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54 Lives Lost in 1930

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Fifty-Four Lives Are Lost in Traffic Accidents
18 of Victims Pedestrians

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Thursday, January 1, 1931

Fifty-four lives was the toll exacted by automobile and traffic accidents in Fort Worth and Tarrant County in 1930, five more than during the previous year. Of this number, 49 were killed within the city limits, making the list of accidental deaths in traffic mishaps within that radius equal the total for the entire county the year before. Eighteen of the numbers were pedestrians who were struck and killed outright or fatally injured by automobiles. The list follows:
1. Jan. 7 William J. Neal, 43, Denison, killed instantly in a collision of two automobiles just east of Arlington.
2. Feb. 5 J. M. Satterwhite died after being hit by a car at Terrell and Jennings Avenues.
3. Feb. 6 J. M. Stewart, 84, Confederate veteran, struck by an automobile and killed at First and Main Streets.
4. Feb. 12 D. D. Johnson, 30, aviator, fatally injured in collision his automobile and a streetcar on University Drive.
5. Feb. 17 T. J. Evensong, 57, injured fatally when his truck overturned at Wilkinson Street and Fort Worth-Dallas Pike as he swerved to avoid a streetcar.
6. Feb. 17 Fred T. Pyle, 40, killed when hit by a car as he crossed the street in the 2200 block of Evans Avenue.
7. Feb. 23 J. W. Stewart and Joe R. Bielman, Dallas, killed instantly when their car was smashed by a train at a grade crossing north of the city.
8. Feb. 23 See number 7.
9. Feb. 24 Alberto Aleman, Mexican, killed in collision of two cars at Hattie Street and Bryan Avenue.
10. March 3 Horace G. Neeley, Tolar, died of injuries received when his truck, loaded with cattle, overturned at Birchman Street and Camp Bowie Boulevard.
11. March 6 H. A. Burden, Hico, died of injuries received in same accident as Neely.
12. March 8 Richard Touchstone, 24, Wichita Falls, killed when motor transport truck collided with crowded streetcar on Paddock viaduct.
13. March 23 Jack Preston, 16, schoolboy, killed almost instantly when his automobile and a service station truck collided at Lubbock and Berry Streets.
14. March 29 Leton Tedder, 20, fatally injured when his motorcycle was caught between two automobiles in a collision at East Fourth and Commerce Streets.
15. March 31 T. Lester Hutchins, 30, killed when his taxicab collided with a car at New York Avenue and East Hattie Street.
16. April 4 Mrs. J. C. Nichols, fatally hurt when the family automobile with another machine at Avenue M and Vaughn Boulevard.
17. April 18 Beverly Jane Day, 6, struck and fatally injured by automobile as she ran across the street in 500 block of West Allen Avenue.
18. April 20 Chester W. Henry, 20, died four hours after he was struck by a car in the 1100 block of East Hattie Street.
19. May 4 E. R. Parsons, reeling after being hit by one car is struck by another and killed at South Main and Hattie Streets.
20. May 16 Waldeman Boatwright, 28, killed instantly when his motorcycle crashed into rear of car during test run two miles north of Municipal Airport.
21. June 6 Cyrus M. Dunham, 17, killed when automobile overturned after sideswiping another car on Lake Worth Road.
22. June 7 Fred Hall, 23, meets death when his car overturned on a curve west of Inspiration Point on the Lake Worth Road.
23. June 15 Macario Padilla, 19, killed when his car crashed into rocky bank on curve at the south end of Paddock Viaduct.
24. June 19 J. F. McKown, found by woman on Grapevine Road after he had been struck and killed by unknown motorist.
25. June 24 John Lock, railway employee, killed when train struck the truck in which he was riding at Garvey and Hampton Street.
26. June 28 Albert Dewees, 18, thrown from automobile and killed in head-on collision on Everman Road.
27. July 13 W. C. Bradford, 44, killed and companion injured when their car struck the curb at East Twelfth and Jones Streets and overturned.
28. July 21 Mrs. Mary E. Fants, Linden, died of injuries received in an automobile accident at Sixth and Throckmorton Streets.
29. July 23 Claude G. Sandlin, 44, died on way to hospital after being thrown from his car in a collision with another automobile at Ryan Avenue and Butler Street.
30. July 24 T. C. Mabra, 57, died seven hours after being struck by two automobiles on 900 block of Main Street.
31. Aug. 12 Julius Boehme, 78, struck by truck while on way to visit wife in hospital and died a few minutes later.
32. Aug. 22 Billy Taylor Abel, 11 months, killed instantly and his mother injured when their car collided at West Berry Street and old Cleburne Road with a truck.
33. Aug. 28 Rexie Murray, 17, died of injuries received three days before in a collision between two trucks on the Fort Worth-Dallas Pike near Arlington.
34. Sept. 2 Martha Newlih, 50, Negro, struck by rear streetcar, from which she had just alighted, as it rounded curve at Missouri and Terrell Avenues.
35. Sept. 14 Mrs. Martha M. Colbert, 72, died of injuries received three days before when she was struck by an automobile in the 2100 block of West Seventh Street.
36. Sept. 17 Waymond C. Meador, 6, hit by truck as he was walking to school near Lake Worth on Northwest Highway.
37. Sept. 20 Thomas Franklin, 70, fatally injured in an automobile accident on the Fort Worth-Dallas Pike.
38. Sept. 23 Earl B. Purcell, 28, fatally hurt in automobile collision in the 3600 block of Avenue E.
39. Sept. 26 J. E. McBurnett, 3, died under wheels of truck when he ran to meet his father at their home.
40. Oct. 12 Sam Burger Jr., 12, died of injuries sustained when his bicycle crashed with a car at Pennsylvania and College Avenue.
41. Oct.12 Miss Ollie Nunn, 16, died of injuries received in an auto accident near Burleson.
42. Oct.12 Unidentified man died of injuries after being struck by car on Paddock Viaduct.
43. Nov. 6 J. Henry Gandillion, 63, injured when bursting tire hurled car against tree in Trinity Park and died shot time later.
44. Nov. 2 W. H. Been, 9, died after being struck by a car as he played near his home at 1001 East Hattie Street on the previous afternoon.
45. Nov. 17 W. O. Bartgis, 13, Pampa, killed as interurban hit the car in which he, with several others, were riding at Stop Nona, midway between Fort Worth and Handley.
46. Nov. 19 J. P. Bass, 15, Burleson, died here of injuries received in accident in Fort Worth streets on Oct. 21.
47. Dec. 1 M. G. Ellis Jr., 41, died of injuries received when car overturned on the Northwest Highway on Nov. 24.
48. Dec. 10 A. A. (Scotty) Adkinson, 69, struck by car as he crossed Keller Highway before Tarrant County Home.
49. Dec. 11 Henry Marberry, 37, hit by truck and killed at Bailey Avenue and White Settlement Road.
50. Dec. 12 Jimmie Rue Campbell, 5, died in hospital here of injuries received nearly two months before when she was struck by a car near her home at Smithfield.
51. Dec. 13 Woodrow Messick, 17, killed by hit-and-run driver who sideswiped his car near Smithfield.
52. Dec. 15 John Riley, 72, died of injuries received the day before when he was hit by a car at Houston and Front Streets.
53. Dec. 22 Lynn A. Boyd, 34, killed in collision of streetcar and automobile at Hemphill Street and West Maddox Avenue.
54. O. A. Combs, 41, stepped in front of an automobile at 824 South Main Street and was killed.

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