William Terry Allen Log Cabin

White Settlement, Texas


Photos by Rob Yoder - 2003


The William Terry Allen Log Cabin is located at the intersection of Rowland Drive and Las Vegas Trail in White Settlement, Texas.

Since these photos were taken, the William Terry Allen Log Cabin and historical marker have been moved to the grounds of the White Settlement Historical Museum, 8320 Hanon Drive, White Settlement, Texas 76108-2317, phone 817-246-9719.

update courtesy of Carol L. Davis, Museum Manager



William Terry Allen Log Cabin

In 1854 young William Allen (1842-1893) came with his family to Tarrant County from Todd County, Kentucky. By 1857 they had settled at this location on 360 acres. After serving in the Confederate Army, Allen married Sarah Fannie Grant (1849-1870). They bought 160 acres about 1864 and built this 13' x18' cabin on White Settlement Road six miles west of Tarrant County Courthouse. After his first wife died, Allen married her sister Theodocia E. Grant (1854-1931). They added to the cabin several times, including a bedroom, "The Professor's Room". It was reserved during school months for the local teacher. The cabin was the family home until 1908, when a frame cottage was built nearby. In 1933 Allen's heirs sold 22 acres which included the cabin. The new owner moved the cabin north of the original site and enlarged it. In 1953 the land was sold to the United States government for runway additions to Carswell Air Force Base. The cabin was moved to Fort Worth. The White Settlement Historical Society, organized in 1976, raised funds to number the logs and move the dismantled cabin to the present site. It was restored to its original size and opened to groups interested in local history.




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