The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

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R. F. Tackaberry d. prior 1905; bur Oakwood.
G. E. Tandy b 1846 Christian C. Ky; enl 1864 Dallas Tex McGinnis' Co; only data: ":We guarded the prisoners at Tyler, Tex." d. 25 May 1921
E D Tanner b 1849 Holly Springs Miss; enl 1864 Talladega Ala Co F 1st Ala Reserves; captured at Spanish fort while was in hospital at Lauderdale Springs, Miss; furloughed and went home; captured by 2nd NY cav and parolled. 1900 Roster. D. 1910 bur Oakwood.
G. W. Tarkington b Hickman Co Tenn; enl 1861 Nashville Co H 21th Tenn Regt; at Shiloh, Missionary, chicamauga, etc. Trans. From Bill Green Camp #93 in Tenn. 1900 Roster.
Elezar O. Tarrant b. Norfolk Va 1848; enl 1861 Co C 6thj Va Inf Regt; captured Oct 1864; prisoner Point Lookout, wounded at Malvern Hill and stayed at home of a cousin until recovered. 6 mos prison and 6 mos disabled. 1900 Roster obit. Bur Pioneers Rest. D. 1898.
Horace S. Tatum b. 1848 Hardin Co Tenn; enl 1863 Co A 16th Tenn Regt; battles in Miss, Ky and Tenn; d. June 1909; bur Oakwood. 1900 Roster.
F. J. Tatum Oakwood cem rec show bur 1889.
E. W. Taylor b 1839 Greensborough Ala; enl Jefferson Tex Lt Col Co A 19th Tex Inf Regt; serv Ark, La and Tex - several battles; was commander of REL Camp 1902-08 at time Confederate Plot was arranged for in East Oakwood. D. 1908; butr Oakwood.
J. W. Taylor Co A 4th Ala Regt. 1900 Roster.
James Taylor Co C 8th Va Cav Regt; signed roster at 1890 meeting but not shown as Charter member. Is on 1900 Roster.
James T. Taylor b 1838 Decatur, Tenn; enl Tarr. Co Tex co G 21st Tex Vol; d. Feb 12, 1912; bur Oakwood [two men by same name are confusing]
L. R. Taylor Charter Member - Sgt Co B 10th Mo Cav Regt.
S. H. Taylor b Va; enl 1861 Petersburg, Va Co E 3rd Va Inf Regt; after Williamsburg and Seven Pines bad health had him detailed to hospital service Lynchburg, Va. 1900 Roster.
S. T. Taylor Co H 5th N. C. Cav Regt.
W. A. Taylor b. S. C. Enl Cleveland, Tenn Co H, Gracy's Regt; in battles in Va - Manassas, Wilderness, etc. surr Appomattox 1865. A W. A. Taylor on 1900 Roster.
Z. Taylor b. Miss; enl 1863 Ark Co E 11th Consolidated Regt. 1900 Roster.
F. H. Terrell b. Tenn, enl 1863 Camden Ark Co D 33rd Ark Regt.
John Lynch Terrell b. N. C. Enl 1862 Webster NC Co B 25th NC Regt; lost an eye and furloughed was at home at end of war. Lived at one time in Confederate Home, Austin. 1900 Roster.
Joseph Christopher Terrell Capt. b 1831 Sumner Co Tenn; enl Fort Worth; org and was Capt Co F Waller's Battn; d. Oct 15, 1909; bur Oakwood. 1900 roster.
Nathaniel Terry Sr. b. Va; came to Tex 1854; was 62 when was delegate to Secession Convention in 1861; lived Fort Worth and was a planter; was Brig Gen in war TST.
Nathaniel Terry Jr. enl 1861 fort Worth, Dunn's Tarr. Co. Rifles Mtd Co. 20th Brig TST; was on roster Dr. Peak's Co. in 1862.
R. J. Terry b 1845. Was on Thanksgiving list Nov. 1925.
Stephen Terry b 1821; d. 1889; bur Pioneers Rest [cem. Records]
John Tevis Bur Oakwood. d. 1882
David M. Thomas d. Sept. 18, 1899; bur Pioneers Rest.
J. E. Thomas d. 1915; bur. Greenwood.
Tilden Thomas enl 1861 Pvt Co E Shelby's Brig; SCH 1921.
W. S. Thomas Pvt Co E Ark Cav Regt; serv throughout war; came to Tarrant Co 1873 was member Bedford Forrest Camp #1251, Arlington, Tex; d. 1907.
J. B. Thompson b 1843 Jasper Co Miss; enl 1862 Pvt Co A 40th Miss Regt; wounded Petersburg and captured April 1865 in April; released from prison June 1865. SCH 1910 Resolution on death of Joe B. Thompson read at meeting Dec. 28, 1930.
J. F. Thompson b. 1841 Tuscaloosa, Alal; enl 1862 Pvt Co F 41st Ala Inf Regt; at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Knoxville, etc. Trans. From Camp 367 Granbury Tex. Jan. 3, 1921. Now resident Fort Worth. SCH 1925; d 1929, bur Oakwood.
Larry Thompson 7th Tex Inf Regt. Admitted to Confederate Home July 1897 due to blindness.
S. B. Thompson Charter Member - b. Cass Co Ga; enl Corinth Miss Co L 6th Ala Regt; surr Appomattox Courthouse; admitted to Confederate Home May 1904 because of general debility.
John A. Thornton b. 1833 Ga; enl Jackson Miss Co B 38th Miss Regt; 1900 Roster. d. Dec. 12, 1912; bur Oakwood. Penny Russell, a descendant of Mr. Thornton, is in possesion of John's Southern Cross of Honor and nameplate.
T. F. Thrasher b. Pendleton Co Ky; enl 1862 Clinton Ky Co C 1st Ky Mtd Inf Regt; captured Farmington, Tenn and POW Camp Wharton, Ill until end of war.
J. T. Thweatt Pvt Co B 17th Tenn Regt; liv Grapevine, Tex 1884; Grapevine Cem: 7-26-1836 - 3-8-1904.
R. L.Thweatt 17th Tenn Regt; Forrest's Brig; res Grapevine 1884.
Thomas A. Tidball b. Lafayette Co Mo; enl 1861 Va; surr at Appomattox d. 1899 bur Oakwood.
Sam M. Tidwell enl Co D 13th Regt Forrest's Cav Brig; enl last part of war in Nashville, Tenn.
Major J. F. Timberlake b. Smith co Tenn 1820; d. June 11, 1879. Pur Pioneers Rest.
R. M. Tinnon Charter Member - Rev. Co A 3rd Tenn Inf Regt. Camp Chaplain.
J. L. Tinsley b. Ky enl Birdville, Tex Co A 9th tex Cav Regt; at Elkhorn, Corinth, Murfreesboro, Chicamauga and Ga. Campaign. 1900 roster. Was in Confederate Home [date not known] Tinsley came to Tex 1847 to Johnson's Sta and mov Birdville 1849; was Texas Ranger and serv Mexican War
Joseph Tolliver enl Co D 9th Tex Cav Regt; liv Arlington, Tex 1884; Arlington Cem records: 11-15-1834 - 11-19-1925.
J. F. Toland Name on undated list of veterans who had moved to Confederate Home
Dudley Tomme? Co D 33rd Tex Cav Regt; SCH 1908; on 1929/30 camp obit plaque. Oakwood records: d. 1930.
S. A. Tomlinson b. Chattooga Co Ga; enl 1861 Holly Springs, Ark Co d 12th Ark Inf Regt; Regt captured at Island #10, Miss. River; escaped with 125 others; again captured July 1863, paroled and went to Texas where joined 21st Tex Cav Regt. 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem records give death date as 1891.
W. S. Towns b. Smith Co Tenn; enl 1861 Dixon Springs, Tenn 30th Tenn Inf Regt. Surr at Fort Donelson; POW 7 mos; again in battle and captured in Ohio; POW Camp Douglas until March 1865. Oakwood Cem. Records give death date as 1914. 1900 Roster.
James T. Townsend Co B 2nd Ky Cav Regt. 1900 Roster. Bur Pioneers Rest [their records give death date as June 19, 1906]
O. L. Townsend b. Oct 7, 1845 Henry Co Ga; enl 1861 Augusta, Ga Co A 8th Ga Regt; many battles; wounded near Culpepper, Va while on picket duty; at Gettysburg and Wilderness among others; last battle fought day before surrender.
Walter B. Townsend b. 1848 Logan Co Ky; enl 1863 Co C 9th Ky Cav Regt; was body guard for Jeff Davis from Raleigh NC to Washington Ga at which point surrend. 1865. Was admitted to Confederate Home and on 1929/30 Camp obit plaque. Pioneers Rest Cem recd give death date as 3-3-1930.
Edward Tracy Co E 2nd Colo Cav;
H. W. Trammel b Mo enl 1862 Bastrop Tex Co B 17th T V I Regt.
M. O. Trammel no data
Thomas Trammel bur Oakwood.
W. J. Trammel b. 1844 Monticallo Ga; enl 1864 Tyler Tex Co I 5th Tex Inf Regt; battles in La and Ark.
Green B. Trimble b. Cole Co Mo 1843; enl 1862 Springfield Mo Pvt Capt Henry's Co Parson's Mo Regt; was Parson's bodyguard. Smithfield Cem records: 8-18-1843 - 4-1-1916
Leonard Arnold Trimble b 1831 Monroe Co Ga; enl 1862Union Co Ark Pvt Co G 9th Ark Inf Regt; numerous battles; POW Camp Chase and Point Lookout; lost arm; was at home in Ark Aug 1865. D. 1913 - bur Oakwood.
W. W. Trippitt Charter Member - b ca 1844; enl 1861 Mo and enl Co B 29th Tex Cav Regt in Tex April 1862; wounded 5 times; serv till end of war; d. 1906. Bur Oakwood Cem.
John T.? True Charter Member - 12th Ky Regt. On pre-1900 obit list.
A. F. Tucker b. Stokes Co NC; enl 1861 Weatherford, Tex Co F Burford's Regt; 1900 Roster.
Howard Tully Charter Member - 3rd La Regt. Charter Member roster gives service in 3rd Co Washington Battn. D. 1904 bur Oakwood.
B. M. Turbeville b. 1846 Henry Co Tenn. Enl Paris, Tenn [no unit information]
Charles Turner Capt and commanding officer Tarrant County Hussars Mtd Inf; 20th Brig TM; enl 1861 Fort Worth; Pioneers Rest Cem Records give dates: 3-15-1822 ; 10-31-1873
John Turner Marker in Oakwood reads: "Pvt. John Turner Co D 20th Tex Cav Regt CSA."
S. C. Turner Pvt Shaw's Co 8th Mo Inf Regt. Liv Fort Worth 1884.
T. J. Turner enl near end of war Co F 1st Ga Inf; Camp minutes Dec. 14, 1930 list him as new member.
W. A. Turner Charter Member - Co G 6th Tex Cav Regt; liv Enon, Tex 1884.
W. H. Turner b. Tenn; enl Johnson Sta Tarr Co Co F 14th Cav Regt. 1900 Roster.
W. N. Turner b. Sumner Co Tenn; enl 1862 Co C Ward's Tenn Regt; "In ‘62 during Stone's river fight, I was in Ky. Burning bridges and cutting wires. Burned bridge at Nashville, Tenn. & taken all the enemy on each side."
R. W. Tye b. Feb 1837 White Co Ky; enl 1862 Whitley Co Ky Co F 5th Tenn Cav Regt; captured Cocke Co Tenn Feb 1864 and stayed until released because of disability. B. Tye Cem Oak Grove Rd: 2-12-1837 - 1-4-1915


Thomas L. Utley enl 1861 Tarr Co Co D 9th Tex Cav Regt - 2nd Co that left fort Worth.
W. H. Utley b. 1842 Marshall Co. Ky; enl 1861 Holly Springs, Miss Independent brigade, Arm of Tenn; prom. to Capt. POW 1864; d. 1914, bur Pioneers Rest. His widow Mary applied for pension Oct 1916 in Tarrant Co; they m. Dec 3 1871 Calloway Co Ky; she d. March 1947 at home of dau. Mrs. Berts.

Van Alstyn Item in Fort Worth Star Telegram June 7, 1915 in reporting the UCV meeting mentions illness of Van Alstyn.
T. A. Vandiver enl 1862 Co G 28th Ga Inf Regt; lived in Decatur, but spent much time in Fort Worth with daughter and son, W. G. Vandiver and Mrs. A. P. Cherry
Isaac L. Van Zandt (Dr) b 1840 Harrison Co Tex; enl 1861 Marshall Tex Co D 7th Tex Regt; many battles; chief of medical Bureau Trans-Miss. Dept. and served until end of war. 1900 Roster. D. 1935 bur Oakwood [cem records]
Klebler Miller Van Zandt Charter Member - b 1836 Franklin Co Tenn; enl 1861 Marshall Tex Co D 7th Tex Inf Regt; commissioned by Gov Edward Clark June 1861; surr at Fort Donelson and POW 7 mos at Camp Chase; prom. to major and resigned due to health. Was Commander of REL Camp, Texas Division and National UCV. Bur Oakwood Cem. Recd SCH (no date).
Hanibal T. Vaughan b 1842 Grayson Co Va; enl 1862 Co C 24th Va Inf Regt; at Gettysburg and Appomattox. Mov to Fort Worth 1901. Memorial read at Camp meeting gives death date of 111-17-1913.
L. C. Vaughn b. 1845 Tenn; enl 1861 Co I 2nd Tenn Cav Regt; many battles. 1900 Roster. D. 1929/30.
Dan Vaughn Charter Member - b Jackson Co Mo; enl 1861 Osceola, Mo Hays State Gds; joined Quantrells scouts fall 1862; and CSA spring 1863. 1900 roster. Bur Oakwood. d. ca 1913.
W. G. Veal Charter Member - Capt and CO Ellis Rangers, 4th TC; enl 1861. Was first commander of REL Camp Oct. 1890. He was then General on Staff of Tex Div Commander and later chief of Ordance of Trans-Miss Dept UCV. He was Capt Co F 12th Regt Tex Cav Parson's Brigade. D. prior 1900.
John Vinzant/Vincent b. Van Buren Ark where enl Co A Cabell's Brig; 1900 roster. 1900 Camp burial list shows John Vinsint d. Fort Worth June 10, 1912.


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