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Estate of Nathan Allman, Deceased


Will of Nathan Allman. Not dated. Filed 8 February 1864. "Dictated by himself uninfluenced by anyone.... My will is that my wife Lucrecia Allman shall have the place on which we live so long as she lives At her death to be sold and divided equaly betwene my children I want my wife to have 1 mare and colt 10 head of sheep four cows and calves I want Rhoda Lackey to have one cow and calf then I want the balance of my stock to be equaly divided betwene my other children if those that are in this state can agree an have the stock valued and take thier portion in stock they can do so I appoint James and Car Allman to execute this will
S/ Nathan (X) Allman
Witness by   Thomas Riley
Jeane Ross [Rass?]

Proved by oath of Thomas Riley [no date; no signature of official]

Bond of James Allman and J. C. Alman, executors of the estate of Nathaniel Allman, deceased; $4000. Sureties: James Young and R. W. Tannahill. [James and J. C. Allman both signed by mark.] Approved 25 April 1864.

Inventory made by Thomas Riley. Included: farm equipment and livestock. Sworn 14 Map 1864 before D. H. Thurmond, J. P.

Petition of James and J. C. Alman, executors and heirs at law of Nathan Alman, deceased, for partition of estate. The estate consists of stock, cattle, horses, etc. There is no indebtedness. There is no minor heirs. Therefore, they ask the court to allow partition and distribution among the heirs entitled, to wit, James Alman J. C. Alman of Tarrant County, Elizabeth Graves, Sarah Hamilton Eliza Pierce Jane Houston, Edia Redwine Rhoda Lackey Tarrant County State of Texas, and William and Thomas Alman of the State of Missouri are the persons entitled to a distributive shear. . . . "
S/ James Alman and J. C. Alman [both by hand]

Report of D. H. Thurmond, Thomas Riley, and E. R. Johnson, Commissioners to partition. Distributees: Lucrecia Allman, the homestead on which she resides, plus stock; Eda Redwine, Rhoda Lackey; Mary Jane Houston; Eliza Pearce; Elizabeth Graves; Sarah Hamilton; James Allman; J. C. Allman; Wm Allman, represented by C. Gildon; and Thos Allman, represented by C. Gildon. Dated 10 May 1864. Filed 28 June 1864.

Receipts of heirs for their portions of estate distributed 18 June 1864. [No additional information.]

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