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Estate of George W. Coonrod, Deceased


Application of H. Blackwell for letters of administration on estate of George W. Coonrod, deceased. He recites that it was sometime in the latter part of the winter of 1852 or first of the Spring that George W. Coonrod Departed this life and leaving no will that has come to the knowledge of any person...." Filed 29 Aug. 1853.

Bond of Hiram Blackwell, admr estate of G. W. Coonrod, deceased; $1280. Securities: S. J. Wilson and John Hoffman. Approved 27 Sept. 1853.

Citation to Jonas Harison, Larkin Barnes, and Louis Finger to meet with Blackwell and proceed to appraise the property, and make due return at next term of court. Issued 7 Nov. 1853.

Citation to Larkin Barnes, Wm Thomas, and William A. Sanderson to meet and proceed to appraise property of deceased. Issued 29 Nov. 1853.

Application of William A. Sanderson for letters of administration de bonis non on estate of George W. Coonrod. Filed 30 Jan. 1854.

Bond of William A. Sanderson, admr de bonis non, estate of G. W. Coonrod; $1280. Sureties: E. S. Terrell and J. B. York. Filed 29 Feb. 1854.

Inventory and appraisal of 320 acres land at $1.00 per acre made 27 Dec. 1853 by William A. Sanderson and Larkin Barnes.

"Return made [while court] in vacation and approved July term 1854."

Administrator's report of debts against Coonrod, owed to A. J. Lee, L. Barns, W. A. Sanderson, Davis, and M. T. Johnson. Filed 28 Nov. 1854.

Petition of admr to sell 320 acres land -- the estate consists of land only -- to pay outstanding debts. Filed 28 Nov. 1854.

Report of 320 acres land sold on twelve months credit at $2.00 per acre to John M. Durett. Filed 24 Feb. 1855.

Application of W. A. Sanderson for guardianship of the person and property of the minor heirs of G. W. Coonrod, deceased. Filed 25 Feb. 1856.

Receipt of Guardian. "Birdville. 28 July 1856. Recd patent for 320 ac of Land No. 420 Vol 11 issued to George W. Coonrod. Also 520.48 Dollars the same being the ballance due in full on said estate after all costs are paid." S/ Henry H. Coonrod, Guard. of the minor heirs of G. W. Coonrod decd.
Vouchers showing payments by estate of G. W. Coonrod:


To Charles DeMorse, Editor of the Standard, for inserting the attached advertisement of administration in the Standard for 6 successive weeks commencing Nov. 5, 1853. Clarksville, Dec. 14, 1853.


to A. J. Lee.


to J. A. Hust, Assr and Coll., for state and county taxes for the years 1854 and 1855.


to B. P. Ayres, agent, for publishing notice of administration in the Northern Standard and also for taking acknowledgement to deed to Johnson for land, and serving six citations on appraisers. 31 March 1856.


to J. Tracey Morehead, C.J.; B. F. Walker, Deputy Clerk County Court; Jason Watson, C.J.; and J. H. Fairly, Clk.

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