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Cover Letter


December 23, 2001

Mr. Dan K. Utley
Texas Historical Commission
PO Box 12276
Austin, Texas 78711-2276

Dear Mr. Utley:

Marvin Reed, to whom your letter was addressed, is away indefinitely in Abilene because of a serious family illness. We are taking this opportunity to send you the funding for our marker ($750) and to answer your question about College Hill Church of Christ.

The Smithfield church had no formal part, directly or indirectly, in the founding of the College Hill church. Fort Worth Christian School had just been founded in College Hill's neighborhood, and there were many new homes being built in the immediate area. A sizable number of Smithfield's members did help start the College Hill church, but many other Christians from other area churches had a part as well.

We look forward to receiving a suggested inscription for our historical marker. Thank you for your time and attention to our application.



Joe Potts
Elder, Smithfield Church of Christ


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