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Births in Polytechnic Heights, 1912-1922

By Shirley Apley, Senior Librarian
Genealogy, Local History, Archives
Fort Worth Public Library


When Polytechnic Heights was annexed by Fort Worth in 1922 it had a population of 11,000. With the annexation the community of Polytechnic Heights turned over its birth and death registration book to the City of Fort Worth. This book now resides in the City Archives at the library. The following is a brief transcription of the birth records from 1912 to 1922. Birth certificate information includes the following: date of birth, name of child, sex, color or race, legitimate or otherwise, alive or stillborn birth, name of father, maiden name of mother, place of residence, occupation of father, name and residence of person reporting the birth and the certificate number. Copies of these certificates may be obtained by contacting the Fort Worth Public Library's Genealogy, Local History, Archives Unit, 500 West 3rd Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102.

Columns 3 and 4 are Sex and Race, resectively.
Name of Child DOB S R Father Mother Cert. #
Not Named 12-Jan-1912 F W Franklin, C. A. Duncan, Savena 1912-01
Not Named 5-Feb-1912 M W Foreman, L. A. Wake, Mable 1912-02
Not Named 23-Jan-1916 F W Moore, C. F. Shannon, Olive 1916-01
Not Named 23-Feb-1916 F W McKeg, John P. Hill, Mare 1916-02
Not Named 7-Mar-1916 M W Woodell, Albert F. Keith, Beulah 1916-03
Not Named 20-Mar-1916 M W Daniel, John W. Johnson, Sebye 1916-04
Not Named 6-Apr-1916 M W Colman, Asa M. Ray, Ruby 1916-05
Not Named 19-Apr-1916 M W Coombs, Emmett Sexton, Emma 1916-06
Not Named 17-Apr-1916 F W Henderson, Thad P Cole, Minnie Lee 1916-07
Holmes, Jason Hunter 14-Apr-1916 M W Holmes, Jessie Lee Booker, Myrtle 1916-08
Not Named 11-May-1916 M W Anderson, Chas. A. Millis, Elizabeth 1916-09
Not Named 26-Apr-1916 F W Jorden, L. A. Pafford, Mary 1916-10
Not Named 24-Apr-1916 M W Jones, O. C. Jones, Mrs. O. C. 1916-11
Not Named 13-May-1916 F W Marcell, Stonewall Bemeer, Maud 1916-12
Not Named 4-May-1916 M W Lancaster, James Dickerson, Nina 1916-13
Not Named 5-May-1916 F W Crichton, W. B. Ward, Ruth 1916-14
Schmidt, Alice Francis Louise 31-May-1916 F W Schmidt, Edwin H. Stewart, Grace 1916-15
Not Named 30-May-1916 M W Ford, I. N. Ford, Teresa 1916-16
Not Named 30-May-1916 M W Brown, L. H. Fox, Myrtle 1916-17
Not Named 3-Jun-1916 M W Glenn, G. S. Durfee, Katie B 1916-18
Not Named 18-Jun-1916 M W Switzer, W. Garfield Hartigree, Sallie 1916-19
Gillespie, Robert Willian Henry 20-Jun-1916 M W Gillespie, Edgar P Marley, Agnes Bertha 1916-20
Jenuine, George Allen 28-Jun-1916 M W Jenuine, George F Davis, Grace 1916-21
Moore, Robert Oliver 27-Jun-1916 M W Moore, James M Hartman, Myrtle M 1916-22
Not Named 7-Jul-1916 M W Moore, John T Ashworth, Daisy Lee 1916-23
Not Named 6-Jul-1916 F W Barndt, H W Blum, Alma 1916-24
Not Named 8-Jul-1916 F W Poulter, John P Ferguson, Lillie 1916-25
Not Named 15-Jul-1916 F W Kirksey, Lester Wyatt, Magie 1916-26
Not Named 26-Jul-1916 M W Roberts, John D Malone, Eula 1916-27
Not Named 1-Aug-1916 F W Hobbs, W H Grainger, Jessie 1916-28
Not Named 5-Aug-1916 F W Sitchler, William B Bell, Mary 1916-29
Not Named 5-Aug-1916 F W Story, Bruce Granger, Gurtrude 1916-30
Not Named 9-Aug-1916 M W Freeman, F O Sapp, Lucile 1916-31
Not Named 10-Aug-1916 F W Coppeck, Austin Lamb, Lorie 1916-32
Not Named 25-Aug-1916 M W Beasley, James B Roe, Burdie 1916-33
Not Named 21-Sep-1916 M W Lane, William E Stanfield, Adie 1916-34
Not Named 21-Sep-1916 M W Brown, Joseph K Thompson, Letha 1916-35
Kemp, Francis Lambert 19-Sep-1916 F W Kemp, Joe S Lambert, Rose 1916-36
Not Named 3-Sep-1916 M W Bretze, D C Thoum, Eudia 1916-37
Not Named 10-Oct-1916 M W Bush, John William Watson, Pearl 1916-38
Not Named (Twin) 6-Oct-1916 M W Harter, C W Ellis, Muriel 1916-39
Not Named (Twin) 6-Oct-1916 M W Harter, C W Ellis, Muriel 1916-40
Not Named 10-Oct-1916 F W Lee, Eugene S Word, Hazel L 1916-41
Not Named 30-Oct-1916 F W Gibson, Eugen W Holloway, Edna 1916-42
Not Named 23-Sep-1916 M W Chandler, Lee Cook, Leona 1916-43
Not Named 4-Nov-1916 F W McGreger, James M Keohn, Minnie C 1916-44
Stewart, Woodrow Willson 10-Nov-1916 M W Stewart, George Thompson, Mary 1916-45
Dougless, Elanor Louise 15-Nov-1916 F W Dougless, Joseph Edmonson, Corrah 1916-46
Not Named 22-Nov-1916 F W McNeely, Harry Moor, Tynea 1916-47
Baker, Robert Eugene 22-Nov-1916 M W Baker, Charles E McCall, Jewell 1916-48
Not Named 29-Nov-1916 M W Tackett, L J Brashier 1916-49
Guthrie, Robert Elliot 27-Nov-1916 M W Guthrie, Wayne E Lane, Pearl 1916-50
Not Named 12-Dec-1916 M W Wood, William J Terrell, Mary 1916-51
Sargent, Lillian 28-Nov-1916 F W Sargent, Silas L Word, Essie 1916-52
Not Named 22-Dec-1916 F W Shillingburg, John William Poto, Quita 1917-01
Calloway, Sam J Jr 2-Jan-1917 M W Calloway, S J Hamilton, Panelope 1917-02
Not Named 26-Dec-1916 F W Dunlop, Ray Coloni, May 1917-03
Caywood, Walker Lewis 15-Dec-1917 M W Caywood, H E Powers, Virginia Powers 1917-03
Thompson, Baley 7-Jan-1917 M W Thompson, W H Kay, Ida 1917-04
Not Named 16-Jan-1917 F W McNutt, Ralph Malorey, Mable 1917-05
Brown, Malore 26-Jan-1917 F W Brown, Ben A Jones, Annie 1917-06
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Brown, Fairy Imalove

25-Jan-1917 F W Brown, Benjamin Austin Jones, Annie Mae  
Smith, Ila Jeanne 1-Feb-1917 F W Smith, Oliver E Fouts, Ione 1917-07
Griffith, Gerald Johnson 30-Jan-1917 M W Griffith, H O Johnson, Donna 1917-08
Davis, Ruby Lee 5-Feb-1917 F W Davis, Ben E Keenes, Mary 1917-09
Crosson, Thomas Ademis 2-Feb-1917 M W Crosson, Earl T Janilli, Lena C 1917-10
Ash, Thomas Owens 14-Feb-1917 M W Ash, Thomas J Owens, Lenys 1917-11
Allred, Francis Page 21-Feb-1917 M W Allred, Norman Little, Jessie 1917-12
Hawk, Richard Blake 21-Feb-1917 M W Hawk, Eugene B Patterson, Dora 1917-13
Joyce, G Louis Not Given M W Joyce, Lee Felano, Lula 1917-14
Not Named 6-Mar-1917 F W Stopp, Walton Pawley, Maude 1917-15
Embry, Clyde Elbert 23-Feb-1917 M W Embry, Auther Jameson, Mahala 1917-16
Not Named 20-Mar-1917 F W Reeder, John S Pool, Wynema 1917-17
Roberts, Ernest G Jr 25-Mar-1917 M W Roberts, Ernest G Jones, Hattie M 1917-18
Not Named 26-Mar-1917 M W Schmidt, R H Gorden, Ada 1917-19
Johnson, Leo 10-Mar-1917 M W Johnson, W L Lanhaze, Carrie B 1917-20
Not Named 17-Nov-1916 F W Huckabee, J G Huckabee, Ora 1917-21
Spillman, Mary Sue 12-Mar-1917 F W Spillman, J E Spillman, Mrs. J E 1917-22
Fuller, Frank Lawton 4-Apr-1917 M W Fuller, Edward A Sharman, Lena 1917-23
Oswalt, Jack Warren 16-Apr-1917 M W Oswalt, Chas E Fressell, Mary L 1917-24
Not Named 21-Apr-1917 F W Bloodworth, Loyd P Halbert, Ida E 1917-25
Not Named 28-Apr-1917 M W Wood, J R Rankin, Louise 1917-26
Bounds, Nona 29-Apr-1917 F W Bounds, Jack Perry, Ruth 1917-27
Mathews, Matilda Grace 2-May-1917 F W Mathews, Asa S Neal, Daisy 1917-28
Haws, Alice Louise 17-May-1917 F W Haws, J M Corbett, Alice 1917-29
Whittaker, Elizabeth 30-May-1917 F W Whittaker, E H Morris, Ruth 1917-30
Scott, Franky Ruth 3-Jun-1917 F W Scott, F D Hoffman, Ada Ruth 1917-31
Not Named 10-Jun-1917 M W McAfee, Ernest W McMahan, Viva 1917-32
Gale, Margaret Della 12-Jun-1917 F W Gale, Harold G Warsham, Pearl 1917-33
Not Named 19-Jun-1917 M W Harris, Russell Harris, Mrs. Russell 1917-34
Not Named 19-Jun-1917 F W Green, H B Johnson, Ura 1917-35
Not Named 19-Jun-1917 F W Watson, Oscar B Embree, Fannie 1917-36
Scott, Clyde Walter 29-Jun-1917 M W Scott, C W Jones, Margaret 1917-37
Not Named 7-Jun-1917 M W Oxford, William S Mills, Julie 1917-38
Webb, Dorothy 3-Jul-1917 F W Webb, James M Alexander, Ethel 1917-39
Langdon, Jack Carter 5-Jul-1917 M W Langdon, John A Carter, Ethel 1917-40
Quinn, Truman Hugh 11-Jul-1917 M W Quinn, Hugh McClure, Grace 1917-41
Campbell, Luther V 13-Jul-1917 M W Campbell, Silas W Mason, Edith 1917-42
McGrew, Edna Earl 20-Jul-1917 F W McGrew, Edgar Earl Boles, Ollie Mae 1917-43
Rowland, Lewis Norman 27-Jul-1917 M W Rowland, Lewis Davis, Myrtle 1917-44
Heller, Charles 24-Jul-1917 M W Heller, J H Longserre, Virginia 1917-45
Forbes, Mary Francis 23-Aug-1917 F W Forbes, D Fletcher Stewart, Annie 1917-46
Not Named 1-Sep-1917 M W Reed, Carl P Hall, Myrtle 1917-47
Elliott, Sarah 2-Sep-1917 F W Elliott, Gary C Miller, Catherine 1917-48
Tomlin, Orvida Belle 7-Sep-1917 F W Tomlin, J P Littlefield, Reva 1917-49
Kynard, J B Jr 12-Sep-1917 M W Kynard, Jesse B Brown, Clara 1917-50
Quinn, William James Jr 16-Sep-1917 M W Quinn, William G Terisley, Margaret 1917-51
Not Named 24-Sep-1917 F W Rosser, Percy A Herrington, Pauline 1917-52
Not Named 24-Sep-1917 M W Moon, William Darrah, Maggie 1917-53
Kirkpatrick, William J 1-Oct-1917 M W Kirkpatrick, Raymond C Burton, Edah E 1917-54
Still Born 4-Oct-1917 F W Boone, William A Hale, Mina 1917-55
Not Named 4-Oct-1917 F W Mills, Ben F Vernan, Iva L 1917-56
Not Named 11-Oct-1917 F W Ferguson, James B Porter, Kate 1917-57
Andrews, Porter Jr 29-Oct-1917 M W Andrews, Porter Terry, Ella 1917-58
Not Named 27-Oct-1917 M W Blackman, Henry J Doman, Margaret 1917-59
Not Named 28-Oct-1917 F W Arnold, Smith Thurman, Ethel 1917-60
Trice, Bacon Saunders Jr 6-Nov-1917 F W Trice, Bacon Saunders Grundy, Florence Ethyl 1917-61
Rape, D Jr 22-Nov-1917 M W Rape, D Joiner, Elva 1917-62
Not Named 23-Oct-1917 M W Read, C P Shedaun, Helen 1917-63
Lewis, Henry Anthus 28-Nov-1917 M W Lewis, Henry B Wilson, Edith 1917-64
Parker, John C Jr 28-Nov-1917 M W Parker, John C Thomas, Nannie D 1917-65
Seawright, Sam Dean Jr 3-Dec-1917 M W Seawright, Sam Dean Bigby, Mary Bell 1917-66
Norville, A H Jr 4-Dec-1917 M W Norville, A H Dennis, Marry 1917-67
Wood, W H Jr 4-Dec-1917 M W Wood, Will H Ruddell, Beaulah 1917-68
Robinson, Billie Shields 10-Dec-1917 M W Robinson, Walter L Shields, Carma 1917-69
Not Named 6-Jan-1918 F W Brown, H L Fox, Myrtle 1918-01
Elliott, Millard Alexander 10-Jan-1918 M W Elliott, M A Bone, Ethel B 1918-02
Wilson, Effie Trine 21-Jan-1918 F W Wilson, John B Grant, Nettie 1918-04
Not Named 28-Jan-1918 F W Read, Oceola Jefferson Fain, Florence 1918-05
Not Named 23-Jan-1918 F W Rodgers, T A Billington, Mammie 1918-06
Hooper, J Clarence Jr 2-Feb-1918 M W Hooper, J Clarence Curtis, Fannie 1918-08
Not Named 13-Feb-1918 F W Marsh, Henry C Harris, Mary 1918-09
Not Named 14-Feb-1918 M W Prim, J L Brown, Vivia 1918-10
Calloway, William Hamilton 15-Feb-1918 M W Calloway, Sam J Hamilton, Clara Penelope 1918-11
Bloodworth, Joseph Key Jr 22-Feb-1918 M W Bloodworth, Joseph Key Bordon, Maude Alice 1918-12
Not Named 10-Mar-1918 M W Schnieder, J C Purnplan, Martha 1918-13
Watson, Agnes Christian 25-Apr-1918 F W Watson, E M Fisher, Agnes 1918-14
Porter, Frank Bee 27-Apr-1918 M W Porter, Frank B Blow, Birdie L 1918-15
Alsap, Ledora Gwen 2-May-1918 F W Alsap, John F Rodgers, Stella A 1918-16
Henderson, George Robert Jr 7-May-1918 M W Henderson, George Robert Mitchell, Jessie 1918-17
Not Named 19-May-1918 M W Hawkins, William E Thomas, Madelle 1918-18
Gilmer, Robert H Jr 3-Jun-1918 M W Gilmer, Robert H Stephens, Missouri 1918-19
Crisp, Martin Buell 4-Jun-1918 M W Crisp, William Mabin Kuter, Nellie 1918-20
Gum, Raymon Edward 6-Jun-1918 M W Gum, Edgar McCoy, Mae 1918-21
Bradford, Harold Balch 8-Jun-1918 M W Bradford, Henry H Balch, Thomazine 1918-22
Lawing, Robert Andrew 21-Jun-1918 M W Lawing, R L Farmer, Alta Lynn 1918-23
Cooley, Thomas Littleton 30-Jun-1918 M W Cooley, Thomas L Smith, Ellen 1918-24
Brown, Fred M Jr 30-Jun-1918 M W Brown, Fred M Feemster, Lefars 1918-25
Moore, Lillian 1-Jul-1918 F W Moore, J Clyde Griffin, Clara 1918-26
Ashmore, Teddy Gladstone 4-Jul-1918 M W Ashmore, T A Snider, Mattie 1918-27
Burk, Pauline Clara Sara 6-Jul-1918 F W Burk, Hugh A Read, Iva 1918-28
Not Named 8-Jul-1918 M W Moore, M H Simpson, Cora 1918-29
Andrews, Cameron Walker 10-Jul-1918 M W Andrews, Walker D Farmer, Elva Viva 1918-30
Not Named 14-Jul-1918 F W Parham, J W Athens, Emma 1918-31
Not Named 14-Jul-1918 M W Jenuine, George Davis, Grace 1918-32
Hass, Elmer Jackson 17-Jul-1918 M W Hass, Andrew J Tollman, Vera 1918-33
Henderson, Agnes Theopol 17-Jul-1918 F W Henderson, Robert W Herdson, Willie 1918-34
Harris, Sylva Pearl 24-Jul-1918 F W Harris, Jake N Rodgers, Eula 1918-35
Not Named 26-Jul-1918 M W Walker, Will P Lassiter, Iva 1918-36
Not Named (Twin) 11-Aug-1918 F W Gibbs, Laymond Kay, Darah 1918-37
Not Named (Twin) 11-Aug-1918 F W Gibbs, Laymond Kay, Darah 1918-38
Wilkinson, Victorine 19-Aug-1918 F W Wilkinson, Charles E Rhodes, Missouri 1918-39
Not Named 20-Aug-1918 F W Taylor, O M Easton, Mary E 1918-40
Not Named 23-Aug-1918 M W Pruitt, W B McNab, Annie 1918-41
Not Named 26-Aug-1918 F W Lancaster, James Glenn, Mina 1918-42
Not Named 31-Aug-1918 M W Jones, Owen L Canofax, Helen 1918-43
McMichael, Sidney Eugene 3-Oct-1918 M W McMichael, R H Baily, Lillie 1918-44
Garmany, Helen E 10-Oct-1918 F W Garmany, Luther W Nolting, Doloris 1918-45
Not Named 25-Oct-1918 M W Noah, J B Cotton, Ida L 1918-46
Not Named 27-Oct-1918 M W Plunkett, N R Turner, Adabell 1918-47
Not Named 29-Oct-1918 M W Pollard, Dan Kay, Minnie M 1918-48
Not Named 30-Oct-1918 M W Kilpatrick, A H Kidd, Fannie 1918-49
Not Named 8-Dec-1918 F W Scrimmer, A J Saunders, Helen 1918-50
Not Named 16-Oct-1918 M W Manning, J S Bucy, Winnie 1918-51
Newcome, Maurine Esther 19-Dec-1918 F W Newcome, J D Carter, Mary J 1918-52
Jenkins, Anna Katherine 21-Dec-1918 F W Jenkins, A J Barton, Anna 1918-53
Levens, Mary Catherine 22-Dec-1918 F W Levans, James Collins, Julia 1918-54
Chapin, Melba Jean 23-Dec-1918 F W Chapin, E E Fairbanks, Lemma 1918-55
Bransford, Francis Virginia 26-Dec-1918 F W Bransford, Felix M Rogan, Lena 1918-56
Stockton, Robert Clarance 27-Dec-1918 M W Stockton, R R Stockton, Mattie M 1918-57
Keating, Mary Dions 5-Jan-1919 F W Keating, J D Kamer, Grace 1919-01
Peterson, Joseph Kenneth 9-Jan-1919 M W Peterson, O W Speer, Mary Florida 1919-02
Durnman, Vera Alline 10-Jan-1919 F W Durman, G M Noble, Vera 1919-03
Not Named 18-Jan-1919 F W King, Henry Clifford Stokes, Louise 1919-04
Not Named 21-Jan-1919 F W Lea, Eugene Ward, Hazel 1919-05
Not Named 31-Jan-1919 M W Craddock, W J Williams, Lila Francis 1919-06
Not Named 2-Feb-1918 F W Therrell, E Whitwise, Pauline 1919-07
Hobbs, William Granger 2-Feb-1919 M W Hobbs, Henry Granger, Jessie 1919-07
Yates, Donald Ryely 6-Feb-1919 M W Yates, R H Spear, Pearl 1919-08
Jackson, Richard Osborn 18-Feb-1919 M W Jackson, G P Mulkey, Ina Maud 1919-09
Seawright, Letha Bell 27-Feb-1919 F W Seawright, Sam Dean Bigby, Mary Bell 1919-10
Not Named (See 1918-58) 7-Mar-1919 M W Sparks, John B Bishop, Minnie 1919-11
McKinney, Mary (See 1918-59) 17-Mar-1919 F W McKinney, J W Campbell, Clara J 1919-12
Not Named (See 1918-60) 19-Mar-1919 M W Clark, Orville Paul King, Tempie 1919-13
Dunton, Mary Elizabeth 23-Mar-1919 F W Dunton, H Ernest Noah, Eva 1919-14
Crawford, Nellie Jane 25-Mar-1919 F W Crawford, G W Bolin, Lillian 1919-15
Still Born 29-Mar-1919 F W Moates, S A Kitchen, Mabel C 1919-16
Scott, Frank D 31-Mar-1919 M W Scott, F D Halfman, Ada Ruth 1919-17
Delwaide, Charles Henry 15-Apr-1919 M W Delwaide, Joe H Eglen, Maude 1919-18
Staughton, Lucile 18-Apr-1919 F W Staughton, R M Jones, Lillian Eva 1919-19
Gragard, Zelda R 16-May-1919 F W Gragard, Merl Clay, Thelma 1919-20
Cooke, Agnes Lucile 16-May-1919 F W Cooke, Robert Jr McIntosh, Eva 1919-21
Not Named 19-May-1919 M W Brown, George F Clark, Lela 1919-22
McCaslin, Don 20-May-1919 M W McCaslin, W N Cowart, Laura p 1919-23
Greever, Vernon Milton Jr 27-May-1919 M W Greever, Vernon Milton Moore, F Quay 1919-24
Not Named 3-Jun-1919 M W Russell, John N Kennedy, Cherry 1919-25
Not Named 5-Jun-1919 M W Clark, B A Christopher, Mattie 1919-26
Huckabee, Mary Londaline 8-Jun-1919 F W Huckabee, Tom Williams, Violetta 1919-27
Tate, Glenn 8-Jun-1919 M W Tate, J W Andrews, Etta 1919-28
Not Named 11-Jun-1919 F W Beasley, James B Rowe, Drudie 1919-29
Gray, James Earl 12-Jun-1919 M W Gray, James V Tidwell, Myrl 1919-30
Not Named 17-Jun-1919 F W Crow, J Arthur Burton, Willie Lee 1919-31
Not Named 2-Jul-1919 M W Short, Louis H Brazzil, Zelma 1919-32
Cosley, Alph (Twin) 3-Jul-1919 M W Cosley, Jack B West, Robbie 1919-33
Cosley, Ralph (Twin) 3-Jul-1919 M W Cosley, Jack B West, Robbie 1919-33
Not Named 7-Jul-1919 F W Brown, Ben A Jones, Ermma May 1919-34
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Brown, Dorothy Ann

7-Jul-1919 F W Brown, Benjamin Austin Jones, Annie Mae 1919-34
Not Named 8-Jul-1919 F W Reed, Carl P Hall, Myrtle 1919-35
Bradford, Benjamin Emmett 9-Jul-1919 M W Bradford, Ben E McCauley, Annie 1919-36
Not Named 11-Jul-1919 F W Blackman, H J Damon, Margaret 1919-37
Brister, Edna May 29-Jul-1919 F W Brister, Ira D Hefley, Annie 1919-38
Not Named 30-Jul-1919 F W Blakeney, M F Oxford, Minnie 1919-39
Coleman, Elizabeth 7-Sep-1919 F W Coleman, W O Swift, Bertie 1919-40
Jackson, Maude Lou 9-Aug-1919 F W Jackson, J E Mulkey, Mary 1919-41
Not Named 17-Aug-1919 M W Fisher, J M Watson, Burnie 1919-42
Stanford, Eileen 18-Aug-1919 F W Standford, Raymond G Bowles, Thelma Trine 1919-43
Thompson, Annie May 28-Aug-1919 F W Thompson, T Franks, Annie M 1919-44
Morris, Archie Estes 29-Aug-1919 M W Morris, Archie Estes Cook, Nettie A 1919-45
Bennett, James Thomas 29-Aug-1919 M W Bennett, James Thomas Chummley, Lillian 1919-46
Alcorn, Mary Elizabeth 3-Sep-1919 F W Alcorn, W C Tyer, Ruby 1919-47
Not Named 4-Sep-1919 F W Fox, G L Kelly, Vida 1919-48
Kellog, Earnest Tyler 11-Sep-1919 M W Kellog, Fred V Thomas, Catherine F 1919-49
Not Named 17-Sep-1919 M W Gabbert, Gaines Berry, Jennie 1919-50
Moore, Nettie May 17-Sep-1919 F W Moore, J Ben Moore, Nettie 1919-51
Adams, Martile 18-Sep-1919 F W Adams, W G Boyd, Martile 1919-52
Dodson, Nathaniel Wayne 19-Sep-1919 M W Dodson, Wallace W Bickle, Louise 1919-53
Not Named 19-Sep-1919 F W Pruitt, W B McNab, Pearl 1919-54
Stewart, Callie Myrna 24-Sep-1919 F W Stewart, H D Gray, Eleanor 1919-55
Brown, Eugene B 7-Oct-1919 M W Brown, Fred M Furnster, Mary L 1919-56
Not Named 8-Oct-1919 M W Dugan, T T Vitteloe, Bettie 1919-57
Not Named 10-Oct-1919 M W Wilson, L L Floyd, Annie 1919-58
Rowland, Margaret Catherine 11-Oct-1919 F W Rowland, Leonard N Daugherty, Mollie 1919-59
Probst, Marion 14-Oct-1919 F W Probst, Stephen K Riggs, Ada V 1919-60
Callan, Rose Mary 19-Oct-1919 F W Callan, G P Wilson, Ollie May 1919-61
Not Named 21-Oct-1919 F W Cooke, Ross L Collier, Ada 1919-62
Voss, Pink Andrew 23-Oct-1919 M W Voss, P N Arrington, Maggie 1919-63
Oppe, Virginia Dean 31-Oct-1919 F W Oppe, Anthony Dean, Mamie 1919-64
Cathey, Aldon Lenear 31-Oct-1919 M W Cathey, Ed V Garnett, Anna 1919-65
Not Named 3-Sep-1919 F W Dennis, J A Stiles, Hazel 1919-66
Harper, R S Jr 20-Sep-1919 M W Harper, R S Harper, Carrie Levan 1919-67
McClung, Cecil E 26-Oct-1919 M W McClung, R E Bounds, Minnie F 1919-68
Harper, Clara Delma 4-Nov-1919 F W Harper, C C Kelley, Lila 1919-69
Hunter, Doris Helen 4-Nov-1919 F W Hunter, M M Bratcher, Ruth 1919-70
Everett, William Lawrence 7-Nov-1919 M W Everett, C D Lawrence, Thelma Lee 1919-71
Not Named 8-Nov-1919 M W Grant, L M Webber, Minnie B 1919-72
Fraley, Helen Elizabeth 12-Nov-1919 F W Fraley, Isae J Barkley, Dora 1919-73
Hass, Harold Vernon 28-Nov-1919 M W Hass, Andrew J Tallman, Vera 1919-74
Not Named 30-Nov-1919 F W Fuller, W F Griger, Elevyn 1919-75
Antilley, Lura Maurie 9-Dec-1919 F W Antilley, Henry Levi Antilley, Myrtle Lee 1919-76
Not Named 14-Dec-1919 F W Clay, Sid J Jennings, Edna 1919-77
Not Named 15-Dec-1919 F W Miler, C G Barker, Vivian 1919-78
Johnson, Arthur Jr 23-Dec-1919 M W Johnson, Arthur Tucker, Audry 1919-79
West, Gwendolyn Julia 28-Nov-1919 F W West, E S Sargent, Lucy 1919-80
Schmidt, Hattie Etelka 27-Dec-1919 F W Schmidt, Robert H Gordon, Ada Delia 1919-81
Not Named 31-Dec-1919 F W Liddell, James W Brown, Mary 1919-82
Not Named 29-Dec-1919 F W Lory, Elmer M Jones, Erma S 1919-83
Carney, James 4-Jan-1920 M W Carney, Fred J Waggoner, Reba 1920-01
Osteen, Mary Catherine 15-Jan-1920 F W Osteen, James Wesley Niekill, Mary Rosebelle 1920-02
Watson, Evelyn Roberta 16-Jan-1920 F W Watson, O B Embree, Janie 1920-03
Ruffner, Jeanette 17-Jan-1920 F W Ruffner, John F Scott, Della 1920-04
Manning, Jane Ella 26-Jan-1920 F W Manning, John S Bucy, Winnie 1920-05
Hedglin, Margaret M 31-Jan-1920 F W Hedglin, Benjamin A Edmondson, Jennie 1920-06
Thomas, Margaret Olita 1-Feb-1920 F W Thomas, H Brown, Lucy Belle 1920-07
Not Named 2-Feb-1920 M W Thirsk, Clover Burdett Frazier, Emily Estelle 1920-08
Not Named 9-Feb-1920 M W Martin, W E Martin, Valeria 1920-09
Bunn, Mildred 12-Feb-1920 F W Bunn, W E Malone, Lillian 1920-10
Bell, Annie Roberta 18-Feb-1920 F W Bell, Thomas B Smith, Annie 1920-11
Ray, Robert Latham 20-Feb-1920 M W Ray, R L Lowery, Lonie 1920-12
LaCroix, Sadie Gertrude 24-Feb-1920 F W LaCroix, Aldolphus C Lofton, Gertrude 1920-13
Veale, Allie Lousie 9-Mar-1920 F W Veale, W Tucker, Allie 1920-14
Not Named 12-Mar-1920 F W Gurnee, P E Woolsey, Ruby 1920-15
Not Named 13-Mar-1920 F W Hearne, J O Gross, Velma 1920-16
Sevain, Sarah Grace 18-Mar-1920 F W Sevain, Robert C Lowing, Beatrice 1920-17
Cunningham, Mary Francis 20-Mar-1920 F W Cunningham, E B Richardson, Maude Bell 1920-18
Thompson, Allice D 1-Apr-1920 F W Thompson, Alonza D Davis, Doris 1920-19
Not Named 1-Apr-1920 M W Young, Harvey A Denson, Clara Bell 1920-20
Not Named 1-Apr-1920 F W Thompson, Ernest Erickson, Mira 1920-21
Campbell, Ruby Erline 9-Apr-1920 F W Campbell, William E Shelby, Ruby 1920-22
Schackelford, Charles H 10-Apr-1920 M W Shackelford, C H Gibson, Eva L 1920-23
Tidwell, Henry 12-Apr-1920 M W Tidwell, J B Stephenson, Susie 1920-24
Lindsey, Mary Lavern 17-Apr-1920 F W Lindsey, George W Mayes, Ruby 1920-25
Bransford, Sarah Scott 26-Apr-1920 F W Bransford, Felix M Rogan, Lena 1920-26
Reece, Margaret 10-Apr-1920 F W Reece, Hollie Crossland, Susie 1920-27
Not Named 6-May-1920 M W Chappell, George G Haynes, Vada 1920-28
Allen, Joseph Henderson 13-May-1920 M W Allen, Joseph H Maddox, Flora Alice 1920-29
Blackwell, William Allen 17-May-1920 M W Blackwell, Charles C Hartsfield, Lillie Bell 1920-30
Not Named 18-May-1920 M W Little, Mike Wagner, Dorothy 1920-31
White, Jack 22-May-1920 M W White, John Kirk, Dorothy 1920-32
Not Named 23-May-1920 M W Gilbert, T C Price, Leora 1920-33
Tice, Hollis Edwin 1-Jun-1920 M W Brown, Hollis Tice, Effie 1920-34
Not Named 8-Jun-1920 F W Brown, Fredric V Harris, Stella A 1920-35
Not Named 11-Jun-1920 M W Bass, C G Stare, Artie 1920-36
Gale, Harol George Jr 22-Jun-1920 M W Gale, Harold G Warsham, Pearl 1920-37
Jones, T C Jr 22-Jun-1920 M W Jones, T C Washburn, Callie E 1920-38
Still Born 23-Jun-1920 M W Gillespie, Edgar P Marley, Agnes Bertha 1920-39
Dayle, Roy Lee 25-Jun-1920 M W Farmer, Roy Dayle, Della 1920-40
Not Named 12-Jul-1920 M W Morgan, Harly Arrington, Flo 1920-41
Richard 13-Jul-1920 M W Harrison, Charles Henry, Lois 1920-42
Bickers, Margaret Francis 13-Jul-1920 F W Bickers, E J Grant , Evans 1920-43
Smith, James S Jr 15-Jul-1920 M W Smith, James S Tax, Myrtle May 1920-44
Not Named 17-Jul-1920 F W Campbell, Walter L Hilliard, Alma 1920-45
Ridenger, Ethel May 24-Jul-1920 F W Ridenger, M E Cox, Willie Ethel 1920-46
Currie, James D (Twin) 26-Jul-1920 M W Currie, R M Gulledge, Zee 1920-47
Currie, Lillian Alma (Twin) 26-Jul-1920 F W Currie, R M Gulledge, Zee 1920-48
Boggess, Trine 27-Jul-1920 F W Boggess, L V Hornbeck, Ethel 1920-49
Walter Harold 30-Jul-1920 M W Parnell, Helbert Doss, Ora Mia 1920-50
Bogart, Effie Corine 29-Jun-1920 F W Bogart, W H Rutledge, Effie 1920-51
Shadele, Alfred E Jr 2-Aug-1920 M W Shadele, Alfred E Montgomery, Estell May 1920-52
Not Named 5-Aug-1920 M W Callups, F E McSeveen, Olie 1920-53
Greever, Catherine 9-Aug-1920 F W Greever, Vernon Milton Moore, Flossie Quayle 1920-54
Hamilton, Charles Daniel 17-Aug-1920 M W Hamilton, C J Quisenbery, Florence 1920-55
Pharr, Jauneta Madina 17-Aug-1920 F W Pharr, E Pharr, Agnes 1920-56
Joe Billey 21-Aug-1920 M W Daniels, Morris Perkins, Myrtle 1920-57
Tackett, Henry Alphus 31-Aug-1920 M W Tackett, Louis Brazier, Lenna 1920-58
Still Born 2-Sep-1920 F W Wylie, Walter C Song, Mary 1920-59
Garrison, Dorothy 17-Sep-1920 F W Garrison, James G Kincannon, Josephine 1920-60
King, Clifford Earl 25-Sep-1920 M W King, Henry Clifford Stokes, Louise 1920-61
Not Named 30-Sep-1920 M W Thompson, B L Ridgeway, Della 1920-62
Not Named 14-Sep-1920 F W Mellon, William Gee, Georgia Belle 1920-63
Not Named 22-Sep-1920 F W Puckeet, Clifford Jones, Carrie 1920-64
Not Named 2-Oct-1920 M W Martin, Roy Robert Jones, Mildred 1920-65
Shelby, Leslie Elmer 10-Oct-1920 M W Shelby, Leslie E Simmons, Elberta 1920-66
Stakes, Jannita 11-Oct-1920 F W Johnson, Ray Stakes, Ora 1920-67
Not Named 13-Oct-1920 F W Clarkson, J T Sanders, May 1920-68
Not Named 18-Oct-1920 F W Martin, Frank Davidson, Alma 1920-69
Mary Francis 1-Nov-1920 F W Blair, Ed Johnson, Dixie 1920-70
Edna Eva 1-Nov-1920 F W Walker, Herman Green, Lena 1920-71
Bloodworth, William B 1-Nov-1920 M W Bloodworth, Joseph Key Bordon, Alice Maude 1920-72
Steele, John D Jr 2-Nov-1920 M W Steele, John D Hathaway, Nell 1920-73
Hensen, Raymond 2-Nov-1920 M W Hensen, M A Fantaine, Eva Bell 1920-74
Ballard, Robbie Joe 3-Nov-1920 M W Ballard, O C Robinson, Eva 1920-75
Stewart, Melba Jane Margaret 7-Nov-1920 F W Stewart, James Dunning, Harriet 1920-76
Sullivan, Jerol Dean 15-Nov-1920 F W Sullivan, J A Todd, Lauvena 1920-77
James Elbert 29-Nov-1920 M W Vernon, Rossie Coleman, Annie 1920-78
Not Named 4-Dec-1920 M W Briley, Henry G Burk, Minnie 1920-79
Samples, Maxine 8-Dec-1920 F W Samples, Ralph A Ezelle, Tempie 1920-80
Howell, Mary Jewell 10-Dec-1920 F W Howell, Jona O Harless, Thyza Lee 1920-81
Johnnie 19-Dec-1920 M W Brown, John Davis, Pearl 1920-82
McLemore, Tom F 26-Dec-1920 M W McLemore, Tom Field Driskill, Elizabeth 1920-83
Ball, James Fred 26-Dec-1920 M W Ball, F P Jayrol, Birdie 1920-84
Not Named 30-Dec-1920 M W Curtis, John Lassater, Annie 1920-85
Not Named 31-Dec-1920 F W Carrol, Billy Kiser, Mary 1920-86
Not Named 31-Dec-1920 F W Rainwater, J W Montgomery, Ida 1920-87
Wanda Lee 5-Dec-1920 F W Sheppard, Arthur Lee Daniels, Kate 1920-87a
Bell, Robbin L 5-Jan-1921 F W Bell, H C Lee, Effie 1921-88
Not Named 14-Jan-1921 F W Cook, Marvin Smith, Pearl 1921-89
Stockton, Olive Virgeen 17-Jan-1921 F W Stockton, Clarence V Tallman, Myrth O 1921-90
Elizabeth Hope 22-Jan-1921 F W Gable, George Payne, Mildred 1921-91
Campbell, R C Jr 24-Jan-1921 M W Campbell, R C Terrell, Manise 1921-92
Alcorn, Ella Maurene 3-Feb-1921 F W Alcorn, W C Tyer, Ruby 1921-93
Not Named 21-Feb-1921 F W Sherron, C P Pondey, Dorothy 1921-094
Morris, Clara Belle 28-Feb-1921 F W Morris, A E Cooke, Nettie Ann 1921-095
William Arthur 20-Feb-1921 M W Hawkins, Gillen Wilkins, Della May 1921-096
Louise 26-Feb-1921 F W Raymond, Louis Daily, Ruth 1921-097
James Clarence 28-Feb-1921 M W Bether, James Clarance Greely, Grace 1921-098
St Clair, Ethel Irine 3-Mar-1921 F W St. Clair, Raymond Breter, Zelda 1921-099
Milton 9-Mar-1921 M W Bowman, Hendon Leck, Lena 1921-100
Meisner, Harding 9-Mar-1921 M W Meisner, George M Doleshal, Edith 1921-101
Myer, George Earl Jr 10-Mar-1921 M W Myer, George E Wentworth, Sadie 1921-102
Wilson, Woodrow 15-Mar-1921 M W Wilson, J B Grant, Nettie 1921-103
Not Named 15-Mar-1921 M W Gray, James V Tidwell, Myrl 1921-104
Wood, Mary Louise 19-Mar-1921 F W Wood, James R Rankin, Louise 1921-105
Hill, William Sargent 31-Mar-1921 M W Hill, L E Sargent, Myrtle 1921-106
Not Named 4-Apr-1921 F W Lee, Oran H Grant, Nona 1921-107
Abernathy, Harrt Hugh Jr 5-Apr-1921 M W Abernathy, Harry Hugh Griffin, May Victoria 1921-108
House, Eunice 7-Apr-1921 F W House, W J Harvey, Bulah 1921-109
Wilmoth, Charles Jr 24-Mar-1921 M W Wilmoth, Charles Kelley, Lois 1921-110
Cloyd Manuel 24-Mar-1921 M W Howard, William Parker, Jewell Ruth 1921-111
Not Named 12-May-1921 F W Levans, James A Collins, Julia 1921-112
Bleoper, Mary Francis Copa 5-May-1921 F W Bleope, James Johnson, Mary E 1921-113
Not Named 6-May-1921 F W Rickett, Tom Esley Capps, Gladys 1921-114
Not Named 2-May-1921 M W Rogers, Edwin Harris Jones, Hallie Irene 1921-115
Chasten 17-May-1921 F W Johle, Walter Lyle, Eva 1921-116
Nora Allen 17-May-1921 F W Thompson, Harr Brunbaugh, Vera 1921-117
Robert 21-May-1921 M W Brown, Robert Good, Mae 1921-118
Wesley Oure 25-May-1921 M W Willard, Harvey Gevis, Irene 1921-119
Brown, Bejamin F 1-Jun-1921 M W Brown, Ben A Jones, Annie May 1921-120
Larry Brown, lcbrownz1@gmail.com, reports errors in the above line. The next line has the correct info.

Brown, Benjamin Austin Jr.

1-June-1921 M W Brown, Benjamin Austin Jones, Annie Mae 1921-120
Alexander, M M Jr 2-Jun-1921 M W Alexander, M M Mellan, Helen 1921-121
Wilson, Kenneth H 9-Jun-1921 M W Wilson, Harbert H Clendren, Maggie 1921-122
Andrews, Jeff J 15-Jun-1921 M W Andrews, Jeff P Brownes, Lucy 1921-123
Webb, Callan 17-Jun-1921 M W Cox, Roger Webb, Martha Margerett 1921-124
Robert Lee 1-Jun-1921 M W Stewart, Robert McFalls, Nellie 1921-125
Elene Ray 14-Jun-1921 M W Berry, Robert McCardy, Emma 1921-126
Canada, Imogene 20-Jun-1921 F W Canada, Jonathan Christ, Esther 1921-127
Not Named 24-Jun-1921 F W Bebles, Charles Crockett, Mable 1921-128
Not Named 26-Jun-1921 M W McLain, Arthur F Clanpett, Cora 1921-129
T J Jr 27-Jun-1921 M W Bader, Thomas Harvey, Grace 1921-130
Humphries, Rose (Twin) 28-Jun-1921 F W Humphries, Andrew Cunningham, Myrtal 1921-131
Humphries, Belle (Twin) 28-Jun-1921 F W Humphries, Andrew Cunningham, Myrtal 1921-132
Smith, Clifford Franklin Jr 30-Jun-1921 M W Smith, Clifford F Ridgway, Myrtal 1921-133
Not Named 3-Jul-1921 F W Smith, T J Redwon, Willie B 1921-134
Maxwell, Francis Elizabeth 4-Jul-1921 F W Maxwell, T E Judd, Annie E 1921-135
Not Named 5-Jul-1921 M W Kirkpatrick, C L Maxey, Jewel 1921-136
Not Named 7-Jul-1921 F W Perkins, George Issacs, Mable 1921-137
Not Named 7-Jul-1921 M W Slice, John F Whitefield, Fay 1921-138
Not Named 10-Jul-1921 F W Taylor, O M Easton, Mary E 1921-139
Not Named Not Given F W Francis, M R Parker, Eula 1921-140
Merrifield, Robert Bruce 15-Jul-1921 M W Merrifield, G Lucas, Nettie Lorene 1921-141
Heslep, Ford Gardner 18-Jul-1921 M W Heslep, W E Emerson, Ollie 1921-142
Harvey, Thomas Jr 23-Aug-1921 M W Harvey, Thomas W Henderson, Rena Pearl 1921-143
Marshall, Alice 8-Aug-1921 F W Marshall, C M King, Bessie Francis 1921-144
Nelson, Harold Jr 8-Aug-1921 M W Nelson, Harold Nelson, Signe 1921-145
McMikiel, Lena Parman 2-Aug-1921 F W McMikiel, R H Bailey, Lillie 1921-146
Peeler, Mary Catherine 5-Aug-1921 F W Peeler, L R Stech, Catherine 1921-147
Not Named 8-Aug-1921 M W Don't Know Ward, Nora 1921-148
Not Named 12-Aug-1921 M W Mooney, Jim Brown, Gladys 1921-149
Perrin, Warren 24-Jun-1921 M W Smith, J T Perrin, Dora 1921-150
Still Born 7-Aug-1921 F W Digman, Albert G Pounders, Bertha 1921-151
Simpson, Shadrich Homer 31-Aug-1921 M W Simpson, W R Gaines, Lillian 1921-152
Rivers, Charles Willis 19-Aug-1921 M W Rivers, W O Cathing, Laura 1921-153
Green, Eugenia Mae 8-Sep-1921 F W Green, James M Mocke, Hattie 1921-154
Barnett, Answell Creed 2-Sep-1921 M W Barnett, J H Creed, Mary Eliza 1921-155
Robinson, George C Jr 16-Sep-1921 M W Robinson, George C Hewsee, Rutha 1921-156
Moore, Wayland Meduke 8-Sep-1921 M W Moore, Andrew Howard, Terie 1921-157
Laver 28-Sep-1921 F W Blassingame, H F Maynard, Della 1921-158
Yeager, Raymond Jr 10-Oct-1921 M W Yeager, Raymond Lee Miller, Virginia Elizabeth 1921-159
Whitehead, Janine 5-Oct-1921 F W Whitehead, E Jarnigan, Lula 1921-160
Not Named 4-Oct-1921 M W Nolin, L H Duncan, Julia 1921-161
Davis, Margret Ann 26-Sep-1921 F W Davis, Joe C Hall, Berrell 1921-162
Box, Joe Ella 27-Sep-1921 F W Box, Thomas E Hunter, Bertha Lee 1921-163
Lewis, Mary Frances 24-Sep-1921 F W Lewis, Will B Tennie, Mary 1921-164
Baker, Margie Feral 16-Sep-1921 F W Baker, S C Ingland, Beula 1921-165
Vaison, Dorothy Jean 24-Sep-1921 F W Vaison, A Jackson Dickinson, Annie 1921-166
Meariel 3-Oct-1921 F W Stephenson, E G Pennington, Meariel 1921-167
Not Named 3-Oct-1921 na na Stephenson, A C Smith, Grace 1921-168
Not Named 27-Sep-1921 M W Stephens, L B Smith, Lizzie 1921-169
Not Named 5-Oct-1921 M W Wakeeton Gambree, Maurien 1921-170
Raines, Ernestine Louise 21-Oct-1921 F W Raines, Earnest M Baxter, Edna 1921-171
Moorhead, Lee Ray 25-Oct-1921 M W Moorhead, E L Gaines, Ruby 1921-172
Not Named 3-Nov-1921 M W Wilson, R S Cook, Mattie 1921-173
Hunter, Helen May 26-Oct-1921 F W Hunter, Beacher Blackman, Audry 1921-174
Not Named 19-Nov-1921 M W Everett, A E Crow, Ione 1921-175
Not Named 21-Nov-1921 M W Hendsey, J M Buchanon, Lorine 1921-176
Not Named 17-Nov-1921 M W Sherdler, Louis Nix, Gladys 1921-177
Hodge, Carl Otis Jr 12-Nov-1921 M W Hodge, Carl Otis Ross, Myrtle 1921-178
Chapin, Malcom Aubry 19-Nov-1921 M W Chapin, William Aubry Ragsdall, Lela 1921-179
Flanagan, Corine Alice 20-Nov-1921 F W Flanagan, Walter Thomas Cobb, Stella 1921-180
Holland, John Sidney 7-Nov-1921 M W Holland, Jonathan S Robinson, Lela May 1921-181
Pevehouse, Joyce Evageline 18-Nov-1921 F W Pevehouse, Frank M Murry, Lucile 1921-182
Ranies, Gladys Geraldine 22-Nov-1921 F W Raines, Noah M Grant, Gladys 1921-183
Not Named 22-Nov-1921 M W Flatkovich, T Mattern, Eva 1921-184
Hawkins, Martha Jarrett 27-Nov-1921 F W Hawkins, T H Geiger, Lucy 1921-185
Lee, Hazle 25-Nov-1921 F W Lee, E C Lucas, Florence 1921-186
Lindsey, George W 25-Nov-1921 M W Lindsey, George W Mays, Ruby 1921-187
Manor, Joyce 11-Dec-1921 F W Manor, Curtis J Taylor, Annie 1921-188
Mills, Geraldine Oleta 3-Dec-1921 F W Mills, Owen L Cayce, Winnie May 1921-189
Not Named 18-Dec-1921 F W Frick, P N Warley, Audry 1921-190
Dayle 27-Nov-1921 M W Arnold, Judson Poteet, Rachal 1921-191
Blair, Welber Ardlene 30-Nov-1921 M W Blair, Edwin Boone Blair, Katie Belle 1921-192
Not Named 9-Dec-1921 F W Campbell, Francis Moore, Ellen 1921-193
Not Named 21-Dec-1921 F W Millican, Walter Meeler, Sue F 1921-194
Mamie 17-Dec-1921 F W Preston, Ewell Stewart, Maud 1921-195
Not Named 25-Dec-1921 F W Colbert, Drew Looper, Beatrice 1921-196
Not Named 21-Dec-1921 M W Downs, Manford Perryman, Ura 1921-197
Patterson, Mary Frances 23-Dec-1921 F W Patterson, B S Foreman, Beula 1921-198
Reed Meldred 29-Dec-1921 F W Petterman, A B Porter, Ruth 1921-199
Not Named 31-Dec-1921 F W Barnes, C J Fell, Fannie 1921-200
Not Named 31-Dec-1921 F W Carney, Jonathan Smith, Mary 1921-201
McGee, Irene 28-Dec-1921 F W McGee, L A Peacock, Marie 1921-202
Freeman, Dorothy Merrill 27-Dec-1921 F W Freeman, F O Sopp, Lucile 1921-204
Tucker, Dorris Roberta 11-Jan-1922 F W Tucker, W P Edwards, Willie B 1922-203
Burnett, Mary Francis 2-Jan-1922 F W Burnett, S L Millaraney, Lucy 1922-205
McDaniel, Walter H Not Given M W McDaniel, W H Dawson, Alice 1922-206

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