Stockyards Company
Seniority List

Contributed by Melody Askins


The are the pages of a December 1938 seniority list for the Stockyards Company. The original was found among the personal papers of their longtime president, John Lee Holley.

My husband's grandfather, John L. Holley, was instrumental in organizing the Stock Handlers union and served as their president from the time they were organized until into the 1950's, with one or two brief sabbaticals. In going through his papers recently, I discovered this original of a seniority list dated December 19, 1938 (the same year the union was organized) which lists about 250 Stockyards Company employees including occupation and date of hire. The earliest hire date was March 1900.

Page 1, (168K)

Page 2, (163K)

Page 3, (166K)

Page 4, (151K)

Adams, E. L. pg. 2
Adams, J. V. pg. 2
Adams, W. F. pg. 2
Admire, C. B. pg. 4
Allen, A. A. pg. 4
Altman, E. C. pg. 3
Anderson, A. L. pg. 1
Anderson, C. O. pg. 2
Anderson, M. G. pg. 1
Arnold, J. S. pg. 1
Baits, G. L. pg. 1
Balthrop, J. E. pg. 2
Barnett, E. P. pg. 2
Bayless, W. I. pg. 3
Beauchamp, L. R. pg. 4
Beavers, R. M. pg. 2
Bettis, D. B. pg. 1
Bishop, W. L. pg. 1
Blackwood, G. W. pg. 2
Blackwood, W. T. pg. 2
Bobo, J. H. pg. 2
Bond, D. M. pg. 4
Boone, F. V. pg. 4
Bowden, M. T. pg. 2
Bridges, A. F. pg. 4
Briggs, R. T. pg. 2
Britt, C. A. pg. 1
Burns, E. C. pg. 4
Burson, J. W. pg. 3
Burson, K. H. pg. 4
Byers, G. B. pg. 1
Cannon, M. O. pg. 3
Carey, G. O. pg. 2
Carey, H. T. pg. 4
Carter, G. H. pg. 3
Carter, H. E. pg. 3
Caver, R. H. pg. 1
Cherry, A. P. pg. 1
Coe, W. L. pg. 1
Coffee, Jerry pg. 1
Collins, W. J. pg. 1
Cox, G. H. pg. 1
Cox, I. N. pg. 1
Cox, J. E. pg. 1
Crow, E. B. pg. 3
Crow, F. L. pg. 3
Culwell, C. A. pg. 4
Dagley, L. E. pg. 1
Daugherty, A. D. pg. 4
Davis, C. S. pg. 4
Davis, R. E. pg. 4
DeMalade, A. D. pg. 4
Driskill, W. S. pg. 3
Drysdale, G. D. pg. 3
Dunbar, W. E. pg. 1
Dunlap, E. J. pg. 1
Earl, B. H. pg. 3
Edwards, P. L. pg. 4
Edwards, V. D. pg. 4
Elmore, Albert pg. 3
Emerson, C. L. pg. 1
English, T. N. pg. 3
Evans, B. K. pg. 4
Faires, E. J. pg. 2
Farmer, Carroll pg. 4
Faulkner, R. J. pg. 4
Fenley, W. W. pg. 4
Ferguson, D. G. pg. 4
Ferguson, W. R. pg. 2
Fleming, J. P. pg. 1
Fulcher, T. O. pg. 2
Fuller, F. A. pg. 1
Garrett, C. O. pg. 2
Garrison, M. A. pg. 4
Gaut, T. R. pg. 1
Gibson, C. pg. 3
Gibson, R. E. pg. 3
Glenn, J. C. C. pg. 2
Glover, R. D. pg. 4
Goodnight, J. E. pg. 3
Gowan, O. J. pg. 3
Gregg, R. L. pg. 2
Hampton, C. A. pg. 2
Harrison, Jack pg. 1
Harvey, J. O. pg. 3
High, E. L. pg. 3
Hightower, E. R. pg. 2
Holley, J. L. pg. 2
Holt, Jess pg. 2
Hooten, T. C. pg. 2
Hubbard, C. F. pg. 3
Huff, E. S. pg. 3
Jeffcoat, S. H. pg. 4
Johnson, B. L. pg. 4
Johnson, R. W. pg. 2
Justice, E. J. pg. 2
Karnes, A. B. pg. 2
Kelley, A. E. pg. 3
Kelso, R. E. pg. 1
Kempe, Frank pg. 1
Kempe, Otto pg. 2
Kempe, W. D. pg. 3
Kerlee, B. M. pg. 2
Kerlee, L. W. pg. 2
Kimsey, W. P. pg. 1
Kleinecke, J. L. pg. 3
Kolbohn, S. M. pg. 2
Lee, E. F. pg. 3
Lee, I. D. pg. 4
Lee, W. R. pg. 3
Long, J. H. pg. 2
Lovelace, Alfred pg. 2
Lovelace, J. H. C. pg. 2
Lovelace, W. P. pg. 1
Lynch, Hugh pg. 1
Lynch, T. A. pg. 4
Markum, R. L. pg. 3
Marshall, E. L. pg. 2
Martin, A. pg. 4
Martin, H. A. pg. 2
Martin, T. A. pg. 1
Matthews, C. C. pg. 1
Matthies, C. L. pg. 2
Mayfiled, C. M. [Mayfield?] pg. 4
McCafferty, C. B. pg. 1
McGee, S. O. pg. 3
Means, E. L. pg. 3
Mellown, R. L. pg. 1
Millican, J. P. pg. 3
Mitchell, C. E. pg. 3
Mitchell, J. N. pg. 3
Mitchell, W. W. pg. 3
Mobley, J. B. pg. 2
Moore, W. A. pg. 2
Murrell, H. M. pg. 2
Neal, O. W. pg. 3
Nelson, G. Z. pg. 1
Nelson, M. E. pg. 3
Ozee, Olin pg. 3
Palmer, W. H. pg. 1
Patrick, W. A. pg. 3
Patton, Geo. pg. 4
Perkins, E. E. pg. 3
Plant, Jim pg. 3
Pond, Hiram pg. 2
Porter, H. L. pg. 4
Potts, T. J. pg. 1
Poynor, W. E. pg. 1
Praytor, G. M. pg. 3
Ratton, H. E. pg. 1
Reppeto, H. A. pg. 1
Robbins, T. J. pg. 2
Rogers, E. R. pg. 4
Rushing, T. S. pg. 1
Russey, C. B. pg. 3
Schup, S. V. pg. 3
Seat, B. L. pg. 3
Sensabaugh, A. R. pg. 2
Sensabaugh, F. W. pg. 4
Sensibaugh, L. H. pg. 4
Shaw, A. J. pg. 3
Shaw, M. T. pg. 4
Shaw, T. H. pg. 2
Shelton, E. L. pg. 4
Singler, H. F. pg. 1
Singler, J. M. pg. 2
Slaughter, Maner pg. 2
Speck, W. N. pg. 3
Stallons, Gus pg. 1
Stansell, Carl pg. 4
Stinson, Ralph pg. 1
Strolney, James pg. 4
Sutphen, J. M. pg. 1
Tapp, C. H. pg. 3
Taylor, J. L. pg. 4
Underwood, J. M. pg. 2
Walker, F. M. Jr. pg. 2
Walker, F. M. Sr. pg. 3
Walsh, R. D. pg. 3
Ware, A. D. pg. 4
Webb, B. D. Jr. pg. 3
Webb, B. D. Sr. pg. 3
White, E. A. pg. 4
Williams, E. N. pg. 3
Williams, J. F. pg. 1
Willis, C. O. pg. 4
Wilson, Bruce pg. 3
Windom, D. M. pg. 4
Winnett, C. A. pg. 4
Wood, H. L. pg. 3
Woods, A. G. pg. 1
Woods, J. P. pg. 4
Wright, J. M. pg. 1
Young, D. B. pg. 1
Young, R. B. pg. 2
Young, T. H. pg. 1


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