Harrison Cemetery

Fort Worth, Texas


Photos by Rob Yoder - 2003


Harrison Cemetery is located on the west side of Meadowbrook Drive about 500 feet north of the Ederville Road intersection, in far east Fort Worth.  At first glance, you might miss seeing the historical marker arising from the undergrowth.  I was using a handheld GPS receiver searching for the coordinates from the US Geological Survey website. It was indicating that the cemetery was on the other side of the road, but I already had information to the contrary.

I took a couple of photos from the wrong side of the fence before noticed a gap where I could get in to get a closer look at the marker.  Inside, I didn't see any headstones until one of the local residents walked up and showed me around.  He stated that he and others from the neighborhood usually clean the cemetery out every Spring, but had not done it so far this year.


Harrison Cemetery

When first used, this one-acre cemetery belonged to Tarrant County pioneer D.C. Harrison. The earliest known grave is that of Mary E. Harrison (1864-71). Several early settlers used this site, including R.A. Randol (1850-1922), the operator of Randol Mill, who bought this tract in 1895 and deeded it forever as a burial ground. Graves here number about sixty and include those of the Edward Deason Family, Randol's first wife Ronda (Harrison) (1859-82), his brother John C. Randol, who died in an 1894 mill accident, and Nancy Cannon Harrison (1833-83), mother of Ronda Harrison Randol. (1982)











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