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Guardianship, minor heirs of A. H. Chivers, Deceased


Petition of James Joyce for guardianship of the person and property of Lafayett J. and Sarah Chivers, minor heirs of A. H. Chivers, deceased. Dated 11 March 1863.

Bond of James Joyce, guardian of the person and property of Lafayette J. and Sarah Chivers; $4500. Sureties: L. H. Chivers and E. Chivers. Dated 3 April 1863.

Inventory and appraisal of property belonging to the minor heirs of A. H. Chivers, deceased. To Lafayette J. Chivers: Martha, a slave, age 26, that has child 2 years old; 25 head cattle. To Sarah P. Chivers: Hester, 11 years old; Julia, 9 years old; 12 head cattle. Returned 31 Aug. 1863 by S. McWiley and Hiram Granberry. Filed 31 August 1863.

Petition of guardian to place for hire the negroes belonging to the minor heirs. Filed 31 Aug. 1863.

Report of James Joyce, guardian, that he has paid E. Chivers for board, clothing, and schooling for Lafayette J. and Sarah P. Chivers. Filed 31 August 1863.

Guardian reports amounts he has received in specie from M. W. Deavenport and from Dr. Lipscomb. He has paid out in specie to A. J. Halford, Dr. Lipscomb, Dr. Upshaw, Monroe - for leather, and Wilson - for saddle. Filed March 1866.

Final report of guardian. Filed 31 October 1869.

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