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Estate of George Eppler, Deceased


Petition of E. M. Daggett for letters of administration on the estate of George Eppler, deceased. Louisa Eppler relinquishes to E. M. Daggett her right to administer on "my Husband Estate." February term 1858.

Bond of E. M. Daggett, administrator. Sureties: Charles Turner and W. B. Tucker. Approved 22 February 1858.

Petition of Eliza Epler who "would respectfully show that she is the widow of George Epler Deceas and that while said Gege Epler Deceas and herself was living together as Husband and wife, the said George and myself had born to us children named as follows they being Minors [blank]
"And your petitioner would further Show that She is the mother and natural guardian of said children, and there is no funds in or out of her hands set apart as belongling to her or said children whereby said children is or can be supported and educated
"and your Petitioner would further show that there is 320 acres of Land the Headright of one Isaac Schoonover which was in the year of [blank] assigned to the said Gegre Epler while the said George and petitioner was Husband and wife and ... the said 320 acres of Land being community property your petitioner is entitled to one half of said three Hundred and twenty acres of Land and the said Minor children aforsaid are Entitled to the other half...." She petitions that the one half interest of the children be sold at public sale for cash or as the court may direct and the proceeds paid over to petitioner for the support and Education of the children. S/ Eliza Epler, by J. W. Oliver Atty. Filed 26 December 1859.

"Memo. No and Naming of the heirs of the estate of George Epler deceased. Now come the Plaintiff and amends and say that the No and Names of the children refered to in the original petition are _______[?] named as follows H. C. Epler Edward Mary Jonathan John and Mary." S/ Eliza Epler by Atty J. W. Oliver.

Inventory and appraisal made by Jno. M. Murchison and Joshua Addington, included 160 acres, a part of the headright of Isaac Schoonover, in Tarrant County on the west Fork of Trinity River. Sworn 30 January 1860 before W. W. Weatherred , Depty Co. Clk. Filed 30 January 1860.
Estate of George Epler Dec'd in Acct with Louisa Epler.
- To boarding schooling and Clothing Elcy C. Epler 14 years of age five years at $25.00 per year $150.00.
- To boarding Schooling and Clothing Edwin R. Epler aged 13 years at 25.00 Dollars per yr $150.00
- To Boarding clothing and Schooling Mary A. Epler aged 11 years for five years at $25.00 per year 150.00
- To Boarding Clothing and Schooling Jonathan W. Epler aged 9 years for five years at $25.00 150.00
To Boarding and Clothing John Epler aged 6 years for five years at $25.00 per year150.00
- To Boarding and Clothing Elizabeth Epler aged 6 years for five years at 25.00 per year 150.00

Sworn by Eliza Eppler [in body] 3d January 1860 before G. Nance, Clk. S/ Louisa Eppler.

E. M. Daggett, admr, reports that J. W. Oliver, his authorized agent, on 3d day of April 1860 proceeded to sell the undivided half interest of the Isaac Schoonover 320 acre survey of land belonging to the estate of George Epler, deceased, to the highest bidder "and Eliza Epler biding three 66/100 Dollars per acre... the highest bider...." April Term 1860.

Final account of administrator, E. M. Daggett. Filed October 1860, by J. W. Oliver, atty.

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