Ayres Cemetery

Fort Worth, Texas

Photos contributed by Rob Yoder



In 1861 Benjamin Patton Ayres (ca. 1801-62) and his wife, Emily (Cozart) (ca. 1811-63), bought a 320-acre farm and set aside two acres on this hillside as a family cemetery. Ayres, who had served as the second Tarrant County clerk and who helped organize the Fort Worth First Christian Church, was the first buried here. An unknown number of graves, which lie outside the fenced family plot, include victims of spring fevers and Trinity River floods. None of their headstones have survived, but the Ayres Cemetery remains as a symbol of the area's early settlers.



John R. Cushman


John R. Cushman


Mary Ayres Cushman


Ida Frances Ayres


Jas. H. Ayres


Joseph Ayres

William Ayres


Louise Ayres


B.P Ayres

Emily Ayres


Isabella F. & William A. Sanderson


Views of the cemetery with the hotel in the background.


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