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History in the Lake Worth and Sansom Park
area of Northwest Tarrant County

Series contributed by Kenneth Klein
Staff Writer, NW Times-Record


We are pleased to announce that Kenneth Klein, staff writer for the Northwest Times-Record, has offered his series of articles written about historic events and places in the Lake Worth and Sansom Park area of our county. We will be placing addition articles on-line as we receive them.

Hodgkins Cemetery and brief history of James Hodgkins
(Published Sep. 19, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The History of Our Local Cemeteries
(Published Oct. 31, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The Building of Lake Worth
(Published Jan. 16, 2003, NW Times-Record)

The Alvez
(Published Feb. 13, 2003, NW Times-Record)

The Ruth Lubin Camp
(Published Jan. 02, 2003, NW Times-Record)

Blondy's Tavern "Worthy" of Mention
(Published Sep. 05, 2002, NW Times-Record)

White's Bakery of Lake Worth
(Published Jan. 2, 2003, NW Times-Record)

Vance Godbey's Grocery
(Published Dec. 26, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The Shrine Mosque of Lake Worth
(Published Aug. 20, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The Blue Star Memorial Highway (NW Tarrant County)
(Published Sep. 12, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The Casino Park and Ballroom of Lake Worth
(Published Mar. 13, 20 & 27, 2003, NW Times-Record)

Early Area Settlers (Pre-Dido Community)
(Published Oct. 17, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The Great Saginaw Train Robbery
(Published Jan. 9, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The Showboat
(Published Oct. 10, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The Hicks Legacy
(Published Nov. 2002, NW Times-Record)

J.R. Foster's Grocery and Ice House
(Published Dec. 12, 2002, NW Times-Record)

The History of Hicks Field
(Published in 3 parts, Nov. 14, 21 & 28, 2002, NW Times-Record)

John Kennedy and the Globe Aircraft Co.
(Published Oct. 3, 2002, NW Times-Record)

Yet to Come!

I am in the midst of writing some more articles. I am working on the story of Hulen Street (named after General Hulen) and the Eagle Mountain Naval Base, and other articles concerning historic events and people in the Lake Worth area.  - Kenneth Klein


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