The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

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D. L. Maben Co E 24th Miss Inf Regt. 1900 Roster.
James Preston Maben b. 1815; d. 1883; bur Pioneers Rest.
N. M. Maben decd before 1900; bur Pioneers Rest - no marker
Thomas Jefferson Maben b. 1845 Marshall Co. Tenn; enl age 17 Co D, 4th Tenn Cav; in 1838 was one of six living Camp members; SCH 1931; came to Fort Worth ca 1879; served as constable, policeman and J.P.; d. Sept. 3, 1938 bur Greenwood Cem
H. P. Mabry b. 1829 N. C.; enl Jefferson Co Tex 3rd Tex Cav Regt; wounded and captured Iuka and exch; came to Fort Worth 1879 to practice law; d. 1885 Fort Worth; bur Jefferson, Tex.
Peyton P. Maddox b. 1839 Ga; enl 1861 Claiborne Parish La; 7th La Inf Regt; in number of battles and wounded 4 times; wounds too serious to be able to attend surrender April 9, 1865; d. March 11, 1873, bur. Pioneers Rest.
Thomas B. Maddox b. 1827; d. Dec. 28, 1903, bur. Birdville; according to their records his wife was Bathsheba H. ---- (1820-1879)
William A. Maddox Charter Member - b. Troupe Co Ga; enl Homer, La Co D 17th La Regt; wounded 3 times; Major; furloughed due to injuries; was elected Colonel of La. Reserves and stayed there until war ended. Pioneers Rest records: 4-15-1825 - 4-23-1904
Walter T. Maddox b. La 1844; enl La Co H 5th La Cav Regt; 1900 Roster. d. Jan. 15, 1910, bur Oakwood.
Eugene Magee Charter Member - Co B 11th Miss Regt, was at first meeting and signed as Eugene McGee.
Dr. G. W. Magruder b. 1834 in Va; d. July 19, 1891; m. Kate Powell (1837-1925) bur Pioneers Rest.
Flurry Mahoney b. Ireland 1836; enl 1861 San Antonio, Tex Co E 1st Tex Regt Mtd Rifles; mustered out 1862 and reenl. 32nd Tex Cav. 1900 roster. D. June 6, 1918; bur. Oakwood
David L. Malone b. 1833 Ala; enl 1862 Tupelo, Miss Co K 24th Miss Regt, Walthall';s Brig; m. 21 Aug 1854 Miss Pricilla Hitt, Greensboro, Miss. mov to Fort Worth 1879; d. Oct 5, 1901; bur Oakwood.
J. W. Malone Co A 19th Tex Regt. 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem records show: J. Waller Malone d. 1882.
Walter L. Malone Charter Member - b. 1840 Ala; enl 1861 Co D 20th Miss Regt; Helped organize camp. At one time editor Fort Worth Gazette; d. Sept. 24, 1893; bur Oakwood.
Jos. H. Monahan enl 1862 Co G 31st Miss Inf Regt; SCH 1908.
T. M. Mann enl 1861 Pvt 20th Brig TM; Capt. Wm W. McGinnis Co for Tarrant Co. TM.
Thomas Manning b Ala; enl 1862 3rd Ala Inf Regt; 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem records state d. 1919 County Farm and bur.same day.
W. W. Manning Liv Grapevine 1884; bur Oakwood.
T. B. Maples Co G, 12th Ala Regt; d. 1917 bur Oakwood.
W. F. Marberry b. Henry Co Tenn; enl 1861 Buffalo, Ky Co C 33rd Tenn Regt; wounded at Perryville; prom. to Major at Tupelo, Miss. but declined and remained Capt. 1900 Roster. d ca 1917.
E. W. Marcell Charter Member - b. 1849 Charleston S. C. Enl 1861 Nashville, Tenn. Co A 4th Tenn Regt; 10-- Roster.
Benjamin Franklin Marr Co H, Stone's 2nd Partisan Rangers. Joined camp 1911.
W. B. Marshall b. Benton Co Ark 1841; enl 1862 Indian Terr Pvt Co G 2nd Cherokee Regt.
Francis H. Martin b. 1845; enl Adam's Battn, Forrest's Div; 1900 Roster. D. 1905 bur Oakwood.
James B. Martin b 1827 Madison Co Ky; enl 1862 Collin Co Tex Co C, Alexander's Regt; only one battle Prairie Grove; serv QM Dept after that. D. April 2, 1904; bur. Forest Hill Cem.
John A. Martin Charter Member - b. Washington Co Tenn; enl 1861 Pvt Co G 29th Tenn Regt; later Lt and Adj; wounded 3 times and in numerous battles; on furlough due to wound when army surrendered. D. June 26, 1914 bur. Greenwood Cem.
John Edward Martin b. 1846; enl 1863 Tex, age 17, Capt Patton's Co Bourland's Regt; Pioneers Rest Cem. Records give dates of 1846-1915. UDC application of dau, Mrs. Jessie Dunlap, says her father was a member of REL Camp.
J. N. Martin b. 1840 Middle Tenn; enl Tenn 29th Tenn Regt; to Texas 1880 and to Fort Worth 1912 - may have died in Confederate Home.
R. M. Martin b. Ala; 1st enl 1861 Miss; enl 1862 Capt Martin's Co Wheeler's Regt; 1900 Roster.
Sidney Martin d. Aug 5, 1903, bur Oakwood
Thomas P. Martin enl 1863 Vicksburg, Miss Co C 26th Regt; Camp minute book says he d. in Col. ca March 1, 1910.
W. B. Martin b. ca 1847; enl 1864 Co G Tenn Cav Regt; was living Fort Worth 1938; d. Austin July 1839?; bur San Angelo, Tex. Former home. SCH 1931.
L. W. Mason b. 1835 Madison Co Tenn; enl 1862 Co C 38th Tenn Regt; wounded at Shiloh; was ill at time of surrender and never paroled.
A. J. Massey Pvt Co B, 23rd Tenn Regt; liv Grapevine 1884.
J. J. Massie Charter Member - b. ca 1838; enl Co A 14th Ten Regt. d Dec. 1916; bur Oakwood.
J. C. Mathews d. Oct. 23, 1904; bur Oakwood.
Dr. M. Matkin Charter Member - enl Co B 15th Ark Regt. On first roster of officers as Assistant surgeon. d. 1895, bur Oakwood.
R. Matkin b. 1843 Huntsville, Ala; enl 1861 Mobile, Ala Co I 21st Ala Inf Regt; numerous battles; Listed as "deceased" on Nov. 1925 Thanksgiving list.
W. A. Matlock Co. D. 17th La Regt. 1900 Roster.
C. C. Matthews Charter Member - Co. K, 13th Miss Regt.
Daniel H. Matthews b. 1838 Nashville Ten; enl 1861 Springfield, Tenn Co C 14th Tenn Inf Regt; several battles, disch due to illness 1861; reenl June 1862 Co C 14th Tenn Cav Regt. Captured at Buffington Island, Ohio July 1863; prisoner at Point Lookout, Md. until June 1865. 1900 roster.
David Matthews b. 1831 Dallas Co Ala; enl 1861 Pvt Co D Lewis Cav Battn; d. April 13, 1915, bur Greenwood.
L. A. Matthews 1900 Roster.
W. R. Matthews b 1841 Iowa; enl 1861 Velasco, Tex Co A Green's 5th Tex Cav Regt; was POW Fort Monroe after capture at Donaldsonville; exch and joined Holmes Battery; d. 1922 bur. Oakwood.
E. A. May Co C 15th Minn Regt. 1900 Roster. Bedford Cem. Rec. Show an E. C. May - 1827-1906.
C. C. Mayes Enl Co C 6th Cav Regt; Ross Brig. Was liv Bedford, Tex 1884.
C. J. Mays 17th La Regt. 1900 Roster.
Isaac J. Mayfield b. April 1848? Center, Ala; enl 1864 Newberry, S. C. Co C 4th S. C. State Troops; was youngest of 4 orphan brothers - all of whom served CSA; d. July 1, 1923. Wife's UDC application in 1930 states he had been a member of the Camp for over 25 years. [Information from FWGS Bulletin 1962 states he died 1 July 1923; was b. Ala 14 April 1848]
J. E. Mayfield Co F 18th Miss Regt; Oakwood records show one Kirby Mayfield d. 1907.
S. R. Mays b. 1845 Madison Co Fla; enl 1862 Grimes Co Tex Co D 8th Tex Inf Regt; wounded battle of Mansfield and battle at Young's Point. SCH 1922; d. ca 1929-30.
L. C. McAllister b 1842 Macon Co Ga; enl 1861 Co B 4th Ala Inf Regt; disch winter 1861-62 and joined ranger company at Greenville, Ala which became Co E, 56th Ala Vol Cav; d. Feb. 16, 1912 Colorado Springs, Col. Age 69 yrs 4 mos 18 days.
T. B. McAllister b 1842 enl Co C Johnson's Mo Regt, Parson's Brig; He lived in both Tarrant and Dallas Cos. His wife, Susan E. Jones McAllister d. 1879 and is bur Bear Creek Cem. He bur Keystone Masonic Cem, Arlington, Tex. Dates: 1842-1925
William James McAllister b 1846 Macon Co Ala; enl 1861 Pike Co Ala Pvt Co I, 15th Ala Cav Regt; Battles Cross Keys, Seven Days at Richmond, Chickamauga, Knoxville; his father was Col. of 15th Ala. d. 1917/1918
B. F. McClendon b 1838 Chambers Co Ala; enl 1861 Eldorado Ark Co A 1st Ark Inf Regt; at 1st Manassas and Shiloh, captured Hardinburg, Ky; got out of prison and joined 5th La Cav.
M. J. McAneer Listed as member who died during past 12 months ca May 1918
C. S. McBride d Mar 28, 1901; earlier burial record names a Calvin McBride, bur Pioneers Rest with notation "not found."
J. C. McCain enl Co H, Cabell's Brig. D. 1912, bur. Oakwood. 1900 Roster.
William C. McCain bur Pioneers Rest. Died prior 1905.
W. L. McClochey bur Proctor, Tex
A. G. McClung b. Tenn enl New Mexico Sibley's Brigade. 1900 roster
W. H. McClung b, Gallatin Mo; enl 1862 Greenbrier Co W. Va Co K 14th Va Cav Regt; many battles including Gettysburg; was with Lee on retreat from Richmond to Appomattox. 1900 Roster spells name "McLung."
Joseph McClure b Ill 1844; enl Alvarado, Tex Co A 18th Tex Inf, Granbury's Brig; 1900 Roster. Oakwood records give death date as Feb. 22, 1921
J. J. McCullough b. Miss; enl 1863 Co F 6th Ark Regt; sev battles in La and Ark. 1900 Roster.
W. M. McConnell Charter Member - b. Sumner Co. Tenn 1833; enl 1861 Hickman Co Ky Crossland's Co Duncan's Battn; captured while a spy; in prison Camp Chase and others; exch May 1863 at City Point, Va; was Adjutant and held other offices in UCV. D. Sunday 11 July 1909 bur Oakwood. M. Martha ---(1840-1932)
M. B. McCorkle enl 1862 Co E 1st La Inf Regt; trans to fld staff 1864 and was Sgt in Hood's command. Was in hospital in Madison, Ga at end of war. D. Before 1904; bur Oakwood.
J. H. McCoy not found in UCV records but Oakwood Cem records show him in Confederate Plot; is on pre-1905 burial ecords; d. 1906.
L. S. McCoy b. 1847 Ala; enl Union Co Ark Co A 2nd Ark Regt; detached service in South Ark. until end of war.
J. C. McCracken Died before 1905. Bur Pioneers Rest.
C. R. McCreary Admitted to Confederate Home March 1902; was in Baylor's Cav.
R. W. McCree d. Oct. 1910 Confederate Home. Death reported in Camp minutes Oct. 30, 1910.
Dr. Elijah McDaniel b. 1836 Davis Co. N. C. Enl 1862 Covington, Tenn Pvt Co I, 7th Tenn Regt; also under Gen Van Dorn, Sterling Price and Bedford Forrest. He lists many details of 7 battles. 1900 roster. D. Feb. 23, 1911 bur Oakwood.
Joseph McDonald b. 1837 Washington Co. Ky; enl College Grove, Tenn; was scouting and recruiting for CSA for some time before regular enlistment in Buckner's Guards; in many battles in Tenn, NC and Ga.
James Standiford McDonough b. 1846 Ga; enl 1861 Knoxville, Tenn Co F 2nd Tenn Cav Regt; wounded 1865 at Bentonville, Tenn; lost right arm at shoulder. Captured many times. D. 1915, bur. Oakwood. 1900 Roster. His widow married Rev. R. C. Armstrong.
Charles M. McDougall b. Port Gibson, Miss enl 1861 Co F 48th Miss Regt; 1900 Roster. Pioneers Rest records have dates 1842 - 1923. Date shown on loose sheet in records is Feb. 18, 1922.
M. J. McElreath b. 1841 Bartow Co Ga; enl 1861 Cartersville, Ga Co E, 1st Ga Conf Regt; Battles: Fort Pickens, Seven Days at Richmond, Culpepper, Fredericksbyrg; captured May 1864 at Wilderness and POW Point Lookout Md; trans. to Elmira NY where remained until end of war. SCH 1908.
S. H. McElreath b. 1836 Ga; enl 1861 Mt. Vernon, Tex Pvt Co I, 11th Tex Cav Regt.
A. M. McElyea b. 1842 Franklin Co. Tenn; enl 1861 Jackson co Ala Co H Gunter's Cav Battn; captured in Tenn; par. 1864 and taken back to Jackson Co Ala. 1900 Roster. D. Jan. 4, 1909, bur. Oakwood.
J. F. McFadden Enl Co I 4th Tex Regt; d. Feb. 1, 1907, bur. Oakwood.
H, B. McGarr b. Tuskegee Ala; enl 1861 Galveston, Tex Capt Co L, 1st Tex Regt; Gettysburg and others. Wounded 5 times. 1900 Roster. D. 1922 bur Oakwood.
M. S. McGaugh Co. A. 7th Ky Regt. 1900 roster.
W. L. McGaugh Co H 16th Ala Regt; d. March 28, 1912, Tolar, Tex.
Eugene McGeen Charter Member - Co. B. 11th Miss. Regt.
John McGinnis enl July 1861 Johnson Sta, Tarrant Co; 20th Brig.TM
William W. McGinnis enl 1861 Capt of Co Mtd Vols; in Tarr. Co. 20th Brig. TM.
H. C. McGlasson enl Co F 1st Ky Vol Cav Regt; at Chicamauga, Missionary Ridge, Dalton, Ga; disch May 1863; Wife, a UDC member, was a transfer from Barnard E. Bee Chap. #86 San Antonio, Tex, 1916.
J. A. McGregor b 1833 Greenville Dist S. C. Enl 1861 Albany, Ga. Co E 4th Ga Inf Regt; In many Va battles; elected 1st Lt of Co E, Sept 1863. To Texas 1869.
C. F. McInturf b. Tenn; enl 1862 Strawberry Plains, Tenn Co D 1st N. C. Regt; several battles through Nov. 1864. 1900 roster. Name spelled "McIntire" on loose sheet.
M. S. McKee b. Marshall Co Miss; enl Oxford Miss Co C 9th Miss Vol Inf Regt; wounded in neck at Shiloh and disabled; 1900 Roster; SCH 1921.
W. R. McKee b. Sumter Co Ala; enl 1861 Chapel Hill Tex Co G 5th Tex Inf Regt, Hood's Brig; many battles including Gettysburg where wounded. Captured in New Jersey and wounded again in head. 1900 roster. D. 1882 bur Oakwood.
J. S. McKinney b. Miss; enl 1864 Hill Co Tex Co A 12th Cav Regt Parson's Brig; serv in La and Ark; 1900 Roster. SCH 1908; d. Dec. 1920.
William M. McKinney b. Ky; enl Washington Co Ark Co I, 11th Miss Regt, Parson's Brig; several battles. 1900 roster. D. Dec. 30, 1912 per camp burial list.
William Pinkney McLean b. 1836 Copiah Co Miss; enl 1862 Jefferson Tex, Co D, 19th Tex Inf Regt; at Perkin's Landing, Mulliken's Bend, Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, Jenkins Ferry. Never wounded or captured. Had moved to Harrison Co. Tex. 1839 with widowed mother, then to Victoria, Tex; resigned from State Legislature to join army as a pvt. Delegate to Constitutional Convention 1875. To Fort Worth 1894. One time commander of R. E. Lee Camp. D. 1925, bur Mt. Olivet.
W. R. McMillan enl 1861; Gilmore's Guards, Mtd Inf Tarr Co 20th Brig TM.
W. W. McNatt enl Lewis' Mo. Regt., Parson's Brig. In 1884 liv Arlington, Tex.
Moses Dwight McNeeley b. 1837 Iredell Co. N. C. Enl 1861 Hernando, Miss 1st Lt Co K, 9th Miss Regt; reenl May 1862 Co C 42nd Miss Regt; at Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Gettysburg; captured and paroled; carried flag at Gettysburg; made 1st surr. With Gen. Lee 1865 and was nearest man to him when he made his last address to his army on that day. Adjutant of R. E. Lee Camp. 1900 Roster; d. Dec. 27, 1918, bur. Oakwood.
W. C. McNeely b. 1842; d. 1929/30.
Duncan McRae b. Maury Co.Tenn; enl 1864 Co F 1st Tenn Cav Regt; scouting in Middle Tenn; in many battles. 1900 roster. D. March 21, 1912; bur. Polytechnic.
Taylor McRae b. 1845 Mobile, Ala; enl 1863 Jackson Co Miss Co A, 3rd Miss Inf Regt; wounded July 1845 in Peach Tree Creek Ga. Battle; in Tenn. Campaign with Gen. Hood; crippled in right hand during retreat from Tenn. Oakwood Cem rec list a "T. McRay" d. 1919.
John W. McPherson B. 1842 N. C. Enl 1862 Sullivan Co. Tenn; Pvt Co I, 63rd Tenn Inf Regt. Joined camp 1910.
McReel Co F 67th N. C. Regt. 1900 Roster.
D. McWebb Enl 1861 Pvt Co K 7th Tenn Cav Regt; SCH 1922.
P. J. Medlin b. Ind; enl 1861 Grapevine Mtd riflemen; R. M. Gano, Capt.
James W. Mellown b. Newton Co. Miss; enl Jefferson Tex Co A 19th Tex Inf Regt; several battles in La and Ark; d. May 17, 1901 - bur Catholic Cem (Calvary at Oakwood?)
William Mellone Name on list of members who had died since camp was organized - written 1905.
D. W. Melton b. Wayne Co Tenn; enl 1862 Co F, Whites Regt. 1900 Roster.
Jessie J. Melton b. 1828 Green Co Ala; enl 1862 Mobile, Ala 1st Lt & Adj 1st Ala State Gds; d. July 10, 1916; bur Oakwood.
[Tom Melton adds: Spelling should be Jesse Jefferson Melton b:1828 Greene Co., AL; Cpl. Mexican American War; m: Martha Anne Houck 1854 Greensboro, AL; enl 1862 Mobile, Ala 1st Lt & Adj 1st Ala State Gds; d. July 10, 1916; bur Oakwood.
S. Y. Melton D. June 28, 1915
S. J. Melton Pvt Co B, Gordon's Mo Regt; bur. Oakwood.
[Tom Melton adds: S. J. Melton & S. Y. Melton is the same man, and he is: Snellon Johnson Melton b: 1841 Alma, Lafayette Co., MO; Pvt Co B, Gordon's Mo Regt; m: Laura Albin 1864; Lafayette Co., MO; d: Jun 28, 1915; bur: Oakwood Cemetery]
W. R. Melton b 1846 Eldorado Ark; enl 1862 Morton Miss Co K 2nd Miss Dav Regt;
J. W. Messick d. May 23, 1911; bur Mt. Olivet.
J. A. Metcalf b Ky enl 1861 Clarksville, Tenn Co K 2nd Ky Inf Regt; wounded battle of Seven Pines May 1862, 1900 Roster.
Mark S. Melton d. Dec. 26, 1910; bur Oakwood.
[Tom Melton adds: Mark S. Melton b: Aug, 1836 Walton Co., GA; d: Dec 26, 1910; bur. Oakwood Cemetery]
J. W. Mickle b. 1839 Ala; enl 1861 Montgomery Co Ala Co I 13th Ala Inf Regt; captured Gettysburg and POW remainder of war.
A. R. Mignon b. 1844 France; enl 1863Salisbury . C. No battles. Did guard duty. D. Oct. 25, 1915. Bur. Greenwood Cem.
W. E. Milford b 1843 Ala; enl 1861 Atlanta, Ga Co A 21st Ga Regt; at Gettsburg, Winchester, Cross Keys, Seven Pines, Seven das at Ricmond ad others; wounded at Plymouth, N. C. 1900 Roster.
F. Miller 1900 Roster. One Frank Miller d. 1884, bur Oakwood.
H. P. Miller Pvt Co C 9th Tex Cav Regt; wounded Iuka.
J. C. Miller b. 1846 Ind; enl 1862 Co B 19th Tex Cav Regt.
John A. Miller b. 1841 near Jefferson City Mo; enl 1861 Belton Tex Co H 6th Tex Cav Regt; was regimental flag bearer for 2 years 0 it had 43 bullet holes in it; celebrated 91st birthday Sept. 7, 1932; at one Camp meeting he sany accompanied by Moses J. Bonner on his fiddle. Came to Texas 1850,
P. A. Miller b. Woodstock, Va enl 1861 aroer's Ferry Co F 10th Va Inf; captured May 1864 and "liberated" June 20, 1965. D. 1917 bur Oakwood. 1900 Roster.
William Preston Miller b. Ky; to Johnson Sta 1877. Served CSA as medic; Pvt Co B 19th Tex Cav Regt; d. 1908 Arlington, Tex.
D. E. Milligan 31st Minn Regt. 1900 Roster.
Shadrach Mims b. 1837 autauga Co Ala; enl 1861 Prattville, Ala; 2nd Lt co H 3rd Ala Cav Regt; never wounded but had 5 hohorses shot from under him. D Feb 14, 1926 bur Oakwood.
G. C. Mitchell d. May 22, 1904 bur. Forest Hill Cem.
Isaiah C. Mitchell enl 1861 Pvt Co K 17th Tenn Vol. SCH 1926.
M. K. Mynatt b. 3-23-1839 - d. 4-17-1917; Oakwood cem records and Memorial.
John A. Mitchell B. 1826 - d,. 1905; bur Oakwood.
Nat L. Mitchell b. Ala; enl 1861 Columbus Miss Pvt Co K 14th Regt; SCH 1909.
Tom C. Mitchell b. 1843 near Celina, Tenn; enl 1861 Greenville, Tenn Pvt Co K 17th Tenn Inf; captured chickamauga and escaped. Shown on thanksgiving Dinner list 1925 as 82 years old; d. 1936; bur Oakwood.
John L. Mock b. 1841 Danville, Ky; enl 1862 Co A 7th Ky Regt; numerous battles, with Morgan on famous raid through Ky, Ind and Ohio; captured on raid near Cincinnati; POW Camp Chase then Camp Douglass; escaped night of Oct. 3rd reaching Canada Oct. 5, 1863. Returned to Danville after war. To Texas 1876 and farmed northwest Fort Worth. 1900 roster. D. 1915; bur Oakwood.
W. B. Montague b. 1839 Lauderdale, Miss; enl 1861 Caldwell, Tex Co G 2nd Tex Regt; sent home because of chronic bronchitis but enl again and was near Houston at close of war.
Thomas Montgomery b. Spring Garden, Ala; where enl Co G 12th Ala Cav regt; was elected lt. Of Camp in 1936; d. After June 1938 as was living in Mineral Wells then.
S. O. Moodie b. greenville, Ala; enl May 1861 Linden, Tex Co D 1st Tex Regt Hood's Brig; disch because of illness Feb. 1862 but reenl 32nd Texas; discharged; reenl. Spring 1863 Co E Nmorgan's Battn, Parson's Brigade and serv until end of war.
E. R. Moody Enl 1861 Pvt Mansfield Mtd Rifle Gds 20th Brig TM; Mansfield Cem recs. Show dates 1845-1876.
Loving Moody enl 1861 West Fork Gds, Tarr. Co. 20th Brig.
Thomas O. Moody enl 1861 Mansfidl Mrt Rifle Gds, 20th Brig TM elected Capt of co June 1861; this org became Co K 7th Tex Cav Wm Steele's Regt, Sibley's Brig.
W. F. Mooney enl 1861 Whitesville, Ga Co E 20th Ga Inf Regt; detailed to QM Dept May 1864; signed roster at 1890 meeting but name not on Charter Member list - may have been an error. SCH 1908.
H. F. Moore Co F 4th Ala Regt. Bur Oakwood.
James B. Moore b. Bowling Green, Ky; enl 1864 Waxahachie, Tex Co E 19th Cav Regt, Parson's Brig; wrote that he hoped his friends would include in his epitaph that he was an "Ex-Confederate." 1900 Roster. D. April 18, 1908
L. L. Moore Bur Oakwood. D. Pre-1905.
Levi M. Moore b. 1845 Forsythe Co. Ga; enl 1861 Clayton, Ga Co E 24th Ga Regt Inf; Was in 24 battles from April 1862 until captured April 6 1865. 1900 Roster. Bur Pioneers Rest; d. March 18, 1920.
J. L. Moorehead enl 1st Co A 9th Tex Cav Regtr and trans to Coo A Gano's Sqdn 3rd Ky Regt; Grapevine Cem. Records show one Jacob Lyons Moorehead with dated 5-22-1843 - 3-20-1933. Application of dau, Maude M. Yancy to UDC in 1921 was signed by "J. L. Morehead."
Dr.N. A. Morgan Name on early burial records with no data.
H. J. More No data.
C,. S,. Morris Enl 1863 Scout Co A 41st Ga Regt; SCH 1924. No other record
Daniel Morris b. 17844 Ala; enl 1861 Co C 1st Tex Cav Regt; d. June 13, 1919. Dau, Mrs. W. F. (Nellie Mae) Fisk applied for UDC 1924.
Rev. I. Z. T. Morris b. 1847 Greenville, Ala; enl 1853 Co F 63rd ala Regt; wounded March 1865 at Spanish Fort Ala. 1900 roster. REL Camp Chaplain. D. Dec. 13, 1914. Bur Greenwood.
J. B. Morris b Ky; enl Paris Mo 1861 Co A 1st Mo Inif Regt; wounded once; d. April 29, 1909. 1900 roster. Information on wife's UDC application in 1902 has difference in fact and was apparently written by him; enl 1861 Paris Mo.; surr to Grant at Vicksburg; went into parole camp until exch. Ordered by Sec,. Of War to report as Asst Medical Purveyor of Army of the West. One John B. Morris d. 1913 and is bur Oakwood - so evidently were two men.
J. C. Morris b. Ala enl 1862 Crockett, Tex Co C, Randle;s Regt; had horse shot from under him 1863 below Little Rock. Made QM in Randle;s Brig. Andpost Adj at tyler, Tex as end of war. 1900 Roster.
John William Morris b. 1836 Triple Crossing, Va; no military unit given; was at Shiloh; came to Texas 1867 and to Fort Worth ca 1936 from Arlington, Tex, age 191. D. 1937. Bur Arlington Cem.
Pulmon Morris Pvt Co K 4th Tenn Cav Regt. Liv Johnson Station 1884.
S. P. Morrison b. 1826; d. 1890. Bur Pioneers Rest.
Hugh M. Morrow b. 1843; enl 1861 Co I 32nd Tenn Regt; d. June 16, 1906. He signed recommendation on UDC applications in 1905 for two daus, Mayme and Maggie Doss Morrow which give his unit as 37th Tenn Regt.
Noah S. Moseley b. 1839 Bedford Co Tenn; enl 1862 Weatherford, Tex Pvt co A 21st Tex inf Regt; His widow, Mary, is mentioned in the minutes of the Julia Jackson UDC Champter several times but never as a member.
W. L. Most Co H 2nd Va Regt; name and unit shown on list of those present at the 1890 2nd meeting.
C. J. Moyer b. Hungary; enl Vicksburg Co B, 17th La Regt;; name is shown in Camp burial book but no data.
Steven Hill Mulkey b. Sept. 21, 1832; d. Febv. 16, 1912; bur Oakwood.
E. V. Mullenix b. 1841 New Bridge, Ga; enl 1861 Co H 1st Ga Inf Regt.
P. Mullen b. 1838 Germany; enl 1862 Gaklveston, Tex Co B Cook';s Tex heavy Art; detailed to QM Dept; no battles, serv until end of war. To Confederate Home, Austin, 1906, with general debility. Minutes Tex Div UCV mention Peter Muller.
Wm Muller No data but shown in Camp burial book.
J. H. Murphy b. Jackson, Miss; enl 1861 Co D 10th Miss Regt; reel Co D 9th Miss Regt; many battles. D., Feb. 18, 1906; bur Oakwood. 1900 Roster.
John Murphy b. 1825 Ireland; enl 1862 ripley Miss Co L 2nd Miss Inf Regt; many battles in Va; wounded at Sharpsburg and Gettysburg and disables; after disch. Captured in Miss and prisoner at Alton, Ill. For 7 mos. D. Nov. 27, 1910. Bur Sherman, Tex.
J. W. Murray b. Ireland; enl San Antonio, Tex Co D 2nd Art Regt; guard duty along Texas coast. 1900 Roster. One Murray/Murry, no initial, d. Jan. 1900.
J. M. Murrell Lt. Co E Ross Regt in Tenn. Liv Grapevine 1884.
H. T. Musick b. 1834 Mason Co Ky; enl 1861 Dallas Tex Co A, Gano's Regt; serv until end of war; captured once byt escaped. Name onlist of members who died during past year ca 1918.
Charles L. Myers Enl 1864 Pvt Shelby's Brig; SCH 1917; in 1917 lived Birdville, Tex.
D. R. Myers b. Ga; enl 1861 Atlanta Morgan's Co 11th Ga Regt; numerous battles; never wounded or captured. 1900 Roster.
William Kannon Mynatt b. 1839 Ala; enl 1862 Co # 10th ala Inf Regt; married Feb. 26, 1868 Miss Bethany J. Ingram; moved from Alexandria, Ala to Tyler Tex 1893 and to fort Worth 1902. Camp memorial 1913, bur Oakwood.


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