Henderson Cemetery

Fort Worth, Texas


Photos by Rob Yoder - 1999

Yes, there is a cemetery amid the trees and overgrowth. Henderson  Cemetery is located in the 4500 block of Village Creek Road just north of Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway in southeast Fort Worth. It sits at the back of the property on the west side of the road against the fence line adjoining the backyards of a residential neighborhood. This is a small cemetery, measuring only about 60 ft by 30 ft.

Although the cemetery is obscured by overgrowth outside the fence, someone has recently cleaned inside. The last time I visited this cemetery, the overgrowth was equally as bad inside. Perhaps the overgrowth has a purpose. Vandals do not know that there is a cemetery here. The gate is locked so all of the photographs were taken from outside the fence. Getting to the fence was not an easy task.


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