Fort Worth Police Squad

Submitted by Angela Franklin

Original photos in her possession.


1920 - T.S. Hicks, 5th from the right

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1920 - T.S. Hicks, kneeling on left


1919-1925 - in Burnett Park, Fort Worth

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1920-1925 - at the Fat Stock Show, Fort Worth

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Thomas S. Hicks, B. Clark and Show Girls - ca. 1924-1927

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Thomas S. Hicks - ca. 1924

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Tom Hicks - ca. 1950-55


Binus Hicks - ca. 1950-55


Tommy Hicks - ca. 1924-25


Trolley car bound for Hemphill Street - abt. 1920

The men are Tom's 1st wife's brothers; Walter, Corbet and Jessee Miles.


Letter from Tom S. Hicks
to the TV show "To Tell The Truth"
containing a story about riding the rails.

"In the late 20's I was Sgt of motorsquad for the Fort Worth Police Department, at that time the PD did not have a radio system. The emergency calls were answered by cars for that purpose. One day, the dispatcher gave the emergency signals (four bells) and no one answered, they were all out on calls, so he yelled out "The bank in Poly is being held up now", so Capt Levi (Lewis?) was pacing up and down saying "what will we do?" I happened to be there at the time and I said I'll make the call. I cranked up my motorcyle and took off on the way down East Lancaster. I had my siren wide open and I guess I was turning about 70 mph. I was attracted by a bunch of men at Boaz St - they were yelling at me and waiving their hands. I didn't know what it was until I got within a very short distance. They were doing some work on the street, the dirt had been removed all accross the street for about 40 ft and about 3 ft deep and there was a trolly car line that had not been bothered. So I knew I couldn't stop and if I laid the machine down, I would then go into the ditch and be torn up badly. In the past, I would ride on the trolley car rails just for the fun of it so I had gotten pretty good on riding the rails with my motorcycle. So the thought came to me, that was the only think to do, Ride the Rails. I dodged the road block, then I rolled up on the trolly rail, released the bracks and coasted all the way over on the trolly rail. I guess I was then turning 50 mph. The onlookers were scared worse than I was!!!"

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