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Estate of Ephraim Anderson, Deceased


Application of L. W. Anderson for letters of administration on the estate of Ephraim Anderson, deceased. Dated 23 July 1860. No file date.

Application of L. W. Anderson for order of sale. Filed 21 April 1860. [This date precedes his petition to be appointed adm'r. thus may have belonged to the estate of the minor heirs of Elizabeth Anderson.]

Appraisment of the property of Ephraim Anderson made by W. M. Beall, L. L. Jopling, and C. Cannon. Included was one negro man named Louis and one negro woman Jane. Approved in open court September term 1860.

Bond of L. W. Anderson, adm'r; $5200. Sureties: Carlos Wise, William H. Herrell (in body, but signed Heirrel), and George W. Kee. Dated 27 October 1860.

Inventory of property of E. Anderson in Angelina County, Texas, made by James Swagerty, S. T. Trawick, and F. G. Denman [cattle]. Sworn 15 December 1860 before George H. Martin, J. P. Certified by Charles W. Statham, at Home, Angelina County.

Buyers at sale held 31 December 1860:
Watson, G. H. Kelly, Sam Anderson, E. L.
Kelly, J. G. Tummins, Sam Kelly, S
Kelly, C.B. Anderson, Bud Hawkins, Jas.
Anderson, Dart James, Wm Watson, Jas.
Jopling, L. L. Watson, T. H. Kelly, Sam
Anderson, L. W. Perkins, S. Key, G. W.
Beall, Fred Ellis, E. W. Kelly, G. W.
Elliott, John Kelly, James

Bond of L. W. Anderson, adm'r: $5000. Sureties: S.B. Russell, W. E. Haltom, Carlos Wise, and W. H. Herrall (signed W. H. Heirrel). Dated 27 February 1860. Filed 28 January l861.

Sale bill of cattle belonging to estate of Ephraim Anderson, deceased, by Stephen P. Traywick; sold by virtue of a power of attorney from L. W. Anderson, adm'r, on 26 December 1860.

Administrator's report filed 2 September 1864. He has collected on sale held 31 Dec. 1860, $99.90; on sale held 28 Jan. 1861, $30.90; on M. J. Brinson on sale of negroes, $1500; on sale held 31 Dec. 1861, $256.25. Claims not collected: bal. on sale to M. J. Brinson; note on Starks doubtful. He has paid C. Wise and T. Mayhall; administrator's allowance; and court fees.

Report of L. W. Anderson, guardian of the minor heirs of Ephraim Anderson, deceased. He reports that he paid out for the benefit of Sophronia Anderson: to Dr. Gorman, medical bill, $9.00; to F. Beall, medical bill, $50.00; and one pair shoes, $2.50. For Hightower Anderson: 6 yards Jeans, at $4 per yard, $24. Filed 23 Feb. 1863.

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