Skaggs Graves

Photos by Rob Yoder, 2003


Lois Skaggs Kittrell

Feb. 8, 1917 - July 24, 1987
(Greenwood Cemetery)

I thought I might give you just a tiny little bit of history on my cousin Ruth Skaggs, and my family. Our mothers were sisters and our fathers were first cousins. If you will check out the "Texas On Line Handbook" you will find our family. One set of our GGG Grandparents is Zadock Woods and Minerva Cottle Woods. The Woods family were "old three hundred" settlers, having come originally from Massachusetts, then to Vermont, then to Troy, Missouri, and from there to Texas. The Woods family settled in Fayette County where Zadock build a fort. There is a historical marker there and there is to be a dedication to placed a marker at the Woods Family Cemetery in Fayette County in October. Our great great grandfather, Norman Woods was taken prisoner as a result of the Salado Creek Massacre near San Antonio.They were trying to rescue the Mier Prisoners and were mostly killed or captured. Norman died at Perote Prison without returning home. There are Woods artifacts at the Alamo and one of the Cottle family, George Washington Cottle was one of the Alamo defenders. Another GGG Grandfather was Martin Wells, Jr. who was one of the founders of Bastrop County, Texas. He was also part of the "old three hundred settlers" His grant was called Wells Pyrimid.

Regards, Mary Beth Marchant


Floyd Jerome Skaggs

Oct. 6, 1914 - Jan. 23, 1989
S Sgt. U.S. Army WW II


Frances Lucy Skaggs

June 2, 1911 - Oct. 27, 2002

Married April 12, 1941
(Laurel Land Memorial Park)


Lela Blanch Skaggs

Apr. 23, 1919 - [no date]


Lester Clinton Skaggs

Oct. 26, 1912 - July 28, 1989

(Laurel Land Memorial Park)


Samuel M. Skaggs

Mar. 31, 1881 - Dec. 19, 1952
(Laurel Land Memorial Park)


Leona J. Skaggs

May 5, 1882 - Feb. 19, 1964
(Laurel Land Memorial Park)


Samuel M. & Leona J. Skaggs


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