William M. Reed Letter

Contributed by Ellen Crawford


This letter was written by my husband's grandfather, William M Reed, in 1898. His first wife had died and he was advising his son he was remarrying. His new wife was a daughter of John J. Watson. The Watson's were early settlers in Tarrant County. John J. Watson's first wife, mother of the new Mrs. Reed, was Mary Louise Elliott, daughter of Richardson M. Elliott, another early settler.






A little history:

William Jennings Reed was born about 1851 in Tennessee. His first wife was Josephine...I believe her family name was Holder, but I have not proved that. The were married in Tennessee. They had four children.

George Thomas born 1869, married Arminta Hines in Tarrant County in 1897. (Arminta was a daughter of the Hines that Reed mentions in his letter)

Martha born 1873, married Charles B Probst in Tarrant County in 1896. She died 1909.

Rutha born about 1875, married J. L. Wilemon in Tarrant County in 1894. (I can find nothing further on her.)

Sue was born June 1887 and died Jan 1888. She is buried in Estes Cemetery.

Josephine died 1897 and is also buried in Estes Cemetery.

This letter was written to Tomy (George Thomas) telling him that he was remarrying. Will Jennings married Rachel Emma Watson in 1898. Her first husband was William Slaton, they were divorced, and they had four children. George born 1888, Maude born 1890, Lula born 1892 and Gus born 1893.

Rachel Emma was a daughter of John J Watson and Mary Louise Elliott...both early settlers in Tarrant County. Mary Louise died in 1877.

Will and Rachel had two daughters, Willie Irene in 1899 and Rachel Emma (my mother-in-law) in 1901.

Rachel Emma Watson Reed died in 1903 and Will died in 1909. The two young girls were raised by their half brother Tommy.

There must have been problems between Will and the Watson family. My mother-in-law knew nothing about her mother or her mother's family. She never knew she had four half siblings by her mother. I found that out after her death in 1972.

Confusing, huh?


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