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Estate of John W. Elliston, Deceased


Inventory and appraisement of the community property of John W. Elliston, deceased, and Elizabeth A. Elliston, widow of the late John W. Elliston. Returned by Elizabeth A. Elliston, Edward Hovenkamp, and John Boon. They report three tracts of land: the homestead 320 acres; one tract of 160 acres known as the James Mathews tract; and 146 acres of the Mary Johnson survey which has been sold to David M. Street and E. J. (or E.T.) Withers - 96 acres to Street and 50 acres to Withers, for which they hold the joint bonds of John W. and Elizabeth A. Elliston to make the title. Also, one town lot in Birdville on which is a shop, which is worth with the tools and iron in the same $450.

Debts owed by the estate to:
Isham Crowley H. C. Daggett
John Boon B. F. Barkley
Robert Hunt (or Hewet) T. A. Robinson
Jas H. Hughes John A. Wallace
A. G. Walker Wm. M. Allison
Haynes White & Co. L. B. Crowel1(or Conwell)
F. A. Leash L. J. Wilson
J. M. Luckey

Filed 30 Nov. 1858

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