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Estate of Shad Callaway, Deceased


Petition of Catharine Callaway for probate of the will of Shad Calloway, deceased. Dated 10 April 1863.

Oath of C. Callaway, Executress of the last will of Shad Callaway, deceased. 27 April 1863.

Will of Shad Calloway. Dated April 18, 1860. Tarrant County. "To my wife Catherin all my lands and property of all sortes during her natcheral lif or widowhood then to be eaquley divided among my children after tha have firste come in to a settlement and each won accounting for whot hee has had of mee at times paste I all sou appoint my wife my exector with my s-- Joseph-Callway [inked out, but legible] with a requeste of the court that tha will note exacte security ove hur and should enyone of the heers refuse to account for whote that have had it shall be considered thate tha have had the ful sheer and shall have no more

Attest: H. CallowayS/ Shad Calloway

Proved in court 27 April 1863 by oath of Hiram Calloway, the subscribing witness.

On the reverse side of this will are entered accounts of William Plummer, Charlie Hardesty, and J. F. Calloway:

July the 8, 1857 William Plummer Dr
to Shad Calloway
for stock and citchen and houshoald furniture to be acoounted for in settlemnnt with the heirs two hundred dollars $200

December 10, 1861
Charlie Hardesty
Dr to one horse  Dr to bedstead and bed with covering for the same   25. 00
Dr to 1 oven and case of knives and forks
Dr to 1 small pot
Dito 1 side saddle
Dito 1 trunk
J. F. Calloway           Dr to
Sundries when going to housekeeping


Dito to two cows and calves


Dito to cash on W. O. Vernoy


[Note: The will was folded into four folds. Entered on the outside fold was the account of J. F. Calloway. which had been X'd out and copied in full on the left side of the folded paper. Thus, this entry may have been made first. Left on the fold was this statement, "Theas accounts to be settled in settling with the heirs this July 8, 1857"]

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