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Estate of Absalom H. Chivers, deceased.


Petition of James Joyce for letters of administration on estate of Abslum H. Chivers. 27 October 1856. Advertised 13 Nov. 1856.

Relinquishment of her right to administer on the estate of her deceased husband by Eleanor Chivers. 22 November 1856. Filed 24 November 1856.

Bond of James Joyce, admr; $10,000. Sureties: Larkin H. Chivers, M. T. Brinson, and John Akers. Approved 24 Nov. 1856.

Inventory and appraisal made 24 Nov. 1856 by William H. Hall, J. Tracey Morehead, and Hiram Granberry. Included were carpenter tools; turning tools; lathe; sundries on mantle; wheat fan; books; sole leather; one negro man Dabney; one negro girl Hannah: one negro woman Martha and two children; 320 acres land; livestock; household articles; farm equipment. Total value: $7068.55. Filed 29 December 1856.

Petition of administrator to sell perishable property. [No date]
Buyers of personal property:
Jonathan Riley B. F. Barkley H. Granburry
Wm Chilton J. Mooneyham J. M. Fishback
R. P. Langley McMellon D. Castor
Wm Hall E. H. Eaves J. E. Hood
Barney Johnson G. M. Hope Wm. Barney
J. W. Hope J. M. Lucky Joe Chivers
J. C. Riley
Filed 26 Jan. 1857.

Petition of Jas. Joyce, admr, to make an allowance for the years support of widow and family. Included: 500 bushels corn; 75 bushels wheat; 2000 lb pork. Filed 18 Feb. 1857.

Additional inventory returned 24 April 1857 by Wm W. Hall and Hiram Granberry: 55 head stock cattle; 9 3-yr old stears; 3 yoke of stears; croos cut saw. Filed 27 April 1857.
Buyers at sale held 3 April 1858:
Devenport Hickson Parker
Holtermon Wm Hall W. Hall
T[?], Higgins

Petition of admr for final settlement and discharge.
Collected: of Riley for corn; Wm Chilton corn and peas; Riley, for corn; Langley corn; Peter Medlin for wheat; A. Harris Smith a/c; Mr. Edwards for Pork; B. Eaves for Iron; G. W. Hope; McMillan; J. J. Mooneyham; A. Freeman. Debts paid by me: L. H. Chivers note; J. C. Caton; Ellet & Ruperty note; Collins; J. T. Morehead; G. Nance clk fees; W. W. Hall; S. Gilmore CJ fees; E. W. Hudgins school; Reeves [for] Medicine; Preemption certificate; G. W. Fishback; Patent on preemption. Filed 27 May 1857.

Petition of Eleanor Chivers, widow of deceased, for partition of estate and appointment of guardian ad litum for minor heirs. She would show that "there is property both real and personal belonging to said Estate and that these four heirs that is entitled to a distributive shear of said Estate, to wit Joel W. Chivers, age 21 years; James L. Chivers, age about 19 years; Lafayett J. Chivers age about 8 years; and Sarah age about 5 years all resident citizen of County of Tarrant.... Said minors have no Legal Guardian." She asks that a guardian ad litem be appointed to represent them, and an order made to partition and distribute all of the property. Filed 28 Nov. 1859.

Writ of partition issued 3 Jan. 1860 to M. W. Deavenport, A. F. Leonard, and Sam Wiley to partition and distribute the estate. [The name of Jeff Estill was deleted by marking through.]

County Court Decree Partition. Issued 3 January 1860.
Elenor Chivers vs. Estate of A. H. Chivers. Elenor Chivers moves the court to partition and distribute the Estate both Real and Personal.... The following are the persons entitled a distribution she are to wit Elinor Chivers, widow, resident of Tarrant County is entitled to one half of all the land, there being 320 acres... the preemption claim of said Chivers situated in said county it being the Homestead. Also one half Interest in a Negro man, Dabney, about 28 years of age. Also one half interest in the entire stock of Cattle, Horses, and Hogs It being the community property.... [She is] entitled to one third interest for life in the following Negros to wit, One woman, Jane and her children Hester, Julia, George and an infant. Also a woman named Martha and her two children, Alex and Mahala, the seperate property of the said decedent. And that the following heirs to wit James L. Chivers, Joel W. Chivers, Lafayett J. Chivers and Sarah P. A. Chivers all residents of Tarrant Texas are entitled to equal shares of the remainder of said Estate The minor heirs have been Legally represented by James Joyce their Guardian Ad Litem. [It is] further ordered that M. W. Deavenport, Jeff Estell and Sam Wiley be ... appointed Commissioners to partition and Distribute said Estate S/ G. Nance, Clk CC TCT.

Report of commissioners that on 23 Feb. 1860 they proceeded to value. apportion, and distribute the property of the estate in the following order: 320 acres land patented to the heirs of A. H. Chivers Decd by virtue of his preemption certificate No. 113, issued by county court in and for Tarrant Co. in the year 1857. The south half of said survey with appurtenance we have allotted to the widow Eleanor Chivers the remainder of which we have given to the widow in lieu of Negroes.... [Also] one negro woman named Jane and child Mary; one negro Boy named George 3-years old [also] one note on Joel W. Chivers. We did further allot the following property to Joel W. Chivers ... one negro Man Dabner 28 years old.... For the use and benefit of Jas. L. Chivers... 1 Negro Boy Alexander 7 years old, 1 Negro girl Mahala 18 months old... Black Smith's tools. And to Lafayette J. Chivers, minor heir... 1 Negro Woman Martha 24 years.... And to Sarah Chivers a minor heir... 1 Negro girl Hester 8 years old, 1 Negro girl Julia 5 years old....

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