Lonesome Dove Cemetery

Southlake, Texas

Contributed by James Manford Dwight of San Antonio, Texas


Mrs. Nellie Kirk Froehner
at the tombstone of Malinda (Frost Dwight) Hill.

This is the lady that started all of this. She did all of the research to qualify to be a Daughter of the Republic.

(photo taken 1983)


Malinda (Frost Dwight) Hill
(back of headstone)

The first three photos on this page are of my great-grandmother's headstone. However, this is the most important for all Dwight families and their kin. My grandfather made his mother's tombstone and he listed all of his brother's on the back side. The only thing I will never understand is why he did not list his only sister Elizabeth. She was first born and was carried seven days through the woods after the indian massacre at Fort Parker.

(photo taken July 2002)


Malinda (Frost Dwight) Hill
(front of headstone)

There is one thing unique about Malinda's headstone. If you look on the bottom you will see that W Hill was inscribed in it. I assume that meant William Hill. However, I do not know anything about him at this time.

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J.H. Youngblood

This headstone was made by my Grandfather.

(photo taken in 1993 or 95)


Marvin L. and Hazel M. Dwight

Marvin is the son of James Lemuel and Alice (Long) Dwight.


Unknown Dwight headstone

This picture was taken in 1983 and was found near Malida's tombstone. It reads only "DWIGHT." If you know anything of this person, I'd like to hear from you.

(photo taken 1983)


J. L. Dwight

Born - 2-13-1874

J.L. (James Lemuel "Jim") is the son of Joel J. Dwight and Salitha Emma Elizabeth Williams and grandson of George and Malinda (Frost) Dwight. He was a Baptist Minister and his wife was Alice Long.

The 1910 census of Tarrant County show their five children as:
Bertha E. - 12yrs.
Floy A. - 9 yrs.
Horace L. - 6yrs.
Ila E. - 2yrs.
Marvin L. - 3/12Yrs.

(photo taken 2003)


Alice Louise (nee Long) Dwight

Wife of J.L. Dwight
Born 29 Nov 1873 - Died 11 Aug 1939

The two stones may have been a single headstone at one time.

(photo taken 2003)


Horace L. Dwight

Born 8-7-1903 - Died 1-19-1918

Son of  James L. and Alice Dwight


John Martin Harvey Dwight & Francis Parlee Dwight

John was a tombstone maker. He carved several of the tombstones in Lonesome Dove Cemetery, including one for Malinda (Frost Dwight) Hill, his mother.

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