The Robert E. Lee Camp #158 of
Confederate Veterans, Fort Worth, Texas

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George W. Waddell

b 1847 enl 1864 Gonzales, Tex Co K 15th Tex Cav Regt; lived Sterling Co Tex before mov to FW; SCH 1928; Commander Camp in 1935 and died during that year, succeeded by H. R. Jones
Andrew Jackson Wade fought at Battle of San Jacinto; died at home on Fielder Rd, Arlington, Tex. (No date)
W. H. Wade/Waide 1900 Roster. 1900 Roster. Oakwood Cem rec give dates 1842-1906.
R. B. Waggoman 1820-1893; bur Oakwood with wife Sarah (1829-1881) [cem records]
D. W. Waggoner b Tenn; enl 1861; many battles; captured and prisoner Camp Chase Ohio 6 mos and exch; joined camp 1900.
William Wagley enl 1861 Pvt Co K 34th Alexander's Cav Regt; SCH 1922.
A. W. Waldman Name on 1922 camp obit. plaque.
HenryW. Walker b. 1846 Mecklenburg Co Va; enl Granada Miss Co E 29th Inf Regt. Joined camp 1909.
J. D. Walker Co C 11th Miss Regt; d. Fort Worth 1911; bur. Oakwood Cem.
John B. Walker b. 1838 La; enl 1862 Little Rock Ark Capt Co H 18th & 3rd Consolidated Ark Regt; elected to camp April 1903.
N. J. Walker b. 1848 Ga; enl 1865 Pvt Ga Militia. Disch just before close of war due to health.
S. H. Walker d. ca 1911/12. No data.
James A. Walkup (Rev) b ca 1841 Tenn; enl Styles Co Forrest's Regt; prisoner last year of war; par. at Richmond and had just returned home when Lee surr. 1900 Roster. SCH 1910; d. July 2, 1916.
B. F. Wall 7th Ala Regt. 1900 roster.
R. E. Wall b Va; enl 1864 NC Wright's Battery; captured at evacuation of Richmond and in hosp. Released from prison June 1865. 1900 Roster.
W. D. Wall b. Todd Co Ky; enl Fort Worth Tex Co K 14th Tex Cav Regt.
J. A. Wallace 1900 roster.
J. B. Wallace 1900 Roster. Oak. Cem rec: d. 1908.
J. S. Wallace enl 1862 Co K 18th Tex Regt; SCH 1924; was in Confederate Home (dates not known)
W. H. Wallace b.Hines Co Miss; enl Co K, Bates Regt, at Millican, Tex; 1900 Roster [name spelled "Wallis" on that roster] d. 1898 bur. Oakwood.
John Fontaine Waller b. 1842 Henry Co Va; enl Okolona Miss 1861 Co C 11th Miss Regt; disch because of health 1861; rejoined same command; again disch health; joined E. W. Hill's Cav. Co. until close of war. Captured by scouting party near Greensboro NC and was then told of surrender. D. April 14, 1901. 1900 roster.
F. B. Walton Sgt 19th Tenn Regt; liv Fort Worth 1884.
George H. Want b 1842 Ind; enl 1862 Austin Ark Co C 36th Ark Inf Regt; at Elkhorn, Helena, Ark and others; d. July 6, 1912; buried Pioneers Rest/Oakwood?
George C. Ward b. 1846 Yalobusha Co Miss enl 1863 Canton Co Miss Co N 15th Miss Regt "Being young and crippled I was assigned to duty as a musician in the 15th Miss. Band where I served until close of war." 1900 Roster. D. April 24, 1904; bur Oakwood.
G. O. Ward Co C 34th Miss Regt; 1900 roster.
S. M. Ward d. 1903; bur. Oakwood.
William Ward 1900 roster.
J. W. Warden b. 1846 on 1925 Thanksgiving Dinner list.
T. F. Warder b 1836 Mo; enl 1861 2nd Lt Co B 9th Miss Inf Regt. Joined camp 1909.
John T. Ware b. 1840 Floyd Co Ga; enl 1862 Atlanta Ga Co K 42nd Ga Regt; moved Fort Worth 1903 although first came to Texas 1876; SCH from UFA Opelika, Ala. D. Jan 1 1914.
D. J. Warren Co C. 38th Ala Regt. 1900 Roster; SCH 1908; Pvt 5th Ala Regt. D ca 1917/1918 according article Star Telegram.
Ramsom Warren b 1828 Tenn; enl 1861 Mo Co A Waul's Regt; d. Ca 1908; bur Oakwood.
James A. Watson Co D 9th Tex Cav Regt; wounded at Murfreesboro; brother of John H. Watson -. 1840- 1922.
John H. Watson b 1838; to Tarr Co 1853; enl 1861 Co D 9th Tex Cav; was in I. T., Ark and Miss; wounded left lung and left leg at Murfreesboro, Tenn., also wounded at Middleburg, Tenn. [may have belonged to Bedford Forrest Camp in Arlington; d. Dec. 24, 1926 bur. Watson Cem.
J. J. Watson Co B 15th Tex Cav Regt; SCH 1910.
Thomas Neville Waul b. 1813 SC; in Texas 1862 when organized Waul's Legion at Brenham and commissioned Col; at Mansfield, Pleasant Hill and others; d. July 28, 1903 Hunt Co Tex; bur Oakwood. He married Mary A. Simmons (1820-1904) who is bur. beside him.
George Wear. bur. Oakwood. Pre-1905.
William H. Weathers b. Giles Co Tenn; enl Ellis Co Tex Co B 12th Tex Regt, Parson's Brig.
Phillip Weaver b 1840 Harrison Co Ind; enl 1862 Weatherford Tex Co A Griffin's Battn. D. April 28, 1910, bur. Oakwood.'‘J. T. Webster b. 1842"; name on 1929/30 Camp obit. List.
G. A. Wells enl 1863 Co D 9th Tenn Cav Regt; released from prison 1865 [does not state where captured] SCH 1917.
Joseph Matthews Wells b 1846 Columbus Miss; enl 1864 Dalton Ga, Signal Corps,. Tenn; Application of dau for UDC states father left school age 17 to enter army.
C. D. West b. Dade Co Mo; enl 1863 Mo; Co F, Shelby's Brig;
F. L. West 1900 roster.
James M. West b Pickens Co Ga; enl 1864 Co A 14th Ga Cav Regt; captured soon after enl and escaped, number of skirmishes and scouts. Death reported Feb. 9, 1936. Bur Oakwood.
W. M. West enl Co C 19th Tex Cav Regt; 1900 Roster. One William West d. Dec. 17, 1903 bur Handley.
J. H. Westbrook on pre-1905 obit list. Bur Oakwood with note "not located."
A. F. White enl Co A 9th Tex Cav Regt; liv Grapevine 1884; White's Chap Cem Rec. have dates 1840-1899.
Louis Webmore b. Prussia; enl San Antonio, Tex 1861 Co K 7th Tex Cav Regt, Sibley's Brig. After return from N. M. Campaign ordered to La where killed in attack on Fort Butler; [if killed was member of camp?]
L. M. White b Nashville, Tenn enl McKinney Tex Co A 9th Tex Inf Regt; with Johnson's army until after battle of Murfreesboro; wounded and was with Quantrell until end of war with with Shelby afterward. 1900 Roster.
T. A. Whitley b 1840 Red River Co Tex enl 1862 Austin Tex Co A 20th Regt.
W. R. Whitman b. 1838 Madison Co Ala; enl 1861 Co K 4th Ala Cav Regt; captured near Shelbyville Tenn; escaped from Camp Chase, Ohio and surr. Huntsville, Ala 1865.
W. H. Whittenburg b 1846 Tenn; enl 1862 Washington Co Tenn Co C 16th Tenn Battn; taken prisoner between Chickamauga and Knoxville and at Rock Island until one month before surrender when exch.
J. C. Whitsitt d. Jan. 24, 1915
J. W. Whitsitt camp bur. Bk says d. Dec. 12, 1912 and bur. San Marcos, Tex; 1913 camp death list: d. Jan. 4, 1913.
W. Wicker enl 1861 Co B 51st Ala Regt; SCH 1931.
M. J. Wicker Admitted to membership Feb. 1933 and was last surviving member of the Jackson Camp at Archer City, Tex.
Samuel Wade Widener b. 1841 Pontotoc Co Miss; enl 1862 Co K 1st Miss Cav; many battles; with Hood part time. Star Telegram article ca May 1918 lists him as one of members who died during past year.
C. Wiley 1900 Roster
A. C. Williams 1900 Roster.
H. S. Williams b 1838 Yalebusha Co Miss; enl 1862 Co C 29th Miss Regt; captured Lookout Mtn; prisoner Rock Island until end of war. Came to Tarrant Co. Tex. 1863.
Henry Washington Williams b 1840 Meriwether Co Ga; enl 1861 Co D 60th Ga Regt; wounded Bethany Church, Va; in old Capitol prison in D. C. and Fort Delaware before exch. D. 1926 bur Oakwood Cem.
J. C. Williams b. 1838 Howard Co Mo enl 1861 Co G Perkins Regt; captured Lexington Mo was in Alton prison until end of war.
James Milton Williams b. 1835 Ky; enl 1862 Tupelo Miss Co C 1st Ark Regt; captred while in hosp at Danville Ky; par. and disch fall 1863; reenl Consolidated 20th Ark Regt; believed to have joined camp before 1900 but DL misplaced and filled out second one Nov. 1904. Oakwood Cem rec. give deach date as 1923.
M. P. Williams d. Oct. 29, 1912 Fort Worth; bur. Mansfield, Tex.
Paul J. Williams b. Pickens Co Ala; enl 1863 Co B 40th Ala Regt; wounded at Vicksburg and POW; par. and rejoined army; surr. Salisbury NC 1865; 1900 Roster. D. 1920, bur. Oakwood {cem records]
W. A. Williamson b. 1844 Blount Co Tenn en; 1861 Co H 8th Battn Ga. Was commander Camp 1932; SCH 1910; memorial read at camp meeting April 1934.
Joe J. Willingham No data.
C. O. Wilson enl Co B 10th Tex Inf
A. J. Wilson Charter Member - There were three men named A. J. Wilson on Charter Member Roster
Alfred Jenkins Wilson b Nacogdoches Co Tex; enl 1861 Co K 1st Tex Regt Hood's Brig; many battles; walked and rode train home at close of war.
A. J. Wilson Co K 3rd Mo Regt.
A. J. Wilson enl Thompson's Regt [No state]
D. B. Wilson 1900 Roster.
I. C. Wilson bur Pioneers Rest.
J. A. Wilson 1900 Roster.
John Wilson 2nd Mo Inf Regt. D. 1903; bur Oakwood? 1900 roster.
J. C. Wilson b 1830 Pittsburg Penn; enl 1861 Co E 3rd Mo Cav Regt; 1900 Roster.
Jourdan W. Wilson d. 1913; bur. Oakwood.
James Wilson Co D 9th Tex Cav Regt; wounded Elkhorn.
M. P. Wilson 1900 Roster. No data
R. H. Wilson Co B Morgan's Battn, Parson's Brig; d. Sept. 11, 1906; member Bedford Forrest Camp #1251; bur. Arlington.
W. P. Wilson 3rd Mo Inf Regt; liv Fort Worth 1884.
J. B. Winn b. Tenn enl Co C 112th Tenn Cav Regt; 1900 Roster.
J. S. Winter b 1844 Tuscumbia Ala; enl 1862 Jacksonville, Tex Co E 18th Tex Inf Regt; Camp bur. Book shows him bur. Oakwood but not found thee.
J. J. Winters b. 1831 Knox Co Tenn; enl 1862 Nvarro Co Tex Co E 20th Cav Regt; d. July 24, 1905; bur. Oakwood.
J. R. Witte b. 1830 Germany; enl 1862 Goliad Tex. Oakwood Cem records: d. 1903.
S. C. H. Witten enl Gano's guards; liv Grapevine 1884.
Thomas Witten b. 1835 Devonshire, Eng; to USA 1854; enl Co B 28th Miss Regt; disch due to illness before war ended.
D. E. Wolfe b 1846 NC enl Bonham Tex 1864 Co K Boling, Tex Cav Regt. Joined camp 1911. SCH 1912.
C. C. Wood enl Co H 31st Ala Regt. 1900 Roster. D. Dec. 18, 1899; Oakwood.
C. E. Wood enl 8th Mo Cav Regt. 1900 roster.
H. O. Wood Charter Member - b. Cannon Co Tenn; enl 1861 Woodbury, Tenn Co A 18th Tenn Regt; was captured with Jefferson Davis at Augusta Ga and parolled. One H. C. Wood bur. Oakwood. Date March 2, 1907.
J. B. Wood 1900 roster.
James Preston Wood 1900 roster. Pioneers Rest Cem rec show Jas P. Wood 1844-1899
Richard H. Wood b DeKalb Co Tenn 1842; enl 1862 Co G 3rd Tex Regt; Oakwood Cem Records: d. Dec. 28, 1924.
W. R. Woodson Co I Gordon's Mo Regt.
Charles Woodward Oakwood Cem records: d. March 3, 1911.
C. B. Worsham Co L. 1st Tex Regt. 1900 roster.
C. S. Worsham b. Tenn; enl Orange, Tex Co D 1st Tex Regt; Hood's Brig.
Colonel Wortham mentioned as new member Nov. 1910. No data.
J. I. Wright Charter Member - b Monroe Co Tenn; enl Co G 59th Tenn Regt. d. March 1, 1907. Bur Oakwood.
J. J. Wright enl Co B 6th Ky Regt; 1900 roster. D,. 191l bur. Oakwood
L. H. Wyatt b. 1829 Ky; enl 1862 Gonzales Co Tex Co B Waul's Legion.
B. M. Wynne Charter Member - b. Haywood Co Tenn; enl 1861 Rusk Co Texa; Co G 10th Tex Cav Regt; had moved to Rusk Co 1844; while scouting was captured and POWat Nashville; totally disabled until close of war. State Sen. 1881 before mov to Fort Worth; d. July 5, 1912 Confederate Home, Austin. Bur Greenwood Cem. Fort Worth


There are no surnames beginning with "X"


Benjamin Franklin Yarbrough b. La 1834; enl 1861 Ark Co D 4th Ark Regt; served entire war without pay; Yankees destroyed his home and turned wife and children out without food or shelter. [Not on REL Roster]
Elijah Woodruff Yeates Charter Member - b 1840 near Mulberry Tenn; enl 1861 Co H 8th Tenn Inf Regt; wounded Atlanta July 1864; returned to command and served until surr. d. July 8, 1913; bur. Oakwood.
Sanford Yates b 1835 Washington Co Ga; to Tex 1849; enl 1861 Shelby Co. 10th Tex Cav Regt; wounded at Murfreesboro; disch; but re=enlisted.
Thomas B. Yates b 1845 Tenn; enl 1863 Co K 8th Tenn Vol Regt; d 1918 bur Mansfield, Tex. 1900 Roster.
C. F. Young b. Miss; enl Marshall, Tex Co I Morgan's Battn Parson's Brigade. 1900 roster.
J. B. Young 1900 roster.
J. C. Young b. Lafayette Co Mo; enl 1863 fort Worth Tex; Haynes Co Hil';s Regt; left on frontier to protect women and children; many skirmishes with Indians. 1900 Roster; d. Jan. 1, 1917; bur. Greenwood, Fort Worth.
Joseph S. Young b. 1846 Tazewell Va; enl 1863 Brenham Tex 7th Tex Cav Regt. SCH 1908; d. June 14, 1914; bur. Lewisville, Tex.
W. C. Young enl 1st Mo Cav Regt; liv FW 1884; no data; supposed to be bur Oakwood; name on earliest camp bur. Record.

John F. Zinn b. 1842 Lafayette Co Miss; enl 1861 Fort Worth Co K 7th Tex Cav Regt; captured twice and wounded twice; SCH 1908. Bur Pioneers Rest; their records: March 8, 1842 - April 2, 1918.
Jesse Shelton Zane-Cetti Not a member of Camp but name is associated with many of its activities. Bur. Pioneers Rest: 1844-1922.


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