The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

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A. M. Quayle b. July 1830 Ontario Co NY; enl 1862 Grapevine, Tex Co A Gano's Sqdn; with Gen Kirby Smith in Ky; released from duty and came back to Tex where serv under Gen Slaughter on coast 1863-64. At end of war was under Col Jim Bolin on frontier gathering supplies. d. Dec. 15, 1910, bur. Grapevine Cem.; [according to published records]
William Quayle b. 1825; to America before 1830; moved to Tarrant Co before War; serv as Senator of Dist 20 during war period. Organized and was commander of Mtd Rifles Co, 1st to leave Tarr. Co.; prom. to Lt. Col. of Regt; and when Col. Sims wounded at Pea Ridge took over as commander. Went to Mexico after war then to Mo. where died 1901 [according to Confederate Veteran Magazine Vol 10, 1902].

John T. Ragan b. Person Co N C 1845; enl 1861 Pvt Co E 35 NC Regt.
J. P. Ragan Enl 1864 Jack Co Tex; was in Co which Maj Wm Quayle comnd.
J. W. Ragan enl 1861 Johnson's Sta Tex; 2nd Lt.
Stephen C. Ragan enl 1861 Johnson's Sta; Tarrant Co; he organized and was Capt of a company Mtd Vols, 1st Regt, TC, M. T. Johnson Comndg.
William M. Ragland Charter Member - enl 1864 Florence Ala; 4th Ala Regt; death reported in minutes of Sept. 9, 1903. bur. Oakwood.
Frank Rainey (Dr.) d. Feb. 1914 - bur Austin, Tex.
J. W. Ramsey b. Tenn; enl Marshall, Tex Co F 2nd Tex Regt; captured at Ark Post exch; [1900 Roster gives name as J. M. Ramsey.]
John A. Randle b. 1832; Ill; to Tex 1851 enl 1861 Brenham, Tex; was QM 20th Tex Inf Regt; serv on Texas coast; d. 1909, bur. Oakwood.
J. W. Randolph Confederate Home.
Warren Ransom B. 1828 Tenn; enl 1861 Mo; d. April 5, 1908.
Allan F. Rasbury b. 1842 Polk Co Ga; enl 1861 Atlanta Ga Co K 7th Ga Regt; in 1st and 2nd Manassas, Seven Days around Richmond; wounded at Malvern Hill, Ocean Farm and Petersburg.
John Ratican b. Ireland; enl Colorado Co Tex Co B 5th Tex Inf Regt; Hood's Brig; wounded at Seven Pines; d. 1903 at Confederate Home in Austin where bur.
G. W. Ratliff Co I 31st Tex Regt. 1900 Roster.
Tom H. Rattan b. 1840 Green Co Ill; enl 1861 Greenville, Tex Co A Burnett's Regt. 1900 Roster. In Confederate Home.
E. K. Rea Charter Member - b. 1845 - d. 1934. Bur Oakwood.
H. Reavis b. Jefferson Co Ala; enl Ashland Ala Co D Stewart's Battn; POW at Shelbyville, Tenn until end of war.
E. S. Rector b. 1837 Boonville Mo; enl 1862 Collin Co Tex Pvt Co I 7th Tex Inf Regt; d. Nov. 20, 1915, bur Oakwood.
T. B. Redford bur. Oakwood. d. prior 1905
Thomas Reece b 1841 Jackson Co Ala; enl 1861 Hill Co Tex Pvt Co A 12th Tex Cav Regt Parson's Brig; The 1925 Thanksgiving states he was dead. SCH 1923
W. G. Reese b. 1836 Rutherford Co Tenn; enl 1861 Warren Co Tenn Pvt Co H 16th Tenn Inf Regt; d. March 10, 1911, bur Oakwood.
J. H. Reger b. Buckhannon, Upshur Co Va; enl 1862 Staunton Va Co B 25th Va Inf Regt; trans to 2nd Brig spring 1863; captured Wilderness May 1864 and was prisoner until after surrender.

Additional information contributed by Becky Reger:
John Hoy Reger was born 1843 in Buckhannon, Upshur County Virginia, now West Virginia. His parents were Riley and Fanny (Love) Reger. John Hoy Reger came from a long line of Regers in the Upshur County, WV area... his grandfather was the first sheriff of Lewis County, (W) Va and a Justice of the Peace for forty years of the same county. John Hoy enlisted at the age of 17 as a private in Co. B of the 25th Va Infantry. He enlisted on May 1, 1862 and was captured at Spotsylvania Court House on May 12, 1864, just after the battle of the Wilderness. He was sent to Belle Plain and then to Point Lookout Prison and confined on May 17, 1864. He was later transferred to Elmira Prison on July 27, 1864 and confined on July 30, 1864. After the war he took the oath and was released on June 14, 1865. John Hoy was 6'1" in height, fair complexion, dark hair and hazel eyes. He moved to Seymore, Baylor County, Texas in 1870. The above information was taken from the 25th Virginia Infantry and 9th Battalion Virginia Infantry book, by Richard L. Armstrong.

W. H. Renick b. Mo; enl 1863 Co E, Gordon's Regt trans. to Slayback's Regt winter 1864. 1900 Roster.
B. C. Reynolds b. 1846 Ill; enl 1864 Fort Belknap, Tex Co C, Perry's Regt.
George T. Reynolds b. 1844 Montgomery Ala; to Fort Griffin Tex 1847' enl 1862 Co E 14th Tex Cav Regt Col. Nat Buford. Wounded 1863 and hon. disch.
Byron C. Rhome Col. b 1837 Ga; to Tex with father age 17; serv 3 yrs 18th Tex Inf Regt, as Sgt 1st Lt, Capt and Col; wounded at Opelousas La; d. Nov. 10, 1919. Bur Oakwood.
J. C. Richards b. Lewis Co Mo; enl 1861 Co A Green's Regt; captured Helena Ark and prisoner for 16 mos.
J. C. Richardson Charter Member - b. Lewis Co Mo; enl 1861 Monticello, Mo 10th Mo Inf Regt Parson's Brig; captured 1863 Ark and prisoner 8 mos Alton, Ill and 8 mos at Fort Delaware; exch fall 1864. d. Oct. 11, 1914, bur Greenwood.
John A. Richardson b. Miss; enl 1862 Jasper Co Tex Co A Speight's Battn; lost hand at battle of Calcasisu, La. 1864; captured 2 gunboats and all of men; one of the prisoners amputated his arm and helped him until he was able to go home. d. Nov. 22, 1907.
W. R. Richardson 1900 Roster
B. F. Richardson/Richerson Charter Member - enl 1861 Madisonville, Tenn Co E East Tenn 3rd Regt; paroled near Washington, Ga after surr and capture of Jefferson Davis.
T. B. Richmond d. 1884 bur. Oakwood.
R. Riggins enl Co B 1st Mo Cav Regt; Smithfield Cem. Records show "Robert R. Riggins 1-3-1835 - 3-17-1904."
Jacob Riggle Sgt Co C Pindall's Mo Battn.
J. W. Riggs enl 1863; SCH 1926; was in Confederate Home - date not known
J. C. Riley Charter Member - b. Weakley Co Tenn; enl 1861 Union City Tenn Co B Morgan's Regt; then in Forrest's Cav; furloughed because of sickness.
Robert Riley b. 1844 Weakley Co Tenn; enl 1864 Trenton Tenn Co I, 10th Tenn Cav. 1900 Roster. d. April 3, 1906
R. R. Rivers d. Ca May 1918. No other information.
William H. Rivers b. 1837 Charleston S. C. Enl 1861 Richmond Co I 2nd SC Regt; not wounded but ill in hosp and unfit for service; sent home; later reenl in 3rd SC Cav. 1900 Roster. Pioneers Rest Cem. Rec. give dates 1839 - 1918.
J. W. Roberson liv. Birdville 1884 enl Pvt Co E 1st Tenn Regt.
E. T. Roberts d. 1910; bur Oakwood
J. B. Roberts b. 1846 Russellville, Ky enl 1862 Todd Co Ky Co A 2nd Ky Cav Regt; mostly on scouting duty. [A James B. Roberts d. Nov 2, 1916 bur Greenwood.]
M. F. Roberts b. Ill; enl 1863 Bosque Co Tex Co A Cook's Regt; stationed nearly all the time at Galveston, Tex; in service about one year.
J. Payton Robinson b Madison Co Tenn; enl 1863 McNairy Co Tenn Co E 19th Tenn Cav Regt; d. Sept 14, 1903 bur Oakwood. 1900 Roster.
J. W. Robinson b NC; enl Va Co G 52nd Regt, McLane's Brig; captured near Petersburg 6 days before surrender and prisoner 2 mos 17 days. [ on 1900 list for pre-1900 deaths.]
N. A. Robinson enl Co C 6th Ala Inf Regt; One N. Robinson d. 1883 buer Oakwood
R. R. Robinson d. April 8, 1904, bur Oakwood.
R. W. Robinson b 1834 Ga; enl 1862 Senatobia Miss Pvt Co B 42nd Miss Regt; slightly wounded and captured Gettysburg; prisoner nearly 2 yrs much hunger, thirst and hardships in prison. Released June 1865.
W. D. Robinson b 1845 Tenn; enl 1862 Savannah, Tenn Co C 9th Tenn Cav Regt; captured and taken to Alton Ill; escaped but too sick to return to command. Note stating he was convicted of murder - served part of term and pardoned by executive clemency "one year ago" [no date - possibly ca 1905] Death reported Star Telegram ca May 1918.
W. L. Robinson Charter Member - b. Oct. 1828 Fayette Co Ga; enl 1861 Griffin Ga 13th Ga Regt; Stonewall Jackson's Corps. d. March 1902, bur Pioneers Rest. [ According to their records he d. March 21, 1878]
Wade M. Robinson b. 1845 Fort Bend Co. Texl; enl 1862 Houston, Tex Co C 3rd Arizona Regt; serv La & Ark. 1900 Roster. D. 1902 bur Oakwood.
R. S. Rochester b 1833 Union Co SC; enl 1862 Ga Co D 41st Ga Regt; at Perryville, Ky, Murfreesboro, Tenn., Chickamauga and Atlanta.
Rockett - no initials. Bur Oakwood.
L. R. Roderick b 1825; d 1897 bur Oakwood.
James G. Roe d. 1897? ; bur Oakwood.
A. W. Roebuck enl 1863 Pvt Co K Forrest's Cav. SCH ca 1931.
John Rogan b. Nelson Co Ky; enl 1861 Bowling Green, Ky Co B Morgan's Regt; also in Co D Stone's Regt Trans-Miss. 1900 Roster. d. Dec 6, 1914 bur Aledo, Tex.
Leonias Rogan b. E. Tenn; enl Sept 1861 Galveston, Tex; QM Sgt Co B 26th Cav Regt; d May 24, 1917; bur Oakwood.
A. H. Robers d. March 21, 1878 bur Pioneers Rest.
H. H. Rogers Co A 5th Tex Cav Regt; 1900 Roster. D. 8-18-1918; [cem. Rec. Mt. Gilead Cem.]
J. C. Rogers Co G 32nd Miss Regt. 1900 roster
J. H. Rogers bur Pioneers Rest. [no dates]
J. J. Rogers b. Butler co Ky; enl 1861 Grapevine, Tex Co A 3rd Ky Regt; captured Syracuse Ohio July 1863 and exch March 1865; d. Aug 5, 1904; bur Oakwood.. 1900 Roster.
R. B. Rogers enl Co A 9th Tex Cav Regt; wounded at Chattahoochie R. Was liv Grapevine, Tex. 1884
William Everett Rogers b. 1841 Nacogdoches, Tex; enl 1861 Marshall,Tex 1st Lt Co A 7th Tex Inf Regt; captured nd exch; moved to Mansfield, Tex; d. 1909 while visiting in Midland, Tex. and is bur. there. [data from Mrs. Kenneth Harlow, now decd., gr-grdau]
T. J. Rone enl 1862 Co A 11th Tex Regt, Sgt, to Lt to Capt; at Pea Ridge, Richmond.
John J. Rosenburg b. 1844 Tenn; enl 1861 Poinsett Co Ark Co A 5th Ark Inf Regt; Corinth, Murfreesboro and others in Ky, Mo, Tenn Ga and N. C. Wounded in head at battle of Liberty Gap, Tenn and wounded in leg at Chickamauga; surr with Joseph E. Johnston April 1865. SCH 1921.
D. H. Ross b. Yazoo City Miss; enl 1861 Carrollton, Miss Co E 11th Miss Inf Regt; at Manassas,. Gettysburg and many others; captured April 1865 and par. next month. 1900 roster.
Joseph Roth Enl 1861 3rd Sgt co H 9th Ark Regt; SCH 1908.
Ed S. Rowland b. 1846 N. C. Enl 1862 Henderson NC Pvt Co B 5th NC Cav Regt; was courier to Gen. Lee; many battles; trans from A. S. Johnson Camp UCV, tyler Tex to REL Camp in 1908; SCH 1908.
Frank Rowland b 1837; enl 1861 Fort Worth Tex Pvt Co K 7th Tex Cav Regt.
Jeff Rowland/Roland b. Warren Co.Tenn; enl Fort Worth Tex Co I, 14th Tex Cav Regt; Batrtles, Farmington, Jackson and chickamauga. 1900 Roster.
M. H. Rowland bur. Pioneers Rest [not located]
R. P. Rowland bur Pioneers Rest
W. H. Rowland Charter Member - b 1837 Smith co Tenn; enl 1861 Dallas Tex Pvt co C 6th Regt Tex Cav; in 3rd yr was wounded at Davis' Bridge near Grand Junction, Tenn-Miss line; left arm badly shattered; did home duty till end of war. Left off first roster by error. In 1884 said to have lived in Azle. Azle Cem. Records whow W. F. Rowland b. 2-15-1839; d. Aug. 1920.
John C. Roy b. Cape Girardeau Mo; to Tex with parents 1853, Johnson's Stal; enl 1861 Co H 1st Tex Cav Regtr. 1900 roster.
Major Rump No information other than camp minutes 5-9-32 state his funeral was held at Central Methodist church.
J. B. Runnels b. Van Zandt co. Tex; enl Victoria co B 1st Tex Cav Regt. 1900 Roster lists J. B. Runnels twice; in 1st Tex. Cav and in 1st Tenn Cav.
F. M. Russell Confederate Home [no other data]
James Russell Jr. b. Va; enl 1861 Pvt Co 18th Va Regt; captured April 1865 and taken to Johnson's Island where released June 1865.
James W. Rossey b 1841 Winchester, Tenn; enl 1861 Co D 17th Tenn Regt; wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn Dec 1863 and on crutches 3-4 yrs after war. D. 1907 bur Oakwood [cem. records]

J. B. Sammons On loose sheet camp roster ca 1922
J. M. Sallis/Silas b. 1845 Ala; enl 1863 Port Gibson Miss Pvt Co M Woods Regt. Trans from Brenham Camp UCV 1909.
Jacob S. Samuels Charter Member - b. Warwaw Poland; enl Fort Worth Tex 1862 first in Peak's Rifles then in Terrell's Co; family came to Tex 1857; he liv La for a few years after war but returned to Fort Worth. d. April 26, 1906, bur Hebrew Rest.
J. C. Sanders/Saunders b. 1829 Rutherford Co Tenn; enl 1861 Murfreesboro, Tenn Co C Douglas's Battn; in Ga when Lee surr. Joined camp Feb 1906; d. Jan. 27, 1908; bur Oakwood.
J. W. Sanders Pvt Co A 1st Tenn Inf. 1936/37 camp deaths list Joel W. Sanders
J. S. Saunders 2nd Lt Co H 61st Tenn Regt.
W. J. Saunders b. Harrison Co Tex; enl Bolivar Co Miss Co H 1st Miss Cav; many battles; captured Dec 1963 and prisoner until June 1865.
W. E. Sawyer enl Co H 1st Tex Cav; was present at Oct 1890 meeting and prob. should have been on Charter member roster; d. 19 Sept 1918. 1900 Roster.
A. Saxon. enl 1861 Co D 30th Miss Regt. SCH 1920.
R. Saxon no data - d. 1922 according to camp chart.
Charles J. Scheuber Charter Member - enl Co E 4th La Battn. Shown 1900 obit list which also gives pre-1900 deaths; he mar. 1881 Jennie Scott, who later became the first librarian of the Carnegie Library. D. March 1895, bur Oakwood.
Conrad Schmidt b. 1826 Germany; enl 1861 Nashville, Tenn Co C 1st Tenn Inf Regt; d. Dec. 6, 1906, bur. Oakwood.
Andrew W. Scoble b. 1836 England; enl 1862 Houston, Tex H. B. Andrews Cav. Unattached scouts; m. Virginia Goodrich. 1900 Roster; d. April 15, 1904 bur Oakwood.
J. L. Scoggins 34th N. C. Regt. 1900 Roster. Bur Oakwood.
J. J. Scott d. June 18, 1905, bur. Crowley, Tex.
J. M. Scott Co C 1st Tenn Inf Regt; d. Sept. 20, 1904; bur Oakwood.
James C. Scott b. Cooper Co Mo; enl 1861 Co C 2nd Mo Cav Regt; enrolled in Camp March 1898 after some debate about his Descriptive List. Listed as J. C. Scott 1900 roster. D. 1918 bur Oakwood [cem. records]
John T. Scott b 1841 Chambers Co Ala; enl 1861 Fredonia, Ala Co A 10th Confederate Regt; on scout duty most of time. D. 1904 bur Oakwood [cem. record]
R. H. Scott b. California, Mo; enl 1862 Springfield Co A Winston's Regt; in all battles fought by Gen Price until captured. 1900 Roster.
W. B. Scribner Liv. Grapevine, Tex. 1884
G. M. Schruggs Pvt Co G 17th Tenn Cav. Liv Bedford Tex 1884.
Samuel Thomas Sealy early camp burial record gives bur. Old Cem; note beneath reads "not found."
W. P. Sebastian b 1852; d. ca 1941; active in camp in its later years but was probably a son rather than a veteran, since he would have been rather young to have fought CW
John W. Self enl co C 11th Tenn Inf Regt. 1900 roster; SCH 1912; d. 1913 vur Oakwood.
James C. Sellars b. Miss; enl 1861 Hazelburst, Miss. Co A 3rd Regt Miss vol; was killed by a train between fort Worth and Dallas Dec. 13, 1905.
M. D. Sellers Co G 15th Ark Inf Regt; was a member of the camp but lived in Decatur Tex in 1915.
W. E. Sellers b Troup Co Ga; enl 1862 Lee Co Ga Co D 45th Ala Regt; wounded in jaw at Spring Hill, Va Sept 1861; was in Bragg's Ky campaign 1862; shot in arm and later in thigh in Atlanta; then wounded in foot leaving him a cripple for life.
A. C. Shaifer b. Port Gibson, Miss; enl 1863 Claiborne co Miss Co A Bradford's Miss Battn; 1900 Roster.
James A. Sharp b. Franklin Co Tenn; enl 1861 Winchester, Tenn Co C 1st Tenn Inf Regt; captured at Petersburg Va 1965 and POW until May 1865; d. Dec. 7, 1903l; bur Handley. 1900 Roster.
William D. Sharp b. 1839 Sharp's Cove, Ala; enl 1862 Goshen, Ala; captured Champion Hill Ala May 1863; he was not listed as one of the six surviving Con. Vets living in Fort Worth, so may have lived elsewhere at that time - probably Dallas Co since he applied for pension from there. His dau Thelma Sharp m/1 Virgel Phelps and m./2 J. A. Brown. He d. July 28, 1941.
Albert G. Shattuck b. 1841 Carroll Co Miss; enl 1864 San Antonio, Tex Co C 4th Ariz Cav Regt; wounded in battle in Sierra Madre Mountains. D. Dec. 19, 1916, bur Pioneers Rest.
W. T. Shaw Charter Member - b. 1845 Montgomery Co Tex; enl 1863 Johnson Co Tex Co C Capt Haley's 12th Tex Cav Regt; in 1908 was Adj. Gen. and chief of Tex. Div, UCV, under Gen. K. M. Van Zandt; was Commander of REL Camp and treasurer for a number of years. d. June 3, 1923, bur Mt. Olivet.
John Foster Shelton (Dr) b. 1826 Sumnet Co Tenn; enl 1861 Tarr. Co. Pvt Gano's Guards; trans. to Med Dept and was Asst Surg 30th Tex Cav Regt; returned to Fort Worth 1868 where d. Dec. 10, 1891; bur Pioneers Rest.
C. B. Sheridan bur Oakwood - pre-1905.
B. H. Shipp b. 1840 Pike Co Mo enl 1861 Henry Co Mo Co C 5th Batt Regt; 1900 roster.
O. A. Shook b. 1845 Bowie Co Tex enl 1863 Colorado Post; Pvt Co I, McCord's Tex Regt; in frontier service; d. April 16, 1916 in Houston and bur. there.
J. N. Shipp b 1833; d. Nov 20, 1910; b. Oakwood?
J. J. Simmons Pvt Co I 28th La Regt.
J. L. Sims Pvt 28th La Inf; d. Feb. 16, 1934 [cemetery records Arlington]
Maloney Brown Sisk b. 1845; d. 1916 b. Cocke Co Tenn; enl 1862 Newport Tenn; Co C 26th Tenn Regt; wounded at Chickamauga and Marietta and stayed on duty in hospital Augusta, ga. 1900 Roster. Bur. Oakwood.
P. J. D. Six b. Hinds Co Miss; enl Lake Station Miss Co E 6th Miss Regt; Shiloh, Porte Hudson and Gibson, etc. "A total decision of one eye effacted the other one in ‘67 from sympathetic affection at the battle of Shiloh."
James Tillman Smith b Anson Co NC; enl 1861 Va Co C 14th NC Inf Regt; wounded at Sharpstown, Md. and again at Chancellorsville, Va 1862 and 1863' disch Oct 1863 because of wounds. 1900 Roster. D. Jan. 30, 1908. Burial site not known.
John Smith Liv Grapevine 1884.
Lt Col John Peter Smith b. 1831 Owen Co Ky; enl 1861 Fort Worth, Texas, first in Dr. Peak's Rifles; was 2nd Lt Co K 7th Tex Cav Regt; made Lt Col and commanded Regt after battle of Mansfield, La. Made Adj Gen on staff of Gen. Bagby 1863; wounded at Donaldsonville La 1863 and off duty for 6 mos. 1900 Roster. Killed April 11, 1901 while on a trip to St. Louis, Mo. Bur. Oakwood.
N. G. Smith b. 1841 Lawrence Co Ala; enl 1862 Pvt Co C 4th Ala Cav Regt; camped at Huntsville for 6-8 months and was a waggoner remainder of war.
W. B. B. Smith b. 1848 Huntsville, Ala; enl 1864 Fannin Co Tex Pvt Col Gatewood's Regt. Was a teamster.
S. D. Smoote Co C 33rd Tex Cav Regt. 1900 Roster.
John H. Snodgrass Co H 37th Va Regt. Captured at battle of Wilderness May 1864 and held in prison until June 1865. 1900 Roster
F. M. Snow d. 1881 - bur. Oakwood [cem records]
W. F. Snider b. 1840; enl 1861 Upshaw Co Tex Co D 10th Tex Cav Regt; Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Atlanta, Jackson, Miss. Struck 3 times by spent balls but never disabled.
F. W. Solee Enl 1861 Cold Springs, Tarrant Co Tex.
John A. Southworth b. 1844 Fayette Co Tenn; enl 1861 Memphis, Tenn Co A 4th Tenn Regt; in all battles from Belmont to Bentonville.
J. M. Sowder b 1839 Montgomery Co Va; enl 1861 same Pvt Co G 4th Va Regt.
J. D. Spain b 1837 Ala; enl 1861 Morgan Co Ala Co H 12th Ala Regt; battles: Richmond, Manassas, Yorktown, Williamsburg, etc. Commanded company at Richmond; wounded in Battle of South Mountain; wounded both legs at Sharpsburg and certified unfit for further duty. D. Aug 5, 1908 Dallas, Tex. Bur Oakwood.
Robert Speer b 1827; first enl Co A 3rd Regt Ky Cav; prom to Capt of 12th Va Inf Regt; 17th Brig 1864; after war returned to home "Speer's Grove" 9 miles north Fort Worth. D. March 1, 1896; bur. Oakwood.
Graham Spencer b. 1840 Benton Co Ark; enl 1862 Co G 18th Cav Regt; captured at Ark. Post and prisoner ca 3 months; again captured July 1864 and paroled at Drury's Bluff; d. March 6, 1906 near Grapevine, Tex.
John Hamilton Spencer b. Tenn; enl 1861 Rusk Co Tex Co B Morgan's Battn; later atached to Parson's Brig; many battles/ He d 1914; bur Oakwood. [cem records]
W. H. Sprinkle b Va; enl 1863 Co A Johnson's Regtt; was sexton at City Cem - later part of Oakwood and helped collect data for the camp's first death records 1902 - 1903. 1900 roster. D. 1925, bur. Oakwood.
Thomas Spruance came to Tex with family from Greene Co Ill; to Arlington in 1878; enl Co F 6th Tex Cav Regt; wounded at Thompson's Sta. 1900 roster.
John M. Stack b 1842 Franklin Ill; enl 1862 Weatherford, Tex Pvt Co D 31st Tex Cav Regt.
W. W. Stalmaker 60th Va Inf Regt; admitted to Confederate Home 1907 due to heart trouble where probably died.
W. A. Standifer b Bastrop Co Tex enl 1861 same Co D 8th Tex Cav Regt; at Shiloh and Perryville; on detached duty with White's Battery when Lee. surr. 1900 roster. D. Jan. 19, 1904; bur Oakwood.
E. R. Stanley b. 1844 Lawrence Co Ala; enl 1861 Ala Co B 15th Ala Regt; at Shiloh, Chickamauga, Atlanta and others; wounded Chickamauga; trans. To REL Camp from Stonewall Jackson at Brownwood, Tex.
John Steel bur. Pioneers Rest.
William T. Steele b. 1834 Augusta Co Va; enl 1862 Van Buren Ark Co G 10th Mo Cav Regt; numerous battles. 1900 Roster. D. May 17, 1914, bur. Pioneers Rest.
W, T, Steele enl 1861 Ky Corp Capt. Green's Ky Battery; in prison 7 mo in Chicago; exchanged at Vicksburg Miss; arrived home May 1865.
W. L. Stella Not found on roster but liv in Fort Worth and was active in veterans' affairs. When planniing the 1885 reunion in Fort Worth he was appointed member of the finance committee.
Henry C. Stephens The 1900 Roster obit list, which includes veterans who died before 1900 or during that year, lists one Dr. A. C. Stephens; camp burial records list Dr. H. C. Stephens; Pioneers Rest Cem. records give Henry C. Stephens - 1839 - 1879.
N. (Newton) Stephenson Charter Member - Enl Co H 9th Tex Cav Regt. Charter Member roster and 1900 Roster both give initial "H". [first name provided by Marlene Stephenson] - Read Newton Stephenson's Biography
H. M. Stewart Name found in small notebook listing camp deaths for 1910-1913; d. Feb. 20, 1913
J. Milo Stewart b. ca 1842; enl 1862 Pvt Co D 8th Tenn Cav Regt; captured Parker's Cross Roads battle in west Tenn. and POW Camp Douglass. Had pneumonia and in hospital 4 mos. His son went to Washington and got him released - thus saving his life. SCH 1920; d. 1930 bur Oakwood.
N. M. Stewart b 1844 Henderson Co Tenn; enl 1861 Pvt Co A 27th Tenn Inf Regt.
R. R. Stewart Liv Grapevine 1884
W. H. Still d. Aug. 26, 1916; bur??
W. A. Stinson b 1844 Perry Co Ala; enl 1861 Union Parish La co E 19th La Inf Regt; Battles: Jackson, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and from Dalton to Atlanta; wounded at Atlanta. SCH 1908; d Aug 19, 1912; bur Oakwood.
John D. Stockett enl 1861 Woodville, Miss Co E 16th Miss Regt; numerous battles in Va. until end at Appomattox. 1900 Roster and 1900 Obit List. Bur Pioneers Rest.
W. T. Stockton enl 1861 Pvt Co K 2nd Ark Inf Regt; SCH 1908 and 1917.
J. W. D. Stokes Co. F 1st Ga Regt. 1900 Roster.
Thomas B. Stone bur. Oakwood. No data.
J. N. Stout b. Yalobusha Co Miss; enl 1861 Tarrant Co Tex Co C Griffin's Battn; wounded in battle at Galveston 1863 and discharged. 1900 roster.
R. W. Strange b. 1844 Ala; enl Marietta, Miss Co G 26th Miss Regt; captured and exch 1862 at Coldwater; numerous skirmishes.
M. M. Strawn b 1836 Cobb Co Ga; enl 1863 Tuscumbia Ala Co D 5th Ala Cav Regt.
R. J. Stripling b. Jones Co Ga; enl 1861 Macon Ga Co C 8th Ga Regt; 1st and 2nd battles of Manassas, Georgetown, Seven Days around Richmond; wounded in hip at Gettysburg. 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem records: Bob Stripling 1837 - 1916.
J. R. Stuary Co C 4th Tenn Cav Regt. 1900 Roster. Joined Camp Oct. 10, 1897.
W. Minior Swann b. 1846 Va; enl 1862 Orange Co Va Pvt 2nd Div Rockbridge Battery. Requested transfer back to Sterling Price Camp UCV, Dallas, in 1910.
Joseph Swindell b. 1842 Hyde Co N. C. Enl Sept 1861 Co F 33rd NC Regt; Battles: Newbern NC in 1862; Fredericksburg, Va; Gerrysburg and others in Md. and Va. Wounded in left foot and did not fight again as had to use crutches.


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