Lee James bur. East Oakwood.
T. B. James Was liv Tarrant Co. before CW; enl Co F, 28th Tex Battn; battles at Barwick Bay, Morgan City, Red River Campaign, etc. 1925 UDC application of grdau Ada Bell Nash stated grandfather was member of R. E. Lee Camp. Jane James, wife T. B., d. 11 Aug 1876,; bur Birdville Cem.
W. W. James b. Lincoln Co. Tenn where enl Co H 41st Tenn Regt, Hardee's Brig; was Capt of Co; had charge of Fort at Bowling Green and later was at Ffort Donaldson under Gen. Pillow; POW Camp Chase, Ohio; exch Vicksburg; disch because of ill health; later rejoined and was QM until close of war. 1900 roster. D. April 4, 1910; bur. West Oakwood..
J. D. Jamison b. March 7, 1944 S. C.; enl 1861 Summerville, SC; non-com officer Co C 11th Regt State Troops; many battles; surr. with Gen. Johnston; DL dated Feb. 1908.
W. T. Jamison b. Tenn; enl 1861 State Guard; Co. B. 1st Regt, McBride's Brig; also 3rd Mo. Co F, Col. Green's Regt; numerous battles through 1863.
J. J. Jarvis b. April 30, 1831 NC; enl 1861 Wood Co Tex Co A 10th Cav Regt; was Sgt. Maj and Adjutant of Regt; acted as Judge Advocate of McCown's under Col. M. F. Loch.Wounded at Murfreesboro; other battles Farmington, Richmond, Ky., Jackson, Miss, etc. Home on furlough at time of surr. 1900 Roster. d. Jan. 20, 1914. bur East Oakwood.
Andrew Jackson Jasper b. April 7, 1831 Ky; enl 1862 Grapevine, Tex Pvt Co A, Alexander's 34th Tex Cav Regt; d. after 1885 and bur Hillsboro, Tex.
J. W. Jenkins enl Co E, 41st Va Regt; Confederate Cadets; camp minutes dated Sept. 12, 1897 show his enrollment. [See record of Joseph W. Judkins which is same].
Thomas R. Jennings enl. 34th Tex Cav Regt; 1900 roster. d. 1910 and bur. Oakwood Cem.
Frank Jeter Pvt. Co D 18th Tex Regt; enl 1862 and surr 1865. SCH 1908. bur,. Mt. Olivet.
M. C. Jewell 1900 Roster. No unit data. An "H. C. Jewell" bur. Oakwood Cem.
A. C. Johnson 1900 Roster. no unit data. Oakwood Cem. has A. B. C. Johnson d. 1904.
Coleman D. Johnson b. Dec. 16, 1846 Tenn; d. Nov. 6, 1875, bur. Pioneers Rest.
F. M. Johnson/Johnston b. Mason Co Ala; enl Tallassee, Ala Co E 34th Ala Regt; Macgough's Brig; captured Atlanta POW Camp Chase; paroled. March 1865; d. Jan. 1, 1909, bur. East Oakwood.
G. T. Johnson b. Greensboro, Ga; enl 1861 Boston, Tex Co E 15th Dismtd Cav., Ector's Brig; battles in Miss., Ga., and Tenn. under Bragg, Johnston and Hood; captured Atlanta POW Camp Douglas, Chicago; disch from prison June 1865. Mt. Olivet Cem. records show "Geo. T. Johnson 1848-1923."
H,. C. Johnson Sr. Lt. Co F, Waller's Battn Cav attached to Green's Brigade; death at his home in Tenn. reported in minutes of Camp [date not given]
J. M. Johnson 3rd Mo. Cav. Regt. 1900 Roster.
J. R. Johnson Co B Morgan's Ky Sqdn. 1900 Roster. [Oakwood Cem. Records "J. Runyon Johnson d. 1922" - same man?]
James Johnson enl Co K, Benfield's Regt. 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem. has "James H. Johnson d. 1906" and "James John Johnson d. 1915."
James R. Johnston age 65 as of Jan. 29, 1900, b. Richmond, Va; enl 1862 Huntsville, Ala Co D, Morgan's Ky Sqdn; POW 3 mos at Camp Chase; with John Hunt Morgan in raids; later with Gen. Duke as bodyguard to President Davis after Lee's surr. Surr. at Macon, Ga. and saw Jefferson Davis and John H. Reagan brought in as prisoners by Gen. Wilson; to Tex 1867 and Fort Worth Dec 1891 [could be same man as J. R. Joon directly above?]
Joseph Worth Johnson b. ca 1845 Chattanooga, Tenn; enl 1861 Laredo, Tex 1st Tex Cav Regt, Ford's Div; defeated 2nd Tex US Cav and drove them out of Texas. Tried to join when 16. Guarded Mexican border and was in skirmishes along Rio Grande. 1900 Roster. d. Feb. 19, 1904; bur. Oakwood.
Middleton Tate Johnson b. 1810 Spartanburgh SC; enl Tarr. Co Tex Johnson Sta 1861; originally Col. of 14th Tex. Cav. Regt, raised by him; mustered into CSA Little Rock Ark 1862; d. near Austin, Tex. May 13, 1866; bur Mill Branch Cem. Tarrant Co. Marker erected by State of Texas in 1936. [did not have one previously]
M. T. Johnson, Jr. enl Pvt Tarr Co 1861; organized Johnson's Sta Rangers Mtd Vol. 20th Brig. TM. d. 1875.
S. H. Johnson b, 1820 enl Co I 6th Ark; bur. Mt. Olivet Cem.
Thomas J. Johnson [son of M. T. Johnson, Sr.] Pvt later Capt enl 1862 Tarrant Co. Co organized by Dr. Carroll Peak. Killed Black River, Ark. His brother, Ben. H. Johnson in same co.
Thomas J. Johnson
[different man]
b. Butler Co. Ohio, reared Union Par, La; enl 1863 Monroe La Pvt Co B 31st La Inf Regt. DL 1911.
W. G. Johnston b. Johnson Co Mo; enl Fannin Co Tex Co F 11th Tex Cav Regt, Harrison's Brig; numerous battles from Richmond, Ky. to Atlanta, Ga. Followed Sherman to the sea - last fight at Salisbury NC. 1900 Roster.
Daniel Jonathan 1900 Roster. No unit data.
A. P. Jones b. July 24, 1845 Clinton Co, Mo. enl 1863 Warren, Tex Co A 31st Tex Cav Regt, Gano's Brig; battles at Poison Springs, Ark, Jenkins Ferry, Diamond Grove, Ark. etc. Par. May 1865 Houston, Tex; name on 1929-30 camp memorial list. Bur. Oakwood Cem.
B. F. Jones enl Co E, 8th Tex Inf Regt; Trans-Miss.
G. M. Jones b. McMinn Co Tenn; enl 1862 Evansville, Ark Co A, Adair's Regt; disch close of war; in sev battles in Mo, Ark, etc. 1900 Roster.
Henry Robinson Jones b. Sept. 15, 1947 Hanover Co. Va.; enl 1865 Pvt 3rd Co, Richmond Howitzers, Hardway's Battn; par. Appomattox April 9, 1865. His daughter's UDC application bore the following words in his own handwriting: "My most active services were when serving in the Reserve Forces when organized - Co I, Capt. Pace McElhaney's Battn, Gen. Custis Lee's Div., Richmond Defense Forces in the trenches the fall and winter of 1864 until Jan. 1865 and from thence to the Regular army in my 17th year. /s/ H,. R. Jones." SCH 1926; Commander of REL Camp 1935; d. July 1942, bur. Greenwood Cem.
Jesse W. Jones Charter Member - b. 6 May 1837 Buncombe Co NC; arr Tarrant Co 1860 and enl 1861 Fort Worth, Lt Co C, 21st Tex Inf Regt; Trans-Miss; serv coast of Tex & La; disch April 1865, Houston, Tex; d. July 2, 1916; bur Pioneers Rest.
John Jones enl Gano's Guards, Capt. W. G. Welsh's Co. Liv in Fort Worth 1884.
J. M. Jones b. Dec. 13, 1845 Richmond, Tex; enl 1862 Houston, Tex and serv till close of war, Pvt Co H, Terry's Tex Rangers.
R. M. Jones enl 1862 Tarrant Co. Tex; Pvt to Sgt in 1863, Co C 21st Tex Vol Inf Regt - Co raised by Sam Evans. Wounded at Galveston Jan,. 1863; killed in action May 4, 1864 Calcasieu Pass, La. Gr-dau Miss Maggie Conner applied UDC 1902 and Sam Evans signed recommendation. [If he were dead, perhaps honorary member?]
Samuel H. Jones b. Feb. 21, 1839 Lee Co. Va; enl 1862 Mo 1st Sgt Co B, 10th Mo Regt; Marmaduke's Brig; battles Oak Hill, Prairie Grove, Ark, Helena and Little Rock.
Thomas C. Jones b. Sept. 3, 1841 Mason Co. Ky; to Tarrant Co. Tex. 1854/55; 1st enl Grapevine Mtd Riflemen 1861, Gano's 20th Brig TM; then enl Pvt Co A, Alexander's Regt; prob was wounded and/or killed at or near Yellow Bayou as family Bible gives death date of June 25, 1864 and prob bur in La. Was brother of W. L. Jones. [actual member?]
Walter Leake Jones b. Oct. 11, 1834, Mason Co. Ky; enl 1861 Grapevine,Tex 4th Cpl Grapevine Mtd Riflemen, 20th Brig TM; enl again Aug 1861 Capt Wm Quayle's Mtd Rifle Co; left Fort Worth and enl CSA Camp Reeves, Grayson Co Tex, Co A 9th Tex Cav Regt, Ross's Brig; POW when 9th Tex Cav surr. at Citronelle, Ala. Par. Jackson, Miss. May 13, 1865; d. Aug. 4, 1874; bur. Bear Creek Cem. near Euless, Tex.
W. E. Jones b. Sept 30, 1832, Warren Co, Tenn; enl 1861 pvt Co E, 16th Tenn Regt; Donaldson's Brig; with Lee in SC and with Johnston in Miss; wounded at Perryville and captured at Atlanta; POW Camp Cnhase 7 mos.
J. W. Jonston 1900 Roster. Co K, 1st Tex Cav Regt.
Charles G. Joy b. Nov. 1845 Bolivar, Tenn; enl 1862, Bolivar Co B, 14th Tenn Cav Regt; Rucker's Brig.
Cornelius J. Joyce b. Ireland; enl 1861 Memphis, Tenn Co A 154th Tenn Regt; Smith's Brig; slightly wounded at Shiloh; hon. disch medical reasons; connected with Engr. Dept. Mobile, Ala Apr 1864 - Apr 1865 when surr. 1900 Roster.
J. H. Joyce b. Greenville SC; enl Adams Run SC Co E 3rd SC Inf Regt, Anderson's Brig; at Seven Days at Richmond and others; wounded, disch, re-enl July 1864; wounded in Fla and trans to Army of Northern Va until surr. On Confederate Home list. 1900 Roster.
Felix Judice b. La., enl 1863 Dallas Co Tex, Co F, 31st Tex Cav Regt, Polinac's Div; disch May 1865 Houston, Tex. 1900 Roster. d. April 1900 bur. Oakwood.
Joseph W. Judkins b. Va where enl Co E 41st Va Cav Regt; No details. 1900 roster. [See record of J. W. Jenkins which is identical]


W. J. Kay 1st enl militia 1864 White Co. Ga; then Co D 32nd Ga Battn; reorg to 18th Ga Cav Regt; guarded arsenal at Athens, Ga; disch 1865. SCH 1920. Was still liv when dau Lula Kay White applied for membership UDC in 1923.
William A. Kayler enl 1863 Tenn Co D, 59th Tenn Cav Regt; disbanded Catawba Sta C April 20, 18565.
J. F. Keith Charter Member - b. Fauquier Co. Va; enl St. Charles Mo Co A 2nd Mo Regt; Green's Brig; Parson's Div; in battles 1861 and 1862 in Mo.
Richard Randolph Keith b. 1835 Fauquier Co. Va; enl Wentzville, Mo 1861 Co B, 2nd Mo Cav Regt; disbanded in latter part of May because of failure to reach Price's Army; joined Capt. Tom Carter June 1861 Lincoln Co. Mo. Many battles until close of war. Member Confederate Grays .. Charler Member. D. Dec. 21, 1915, bur. Oakwood Cem.
Joseph J. Keller b. Holland; came to America 1852, landing at Galveston and became American citizen. Enl Galveston CSA. [no unit data] After War had shoe store in Fort Worth.
Henry H. Kelley b. 1847 Miss; enl 1864 Miss Co A, Brown's Miss Regt; at Greenville, Ala stacked guns and left for home; found only a chimney to mark spot where 5 brothers left for CW in 1861 and only one survived the struggle. d. March 5, 1926; bur. Mt. Olivet Cem. 1900 Roster.
S. H. Kelley b. Ky; enl 1861 Mo Capt Co A 1st Regt Mo State Guards; wounded, captured at Pea Ridge in 1862; exch ; trans. to Pay Dept. till close of war. 1900 Roster.
J. C. R. Kelly Co. C. 9th Tenn. Cav. Regt.
L. A. Kelly enl 1864 Pvt Co K, 42nd Ga Vol. Regt; parol. April 1865; in 1921 liv Fort Worth; SCH Nov 1921.
W. H. Kender enl 1861 Co A, 4th Mo Regt; disch April 1865. SCH 1921.
Michael D. Kennedy enl 1862 Fort Worth Capt of a Co in 2nd Regt under Col. Geo. H. Sweet, Johnson's Brig; was first in Dr. Carroll Peak's Tarr. Co. Rifles.
Oliver S. Kennedy b. June 24, 1941 Lauderdale Co Ala; enl 1861 Lauderdale Co., Capt Co C 16th Ala Inf Regt,. Wood's Brig; made adjutant of post Knoxville, Tenn under Col. W. B. Wood and carried on correspondence about W. G. Brownlow which caused him to threaten our lives after the war if we put foot on Tenn. soil. Adj. 16th Ala in March 1863 Offered Col. of same Regt but refused as Col. Wood was wounded and I prevented his removal....was Lt. Col. nd commander at Shiloh; health failed and joined the Comm. Dept. "1900 Roster. d. 1909; bur Oakwood Cem.
R. A. J. Kennedy b. 1841 Tuscaloosa Co. Ala; enl 1861 Itawamba Co Miss; Sgt Co H 1st Miss Inf Regt; disch because of sickness; d. Nov. 8, 1916.
L. C. Kennon enl Co B, Borden's Tex Cav Regt; d. Jan. 16, 1909. Bur Oakwood.
J. E. Kerr enl Carolton's Ark Regt.; d. April 12, 1907; bur Mt. Olivet.
J. W. Kersh b. ca 1843 Miss; enl Brandywine, Miss Co I, 6th Miss Regt; 1900 Roster. d. March 22, 1916, bur. Oakwood.
J. W. Key Charter Member - b. Carrolton, Pickens co. Ala; enl 1861 Franklin Cio Ala Co E 16th Ala Regt, Lowry's Brigade; later in Co L, 4th Ala Cav under Gen. Forrest; heard of Lee's surr., disbanded and went home. In many battles. 1st sgt. d. 1905 bur. Oakwood.
Thomas H. Keys b. Va; enl 1862 Fort Worth, Co K 14th Tex Cav Regt, Ector's Brig; in all skirmishes leading up to Chickamauga; was ill and sent to rear. 1900 Roster.
Jeff Killebrew b. 1842 Christian Co. Ky; enl 1861 Hopkinsville, Ky Co I 1st Ky Cav Regt; at Fort Donaldson; sick and furloughed at Decatur, Ala and returned to Ky; captured by Feds and POW Louisville - Co I mustered out at end of one year, while he was POW and he never recd disch. 1900 Roster.
G. E. Killian b. 1845; d. ca 1903. bur Forest Hill Cem.
E. T. Killough b. Oct 20 1838, Carroll Co Tenn; enl 1861 San Antonio, Tex Co A 1st Tex Mtd Rifles; in McCulloch's Regt 1 yr; enl Waul's Legion Washington Co. Tex; ordered to Miss and served till end of war; sick at home when Lee surr, and never paroled. d. 1913 bur Oakwood.
L. J. Kimbell b. Sept. 1842 Henry Co. Ga; enl 1861 Homer La Co G, 12th La Regt; in 12 battles; wounded day after Gen. Polk was killed in front of Kennesaw Mtn; in hosp during Atlanta siege; wounded sev times; captured at hosp, Columbia Tenn, after Nashville fight; escaped Jan. 1865. SCH 1910 [A duplicate paper says he disch 1864 and when he esa lady gave him a crutch which he still had].
S. M. Kimbell enl Co I, 8th La Regt; d. 1918.
C. C. Kincaid enl 1863 Co I 112th NC Regt; in most of hard battles in Va until taken prisoner; was on same boat with Wm. Barr when paroled. Signed roster at the October 1890 meeting but not on Charter membership roster. His dau Mrs.James C. Jones applied for UDC membership 1921.
W. H. Kinder b. March 19, 1844. Name on Thanksgiving list in 1925, age 81 and birth date. On 1929/30 camp obit wall plaque.
Carver Dixon King b. 1843 Columbia Tenn; to Johnson Sta Tex 1875 enl Ala 16th Ala Inf Regt; wounded at Shiloh,
H.. C. King Charter Member - b. Ga enl Dalton Ga Co I 3rd Ala Regt; battle of Atlanta and many others; disbanded Salisbury NC. d. Jan. 2, 1908.
John M. King Charter Member - b. Sept. 3, 1846, Thomaston, Ga; enl 1862 Atlanta Ga; battle Murfreesboro, Tenn and trans. to Engr. Dept. Wounded Jonesboro and Franklin; took Oath of Allegiance to US Govt before Judge James M. Greene in Thomaston, Ga 1865.
Porter King d. July 27, 1915
Richard H. King b. April 16, 1834 Tenn; enl Fort Worth Tex Co K 14th Tex Cav Regt; detached service in charge of gov shops, Dallas, Tex; d. Sept. 1905, bur Pioneers Rest - dates April 16, 1834 - Sept. 11, 1908.
Samuel O. King Name on 1922 camp obit.
W. H. King Death reported camp minutes Nov. 20, 1910; bur. Pioneers Rest. Dates: June 4, 1836 - Jan. 30, 1875
William M. King .bur. Pioneers Rest. - dates: JUne 4, 18376 - Jan. 30, 1873 - was brother R. H. King
Josephj Kingsberry b. May 5, 1845 Gal enl Ga Co E 1st Ga Cav Regt; paroled. May 1865 Charlotte, NC; name marked out of 1925 Thanksviging Dinner List so may have been either deceased or absent. Was an older brother of Kate K. (Mrs. W. C.) Stripling.
Bushrod C. Kirtley b Jan. 27, 1843 Wilmington, Va; enl Apr 1861 Palmyra, Va Pvt Co C 14th Va Inf Regt; Armistead's Brig; serv until close of war; present at surr; in battle of Seven Pines & others; wounded at Sharpsburg, Gettysburg; d. March 9, 1911, bur. Oakwood. 1900 Roster.
Louis H. Klopner b. 1833, d. 1885, bur Pioneers Rest.
Lewis D. Knight Co H. 2nd La Cav Regt. 1900 Roster. Oakwood records: Lewis D. Knight 1844 - 1897.
Francis Knarr died before 1905; bur Pioneers Rest.
C. E. Knott b. ca 1846 Maury Co. Tenn; enl Williamson Co Tenn Co F 4th Tenn Regt; at Franklin, Murfreesboro, Nashville. Was escort of Jefferson Davis from Greensboro NC to Savannah R. Surr. 1865 near Washington, Ga. Liv Fort Worth 34 yrs; d. Oct. 20, 1932
M. C. Knott enl 1864 Pvt Co F 4th Tenn Regt; disch 1865; SCH 1937..
A. R. Knowles b Feb 1845 Dooley Co Ga; enl 1863 Vienna La; Pvt Co B, 12th La Inf; surr April 1865 in NC.
Rev. David A. Knox b. Nov. 30, 1840, Tenn; to Ark 1859; enl 1861 Green Co Ark Co E 5th Ark Regt, Green's Brig; in all principal battles of Army of Tenn 1861-65 ; captured Murfreesboro and exch at Petersburg, Va; six months later captured at Jonesboro, Ga; never wounded; returned to Green Co May 1865; mov to Clarkson Mo until 1876 when mov Eastland Co. Tex; d. Jan. 1, 1913, bur. Oakwood.
Nat Kromer 1900 Roster. No data.
William Kyle b. Dec 1830 Ala; enl 1861 Austin, Tex Co D, 8th Tex Cav Regt, Wharton's Brig; color bearer; surr. NC 1865. When Mrs. Lucy K. Ruthman (his dau) applied for UDC membership in 1914 she stated that her father died at his home in Fort Worth May 13 [no year] age 72; also states he was with Gen. Johnston at surr. Was a citizenof Republic of Texas and defended frontiers.; formerly lived Wilbarger Co. Tex. bur East View Cem [location not specified]

W. J. Lacy enl 1861 age 17; Denton Tex for 12 mos Capt. Samuel F. Main's Co, Col. M. T. Johnson Comd. Oakwood records show one J. William Lacy d. 1925.
William Lacy d. 1910 bur. Oakwood Cem.
E. W. Land b. Feb. 1842 Macon Co. Ala; enl 1861 Washington, Ark Co H 2nd Ark Inf Regt; McNair Brig; battles; Atlanta and others; wounded Jackson Miss and at Atlanta; in hosp remander of war and convalescent camp. Left Hamburg SC 1865 and came to Texas.
C. T. Landrum b. June 15, 1837 DeKalb Co Ga; enl 1861 Cherokee Co Ala Co D 22 Ala Regt; at Shiloh, Chickamauga, etc. captured Missionary Ridge and POW Roch Island until March 1864; exch and given 30 day furlough; d. April 2, 1920; bur Oakwood. Name on 1900 Roster is misspelled "Landrow."
James M. Landrum Co H, 1st NCCullough Scouts. 1900 Roster.
H. G. Lane b. March 21, 1832, Bedford Co. Tenn. [Was a judge in Fort Worth after war - time not given]; enl Feb 1862 Pvt Co D 22nd Tex Inf Regt; at Pleasant Hill, Mansfield, Vicksburg; d. 1911; bur. Jacksonville, Tex. in family plot. 1900 Roster.
W. A. Lane Charter Member - b. Maine, enl 1861 Sgt [was 3rd Sgt and then 1st Lt] Co A, 17th La Inf Regt; many battles; captured Nashville Dec 1864 POW Johnson's Island until June 1864, Released and went to adopted home in La; d; Oct. 28, 1908/09; bur Oakwood.
N. T. Laney Co. D, 1st Ga. Inf Regt. 1900 roster.
N. S. Laney b. 1836; enl 1861 Ga; Orderly Sgt Co D, 12th Ga Inf Regt; Battles: Greenbrier POW at Ft Delaware; was at Appomattox but did not surr. there as got through lines and "footed" it back to Macon, Ga, where recd parolel d. Oct. 16, 1903; bur Oakwood.
M. Lanier Co. B. 39th Ga Regt; 1900 Roster.
L. P. Largent enl 1861 Pvt 11th NC Regt Bethel's Vols; disch 1865; lived in 1931 Neches, Anderson Co. Tex; SCH April 1931 by Julia Jackson Chapter UDC.
Latham Minutes dated Dec. 11, 1910, state he had "returned after having been away for 20 years." No other information.
Lavender W. J. Sheldon's Battn. 1900 Roster.
W. B. Lavender and
J. H. Lavender
were members of camp as of Feb. 14, 1898.
W. G. Lavender A memorial read at meeting of Nov. 14, 1897, stated that one onehad known of his death so he was deceased before that date. Had enl Fenelon's Battry and stationed around Mobile, Ala. Bur Oakwood.
Oscar J. Lawrence b. Sept. 1838 Marshall Co. Tenn; enl 1861 Hill Co Tex Pvt Co K 5th Tex Inf Regt; Trans-Miss. Served until close of war; DL 1911. D. June 1914, bur. Arlington Cem.
J. R. Lay Co. D 37th Miss Regt. D. April 29, 1923 [loose sheet]
J. R Lay enl 1861 Capt Co G, 6th Ga Cav Regt; parol. Greensboro NC April 1865; liv in Fort Worth 1920 when received SCH. [same as above?]
John H. Lea b. Aug. 16, 1840 Dandridge, Tenn; enl 1861 Cleveland, Tenn. Lt. Co A 25th Tenn Cav Regt; paroled by Sherman at Charlotte NC ca April 27, 1865.
Thomas Leach b 1828 Ireland; enl 1861 Mo Pvt under Col Geo Elliott; m. Ann Eliza ----(1840-1899); d. 1899 bur Oakwood.
Enoch Clark Leake b. Dec. 21, 1841 Ky; enl 1862 Tarrant Co Tex 5th Sgt Regt. Color Bearer Co A 34th Tex Cav., Alexander's Regt. POW near Yellow Bayou La. May 1864; exch Red River Landing July 1864; had come to Tarr Co 1859/61; lived Ellis Co Tex after war where Bapt. Min; d. after 1890, perhaps Kaufman Co Tex
J Leake enl 1861 Tarrant Co Tex; Pvt West Fork Guards; 20th Brig TST
Walter Neal Leake b. Jan. 15, 1844 Ky; enl 1861 Tarrant Co. Pvt age 17; Capt. Wm. Quayle's Mtd Rifle Co; POW at Hatchie Bridge Oct 18, 1862; d. after 1890
John P. Lear Co H 3rd Ark Cav Regt. 1900 Roster and 1900 obit.
Frank M. Leatherman b Baltimore, Md. Enl 1861 New Orlean, Claiborne Guards, 2nd La Regt Inf; disch March 1862 due to bronchial problem; re-enl Co C 9th La Inf Regt; wounded Hamilton's Crossing; many battles; made Capt of Ordnance March 1865; at Spotsylvania, Gettysburg and others. 1900 Roster. Prob. Charter Member although not on roster.
T. M. Lewis d. 1899 bur. Oakwood.
L. Lilquist d. 1866 b, Oakwood, Odd Fellows Lot.
Evan Price Lingenfelter b. Oct. 24, 1836 Shelby Co. Ky; d. 1923; enl Lexington Co G 6th Ky Regt; was Gen. Buckner's bodyguard. 1900 Roster. Bur. Pioneers Rest Cem.
Edward Jenner Lipscomb b. 1848; d 1914 bur. Grapevine Cem. Was living in Grapevine 1884; not on camp records but is on Pension Index.
Henry Dean Lipscomb b. July 17, 1844 Jackson Co Ala; enl ca May 1861 Mulberry Tenn Pvt Co G 8th Tenn Regt; disch because under age; re-enl Jjan 1862; his pension appl says enl Murfreesboro, Tenn 1862 and was Gen. Forrest's escort; d. March 13, 1941, bur. Lipscomb Cem., Grapevine. SCH 1910.
J. P. Lipscomb b. Feb. 24, 1842 Carroll Co. Miss; enl Marshall Tex 1861 Pvt Co D 7th Tex Regt; captred Fort Donaldson; POW Camp Douglas Chicago; d. Jan. 14, 1923, bur Lipscomb Cem.
Jno. Litsey b. Ky; enl 1863 Denton Co Tex Co D, Gano's Regt; 1900 Roster; d. Jan. 21, 1917.
T. B. Littell b. June 20, 1836, Paducah, Ky; enl 1861 there Pvt Co A, King's Battn.
D. H. Little b. April 1844; enl 1861 2nd Sgt 1st Miss Inf Regt; captured - escaped, went to Corinth, Miss and joined McClennan's Co; captured again at Vicksburg; escaped and joined Askby's Co; disch Atlanta 1865.
Jason Brant Little b. July 7, 1836; moved from east Texas to Tarrant Co ca 1854 but ret to Vicksburg to fight; bullet wound in head; found by Major Van Zandt on battlefield; amnesia for 2 years.
J. B. Litlejohn b. Sept 24, 1841 Fayette Co Tenn; enl Sept 1861 Manassas, Va Co K Phoenix Guards 8th Ga Regt; in number of battles including Gettysburg; lost right arm at Battie of Wilderness; was Sgt Maj of Regt from Harper's Ferry to Wilderness; was POW [does not say where captured] 1900 roster. D. Feb. 8, 1914; bur. Oakwood.
J. M. Loftin b. Dallas Co Ala; enl Greensville Ala Co A 8th Ala Regt; at Battle of Seven Days before Richmond; disch and re-enl Co I 4th Ala Cav; par. Griffin Ga May 1865. 1900 Roster.
George W. Loftin b. Aug. 18, 1844 Marion Co Ala enl 1861 New Salem Tex Co F 3rd Tex Cav Regt, Sibley's Brig; battles off Val Verde and Fort Union, Mansfield and Pleasant Hill; disch May 1865; is on Confederate Home index.
W. C. Logan b. March 1, 1841 Washington Co Va; enl 1862 Hillsboro Tenn Pvt Co A 1st Tenn Inf; lost left hand in battle at Harper's Ferry Sept 1862 when Feds. surr to Jackson; hospitalized and furloughed to West Va until close of war.
W. K . Logan b. Ky; enl 1864 Tenn, Harvey's Co. W. H. Jackson's Div. Many battles and scouting.
James M. London b. 1843 Tex; enl McKinney, Tex 4th Sgt Co K 16th Tex Cav Regt; was six mos with hospital wagon train; crippled and went home; rejoined 16th Cav Regt until end of war; d. May 1903; bur. Oakwood. 1900 Roster.
W. R. Long Loose sheet roster after 1922.
Robert Looper Bur. White's Chapel Cem. Inscription "Pvt BtrK2 Mo Lt Arty, Civil War 12-14-1845 - 1-27-1897."
R. W. C . Lotspeich Co I 60th Tenn Regt; liv Handley, Tex 1884.
J. W. Loughmiller Sr. enl 1861 Co B 12th Tenn Battn [military record given by Mrs. Laura Palmer Dagget Feb 1902 as that of her father W. M. Palmer. J. W. Loughmiller wrote a statement on her UDC application, verifying this and stated he was a bro-in-law and entered service at same time and place.]
John Smith Loving Sr. enl Co A Martin's Tex Brig; b. 1844 - d Oct 1, 1899 bur Oakwood. M. Linnie E. Stewart (1844-1899?]
Joseph B. Loving b. 1846 - d. 1868 bur Pioneers Rest.
John Louckx enl 1862 Fort Worth Co F Waller's Battn.
James Polk Lowe b Dec 22, 1841 Dade Co Ga; enl Trenton Ga 1862 Pvt Cco D 39th Ga Inf Regt; surr. Vicksburg; exch Sept 1863; last battle was at Jonesboro where paroled; d. March 17, 1932; bur. Lonesome Dove Cem.
Martin Bottom Loyd b Dec 7, 1834 Mercer Co Ky; was in Ranger service before war; to Fort Worth after war; serv Capt Co E McCord's 7th Tex Regt; in no big battles; d. April 16, 1912, bur Oakwood. 1900 Roster.
I. N. Lucas Pvt Co D 11th Mo Inf Regt; enl 1861; SCH 1908.
A. P. Luckett b. Ky Feb 25, 1838; enl Austin, Tex Co B 21st Tex Inf Regt; d. May 27, 1910; bur. Oakwood.
S. W. Lukie Co A. 15th Tex Regt. [loose sheet roster]
J. F. Lusby b. Feb 22 1844 Tenn; enl 1861 Camden, Ark Pvt Co K 6th Ark Inf Regt; was new member of camp Feb. 1910.
W. C. Lusk Co A McBride's Regt. 1900 roster.
John B. Luttrell b. June 14, 1931 Middle Tenn; Enl 1861 Fayetteville, Tenn. Pvt Co A 5th Ky Inf Regt; at Sholoh and others; par Jan 1865 having been sick, captured and paroled.
William J. Luttrell Camp memorial proves he was veteran but no military data included; a note to Wm McConnel, Adj for Camp states Lutrell d. In hospital March 27, 1898; city physician, Dr. H. C. Whitehead, 508 Main, had body removed to Robertson & Witten per suggestion of McConnell. This was in an envelope with " return to United Benevolernt Assn." Camp arranged for funeral. Bur Oakwood.
T. E. Lyle b. Jackson Co Ga enl June 1863 Co D 16th Ga Regt; captured at Greenville after 8 days in saddle. 1900 Roster. On Confederate Home List.
John M. Lyles b. 1835 Nashville, Tenn; enl 1861 Brookhaven Miss Hoskin's Battery; corporal and then 3rd Lt; battles in Miss and Ga, Dalton to Atlanta; lost right arm; was Tarrant County Treasurer at one time; 1900 Roster; d. Aug. 23, 1901.. Bur. Oakwood.
James Madison Luxton enl 1861 Memphis Tenn Pvt Co A 7th Tex Cav Regt; was liv Fort Worth 1922 when recd SCH. [In UDC application Mrs. E. B. Martin 1934, states her father was half-bro tio Gen Forrest]
T. L. Lummis Chaplain Co K 12th Tex Regt.


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