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Estate of George Aplin, Deceased


Petition of Mary Aplin for letters of administration on the estate of George Aplin. deceased. She recites that on the 10th day of April 1866, George Aplin. deceased, executed in writing his last will and testamony, thereby disposing of all his estate, both real and personal. Dated July 3, 1866. Continued to Next term.

Will of George Aplin. Dated April 10, 1866.
First, after paying all just demands against me ... and assigning to each of my children the property I have designated for them on the condition that there is enough left to buy a home I give and bequeath to my wife Mary Ann Applin all the remainder of my property, except a mare and filly that I have given to her to hold in her own right - to hold as guardian for my children, and especially to buy a home, for herself and my unmarried children, of whom I hereby appoint her guardian, (and also waive the necessity of bond and security) during her widowhood and their minority. and in case it should be needful to use any of the property I have designated for my children, to secure a home it is my will that the horses be used so as to leave John and George Washington with two each and the remainder of the children with one horse each. . . .
S/ George Applin.
Witnesses: A. H. Boyd, W. S. Lumbley and D. M. Lipscomb.
Proved 29 October 1866 by the oaths of A. H. Boyd and W. S. Lumbley (who signed by mark).
Filed 29 October 1866.

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