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Treasures From the City Archives

Compiled by Shirley Apley, Senior Librarian
Genealogy, Local History, Archives - Fort Worth Public Library


In 1996 the Fort Worth Public Library was designated the official Archives for the City of Fort Worth. Ken HOPKINS was declared the City Archivist; and later Tom KELLAM was appointed the librarian to process the collections. One of Tom's first duties was to scavenge the City Departments in search of materials to place in the Archives. Many treasures have found their way to the Genealogy, Local History, and Archives Unit. In the articles I will feature these treasures to aid genealogists in their search for materials on their Fort Worth and Tarrant County relatives.

The Salvation Army Emergency Home - Records of the less fortunate who were assisted by this one-room mission that was established in 1907.

FBI Request for Crime Stats - J. Edgar Hoover writes to Fort Worth Police Chief, W. H. Lee.

54 Lives Lost in automobile and traffic accidents in Fort Worth and Tarrant County in 1930.

Deaths in Polytechnic Heights, 1916-1920 - Originally named Tandy Lake, this small town was annexed by the City of Fort Worth in 1922.

Births in Polytechnic Heights, 1912-1922

The Poor and Imprisoned - Were your ancestors poor? Were they ever imprisoned? If you can answer yes to these questions then you need to ask another question. Where do I locate records to verify these facts?

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