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Minor heirs of Henderson Couch, Deceased


Petition of Charlotta Couch, widow of Henderson Couch, deceased, and the natural mother of Tennessee E. Couch, Hily Amanda, John Henderson, and A. T. Couch, all minor heirs to the estate of Henderson Couch, to be appointed guardian of the person and estate of said minor heirs. 17 April 1857.

Bond of Charlotte Couch, guardian of the person and estate of the minors, Tennessee E. Couch, Hiley Amanda, John Henderson and A. T. Couch; $5000. Sureties: J. B. Hibbert and Silas Estes. Approved May 1857.

Petition of John B. Hibbert, security on guardians bond of C. Currey, foramely C. Couch, to be released. Feb. 1859.

Summons to S. B. Russell to be at the residence of I. I. and C. Curry as guardian ad Iitern of the minor heirs of Henderson Couch, deceased, and there protect the interest of said heirs in partition of said estate. Issued 26 June 1860.

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