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Estate of Cornelius Connelly, Deceased


Petition of P. Horton, a Resident of said county [Tarrant] for letters of administration on the estate of Eli Connelly, deceased. Filed 13 June 1857.

Bond of P. Horton, administrator; $4600. Sureties: S. Eliot and John Boone. 29 June 1857.

Inventory and appraisal made August 6, 1857 by Henry Pedigo, James Ventioner, and Nathl Eddy: 3020 [320] acres land the north half of Section 22 of Township No.1 South of the First Base line in Range 1 West of the 2 Mereaden; livestock; notes on Mooneyhan and Barns, P. Horton, B. Merrell; accounts on William Hunter, P. Farmer, and James Ventioner; household and kitchen furniture. Filed 27 August 1857.

Petition of P. Horton for partition and distribution of estate. Filed 10 September 1857.

Summons to Nancy Horton, formly Nancy Connelly, to be at the court house in Fort Worth on the last Monday in October to show cause if any you have why the Estate should not be partitioned and distributed. Issued 28 Sept. 1857. Executed 29th. Filed 26 October 1857.

Report of commissioners appointed to partition the estate of Cornelius Connelly, deceased. We have given to the widow to wit Nancy Horton [lined through] Connelly horses; sheep;cash notes. William A Connelly's part is horses; notes.
S/ James Ventioner, Henry Pedigo, Nathl Eddy. [In summons James Ventioner is called Sr.] 24 November 1857

Unsigned paper shows, in "schedule of property for distribution" 2 notes on Benjamin Merrell and three notes on P. Horton.

Receipt by Nancy Horton for her part of Cornelius Connelly's estate. Dated 26 July 1858.

Writ of partition issued 10 Sept. 1858. Comes Pressor Horton guardian of the person and Estate of W. A. Connelly, minor heir of C. Connelly deceased ... by petition and prays the Court for an order of partition and distribution of three hundred and twenty acres of land a part of the head right of said C. Connelly deceased, situated in Tarrant County on the waters of the West fork of Trinity.... Nancy Horton relict of the said C. Connelly decd a resident of Tarrant County Texas is entitled to one half of said land.... It is ordered... that Wm. J. Mosley be appointed Guardian Ad Litum, to represent the said minor in the partition and distribution.... It is further ordered that Henry Pedigo, Joseph Farmer and David Farmer be appointed commissioners to partiton and distribut said land. It being that appears for partition and distribution and William A. Connelly minor as aforesaid and Nancy Horton, both residents of Tarrant County, Texas are the only heirs at Law of said Estate and they are entitled to Equal Shears..... 20 September 1858.

Report of the commissioners that the 320 acres land cannot be divided without diminishing its value of $7.50 per acre.
S/ Henry Pedigo, J. B. Farmer, and D. V. Farmer. 27 Sept. 1858.

Petition of Nancy Horton that [in view of the commissioners report that it cannot be divided equally] she be allowed to take one half of the land. Granted. No date.

Affidavit of R. W. Duke, Weatherford, Parker County, publisher of the Frontier News, that the notice, attached, was published. Dated 16 March 1859.

Undated paper signed by James Ventioner who represents that he holds the bond of Corneleous Connelly Decd for title to land in Tarrant County, and his petition to court to order administrator to make title according to the terms[?] of the decedents title.

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