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Early Probate Records

Estate of John S. Barnes, Deceased.


25 May 1851. "Polly (X) Barnes, wife of J. S. Barns, Dec'd," relinquished her right of administration of the estate.

17 June 1851. Cornelius Connelly applies for letters of administration [at next term of court] on estate of John S. Barnes, deceased.

30 June 1851. Cornelius Connelly states that John S. Barnes died without any lawful will ... that his estate did not exceed in value $150. He is appointed administrator, and makes bond in amount $300, with Isaac Thomas and D. E. Norton securities. (Bond filed July 20.)

28 July 1851. Appraisement. It included livestock, a "surtificate" ... the estate being valued at $224.75.

13 Nov. 1851. Mary C. (X) Barns authorizes C. Connelly, admr., to pay to Ben Merrell, administrator of the estate of Eli Merrell, deceased, the amount of a note he holds against John S. Barnes, for which Eli Merrell was security, "out of any money that may be due me and this accompanied with the note shall be your receipt for the same." Attest: Eli Merrell. The note, dated August 10, 1850, payable to Ben Merrell, admr. estate of Eli Merrell, deceased, was signed by John S. Barnes and co-signed by Eli Merrell.

29 March 1852. Stephen B. McCommas and Mary C. McCommas his wife, formerly Mary C. Barns and the widow of John S. Barns, deceased, petition the court to set apart to her and her children one years support of the proceeds of the sale of property of said estate, and also such property as is exempt by law and the Constitution from forced sale. For that ... she would represent that she has two children (infants). S/ Crockett, for petitioners.

26 April 1852. Buyers at sale of personal property: Conner, Montgomery, Wm. Burke, Jno Lock, Jno York, Ventioner. Colony certificate to Law. Total of sales: $169.37-1/2.

1 June 1852. Administrator's receipt from S. B. McCommas for $105.12-1/2 as the amount paid on the widows dower from estate of J. S. Barnes, deceased.

7 June 1852. Voucher showing payment to administrator for two trips to Dallas in connection with estate.

28 June 1852. Voucher showing payment to S. B. mccommas of "twentey two Doalars and fiftey Cts. as parte of the widowes Dower in a Note of Hand on John Law."

27 Sept. 1852. Cornelius Conly, admr., reports property has come into his possession since the sale. James Ventioner, Joseph Farmer, and Abraham Haris appointed by the court to appraise the property.

28 Feb. 1853. Voucher showing payment to Georg Akers.

28 March 1853. Appraisers return, showing additional property appraised; I pot rack, a pair stretchers, and I single tree.

28 March 1853. Voucher showing payment to James Ventioner ... "Seven dollars in full of funeral expence."

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