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"Pioneer Fort Worth, Texas:
Life, Times and Families of South Tarrant County"



My name is Raymond Race and I reside in Victorville, California. About 27 years ago My family was given a book titled "Pioneer Fort Worth, Texas: Life, Times and Families of South Tarrant County" (The authoress is a Lila Bunch Race) She is the woman who personally gave this book to my mother.

The book contains many wonderful photographs of early Fort Worth and the genealogies of a number of families. Upon dispersion of my parents estate I have kept the book. It was a number of months ago on another Race Query site that I had a woman who asked about this book and I was able to provide her with information that she had been searching for some time.

Why am I telling you this. I suppose that although I have no direct relationship with any of the "Race's" (Yes! That is our surname) of this beautiful book. I would like to offer my assistance if I can be of any help.

The USGenWeb site has provided me with tremendous assistance in my own personal search. I'm not sure how to go about it. I am a novice when it comes to Genealogy. My "Race's" settled in the Nebraska area. I haven't totally discounted the Race's of this book but I have not seen any tie ins yet.

I've included the first page of a 280 page book of genealogy, history, photographs.

Let me know how to help, With regards, Raymond Race, < abigfam@verizon.net >


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