Swift Meat Packing Plant

Fort Worth, Texas

Contributed by Robert C. Davis
Austin, Texas


Swift Plant in Fort Worth

This photo was taken about 1915 based on the automobiles shown. Obviously a celebration is about to begin as the main building is decorated, perhaps related to the annual Stock Show.

A Historic Marker at the site reads as follows: "A leading national meatpacking firm by the 1880s, Swift & Co. adopted a practice of opening branch plants nearer the source of supply. Attracted to Texas by the state's vast livestock herds, the company chose this site for a new operation as a result of efforts by the Fort Worth Stock Yards Company. The plant opened in 1903 and soon had a dramatic impact on the economy of the city and the state. It also spawned several support businesses, including a railway company and publishing firm. The Swift plant remained in operation until 1971."

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