The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

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A. G. Nance Oakwood records show him buried Sept. 25, 1898
James Nance bur. Little Rock, Ark.
W. M. Nanny b. 12 Aug. 1839, bur Pioneers Rest [no death date given]
S. T. Naylor b. Feb. 21, 1840 Davie Co NC; enl 1862 NC 3rd Sgt Co H 5th NC Cav Regt; Stuart's Corps
T. A. Neace b. Nov 19, 1843 near Jefferson City, Mo. Enl 1861 Dallas Co Corp Co B Darnell's Regt; many battles including Prairie Grove 7 Nov 1862; Liv in Keller and could have been member of Albert Pike Camp UCV there. Mt. Gilead Cem. Records: Neace, Thomas W. 11-19-1843; 1-28-1929
John M. Neal A news clipping dtd Dec 1916 stated he was admitted to membership in Camp by transfer from C. M. Winkler Camp #147 UCV in Corsicana, Tex.
J. W. Neal No data. 1900 Roster
W. C. Neal No. data. 1900 Roster.
S. F. Nearman Pvt Col. Forrest's Brig. Enl 1862; SCH 1908.
Wm. Neat No data. 1900 Roster.
W. A. Neighbors b. 1847 Ala; enl Taladega Co Ala Co F Phelp's Ala Regt; at Lookout Mountain and other battles in Tenn, Miss and Ga. Memorial states he was b. Tallega Co. Ala July 1837 and d. Riverside [now Fort Worth] March 27, 1909. Bur East Oakwood.
Benjamin B. Newby b. 10 Sept 1838 Athens,Ala; enl 1861 Pvt Co A 40th Tenn Inf Regt; captured Island No. 10; POW, Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill for 6 mos. Wounded near Atlanta 1863 and did not return to service. d. Nov. 3, 1928; bur. Mt. Olivet.
George Whitfield Newman On 1922 camp obit list .but no deaths are listed in camp bur. Book after 1917. One George Whitfield Newman b. March 4, 1831; d. April 6, 1875 bur Pioneers Rest.
Silas Newman b. Aug 17, 1834 Amite Co Miss; enl 1862 Co F, 38th Miss Inf Regt; at Iuka, Tupelo, Corinth and various minor engagements until after surr. d. Macon Co. Ga. May 2, 1906 .
John E Newsom b. Jan. 25, 1838 Ala; enl 1861 Cherokee Ala; Maj. 4th Ala Cav Regt; at Shiloh and with Forrest on many raids.
S. Newsom b. 1832 Bedford Co. Tenn; enl 1861 Richmond Tenn; Cpl 41st Tenn Regt; d. 1914, bur. Oakwood
J. C. B. Nichols enl 1862 Co D, 10th Tex Cav Regt; served year and a half in Texas. 1900 Roster.
L. D. Nichols b. May 20, 1845 Hannibel, Mo. Enl 1862 Lampasas, Tex Co D 17th Tex Inf Regt; wounded June 1863; was in last battle fought May 29, 1865; d. Dec. 12, 1908
Algernon S. Nicholson 1900 Roster. Oakwood records show an A. G. N. 1893 and Algernon P. N. 1903, but no A. S. N.
E. L. Nicks Co F 20th Ra Regt. 1900 Roster
W. L. E. North b. Buckingham Co Va; enl 1861 Co H 2nd Va Cav Regt; many battles incl Gettysburg; surr Appomattox April 9, 1865. SCH (no date); 1900 Roster. d. Galveston Oct 27 1905; bur Oakwood.
W. L. Norwood b NC; enl Pontotoc, Miss 1861 Bradford's Art Co; battles in Va and NC; was near Appomattox when Lee surr. 1900 Roster. d. May 23, 1909.
Charles Richard Nunn b. March 1840 Va; enl 1861 West Point Pvt Co K 34th Va Inf Regt; in hospital at Richmond at end of war. d. April 19, 1912.


W. J. Oats No information.
D. Felix O'Duhigg, [sp?] Charter Member - 20th La Regt.
J. M. Oglesby Charter Member - b. 1835 Athens Ala; d. 1913. Enl 1861 Lincoln Co Tenn Pvt Co F 44th Tenn Regt; d. Jan 5, 1913, bur Oakwood.
Andrew O'Hara b. Dubuque,Iowa; enl 1861 Memphis, Tenn Co B 3rd Regt. May have died in Confederate Home, Austin
T. H. Orr Co E 30th Ala Regt. 1900 Roster
W. D. Orrick Co C 50th Tenn Inf Regt; bur Oakwood
W. C. Osborne Co D 47th Ala Inf Regt Lew's Brig; 1900 Roster. d. 1908 Temple, Tex.  [does not give burial place]
J. H. O'Shields b. Ca 1835; minutes of 1930 show Resolution on his death.
Edwin E. Overall d. 1903 and bur Oakwood.
Walter H. Overton b. Dec. 17, 1817 - d. Sept 15, 1878; bur Pioneers Rest.
J. T. Owen b. Sept 4, 1844, Clarksville, Va; enl 1862 Richmond Co B 34th Va Inf Regt; was at Seven Pines, and around Richmond.
Henry Oliver Pvt Capt Wm Quayle's Co. Mtd Riflemen, Tarrant Co; enl 1861

G. B. Page enl 1864 Co G Harper's Battn Miss Vol; on detached duty Brandon Miss at surrender; SCH 1926 when {then] resident Johnson Co Tex
Buckley B. Paddock Charter Member - b 1844 Ohio; enl 1861 Yazoo City Miss Co E 37th Ga prom Lt to Capt at age 18; many battles Shiloh, Iuka 1st and 2nd Corinth, Vicksburg, was captured 5 times POW and escaped; d Jan 7, 1922 bur Oakwood. Served as Camp Commander and also Commander Tex Division; was mayor FW at one time;editor of Fort Worth Democrat
H. Pal. Co M 1st Tex Regt. 1900 Roster
Oscare Pampeaier b. 1827 New Orleans, La; enl 1861 Galveston Tex Capt Co A, Waul's Legion; was killed 1909 and bur Oakwood.
Milton J. Pankey b. Dec 13 1841 Hardeman Co Tenn; enl 1861 Boliver, Tenn 1st Corp Polk's Battery; prom to Sgt was POW Jackson, Tenn and par. d. Nov 1, 1916, bur. Oakwood.
J. M. Pardue Charter Member - Co C Holcombe's Legion [state not given]
W. J. Parish Co F, 2nd Ark Regt. d Oct 10, 1905; bur Oakwood.
Dan Parker Charter Member - b. 1831 Bedford Co Tenn; enl 1861 Fort Worth Tex Co D 9th Tex Cav Regt; trans to 10th Tex Cav Co F Parson's Brig. d. March 3, 1907. Bur Oakwood.
Isaac Duke Parker b. 1821 Crawford Co Ill; enl 1864 Dallas Tex Gano's Guards d.. 1902; bur near Birdville on old family farm. Parker Cem?
F. C. Parr b. 1833 Lincoln Co Tenn; enl 1861 pvt Co G 8th Tenn Regt; discharged due to broken collar bone.
E. J. Parrent b. 1841 Aberdeen, Miss; enl 1861 San Antonio Tex Pvt Co D 1st Tex Mtd Rifles; wounded Malvern Hill also at Chickamauga; d. 1923 bur Oakwood
W. J. Parrish b. 1844 Stoddard Co Mo enl 1852 Polk Co Ark Co E 2nd Ark Cav Regt; d. Oct. 20, 1903 bur Oakwood.
J. W. Parsley Charter Member - Enl Co A 29th Tex Regt; d. 1895; bur Oakwood.
F. W. Patrick b. Lawrence Ala; enl 1861 Co B 16th Ala Regt.
J. W. Patterson d. Nov. 15, 1914; bur Greenwood Cem.
T. A. Patterson b. Richland Miss; en l863 Jackson Miss Pvt Co D 1st Miss. Liv Grapevine, Tex.
T. H. Patton 1900 Roster.
J. A. Paugle Co. H 5th Tex Cav Regt. 1900 Roster
William H. Paxton b. Cummings Ga; enl 1861 Co E 14thGa Regt; wounded Lynchburg, Va and badly wounded in both legs at Fredericksburg. When applying for pension was unable to walk; owned no property except two-room cabin worth less than $450 and was being supported by Camp. d. Feb. 5, 1903 bur Oakwood.
B. P. Payne enl 6th Ga Regt. Bur Grapevine Cem. dates 1842-1930.
G. W. Peabody b 1835 Bridgeport, Conn enl 1863 Columbus Ga 3rd Sgt Co K 37th Ga Regt; wounded at Murfreesboro captured 1864 and prisoner Tenn; sent to Camp Douglas, Ill. d Feb 19, 1916 Confederate Home, Austin.
John Wesley Peace b. 1846 NC; enl age 17 in 1864 Co B, 2nd Battn NC Jr Reserves; was in hospital with pneumonia; wounded in battle Winchester had pneumonia again; disch. His name is not on Camp roster - information from UDC applications of daughters; he d. Oct 17, 1937 Fort Worth.
Dr. Carroll Marion Peak b. 1828 Galletin Co Ky; to Tex 1852; enl 1861 Fort Worth Capt W. W. Dunn's Tarr Co Rifles; also in Co D 1st Regt M. T. Johnson commander. Was recalled because of need for a doctor at home. Had been surgeon at Fort [Worth] when it established. He and wife had three dau and a son - all prominent in early Fort Worth. d. Feb 27 1885, bur. Pioneers Rest.
E. W. Peates 8th Tenn Regt. Signed roster at 1890 meeting but not shown on later rosters.
J. B. Peightal [not sure of surname] b ca 1840 Huntingdon Pa; enl 1861 Sabine Pass Tex Co A Speight's Regt; serv Tex until end of war; trans. From Camp Winnie Davis #108 UCV in Waxahachie, Tex. 1900 Roster. [ name does not appear on Winnie Davis Camp Roster]
W. H. Percy Enl Co C 6th Tex Cav Regt; was liv Mansfield, Tex in 1884; d. 1901, bur. Oakwood.
J. P. Perkins b. Miss; enl 1861 Panola Co Miss Co H 9th Miss Inf Regt; disch because of illness 1862 but reenl Yates Battery, 14th Miss Art; 1900 Roster. d. March 22, 1915, bur. Mt. Olivet.
A. P. T. Perkins Bur Johnson Station.
W. S. Perkins b. 1841 Troup Co Ga; enl 1861 Paris Tex Co F 1st Tex Partisan rangers; many battles. 1900 roster.
J. M. Perriman No data
P. H. Petitfils In Confederate Home.
A. B. Phillips Pratts Battn. 1900 roster
J. J. Phillips d. 1899, bur Oakwood.
G. W. Pickett Oakwood Cem records list a C. W. Pickett d. 1922.
G. C. Pickett b. 1844 Van Buren Ark; enl 1861 Rusk Co Tex Pvt Co B Green's Tex Regt; joined camp 1911 and then liv Smithfield; later lived Confederate Home
Sevier Pickett b 1847; marker Oakwood lists his dates as 8-2-1847 - 11-23-1936
Robert W. Poe b 1845 Talledga Ala; enl 1861 Dallas, Tex Co B 3rd Tex Cav Regt, at Oakhill, Elkhorn, Corinth and others. d 12-19-1917 bur Oakwood.
James H. Polk b. 1842 Williamson Co Tenn; enl 1861 Columbia Tenn Capt Co 1st Tenn Cav Regt; (1st regt to enter service after Tenn seceded); captured while scouting for Gen. Forrect prisoner Camp Chase, Ft. Delaware and Morris Island; released Jan 1864; regt surr. Charlotte NC.
J. J. Polk 1900 Roster
J. R. Pollard bur Pioneers Rest. [there is a J. P. Pollard buried there; but dates given would not apply to a man serving CSA]
Wade Hamilton Pollard (Dr.) Bur. Pioneers Rest; Cem. Records give dates as Oct. 1812 - Nov. 24, 1893
C. C. Poole b. 1836 Lafayette Co Mo; enl 1861 Bonham, Tex Co E 1st lt 5th Tex Rangers; prom. to Capt. Co. F, William's Regt Shelby's Brig.
Richard B. Potts b 1837 Va; enl 1861 Co K 30th Va Regt; Sharpsburg, 2nd Manassas, Gettysburg and all in which Army N Va engaged. Wounded at Petersburg April 1865 and at home when army surr. Bur Pioneers Rest. Records give dates as: 4-11-1837 - 1-5-1920.
Dr. C. W. Powell Bur. Oakwood.
T. H. Powell 3rd Miss Cav Regt. 1900 Roster. Bear Creek Cem records:"Thomas H. Powell Co H 6 Mo Cav CSA May 14, 1843 - Aug 30 1935"
J. T. Prather Co F Wallers Tex Cav.
J. W. Prewett b Ky enl 1863 Co B 8th Ky Cav Regt; 1900 Roster. Azle Cem. Records show: J. William Prewett: 6-8-1845 - 4-13-1921
William C. Pribble enl 1863 Pvt Co C & A 9th Va Regt; SCH 1922; was in Confederate Home [dates not known]
J. F. Price Charter Member - d. pre 1900. May have been
H. N. Price Co D 7th Ala Regt; d. 1924; bur Oakwood.
W. L. Price b. SC 1835; enl 1861 Clark Co Miss co C 237th Miss Regt; was disch at Columbus Miss due to typhoid-pneumonia. 1900 Roster.
W. R. Price Co A 9th Tex Cav Regt. Liv Grapevine, Tex. 1884.
B. F. Prickett b ca 1830 Ga; d. Dec. 1900; enl Henry Co Ga 53rd Ga Regt; many battles; furloughed May 1864 and not able to rejoin company. d Dec. 1900. Bur Oakwood.
B. F. Pride Pvt Co A 11th Tenn Battn; Oakwood Cem records show d. 1885.
M. D. Priest b. Moulton, Ala enl 1862 Jefferson Tex Co C 18th Tex Regt; sent home sick leave Aug 1864 and disch Nov same year. 1900 Roster. Bur Oakwood. On camp obit wall plaque 1922.
Theodore Prigmore b. March 1836 Clinton Mo enl 1861 Bates Co G, Frost's Rgt;
Landy M. Prince Charter Member - enl Co H Gurley's Tex Regt; Pioneers Rest Cem records give dates of 1817 - 1893. His wife, Pernecia, died July 1877. Her obit states she moved with her family to Tenn. in 1842 and she and her husband came to Texas 1858 and to Fort Worth ca 1873. [Fort Worth Daily Standard 10 July 1877]
William C. Prince Charter Member - b. Princeton Ky enl 1862 Wash. Co. Ark Co E 10th Tex Inf; wounded Lookout Mtn; disch Nov 1862. d. May 1, 1904 bur Oakwood.
George Washington Puckett b. Nov 1845 Union Par, La; enl 1863 Vicksburg Miss Pvt Co C 17th La Inf Regt; captured Vicksburg 1863 parolled and exch.
J. T. Pulliam b. 1834 Franklin Co Ga; enl 1861 Co C 11th Miss Regt; wounded, prom. To Capt; again wounded; parol. 1865 Meridian Miss. d. ca 1917
Honce Poe b. 1842 Jackson Co Mo; mov Collin Co Tex ca 1857; enl 1861 Tarr Co; frontier service under Buck Barry; then in CSA 1st Tex Cav; serv La; was home because of illness at surrender.


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