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In 1890 a young woman of 17, marched boldly into Fort Worth as the first person representing the Salvation Army. Her name was Captain Nora FOSTER. She opened a one-room mission within the city limits. Fort Worth was one of the first cities in Texas to welcome the Army and its corps of dedicated Salvation Soldiers. In 1907, the Salvation Army opened an Emergency Home to aid the less fortunate of this city. Ennis W. TAYLOR, President of the United Benevolent Association, provided the funding for the Emergency Home. Because part of the funding came from the city coffers, a monthly report was submitted to the City Council. The surviving monthly reports are now part of the City Archives and are transcribed in the following pages. To see the actual documents please contact the Genealogy, Local History, and Archives Unit of the Fort Worth Public Library, 817-871-7740.

Emergency Home
507 Jones Street, Fort Worth, Texas
Opened September 14, 1907


1. September 14th. Annie RAINEY, aged 30, was found by the police, and sent to the Home by the Police Matron. She was not of sound mind. Her folks could not be located. She stayed in the Home until September 24th. and was then turned over to the county. Folks supposed to live near Austin.
2. September 18th. John RANKIN, aged 12 was sent here by Mr. TRAVIS. Probationary Officer. Stayed for five nights.
3. September 20th. Mrs. M. C. BOWDEN, found on the street confused, by Police. She was trying to find her sister who lived in city. It was raining hard so she was sent to the Home. She stayed one night and found her sister in the morning. Sent by Mr. ANDERSON.
4. September 24th. Randell LAURENCE, aged 11, was found on the street at 1 o'clock am. Slept at station that night and came to the Home September 24th. Says his father abused him. Held for trial October 2nd. Sent to county jail for safety September 26th. Returned September 28th.
5. September 24th. Young woman found by Police driving span of ponies. She was dressed in man's clothing for protection. Had traveled a long way. She told us to call her Mamie. We have found her folks and she has been released by Police. Sent by Chief MADDOX.
6. September 26th. While I (Mrs. BURDICK), was waiting for my folks at the T & P depot, I noticed an elderly lady much excited and confused. I asked her if I could help her in any way. She had missed her folks and did not know where they lived or how to get to them. I telephoned to different parties by the name she gave me and found her people. She stayed all night at the Home and was very grateful. Her sister came after her the next morning.
7. September 27th. Mrs. JENTRY and baby came to city on business from California, lost her pocket book, had no friends or money. Came here until she could get work. Sent by Mr. ANDERSON.
8. September 29th. Annie MILES brought by Police Matron. Rescue case. Will be sent to Arlington Home.
9. September 29th. Frank and Claude McCARDY, aged 7 and 4. Taken from house of ill fame to await trial of mother, October 3rd.

Report of Salvation Army Home
Month Ending November 1, 1907


1. Mamie SENARD came to Home September 24th. Left for her home in Crister City, Oklahoma, October 3rd. Nine days in Home.
2. Annie MILES brought to Home by Mrs. HARGRAVES October 3rd. Sent to her parents October 4th. One day in Home.
3. Bessie, Ruth, Maggie, and Charlie SKINNER. Mother arrested, children brought to Home by Mr. TRAVIS, October 3rd. Children returned to mother October 4th. Maggie (baby) was sick. Called a doctor and got medicine for her. All four children in Home one day.
4. Frank & Claude McCARDY, mother, reported to Captain BURDICK as starving. Went & investigated September 28th. Found mother destitute, but mistrusted surroundings. Reported to Judge TERRELL (county case). Children brought to Home October 4th. Sent to poor farm with mother October 7th. Three days in Home.
5. Susie BELL: a rescue case. Came to Home October 5th, early evening and left at twelve o'clock. We have tried our best to make something of this girl.
6. Roger BUCK (8 yrs old) ran away from his home in Oklahoma to join Pawnee Bill Show. Brought to the Home by police matron October 6th. Mother came for him November 3rd. Roger would not own her as Mother, but officers investigated thoroughly, found she was his mother. Turned him over to Mrs. BUCK November 4th. Both returned to home in Oklahoma November 4th. Roger was at Home 30 days. Mother 3 days.
7. Mrs. REES came to the Home October 8th looking for work. Left Home October 17th stating she would find work herself. Age 47. She stayed at Home 9 days.
8. An eleven-year-old girl sent to the Home October 13th by Police Matron, was sent to her father in Oklahoma October 17th. At the Home 4 days.
9. Baby Raymond brought to the Home October 15th by his grandmother. 2 ½ yrs old. Mother no good.
10. October 19th. Boy sent to Home by Mr. TRAVIS at 11:30 pm sent Home October 20th. Stayed one night.
11. October 22nd. Miss DONALDSON came from Houston, Texas. Stayed until October 23rd. Mother was at point of death in Wichita. Came here for help. We gave her part of her carfare, enough to carry her home to her mother with what she had. She stayed one day.
12. October 25th. Mrs. CARELTON came to the Home. Had not had anything to eat that day. Went to Mrs. COX Home for the aged, October 28th. Stayed at Home three days.
13. October 24th. An elderly woman brought by Police Matron. Left for San Antonio October 25th. An Indian woman and could not tell her name. She stayed one day.
14. October 26th. Baby girl taken from drunken mother by Police. Brought to Home by W. S. WHEELER. Give to the mother October 29th. Stayed 3 days.
15. October 29th. Mrs. PHILIPS brought by Mr. GREEN of United Charities. Sent back to Red River County November 5th, where she had lived for 29 years. Could not send her to her folks, because they could not care for her. Aged mother living with a nephew. She stayed 7 days.
16. October 30th. Mrs. GAMMEL and her boy Maxie (6 yrs old). Mrs. Gammel just came from hospital, was looking for work. Sent to Home by Mr. GREEN.
17. October 31st. Virginia HOLLY taken from mother in Fort Worth, and brought to the Home by W. S. WHEELER. Will be sent to her sister in the Pan Handle. Turned over to Mr. GREEN.

Report of Salvation Army Home
Month Ending December 1, 1907


1. November 1st. Virginia HOLLY, (reported last Month). Turned over to Captain and Mrs. BURDICK by Mr. GREEN, November 14th.
2. November 5th. Charlie MORGAN. Working at Stock Yards. Sent to Home by Mr. TRAVIS, under the guardianship of Mr. HARDY of the Y. M. C. A. Working and pays $2.00 per week.
3. November 9th. Mrs. AWTRY and little boy. Mrs. MARION and three children. Came to Fort Worth expecting to find Mrs. Awtry's son whom they thought lived back of the T. P. Round House. Could not find son. Had no money. Called Mr. GREEN who sent them to Home. Found no investigation that son did not live near Round House. Police searched two days. Mrs. BURDICK sent letter through general deliver to son, and found him. Mrs. MARION, sick left Home, November 13th.
4. November 14th. Mrs. Rhoda THORNTON and three girls, 13-10-6 years. Came to Fort Worth to get work had no place to stay. Taken from Santa Fe Depot. Stayed at Home until November 13th, rented furnished room and secured work. Called at Home today. Getting along all right.
5. November 13th. Miss DONALDSON. Been at Home before. Brought by Mr. WHEELER from City Hall. Stayed one night.
6. November 15th. Miss ANDERSON. Turned out of Hotel in Fort Worth. Came to Home and asked for nights lodging. (In deplorable condition.) Stayed until November 9th. Got her good position in Private family. She is still there doing well.
7. November 15th. Miss ANDERSON. Picked up by Mr. WHEELER at 3 a.m. just as she was entering cheap room house. (Questionable place). Brought to Home. Went to Dallas. November 16th.
8. November 21st. Grandma EVANS. Old Lady left deserted at T. P. Depot. About 90 yrs old. Supposed to have been deserted by son-in-law. Very deaf. We could not find out where she wanted to go or where she came from. She had no money or clothes except a shoulder cape, wrapped in newspaper and a little money made up for her on the train thoroughly investigated by Police. November 30th sent to County farm.
9. November 21st. Miss CARLTON. Out of work, nowhere to stay spent one night at Home. Left November 22nd
10. November 25th. Miss ROSE. Three children. Husband dead three months. Came to Fort Worth to get work. Children sent to Orphans Home by Mother's consent. Work found for Mother, by Mrs. BURDICK, as cook. November 26th.
11. November 28th. Mrs. ALEXANDER. Aged 16, baby 4 weeks old, came to Fort Worth from Mineral Wells to have baby Doctored, found with Mother living in acre. Sent to Home by Mr. WHEELER. Husband found, and reunited, will return to Husband. November 7th.
12. November 28th. Mrs. Maud HAMPTON, came from El Paso, going to sister in Tennessee, taken sick, went to Hotel. Money was stolen. Brought to Home by Mr. GREEN November 29th, sent to Aberlin to friends by Mr. Green.
13. November 1st. Raymond, (baby) reported last month still at Home.

Report of Emergency Home
Month of January 1908


1. January 1st. Mrs. MALONEY and two children. Mrs. Maloney came to the Home looking for work. On January 9th went to friends Home to do some work for self and children. Left oldest girl at Home of friend, came back at night. Left again Friday morning, came back to Home Sunday night for supper. Got position January 14th. 33 Beds. 91 Meals.
2. January 1st. Mrs. ALEXANDER. Reported December 23rd. Still at Home. Left January 2nd for County Poor Farm. 2 Beds. 6 Meals.
3. January 1st. Mrs. FRANKS. Reported last month. Sent to St. Louis, to Salvation Army Rescue Home, January 8th. Paid $15.70 carfare. 8 Beds. 24 Meals.
4. January 4th. Maggie GIRDER. Sent by County Attorney ROY. Waiting investigation by Grand Jury. 14 years old. Taken from Mother's Home. 24 Beds. 81 Meals.
5. January 6th. Stanley BROWN. Mother working in candy factory. Stanley stayed at Home through the day. 14 Meals.
6. January 8th. Mrs. ISHAM and daughter Maggie. Sent by Mr. GREEN. Looking for work. Got several positions but did not accept them, January 13th. Mrs. GREEN turned them away. Stayed at Home until January 14th. 14 Beds. 42 Meals.
7. January 8th. Mrs. NEWBERRY left little girl at the Home while looking for work. Got her work at 1112 Louisiana Avenue.
8. January 8th. Mary BOATWRIGHT and Baby. Went to San Antonio January 9th. 1 Bed. 3 Meals.
9. January 8th. Beulah BODINE and Baby. Went to San Antonio January 9th. Both girls came from Arlington Rescue Home. 1 Bed. 3 Meals.
10. January 15th. Ollie, Grace and Drusilla THORNTON, aged 13, 10 and 4. Mother in Hospital left Ollie and Drusilla in House alone. Mr. DAUGHTERTY found them and notified Mrs. GREEN who with Mrs. BURDICK went and brought the girls to the Home. Found Grace on Evans Street January 23rd. Court turned Children over to Mother. Ollie brought before Grand Jury, told her story. 24 Beds. 74 Meals.
11. January 22nd. Francis REGER, brought to Home by Mrs. HARGRAVES by order of Attorney ROY, January 23rd, court gave girl to Mother. Father in jail. 1 Bed. 3 Meals.
12. January 23rd. Nellie GOIENS, and Maud TAYLOR, ran away from Hamilton to get married. Sent to Home by Mrs. GREEN January 24th. Maud married a man named MILLER. Nellie decided she did not want to marry so came back to Home. Stayed at Home until January 9th (?). Mr. GREEN sent her back to Hamilton to her Mother. 7 Beds. 21 Meals.

22 People Helped, 118 Beds, 360 Meals.

Report of the Emergency Home
February 1st to March 1st, 1908


1. Maggie GIRDER reported from last month. 29 Beds. 87 Meals.
2. February 2nd. Leroy PFAU. 14 yrs old Orphan. February 6th struck by buggy of Mr. Harry GNZMAN, while riding his wheel. He was hurt in right side and brought to home by Mr. Gnzman, who sent Dr. GIGER to look after the case. He was in bed for ten days. Went to work February 17th. Still at Home. 28 Beds. 84 Meals.
3. February 3rd. Two Avenger Boys. Mexicans. Came for help, could not talk much but were good honest boys with good references. Wanted to pay their way by working. They would cut wood or do any thing before they would eat. They were sent to Swift & Co., for work by Mr. GREEN but Police run them off. They went to country got a little work but came back. Stayed ten days all together. We got them work now and then. 20 Beds. 60 Meals.
4. February 6th. Mrs. Lilly SMITH. Nurse looking for work. Got position February 14th. Husband dead. Little boy out at Orphans Home. 9 Beds. 27 Meals.
5. February 5th. Miss Fannie PETTIT. Rescue case brought by Mrs. HARGRAVES. Came to Fort Worth to get into Charity Rescue Home. Sent away by Mrs. Hargraves. 7 Beds. 21 Meals.
6. February 12th. Mrs. NEWBERRY and little girl. Came to Home at night, asked to stay all night. No money, no place to stay. Looking for work. Left Home. February 17th got position at Orphans Home. 10 Beds. 30 Meals.
7. February 12th. Mamie JOHNSON and boy 6 years old. Had run away from Dallas Poor Farm. Picked up by Police brought to Home by Mrs. HARGRAVES at 10:00 pm. February 13th sent back to Dallas. 2 Beds. 4 Meals.
8. February 13th. Jimmie SMITH. Mother at Home. 16 Beds. 48 Meals.
9. February 15th. Mrs. BELL and their children came here to look for work. Got her a House and furniture from Depot. She left Home February 17th. 8 Beds. 24 Meals.
10. February 23rd. Willie COTTON, 4 years old. Mother in Jail. Mrs. HARGRAVES brought him to Home. Was gived to father, February 25th. 2 Beds. 6 Meals.
11. February 24th. Mrs. ARNOLD. Was sent by Mrs. GREEN. Nephew living in town but away at time. Trying to make some arrangements for old Lady with relatives. 6 Beds. 18 Meals.
12. February 27th. Two women and two children. 4 Meals.

Report of the Emergency Home

March 1st to April 1st, 1908

1. March 1st. Maggie GIRDER reported last month found a good Home for her in the country with a Mr. MARTIN. Taken out there by Mrs. BURDICK also found Mr. Martin and wife to be nice Christian people and well to do. 22 Beds. 66 Meals.
2. March 1st. Leroy PFAU reported last month, orphan boy still at Home sick part of the month. Given medical treatment by Dr. JETER. 30 Beds. 90 Meals.
3. March 2nd. Lottie ----. Brought by Mrs. HARGRAVES to Home sent away to people March 3rd. 1 Bed. 2 Meals.
4. March 4th. Bessie HODGE, Rescue girl. Mrs. Hargraves sent her to rescue Home.
5. March 9th. Mrs. HANKS two children a Boy and a Girl. Sent here by Grandmother to meet Mother. Mother missed them. Sent to Home until Mother was found by Police. 2 Meals.
6. March 9th. Maggie RENOLDS and two little children, one a baby and both children barefooted taken from Santa Fe Depot. Sent back to Grosbeck Texas where she came from March 11th. 6 Beds. 12 Meals.
7. March 10th. William PILGRIM. Sent by Mr. GREEN went to work March 12th. Worked part of the time still at Home. Orphan boy. 20 Beds. 60 Meals.
8. March 14th. Mrs. BELL's three children for dinner and supper on March 15th. 6 Meals.
9. March 14th. Mrs. DUNCAN and Baby went to work March 23rd, got a position at Chickasha Oklahoma. 20 Beds. 60 Meals.
10. March 13th. Mary ZERGLEI. Rescue girl. Stayed one night at Home. 1 Bed.
11. March 18th. John MURPHY, Orphan boy. Came Home with William. Came up for dinner one noon later in the week. 1 Bed. 3 Meals.
12. March 24th. Frank CASH runaway boy from Dallas. Brought by Mrs. Hargraves for dinner sent to Chico Texas. Told Police that his father lived there. 1 Meal.
13. March 24th. Mrs. BRENEMAN and baby looking for work found place in country 4 miles out. Boy 7 yrs old. Left March 27th. 9 Beds. 27 Meals.
14. March 26th. Mrs. SANDERS and boy 7 yrs old. Rescue case. Came from Garland. Left March 27th. 2 Beds. 6 Meals.
15. March 26th. James Roger OWENS. Runaway boy for Santo told us that he was an Orphan but was advertised in paper and Father came to take him Home. 1 Bed. 3 Meals.
16. March 27th. Rescue Girl. Came from Beaumont to get into Rescue Home could not get in.
17. March 28th. Mrs. Kathrene COMBS and little girl. Came from Midland to get into Home in Fort Worth. Could not get into any of them, came to Emergency Home stayed one night and went to Chickasha Oklahoma. 1 Bed. 2 Meals.
18. March 30th. Mrs. FINNEY and baby sent by Mr. GREEN.

Report of Emergency Home
March 31st to April 30th, 1908

1. March 31st. Mrs. BRENEMAN and two children. Husband in California is a one-armed man, but working and will send money for wife and children to come on. She is a good woman and willing to do anything in her power to help about home. 30 beds. 90 meals, children 60 beds. 180 meals.
2. March 31st. Mrs. BREEDSO. Sent by Mr. GREEN. Came from poor Farm. Mind not right. Went to county April 1st. County case. 1 Bed. 3 Meals.
3. April 31st. Mrs. POUNDS. Has been on Charity a long time. Christian Church has helped her. She was sick and wanted to get into Hospital. Went to Poor Farm April 10th. 10 Beds. 30 Meals.
4. April 3rd. Kate MORASH. Phoned from Shaw Brothers Store to know if she could come to Home had no place to go. She went to Dr. JETER to work April 4th, came back April 11th. Not responsible or capable to care for self. Have had letter from sister in regards to her. 21 Beds. 63 Meals.
5. April 8th. Mrs. EVERETTS and four children. Came to Fort Worth with daughter sick, taken to Medical college. Baby 8 hours old. Mrs. Everetts (grandmother, who was Mrs. ARMSTRONG) and four children came to home. Mrs. Everetts took two children to Dallas April 9th. George and Tom ARMSTRONG stayed at Home. April 13th, Mrs. Everetts and little girl came back. Got work in Rosen Heights April 15th. April 21st. Mrs. Armstrong came from Hospital took her and boys to Rosen Heights to her mother April 22nd, all together. County Case. 36 Beds. 108 Meals.
6. April 13th. Nellie POWERS, (Rusk). Came from Beaumont to get into Rescue Home. April 21st, went to Rosen Heights to work came back April 25th for dinner sent by United Charities to Aunt. 8 Beds. 25 Meals.
7. April 13th. Parlee WEAVER came to Fort Worth.. The home April 12th, had been with a show in Oklahoma looking for father and mother. April 14th, found parents. 1 Bed. 3 Meals. Mrs. HARGRAVES.
8. April 16th. Mrs. Ella FEAJEAA, came from Chickasha Oklahoma to get work. Is a widow. Got work at Bradfords Brothers store as seamstress. Mrs. HARGRAVES. 2 Beds. 4 Meals.
9. April 22nd. Elmira RUST and girl Bessie came from Belton Texas. Been visiting nephew so she claimed. Professional beggar sent out of town, April 27th. 10 Beds. 30 Meals.
10. April 25th. Mrs. MOSS. Trouble at son's home. Went back to son April 29th. 4 Beds. 12 Meals.
11. April 27th. Mrs. JARNAGAN. Came here with out money wanted to stay until she could get work. Went to North Fort Worth April 28th. 1 Bed. 2 Meals.
12. April 25th. Veta MANNING, 14 yrs. Old sent to Mrs. Hargraves by Judge TERRELL to care for until further investigation. 5 Beds. 16 Meals.
13. April 28th. Mrs. Turner WATKINS. Came from Johnson County. Going to Haskell Texas to sick husband. Left April 29th. 1 Bed. 4 Meals.
14. April 30th. Mrs. J P BOAZ and little girls,4 - 2 years old. They lived in Fort Worth a year ago, been visiting brother in Cosley Arkansas. Husband a carpenter working in Fort Worth lost track of wife two months ago, letters returned. Mrs. Boaz came back to find him, could not find him, came to Home for help. Husband heard on streets that wife was in town came to Salvation Army to inquire, found her at Home. May 3rd. 9 Beds. 27 Meals.
15. Roy and William, two orphan boys helping them to get work and learn how to be industrious and save their money; one has got a wheel and is doing well, the other I am trying to get place for. 30 Beds. 90 Meals each.

Took Charge of the Emergency Home

December 1, 1909

1. Mrs. Katie COWAN, in the home we took charge, Maternity case, Baby born December 19th. 31 Beds. 93 Meals.
2. December 1st. Mrs. ARNOLD, brought to the home by Police matron, sick, mind affected, care for by Doctor, left home December 12th, with husband. Much better health. 12 Beds. 36 Meals.
3. December 5th. Mrs. LINDEMAN and baby Ned, two and one half years old. Came to home asked to stay until could get work. Advised with police matron took her in home, went to nurse for Dr. JETER December 20th, came back December 29th not able to stand the work, left Ned at the home while nursing. 46 Beds. 138 Meals.
4. December 6th. Mrs. BARRET and baby nine months old, came to us for help, Mother very sick while here, left December 22nd to work in boarding house. 16 Beds. 48 Meals.
5. December 7th. Mrs. ARMSTRONG and two children, Tom nine years old, Baby 21 months, left December 9th to nurse, came back December 11th. Tom stayed in the home. 25 Beds. 75 Meals.
6. December 8th. Pearl and George McMILLIN age six and two years, sent by United Charities, left with Uncle December 10th. 4 Beds. 12 Meals.
7. December 9th. Ellen TURBERVILLE, 14 years old, sent by police matron. 22 Beds. 66 Meals.
8. December 10th. Mrs. MATTIE and baby, sent by United Charities. 2 Beds. 2 Meals.
9. December 12th. Gladas DOBSON, 15 years old, sent to mother in Ohio, December 24th. 12 Beds. 36 Meals.
10. December 16th. Lydia and Minnie PRICE, age 8 and 4 years, sent by Police Matron. 30 Beds. 90 Meals.
11. December 10th. J. M. BIRD, Age 13 sent by Mr. TRAVIS. Sick, left December 24th. 5 Beds. 14 Meals.
12. Percy CROUSER, Age 13, brought by Mr. Travis. Sick. 8 Beds. 24 Meals.
13. December 29th. Harry and Felton FOLOWELL, age 11 and 8, sent by Police Matron. Left January 1st for Orphans home. 6 Beds. 18 Meals.
14. December 30th. Mrs. McINTIRE and baby sent by United Charities. 4 Beds. 12 Meals.

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