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Estate of Henderson Couch, deceased


Petition of Charlotte Couch, per atty, for letters of administration on the estate of Henderson Couch, deceased. The petition states that Henderson Couch, her husband, departed this life on the 5th of March 1857. 17 April 1857.

Bond of Charlotte Couch, administratrix; $5000. Sureties: James Grimsley and William Lynn. Approved 27 April 1857.

Inventory returned 20 May 1857 by James Grimsley, J. B. Hibbert, and A. N. Curry: 220 acre tract of land; 1 tract of 320 acres; livestock; an undivided half of a cross cut saw; household furniture; an undivided half of a wheat fan; farming utencials; 3 bee hives. Sworn before Abraham Howard, acting J.P. for Tarrant County precinct No.6. Filed 25 [May] 1857.
Purchasers at sale of personal property on 13 June 1857:
Jacob Lamb Jerome Lynn J. Elliott
James Branan Walker Lowe John Russel
James Gibson James Grimsley John Henderson
Wm Lynn Wm C. Lowe J. N. Holland
A. Curry Stephen Russel J. B. Hibbert
A. N. Curry Jacob Back Wm Grimmett
Filed 29 June 1857.

Receipt of A. Howard for $21.00 received of Charlotte Couch "which I promise to pay to S. Crosby, Com. of the General Land office at Austin for the purpose of procuring a patent to three hundred and twenty acres of land claimed under the preemption law." July 10, 1857.

Petition of Charlotte Couch to take cattle for the remainder of her years allowance. The court had allowed her $150; she had received only $95. Filed 30 November 1857.

Bond of I. I. curry and Charlotte Curry, admrs; $5000. Sureties: A. Howard and T. D. (X) Curry. 26 Oct. 1858.

Report of Israel I. curry and Charlotte Curry, admrs, that "we have paid for improveing the old farm. Also have taken the liberty to exchange a worthless Stock Brute for a three year old steer.... The above act. we have paid out of own funds...."  [Date torn] 1858.

Report of admrs that they have rented the old farm to Irvian P. Davlin for one year in return for one third of the grain that he raises. Agreement dated 31 January 1859.

Petition to have some Boards made and pay in exchange some timber ... the boards to be put on the farm. 28 Feb. 1859.

Report of rent received for the rent of the former residence of H. Couch, deceased. 1 September 1859.

Administrators report that "by virtue of an order granted me at ... April term 1860 I have rented a portion of the former residence of H. Couch deseast to wit 10 acres to James Grimsley Sein for thirty bushels of good sound corn, also 3 acres of ground (that was sowed in wheat by I. P. Davlin which faild to come) for one fourth and he pays Davlin for brakeing the ground. Also about 10 acres of ground to William Davling (which was sowed in wheat by I. P. Davling which failed to come in consequence of the heard freeze) for one fourth and he pays Davlin for brakeing the ground. Also 7 or 8 acres to I. P. Davling for one third. Also 10 acres to the Admrs of the Estate for one third. Also 3 or 4 acres of new ground which is thicket, Bryers etc. to C. Greenwood for claring it off and putting it in cultivation...." 7 May 1860.

Petition to sell fifty head of cattle in order to pay indebtedness to estate of Samuel West, deceased, in amount $276.51. Filed 25 June 1860.

Appointment of I. G. Bowman, N. B. Perry, and Jason Watson to partition and distribute the property of the estate. 26 June 1860.

List of account due estate, from: Jas Grimsley, Henry F. Cerrell, Mr. Nickles, Jacob Back, Garret Gibson, Squire Hendrix, Henry Howard, and Mr. Hallaman.

Exhibits of estate filed 28 Oct. 1858, April 1860, and 28 June 1860 [combined to delete duplicated reports], shows that admrs paid for patent for land; carpenters bill; A. Curry for money borrowed by Couch; doctor's bill; notes of Garret Gibson, J. B. Hibbert, and R. Hughes; chain barrers Seur [surv.] land; Brannan's note; J. Brinson note; Muhlinhaes; and Howard.
Accounts due the estate. Setteld: accounts of Wm Nickols; A. Holloman - in board; Walker Low - in trade. Steven Russel note; A. Curry note; John Russell note; James Grimsley note; A. N. Curry note; Wm Grimmet account; Received: notes of J. W. Low; Mr. Gibson; Wm Lynn; J. Lamb; J. C. Lynn; J. B. Hebert [Hibbert]. An account aganst Jacob Back bard by limitation. Land of the estate: 220 acres patented to the heirs of H. Couch; 310 acres of land of Samul West.

Field notes of a survey of 222 acres of land for Mrs. Charlotte Curry it being the preemption survey of John W. Berry in Tarrant County on the waters of Fish Creek.... Beginning at a stake NW corner of Wm. J. Ferrill's 320 acre preemption survey ... to a stake in the South line of H. P. Moss' 320 acre survey.

Commissioners report of division of the estate. To each heir of said estate (to wit) Charlotta Curry (late Charlotta Couch) and Tennessee E. Couch, Hiley A. Couch, John H. Couch, and Albert T. Couch, minors, as follows: To Tennesse E. Couch [livestock] branded T. E., valued at $77.75; to Hiler A. Couch, livestock branded H. A., valued at $77.75; to John H. Couch, livestock branded J. C., valued at $77.75, and to Albert T. Couch, livestock branded A. T., valued at $77.75. We further report we could not divide the real estate for the want of a surveyor. We tryed to procure the survices of the county surveyor of Tarrant county, Texas and could not get him. S/ Jason Watson; N. B. Perry; S. B. Russell Guardian Ad Litum of Heirs. Johnson Station, Tarrant Co., Texas. Sworn 28 July 1860 before A. Howard, J.P.

Report of sale of 49 head cattle at $6.00 per head to T. B. Huitte. Filed 30 July 1860.

Petition of John L. Purvis to be released from security on bond of I. I. and C. Curry [bond dated 25 June 1860, with Wm W. Hack (?) and John L. Purvis, sureties]. Filed 16 Aug. 1860.

Bond of I. I. and C. Curry, admrs; $5000. Sureties: Jesse Russell and S. B. Russell. Filed 24 September 1860.
Vouchers showing payments by estate:


to Joseph Nugent.


to Jas Donaldson [?], for pine flooring, ash flooring, making two batten doors, casing and handing [on same voucher with account of J. H. Hill, but above this entry is written "Pd. Jas Donaldson"]. July 25 - Nov.- 1856.


to J. H. Hill, March 1 - 5, 1857, for 6 visits to Self.


to Garret Gipson, for work done. Sworn before S. B. Russell, J. P.


to James Grimsley, for work on getting house log ... hawling ... work on house... work done in well... cash paid to G. Nance [and?] G. Lynn. Dec. 1855.


to Thomas Hart, for making coffin for H. Couch March 6, 1857. Cedar Hill.


to Alexander Curry, account.


to L. Steel, per R. W. Tannahill, Deputy Assr & ColI, for state and county tax for the year 1857.


to Henry Howard for work for Couch, killing hogs, one wagon tong, binding wheat, work on house at $1.25 per day, one saddle blanket. Sworn 29 May 1858 before A. Howard, J.P., Pct.6.


to D. Muhlinghaus, Assr.& Coll., state and county tax for the year 1859.


to I. I. Curry, for gathering 122 head of cattle, branding bills paid to Jenning, Main, J. G. Baneman [?] for crying sale, 4 branding irons, 8 letters. 28 Ju1y 1860.


to Richard Hughs, judgment.


to Wm C. Lowe, judgment.


to J. B. Hibbert, for acknowledging deed, thrashing wheat; 1860 - for schooling; percentage on $225.

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