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Estate of James Estes, Deceased


Petition of Silas Estes for letters testamentary on the estate of James Estes, deceased. Filed 30 September 1864.

Will of James Estes, of Tarrant County. Dated 28 Jan. 1859. "To my present wife Polly Estes" one negro girl named Vashti, one horse, ten head of sheep and $30 worth of hogs, all the household furniture except one feather bed and the furniture appertaining thereto. I also ordain that she shall have her home and support on the homestead... during her lifetime or widowhood. To my son Silas Estes one negro boy named Jack and one horse. To my grandson, J. W. Hooker, one negro girl named Alice and her increase and one cow and a pair of twin calves. To my daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Hart, one negro girl named Esther Jane. To my son Benjamin James Estes one negro boy named Squire Clinton, one horse, and one feather bed and its furniture. My two old negroes Solomon and Fan I leave in the care of my wife Polly E stas during her lifetime, but provided they should outlive her I leave them in the care of any one of my heirs with whom they choose to live. My other negroes, Frank, Lucinda, Charity, Angeline, and Ann I bequeath to [torn] heirs before named. I appoint my son Silas Estes and my son-in-law T. J. Hooker executors of my estate.
Witnesses: Richard Bratton and Joseph Nugent. Proved at October term of court 1864 by the oath of Richard Bratton. Filed 31 October 1864.

Bond of Silas Estes, executor; $25000. Sureties: L. H. Stephens, Alexdr Chiles, and S. C. Ragan. Filed 31 Oct. 1864.

Inventory: 330 acres land and improvements. Filed 26 Nov. 1864.

Mary Estes, of Tarrant County, conveys to the heirs at law of her late husband, James Estes, deceased, all the property of James Estes, dec'd, including the land. In consideration Silas Estes, of Tarrant Co., "is to allow and give me the following annual allowance of provisions, to wit: one mare known as The Fair Filly, or its equivalent -- also the cattle belonging to said estate marked crop off the left ear and swallow fork in the right and branded with the letter S on the side and all the hogs belonging to said estate in the Sand mark -- Ten head of sheep -- also the beds and bedding owned by me before my marriage with my said husband and all that I have made since that time - all the table and kitchen ware I had at the time of my said husbands death -- one yoke of oxen -- The said Silas Estes is also to furnish me with Six Hundred Pounds of Pork for the year 1865, and thirty Bushels of wheat, and Fifty Bushels of corn for said year 1865 and every year thereafter for and during my natural l1fe, or so long as I remain the widow of my said husband - and also to give me a negro girl named Vashti, and a negro man named Sol, for and during my natural life... and the said Estate is also to build on his place a comfortable log cabin for my use and occupation for and during my natural1ife, or so long as I remain the widow of my said husband, unless the said Silas Estes should sell his said place, and in that event he is to provide for me a comfortable home. Dated 29 Sept. 1864. Signed/ Mary Estes [by mark]
Witnesses: Thos Bratton and Thomas N. [P?] Hunter

Ben J. Estes, Sarah E. Hart, Silas Estes, and J. T. Hooker, guardian, approved the above agreement on 20 Feb. 1865. Witness: Alexr Chiles.

Buyers at sale held March 4, 1865: Jas B. Fletcher (1/5 interest in old Reaper), A. A. Curry, and S. Goodnight.

Administrator reports account on P. S. (or P. L.) Goodnight. Also, claims due by heirs: W? H. Hart, Silas Estes, B. J. Estes, R. L. Sullivan. Paid Dallas Herald. Filed 27 Mar. 1865.

Bond for partition of the real and personal estate of James Estes, dec'd, as security against all legal claims and liabilities of estate; $10,000; her heirs: Silas Estes and Benjamin Estes, of the county of Tarrant; Sarah E. Hart of the county of Dallas; and T. J. Hooker, guardian of J. W. Hooker, minor heir of James Estes, of Hunt County all of the State of Texas and legal heirs of James Estes, deceased. Filed 29 November 1865.

Report of Commissioners appointed to appraise and partition property. Filed November 29, 1865. Distribution of 330 acres land (the Homestead) is not susceptible of division without serious detriment to the heirs. The heirs further represent to us that Baalis Estes, son of deceased, died in 1857, leaving some personal property, which property the heirs of James Estes, by agreement, divided amicably among themselves. Also find a note on hand on R. M. Gano for $200 executed to James Estes, deceased. S/ S. C. Ragan, Richard Bratton, Alexr Chiles.  Filed 29 November 1865.

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