Rose Hill Memorial Park

Fort Worth, Texas


Photos by Rob Yoder - 1999

Rose Hill Memorial Park is currently operated by Shannon's Funeral Home. It is located in the 7300 block of E. Lancaster Avenue in east Fort Worth.


The pond has changed a little over the years. I remember a time when there were no reeds and the banks were less severe. The caretakers once maintained a small flock of ducks  and geese on this pond. As a small child, 40 years ago, my grandmother would bring my brother and me here quite often when she came to tend to her husband's and her parents' graves. After she had tenderly cared for their graves, she would always stop at the pond so that we could feed the ducks. I cannot remember a time that we did not bring part of a loaf of bread for them. The ducks and geese are now gone, but when I come here to visit my grandmother I remember them.


Digging around in my old photographs, I found this one taken many years ago before Shannon's built their funeral home at this site.


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