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Estate of Abraham Barnard, Deceased.


19 Aug. 1851. V. J. Hutton makes application to the probate court for letters of administration on estate of Abraham Barnard, deceased, stating that he does not know of any person who intends to administer on the estate "who is better authorised to administer in said Estate than myself," and that the estate does not exceed in value the sum of $600.

19 Sept. 1851. Vincent J. Hutton is appointed administrator of the estate of Abraham Barnard, deceased, and makes bond in the amount of $1200, with William. W. Hall and Cornelius Connelly as securities.

24 Nov. 1851. Thalis N. McKinney and Robe[r]t Petty, appraisers "appointed at the September term 1851," return appraisal, including 640 acres land, livestock, household goods, farm tools, riffel gun, etc. Total value: 749.10. Sworn before W. A. Rogers, J. P.

29 Jan. 1852. Receipt of Sarah (X) Barnard for "the property .poshent to me by the Probate Court of Tarrant County ... at Jan. term 1852."

31 Aug. 1852. V. J. Hutton summoned to appear at September term of court to show cause why he has not rendered his annual exhibit.

29 Nov. 1852. Voucher showing payment to R. D. Petty (received by J. B. Elliott) for appraising the property of estate.

15 Oct. 1852. Voucher showing payment to Thales McCemey [?] for "praising the property of Abreham Borinet Deseast."

Nov. Term 1852. Annual report of admr. shows payments made to Thalas McKinney, Robert P. Petty, and A. J. Lee.

29 Nov. 1852. Claim against the estate of A. J. Lee, whose promissory note from Abraham (X) Barnard, dated May 24, 1850, for $8, is payable on or before the first day of July next [1850]. Administrator states, "Claim is just after giving all just credit. [On back of paper]: I have no objections to allowing the payment of the within note provided Abraham Barnard's field notes are recorded." S/ V. J. Hutton, admr

27 Dec. 1852. Notice to the Heirs of A. Barnard, Deceased. V. J. Hutton Admr of said Estate has made application ... to correct the Records ... allowing the Widow of Said Estate fifty acres of land as her dower ... at the next term of said court to be held at the town of Birdville.

12 Oct. 1857. Alax Dobkins, assignee of John Barnard and Jane Tompkins, heirs at law of the estate of Abraham Barnard, represents to the court that the balance of the headright of 640 acres land belonging to said estate is unsold and undivided. He petitions the court to have the land divided and distributed amongst the heirs, to wit Luiza Hutton, George Barnard, and M. Elizabeth Barnard and your petitioner. S/ Alexander Dobkins, Assignee of John Barnard and Jane Thompkings. Petition granted.

3 Nov. 1857. A. F. Leonard, J. A. Hust, and Jeff Estill, Commissioners appointed to divide and distribute the real estate of Abraham Barnard's estate, report the distribution of 480 acres of land, it being a portion of Abraham Barnard's Peters Colony headright:
Lot 1.
192 acres [touching at one point] the southeast corner of Sarah Barnards Dower the widow of decedent and is represented by Wm. M. Woods guardian ad libitum of Geo. A. Barnard and Margaret E. Barnard.
Lot 2. 90 acres, represented by Sarah L. Hutton
Lot 3. 192 acres [touching at one point] the southwest corner of said Sarah dower, and is represented by Alexander Dobkins, assignee of John Barnard and Manerva J. Thompkins.

A. J. Lee presents his bill for services with Surveying instruments in dividing said Estate.

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